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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Give me your Gore!!

I am a die hard lover of Grindhouse. This comp is for anyone who loves the genre, or just likes to write about gore. The rules are simple:

1. New poem
2. Any style and length (don't be overly ambitious)
3. No collaboration- you're on your own
4. If it's not gore, it's not Grindhouse!
5. Three weeks to drag your bloody ass across the finish line

*Visual Art by Cameron Stewart*

Tyrant of Words
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I. Had. NO. Clue!!!!*

* ^ Disclaimer: Not Grindhouse  

Dangerous Mind
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Ahavati said:

I. Had. NO. Clue!!!!*

* ^ Disclaimer: Not Grindhouse  

Lol no clue what it is or that I love it

Tyrant of Words
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Eerie said:

Lol no clue what it is or that I love it

That you loved it!

Dangerous Mind
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The Big Top (Grindhouse Style)

Ladies and gentlemen, bitches and pricks!
Lend me your ears, and prepare for the fix!
The show will begin, all in due time
Prepare yourselves now for the gory sublime.

The fight will ensue once the weapons are picked
In accordance with damage you wish to inflict.
Whether castration quick, or deep, bloody blows
It’s all about preference, and anything goes!

Now cunts be aware of the lunatic pervs,
Who may try to hump you while slicing your curves-
And wankers, do watch for the pussy that purrs,
For she may be the snatch who takes what is hers!

When blood starts to splatter, be careful, it’s slick!
You wont wish to slip and slice your own dick!
Self-injurious wounds can happen with ease
In a blink you are meat for someone to seize.

Point your sharp end and thrust toward the head
To split open skulls and watch the blood spread!
Hack with your ax and take off the limb
Tendrils of sinew, veins and loose skin.

If you wish to take home a trophy tonight
You must be the last to stand in the fight!
So please set your mark, get ready, now go!
I’ll just be on stage, watching the show!
Written by Eerie
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Tyrant of Words
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The Hunger Games

Come into my little shop of horror  
Tonight, your skin will be my feast of gory  
My blade, my satin blindfold, my silver-pointed ice pick  
Painful lashes to the body shall endure with each stabbing inflict  
The moon is full, my fangs slowly descend  

Follow my seductive scent, weakening your member for your bones to grind, not stopping, until my ax says when  
Prowling the earth for a handsome being who understands my hunger to bath in his warm blood  
An obsessive compulsion, an ancient curse of my bloodline with no exchange of love  
Yes… lay down… mmm… yes right there  
Pushing him back on the bed, nails imbedded in his spine, bleeding from the tear
Hum... where shall I start  
I will make sure I jar that… ahh… hard part  
Sharping the blade of my machete... my naughty work of art  
I love to hear a man’s scream, shh… no one can hear you in the throne of dark  
Don’t worry it will be painless when I rip out and eat your pulsating heart  
My manchette … lifting it above my head  
A deer caught in the headlight  from the passion my spell has led
Bringing it down, his body divided as a pair, now lifeless on my bed  
Opps … there goes that useful body part  
Dangling it, then swallowing it, a meal a la cart  
Shifting through the remains if his manly meat  
Tasting his blood, flesh bits streaming down my chin, droplets escaping onto my sheets  
The doorbell… interrupted, my sacrifice unto the howls of hell  
Mm… a female postmaster  
Licking my lips what a day for a twin bloody disaster
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Dangerous Mind
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A Pale Roux

