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Poem of the month: October

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Poetry Contest

Itís time to acknowledge and nominate outstanding written work on DU for the month of October!
It's time for our "Poem of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Poem of the Month Hall of Fame' and on the official Facebook page.
You have THREE weeks to nominate no more than THREE of your favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following when making nominations:
NOTE: The Spoken Word of the Month comp is here:
Because the vote for this com is anonymous, and spoken word pieces cannot be anonymous due to avatars and voices, we would prefer you nominate those pieces in the appropriate comp above so that voting remains fair.

NOTE: New Member ( six ( 6 ) months of less ) of the Month comp is here:

1. Self nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. You may nominate only THREE poems from THREE different DU members.

3. No DUPLICATES. If someone nominates the same poem the entry will be deleted. If you like it that much wait and vote for it!

4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

5. Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to the win will be automatically disqualified.

6. One win per member within a Calendar Year.

7. You must personally notify the member that they have been nominated.

Nomination Duration is three weeks followed by a week of site voting!

Current Poem of the Month Hall of Famers:


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February, 2018  - LEPPEROCHAN Craic in a Box
March, 2018 - TINABUBUYA (Tee Mali)
April, 2018 - CROWFLY
May, 2018  - ATOMIKBOMB
June, 2018  - MISS_SUB (Missy)
July, 2018  - MEADOWSWEET
August, 2018  - LAYLA
September, 2018 - COLD FUSION
October, 2018  - TODSKI28
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December, 2018  - BENDER


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August, 2017 - QUIETUSQUILL
September, 2017 - _SHADOE_
October, 2017 - POETSREVENGE
November, 2017 - NAAJIR
December, 2017 - POETSPEAK


November, 2016 - JOHN FEDDELER
December, 2016 - AHAVATI

jade tiger
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To all the Men who have Claimed to Love Me:

I pass a funeral home,
every morning, on my way to work.
Most days I drive
and see nothing -
no activity,
no death.
It seems just another
house on the Main Street
of my every day.
Today there were three stretchers
lined up outside the side entrance.
I have no idea who
lost their life.
Who will no longer
open eyes to blue skies;
any kind of sky for that matter.
I just know three people
are dead.
But this is not a murder poem.
I have no intentions of
wishing death,
or even suffering, on you.
I see your wives and
your babies and
your perfect little lives.
I wonít lie;
I play the what if game
But I donít want you.
Or anything you have.
Even if you took pieces of me
that left me helpless
and vile and
less than whole.
Because I know
Iíll never be whole
and Iíve stopped trying
to get those pieces back.
So today I imagine
myself in three body bags
lined up outside
a funeral home side entrance
awaiting a mortician.
And I allow them
the chance to wash you away,
exonerate my skin of
every cell of you.
Because Lord knows
Iíve tried purging you
from every corner of
my splintering rib cage.
Tried scrubbing you from
the laugh lines and crows feet
and the memory of
hands on my hips.
But it never works.
This isnít a reborn poem either.
So today,
I put to death
the me
I was
with you.
Hereís hoping
she stays
Written by DaisyGrace
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Fire of Insight
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how long  
do I have -
before your  
glazed eyes
greet me  
when I pause
to look up
from my page?
each time  
I think to myself
~who else is here?~
Iíve spilled every  
last drop
of the battle
I suit up for
on any given  
what remains  
before I run out
of ways to say
Iím not alright?
~I wonít ever be alright~
but as long as
youíre willing
to watch this  
fight to the death,
Iím willing
to put on  
a show
when my throat
becomes scratchy,
full of that  
that canít get
quite comfortable  
~not anymore~
then Iíll come,
and put my face
to the door,
and Iíll open it wide,
spilling my guts
to you
until nothing is left
but the last fight
and the soft light  
on the other side
of this battlefield  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Dangerous Mind
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The Addictís Daughter

youíd get a good laugh
if you could see
the oxygen cannula †
pressing your chapped lips †
into cartoonish arcs;    
youíd snort your amusement †
in that sarcastic way †
that kept us tethered †
because there was nothing else
Iíve suddenly developed †
a peculiar insanity, †
that point of no return †  
where laughter and tears †
do shady deals †  
to earn prime real estate †
on my cheeks †
full of useless rage, †
simmering just beneath my skin - †
a boiling pot, its lid too tight †
begging for calm †
just a little longer
Iíve been breaking that promise †
for years now

you were good to me, †
once or twice †  
upon a time; †
that heart failing you now †
was once too big †
for this world, †
although not where those †  
who lived under your roof †
were concerned †
God is always watching †
and boy does He love †
to keep score †  
but weíll get to that
in those moments, †
you left such an impression, †
Iíve been looking for you †
ever since †
a lesson in expectations †
your parting gift; †
itís quite generous of you - †
I know now it matters not †  
how long †  
youíve been waiting †  
for a thing, †
youíll never be ready
when it arrives †  
the monitor beeps loudly, †
startling me †
as if you heard my thoughts; †
even while you sleep, †
Iím still afraid of you
your (self)righteous anger †
follows me everywhere †
I wonder if, †
when youíre gone, †
Iíll finally stop †
looking over my shoulder †
for your disapproval †
But, I still want you to love me
I hate myself for this, †
and I wish you even cared †
that I do, †  
but you stopped caring †  
about anything †  
except cut-up straws, †
the street price †
of foxy roxyís, †
and the gilded compacts †
used to powder your nose; †  
I pretended so hard †
I didnít see them all †
tucked into every corner †
of your crumbling house, †
my entire life ended up †
in on the ruse †
your doctor called †
and told me to come, †
sit and find peace †  
before you go; †
but he doesnít know †
you canít give me any; †
youíve never had it yourself †
but I have no hatred for you, †
nor have I any pain left to feel †
sitting uncomfortable †
in this sticky vinyl chair, †
Iím here to let you go; †
holding my coffee †
long gone cold, †
I tell you about serenity - †
the kind I found †
right on the other side †
of acceptance; †
and I know this is true †
because Iím leaving here †
with zero remaining burden †  
for your choices, †
knowing I was never †  
one of them †  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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the final petal of a
rose reciting Dylan

