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Tyrant of Words
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The Return of the Meatgrinder

If you run, you must run in full formation,
From afar all the bodies will be twirling,
But then you’ll have a new appreciation,
When a tornado of souls goes out whirling.
Listen carefully to the audio,
You can hear the loud surprised crowd screaming,
You think you can run, how’s your cardio?
Keep up because they are really teaming.
You think it’s easy? That it’s all fun and games,
Your heart will race like it’s never done before,
Try to keep your composure within the frames,
Then the screamers will want to see some more.
Are you good enough? Can you make out the spots?
It’s coming near when you hear those fast bass splits,
Then the percussive attack with those rimshots,
Is bound to signal the rapid massive blitz.
Look at the bodies go, cut up in diamonds,
Breaking apart then coming together again,
Cut perfectly by sound, drill design and
An arrangement that was carefully planned.
The brass will kick your ass if you’re not well suited,
It’s best to be in the stands with a viewfinder,
It’s a beautiful drill when it’s executed,
When the bodies go into the meatgrinder.
Written by wallyroo92
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Jesse Fassler
Strange Creature
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Wrecking Ball
My first day on the job, one of the best:
A sales girl at Le Sex Shoppe Pleasure Chest.

I had lots of experience with toys,
And swung both ways with gender-bi’s & boys.

I lean against displays with candied sex,
Of undie edibles and porn card decks.

A brittle-looking ‘frail’ from round the back
Where inventory hangs on garment racks,

In skin-tight leopard print slit up the sides,    
In knock-off Prada pumps one size too tight.

She’s giving me the eye, moves like a snake,    
This bony broad that shows she’s on the make.

“Oh yeah”, she softly coo’s and licks her maw.
Then grabs to squeeze my tit, “My aren’t we small.”

“Hey, who you callin’ small?!” comes my war shout    
Unsnapping leather pants I whip it out.

“Get on your knees you cunt and open wide,
And suck my number eight deep, let it slide!

“You better take it all, it ain’t the last,
‘Cause after this it’s goin’ up your ass!”

I rim her raw then shoot across her back,
And finish off by whizzing ‘tween her crack.

That chick was goin’, no time, nowhere far,
When I was done, secured with spreader bar.

I dial my cell and call my homey Wang,
And tell her “gotta job, send out the gang!”

I sit and glaze my nails a neon goth,
And nonchalantly watch a shopper gawk.

He notices the blood stains but there’s more,
And sees a gruewsome body on the floor.

“Well well, what have we here, is that the boss?”
I’m blowing on my nails and getting cross.

“I’m not sure, there’s no face, so I’m in doubt.
We’ve got a sale on dildos, check ‘em out.”

I hear a rumble from the lot outside.
“That’s gonna be my crew, they’ll tan your hide.

“I’m tellin’ you, fuck off, they’re outta Hell,    
And take the body too, it’s got a smell.”

In come my girls who crash n slash n smash,
While busting open registers for cash.

I stroll out to the roach coach by the road
For meat burritos and a cuppa jo.

I sip my coffee, watch the wrecking scene;
The thrill I get is better than caffeine.

I flip the bird as walls come tumblin’ down.
A huge ball levels all things to the ground!  
On PCH, I love doin’ my duty 
In my red coupe, blastin’ Death Cab for Cutie!

Fire of Insight
United States
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The Killing Fields

Beware this land
A most desolate place
True evil’s at hand
With a cold embrace
Death shadows its gate
Blood quenches its soil
Piked heads lie awake
The damned suffer turmoil
Crows feast on flesh
Picking off the sinew
The agony is fresh
All life must discontinue
Sacrifice and torture
Rape the damns remains
Forever trapped in horror
Fenced around with brains
Crucifixes stretch the dead
Intestines rot in excrement
Hatred spreads like inbred
Ravishing this unholy sediment
Blood whips the night
Unearthing its stench
It plagues the moonlight
A cemetery swallowed trench

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
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It's been a fine, bloody string of gory submissions! Seems all is fair in love and gore!

Fire of Insight
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It is not a pretty thing..
or any kind of delicate cling
.... the scent of rose hips to pink skin
.... the new morning dew drop
To blade of grass, bent from it....