A pale roux of the dead along with a trinity bubbling away in a pot
All intended to simmer away a menage of human livers, kidneys, and hearts
This one was so worth the fucking killing, so many times over
A total health fanatic, I could tell by looking those internal organs over
The aroma was flowing through the house, up and down the block
Passerbys slowed their steps savoring the air, but I have all doors locked
While this little stew is bubbling away, I reminisce on how this little rabbit was caught
Hahaha after some seductive conversations, a few blunts and a couple of shots
I convinced her to return home with me, there's so much more to be got
At home we smoked out until she passed the fuck out on the couch
I picked her up and with her arms around my neck, I carried her downstairs
I laid her on a slab, strapped her down, and carefully removed all bodily hair
I only eat kosher, so this little one must be bled
A slice across each fucking wrist ensure this is her eternal bed  
As she slowly bled out, I listened to a starving heart still trying to beat
I imagined erratic thoughts chasing each other around her mind, but to me she's just meat
So much healthy chops and steaks, ground burgers and sausages gracing my plate
The way that she cared for herself possibly meant that she knew her fate
She was a little on the thin side, I found myself looking for a wing as I dissected  
Everything was processed and packaged, then put away after I_IS_ME inspected
While preparing a pot of rice to serve as a bed for my stew
I thought of later grinding her bones for my garden, this time while thinking of you
Another little rabbit lured by the vegetables in my garden, the temptation is oh so true
I have a powerful hankering for lamb simmered in a roux, but that dinner has to wait until you come through  
Written by I_IS_ME
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Have you ever dreamt that you were in a room and knew that you shouldn't be there
Although it was dark you knew that there was entrails on the floor and blood everywhere
The scent and scene is dam near pornographic it's so vile
Your better judgement succumbs allowing your imagination to run wild

You see chains with hooks hanging from the beams
You're clutching a serrated blade with a brass knuckle handle ready to ream
Your face is torn in a mad man's smile
You lie down in the entrails and reminisce for awhile

Yes you can see it oh so clear how you got them each to show up here
It wasn't a reunion, that you knew them, or that they were oh so near and dear
A promise of music with free food and drinks brought in more than half
And with a promise of hatred the rest followed suit, not knowing that I laughed under my mask

No one realize that this was Guyana and Jim Jones made the punch
But the first to die, was the first to get a hunch
Ooh to cut through the jugular and feel your self sprayed in the face
And to open your mouth wider not realizing that you liked the taste

This announces the start of the music, as the screams dam near burst your eardrums
Overhead lights turned off, strobe lights turned on so that you can see everyone run
Motherfuckers lifted on to hooks slam dancing in the air
Bitches moving to a rhythm as the blade rips and tears

Doors locked and chain as a mic stand enters a bitches brain
Not to masturbate then and there was hard to refrain
I blacked out for the briefest of moments as waves of pleasure washed over me
Then transformed into Zorro as I slashed everyone else with a Zee

Disemboweled and hanged from hooks,
A room of souls being harvested by only one crook
The dance floor opens with the glow from the pit
The sweet smell of hell is all up in this bitch

There are stairs appearing from out of no wheres
Descending into the heat and screams down there
With me taking the lead and marching everyone down one step at a time
This is but one fucked up thing that runs through my mind
Written by I_IS_ME
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Dangerous Mind
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Friendly Fire

We fucked among the bodies, blown off hands grabbing breast
Severed legs helping us to dig in, who started this mess
Babies born and grown right here on the battlefield
The killing switch has been flipped, humanity has lost it's protective shield

How do you turn it off, once the switch has been turnt on
How do you dam up all of this aggression once the juices start flowing
The young set off as squads all headed in different directions
Their weapons and team members are their only protection

As we move battlefield to battlefield, we continue to rape producing more of the same
Using shredded and bloodied uniforms as pillows without any shame
Heads lined up with eyes opened wide, letting them watch there last porno
We would let them join in but where their bodies are, no one seems to know

So we use the torsos as pillows when propping up our victims asses with uniforms
To us this isn't rape, it's BDSM, it's our will to conform
The screams and shrieks are a part of the game driving us on
We stop at or for nothing, not even when the babied are born

Rejuvenated we rise from among the dead, trekking in search of Death
We hear the battle over the hill and we can smell Death's breath
She promises something that we have all come to need
we each hunger for our own introduction, dam near with a greed

As we descend the hill no more than walking dead here for support
Air support was called in, but who the fuck made the report
Coordinates were miscalculated, we ended up in a friendly fire storm
Through error today we celebrate, our joining Death and all those that have gone
Written by I_IS_ME
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Jesse Fassler
Strange Creature
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One fine day  (The dance of the butcher)

They all think that I am dumb, this goes to show how much they all know.