the last inch of
the candles wick
losing courage

shadows cower
in a corner
arguing with

an old bicycle
bent, rusted,
unable to turn
left or right

the moon
doubting the
of stars

Written by buddhakitty
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Dangerous Mind
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Feast for Sinners

I am your confessional
Taking your sins to the food bank
Mashing them up into something delicious
Feast for the sinners who tried redemption
Realized that they werenít really sinners
That desire comes in like the wind
You wear an extra layer
March on
Written by PoetSpeak
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Fire of Insight
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Thank you everyone!

Dangerous Mind
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Lost Thinker
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New Constant

The brightest luminary
Of any night sky
My new constant
A guiding star
Giving me lover's sight
dreams beyond infinity-

want to dance with you
Lay my head
On your chest
Slowly sway
To some lover's song

And in your fiery flames
I will rise
Phoenix high
Burning away
raising into our euphoria
Where I will love
My reflection in your eyes

want to be your thunder
The reason your heart races
The smiles beams
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Lost Thinker
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a hypothesis of words

†† † †  
† † † †
you. †  
† †
wield your written †  
words †  
with inspirational  
precision, †
by whatever gods  
properly chose  
a passionate  
religion, † †
so pure, † †
sensual †  
and unbridled †  
with desire †  
I quiver †  
at each syllable † †
my breathing quickens †  
as I find myself †  
reading †  
aloud, † †
my voice echos †  
the desire penned, † †
as I slowly †  
and deliberately †  
read out †  
each letter, † †
word and stanza; †  
I'm at my wits end †  
my lips... † †
wrap around your sacred words, † †
how the annunciation †  
mixes with anticipation †  
and undulates, † †
wave after †  
written wave †  
ebbing and flowing, † †
my inner ecstasy decidedly growing †  
emotions †  
tumble against †  
heated written rocky shores †  
a mythical fire soars; †  
yours- †  
is my new religion †  
I can harken and hear †  
inspired angels singing so clear †  
a confirmation †  
a new dawning †  
now, † †  
I'm giving in † †
weakened † †
in † †
intent † †
i'm spent, † †
upon † †
the † †
alter † †
of † †
your † †
poem † †
† †  
óa willing sacrifice † † † †
† † † †  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Tyrant of Words
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Zen Black No.4

ďYour body is like a dew-drop on the morning grass, your life is as brief as a
flash of lightning. Momentary and vain, it is lost in a moment.Ē
  † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † Dogen (from the ďFukanZazengiĒ)
at birth
each breath
each subtle sigh
moves us closer
to death
along this path
time takes us
from present
to past
past to present
the day after
fleeting moments
of cosmic light
in all directions
seeing the oneness
transitory nature
of reality
brings wonder
brings compassion
for this
this life
Harry Rout 2020
Written by badmalthus (Harry Rout)
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Dangerous Mind
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Pale shadows emerge from the gloom
All I have left is a shaky haze over the dark water
Only a cold fog over the river of oblivion
An ephemeral shelter in the middle of a distant summer
He promised by the unclouded sky
Where all things are warmed by your love,
Where all things are warmed by your care
Where are you now? I'm so cold here
The boarded-up house is empty and dilapidated
It would be enough for me to know that you are somewhere
Only the illusion of closeness is all I need
Where are you now?
Frost on the wires, paralyzing cold filled all the cracks
I close my eyes and go back there
Where the wind sways on an old children's swing
It doesn't scare me so much, cruel irony
But now I know a remedy for life
A few more drops to speed up the agony
A few more drops to fall into amnesia ...
However, the truth is not so important to me now,
After all, no one else in the world remembers,
The body is just a symbol, an identification mark,
You are not next to me, and the symbol has long been dead
I want to swim without opening my eyes
Over the horizon, washed with tears of life
Lost forever in the twilight skies
In the merciful mists of my amnesia ...
Written by KristinaX
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The Fire Elemental
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until unto
the impossibly

a point of no
return, I

  t o u c h † this
spiralling in
 † enigmatic


comes out, †all

the channelling
in & in & inner, †

unto the
farthermost †
 †out & out

of the
One incessantly
consuming back

the (re)birthing
b l a c k † (w) † h o l e

therein, the
slow~ burning
in sooty ashes
of a convulsive
heart in an
yielded kneel~
down † † death~
 † †pyre

yet how it
 † †congeals
a massively gritty
 †original chunk
bucking up..

from the
springing tears
of a squeezy
swollen~ sponge
of a dire~ diehard †
 †wrenching painy
lump sum~ ly
 †imbibing heart

in (s)ho(u)ld(er)ing
 † recirculations

of an ever
 † revivifying †a-

†n e w † †n o w


Written by summultima (uma)
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