But more like the red shade
One might see..
Across two yellowed tooth’s
Jagged and arching from a mauvened grin
 ... teeth like a menacing and red smeared
Ancient ivory and bone menagerie
And pouring stink
Pouring stink

It is red and clings and dries to bone
..... and
The bone was used to unleash it

A torrent spill
From whack and grotesque thud

Whack and whack and grotesque thud
And death dump thump

And the life
And the life
And the...... life
She, ...

A lesser spill..
she does not breathe...
I .... over kill

I over kill..
To hollow her out
Her skull .. brainless skull

To hollow me out

The spill
She slows to stop and I...
find belladonna’d glaze of eyes
Find stillness in the red cementing of fate..
See art in its red and drying state......

Red smears on tooth’s
Like a cold boned menagerie
Like a Grand Monet
In my own private gallery

Written by Calamityofgin
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Lost Thinker
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Like anal beads, my ass is bleeding
My cock has needs, this dough needs kneading
A tongue twister for sure, just like my ass eating
Just get to the torture, no need for a greeting
I’m going on hard, a swollen tip that is leading,
Three inch glass shard, make haste, life’s fleeting
Releasing the lard, I begin to start skeeting
Don’t give it a lick, now that would be cheating
My scrotum stepped out of line
You must give it a beating

Dangerous Mind
United States
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You see that old house up on that hill, let's take that shit
Fucking ski mask and gloves, move with stealth, let's break that bitch
Bring your fucking tools, just in case there's any resistance
My boys aren't afraid to put in that work if there's any resistance

Simple in through a broken window, first floor and back of the house
Nothing in this bitch better not move, not even a fucking mouse
It's so dam dark you can dam near cut chunks out of the air
The house smells like maggot pussy, with spider webs hanging everywhere

We can't do this shit in the dark, Wavy use your lighter and hit the lights
With that first fucking flicker, my boys dam near took flight
But the smell of money is up in here, never mind the dead bodies with head off
I told everybody to stop being soft, we're searching this bitch from the cellar to the loft

Double L stepped in something slippery and went down in some intestines
I told his ass to get up or he could try stuffing them back in
Fucking body parts nailed to the walls, heads scalped lying every fucking where
A punch bowl full of blood placed in the center of the table as if with care

Just look at those fingers and toes floating around on the top
There's a scratching in the walls with heavy breathing that made everyone's heart stop
But we gotta get this money, let's start in the attic and work our way back down
My crew is fast but thorough, bagging everything of value found

This shit isn't even hidden, money and jewelry fucking lying right there
Furs of all kinds thrown around like shedding from pet hair
Some even had the whole bloody torso wearing them
In the bathrooms were tubs of pussies and dicks covered in blood and cum

As we worked our way back down, the scratching and breathing was joined by steps
Wavy and Double L said, "let's get the fuck outta here and quiet is kept"
But I know the payoff is in the cellar, it's giving me a fucking raging hard on
I opened the cellar door and told those bitches to come on

The noises got louder as we descended, stair after stair
There was light at the bottom, we could see someone moving around down there
The boys pulled out there tools, we might have to work for this last little bit
But what we saw when we hit the cellar floor was just like taking a hit

There she was in a Babydoll Teddy, just climbing out of her coffin
without looking in our direction, in a raspy voice, she asked, "do yall come here often  
This bitch was to fucking fine, even with the fangs and smelling of dirt
The only thing that we could think of was how to make that pussy hurt

She licked her fangs and bent over, showing a thong climbing up her ass
We all agreed to play this shit out, take our time, and make this shit last
We took turns getting our dicks sucked, then triple teamed her ass
All three holes filled and pounding away as realization came at last

She was the most valuable thing in this whole fucking place
No one made it out alive unless she got a fucking taste
We continued fucking through out the night, well into the morning
When we decided to leave, she was back in her coffin and the bitch was snoring

As we walked back through the house it was clean and our loot was by the door
There was a note in the punch bowl on the table a demanding offer for more
She said, "thanks for the sex and I gave each of you blood draining bites"
She said,"please don't try leaving the house, I'll fuck you all again tonight"        
Written by I_IS_ME
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Bag full

Just look at them preparing for my favorite time of year
I just can't believe that Halloween is almost fucking here
But Santa wont be bringing me shit, I've gotta go out and get my own
Grab motherfuckers by their their throats ripping and tearing out their backbone