Eyeless fuck cattle and sleepwalking sheep
Skin covered fuck puppets led by they're strings
With no morals or values they spread there disease
They'd gouge they're own eyes if they seen what I see
Most of them purposeless as they go on with they're day
Like stage props or extras in some sick fuckers play

As the flesh curtains draw silence falls on the crowd
We start off the show, my cock throbs I'm aroused
Let us begin, shall I rid them of skin
Puppets hang from the walls
On my face hangs ones face, round my neck hangs ones balls
As I lick off ones tears and I tear off its clothes
Hear the bubbling blood as I cut through its throat
Slowly rip out it's eyes and then chew off its nose
I must tongue fuck the sockets, from my mouth warm blood flows
Look more puppets are here, I must play with them all
Bound gagged and stapled or nailed to the walls
No more puppets has ears for I've taken them all
Filled the holes in they're heads with my cock and my balls

A quick surgical cut as I lay open ones gut
Flinging flesh through the air, it's my dance of despair
Hear the torturous howls as I bob for it's bowels
With my tongue up it's butt drinking piss from it's cunt
Rub my nose on its clit, my chin covered in shit
As I sing and I dance in my blood soaked romance
In my murderous play, oh how it's been one fine day

As the screams fade away and the silence returns
You can hear the blood drip as the butcher emerged
Scraps of flesh everywhere on a blood covered ground
In a nightmarish scene stands the butcher so proud
Before a motionless, silent, shock induced crowd
The blood covered butcher proudly takes his bow.
Written by Sinevil (Jesse Fassler)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you all for kicking off the gore fest!

Tyrant of Words
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The Firm

Your objection is over-ruled, sir;
you're caught in a courtroom
full of blades and blood;    
metal tables and endings    
too long in the making; spit    
spattered across the mirrored silver    
worn leather restraints, stained    
red. This is a no way out trial;    
the knife of justice always finds    
the artery, slicing horizontally—  
slow peel of skin rolling    
on either side, bubbling fountain  
of life gurgling from the body    
while the pulse, drowning    
in the quagmire of death  
struggles for life again, and, again.    
The tongue, such a tender organ    
when removed from its nest of teeth—  
pulled, one by one. . .blood-letting sockets  
draining through the bruised throat.    
How your eyes bulge, tiny red veins    
swollen—*pop* out of socket    
with one flick of the knife's tip;    
dangling by their optical fibers  
against each temple; a razor's edge    
traveling down the cheek. . .throat. . .chest. . .  
nipple, parting like the red sea under Moses  
stomach. . .( just deep enough )  
abdomen. . .( that you live for now ). . .    
penile subincision. . .  
meticulous ritual of mutilation—  
sublime golden urethrae shower, leaking. . .    
I'm sorry; what was that you said  
during your interview, laughingly, of course;    
All you need is a good horse-fuck'n, Baby?  
By the way, the name ain't Baby;    
and, I wasn't the secretary. . .    
and, you're the latest addition. . .    
to our pickled-penis collection.  
Why do you think male employees    
go missing, once or twice a year?    
Particularly those ass-grabbing    
chauvinist's  wanting a blow job  
in the stockroom; ever wonder why  
women hold majority in the office?    
Welcome to judgement day, Baby;  
your sentence has been handed down  
by the observers in the jury box—    
I'm sure you'll recognize a few. Look!  
there's Veronica, winking from the gallery;  
you remember groping her in the elevator?    
Oh, and that cute intern Stacy is waving!  
how you bent her over in the copy room  
when she worked late, deciding    
she didn't need to wait for marriage    
In two weeks to have sex? It was fun—  
baiting you like that; making you think  
you were in control. Glenda looks nice  
in the skirt you like to feel up, doesn't she?    
She wanted this job, but had the last—  
surely, you remember fuck-anything-  
with-a-pussy Ted. . .your jar is just waiting. . .  
Oh, yes, right beside his. . .    
Welcome to the 'Firm', sir;    
where the goal is to rid the world    
of arrogant, egotistical pricks like you  
one by one. . .  
We need to hurry, though—  
we have an 8:00 am interview;    
seems like a real dick too. . .  
perfect for the que.    
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
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Grindhouse Episode 44