Hahaha, look at them picking out their costumes and fucking mask
This allows me to hide among them, making light of my task
The fucking fridge and freezer are both empty. I want some pickled pussy again
Some smoked ribs and butts, I want to make chicharrones with the skins

Just lure their ass over for a party or just wait for the doorbell to ring
Wait until their backs are turnt or just straight up do the fucking thing
Take all of my pain and aggression out on their ass
Everything will be used even the skin stuck to the insideof their mask

Take those hearts and livers and add that shit to the sausage meat
Serve up the rest of the entrails raw, you know my dogs have to eat
I'll watch as they eat those bloody guts, smiling from ear to fucking ear
I also fed the the nose, eyes, and ears, so they could smell, see, and hear

All dicks belong to them, but titties and pussies belong in jars
I remember every incision that I made with the scapel to fill those jars
The sweet fucking screams as the blood sprayed everywhere
I shaved every inch of their bodies and packaged them away with care

I get a fucking rush that makes me so fucking high
As the scapel slowly inches through their flesh, there's a look in their eyes
It's the look of the ultimate pain, the look of a honest conversation with death
Of finally succumbing to me and giving me their very last breath

The fridge and the freezer are both full, and so am I
I feel at ease watching the little tricksters as the rest of Halloween passes by
They'll never realize how lucky they were tonight, shit I think that karma's corrupt
As I raised from the front stoop going back inside to finish cleaning the blood up
Written by I_IS_ME
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Lost Thinker
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A Day in the Park

I think I have more
More fire to light
More poems to write
One more for tonight
I've worked out the kinks
This prose will be tight
Well not all the kinks
My balls crave a bite
I sit on my ass
Cheeks leaving a mark
I breathe in the grass
I love this new park
I catch a few eyes
They can't help but wander
I cow brand my thighs
It makes the crowd ponder
Why oh why,
Would a young lad adore this
My nuts store passion
They do not store piss
I move the hot iron from leg to my cock
In the same breathe I crush sack with rock
The juices pour out liked freshly squeezed orange
When I go home, I'm using my door hinge
To further the damage
Dealt to my dong
It feels so right,
Yet it looks so wrong
Written by Girthquake
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Cock and Ball Torture

Just one of those nights
At this point it’s normal
Not all heroes wear tights
Some try to dress formal
Not sure what I meant by that
But rhymed nonetheless
A pencil sounded in my shaft
My pee hole acquiesced
She decked the halls with dick and balls
My own St Nicholas
Detach and catch my mighty nuts
I need it more or less
I open mail and wish for check
Oh shit the IRS
This man named tax I’ve been evading
He found my street address
One final strike to marbles and pike
All strength that I possess
I watch my pouch release it’s guts
Another huge success
It’s late at night
My assholes tight
My sack I fight
It feels so right
My skin is white
I fly a kite
Oh what a sight
She doesn’t bite
I wish she might
With all her might
It would be quite
Written by Girthquake
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Dangerous Mind
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Just one more day to submit your blood soaked anthems of gore!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Medium Grind: A Detective's Story

That java place on the corner still does things the old fashioned
way, I hear, though no first hand accounts exist to confirm it.
The fat cats go in the front door, the ones that go in the back
way they call hits, lets just say there's more than caffiene hits
being dispensed in a pour. A lump or two is a sweet finish.
You bring them star notes, they call it a 'starbuck',
some calling card for more 'percs'. They can't amount
to more than a hill of roasted beans if you ask me.

I heard Joe owed them money, they put the press to him.
To the business, everyone's a Joe, most are single origin,
there's plenty of those around. They're famous for their
red velvet cup, heart drawn in it. The old timer who
sits out front swears by it, says it's like a meal.
He smiles with a glint in his eye boasting of his
wife's kidney pie and his brown bag of bone meal
for his rooftop garden.  The guy's on the inside.

There's more than one bitter pot steeping,
but what's brewing inside that place will get you
steamed, and the lemon rind twists won't be
the only thing to make you pucker up.  Their
grinding machine only has one setting, it's
so antiquated, it has a hand crank with a big screw.
The loud screams are enough to curdle cream.

You gotta figure, knuckle sandwiches aren't enough
to move product, you gotta use the whole cow,
the blood is a perfect by-product.  They also
own a butcher shop, best sausages in town
if that's up your alley, just don't go down that
alley, only drips fall for that.  The grounds
won't leave an aroma.  

Written by PoetsRevenge
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