The bus stops...  
Those unable
to sate their lust are left
to soak,  in shabby sweat
their mouths willing
slaves, to fornication.  
Ride on, they will, on this  
modernized iron horse.
Drinking,  from the drain
of a madman,  the same  
madman,  who offered  
salt to the gutterslut hype,
needle hangs from her neck  
Kicked once,  in the jaw
to watch it fall apart
laughing as she crawled,  
through blood clots
that gathered.
Scraping up bits of joy
to season her split tongue  
as she licked his boots 
Now,  she lays tumbled  
in a gown of coarse linen
Tortured as blood leaked
from her ears.
Forced to listen,  to  
the sounds of the creaking  
bed spings.
He offers to  ease her pain
with a melody brought  
from deep below his  
rancid gut
He sings with a trill  
he borrowed from the skinny  
fuck with shiney Wal Mart shoes  
the one who stores voices  
within his bowels  
Voices of all the ones
 he had slain 
He records her final song  
to be played on the carousel
of blue horses whose colors
 run when it rains 
HACK  BITS  of   Bone       
       through  soured    breath 
               Lick the drops my liquid 
       C   R   A   C   K   E   D  
                       altered   state 
              DEEPER  still 

This normalcy left unchanged,
as the sounds fade away
like a fog of bloodied ink

I continue,   set out to watch  
Rolling Daisy dance naked
circles with Red Robin  
my favorite peep show
 on 5th and Vine
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Valeriya)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks ladies, for heaving your best blood and gore onto the page!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Undergrindhouse-----presents: Poet-ic Stew ep1

[With ass wigglin' 70's music in the background]    
[The narrator....]      
with wicked ire,    
Blue keeps eyes    
on all those 'round her    
with each prose of poetic fire,      
betwixt them all,      
planted wicked seeds—    
soon they'll grow... conspire~    
.... so it begins...      
📣 HEAR YE HEAR YE 📣      
One and all !!!      
Tonight's the TIME to heed the call      
to fight, kill, ravage      
and survive my brawl      
OR ELSE      
It's upon      
your bones ☠️ I'll surely dine🍽️      
of this poetic deathmatch are about to      
when I laughingly pick my teeth      
with the last losing poet's sinewy spine!      
😈 A True Bloodbath Of Epic Proportions!!!!!😈
The only rule that you need know,      
there are NO RULES      
'cept to win the whole show        
run your ass as fast as you can        
grab your chosen weapons        
with inky bloody hands!!!!!!          
Off to the races as the blood hunt begins
the smell of fear curls my shit-eating grin
My hands grip 'Trusty' - the sawed off shotgun
knives, bombs and various poisonous flotsam
Wearing my vest of cleverly killing
aces in the hole......
I quietly slither to inspect these wordy fools
a grin turned to sin.... full of purest gall
certain these pansy poets
will make me some killer gruel!
Yum yum yum my tummy growls,
I spy a face that soon will howl
Trusty takes down the weakest link....
ohh fuck me, he's disgustingly rank
quicksand'd in fear he froze then slowly sank
as pee flowed down, puddled in his pants
My anger rises....
as mumbled ramblings slide
"These weakling poetic guises!—
..... they certainly have no killing pride!!"
blood oozes with each small hacksaw glide
poor poet pee'r now turned hors d'oeuvres,
makes my mouth water with cannibalistic urge
before I can taste his non pissy flesh
bullets ring out and I hit the deck
laying flat on my stomach I see two sets of feet
before I realize Trusty is pumped to 'speak'
bits of feet and bone fly through the air
a geyser of thick poet blood spews everywhere
an evil laugh rings out as I'm covered in goo
I focus and realize I'm laughing too
chuckling with myself... insanity's so cool!
shot up feet meat is now seasoning my stew

~still on the poet bloodhunt
so take heed, be wise
crazy 🤪 poetry is my vice
Without a doubt
I'm gunna eventually get ALL of you
you, and you, you, you and
you, you

.... stay tuned
for episode 2
Crème de la Fou

Written by Bluevelvete
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