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End Racially Motivated Abortions

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Because Love Matters
For once, the left and the right both want to save children, on a number of fronts.

Because Black Lives Matter we can end elective abortion in a decisive blow against racist genocide!

One to two poems about protecting the unborn from bigotry. And because black lives matter, that means all babies at risk from bigotry matter, too!



Dangerous Mind
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End Racially Motivated Abortions

She’s gonna
kill her baby

It should be
a hate crime

Maybe she’s afraid
someone is too
racist in her family

It shouldn’t
be a choice

to kill a baby
because it
isn’t like you

and we will never
know what she knows

Save the children
from the racists

End elective
Written by EdibleWords
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Dangerous Mind
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Because Black Lives Matter

Because Black Lives Matter
elective abortion should end

Because Black Lives Matter
we need meritocracy

Because Black Lives Matter
we should not burn down main street

Because Black Lives Matter
we should vote for Trump

Because Black Lives Matter
We oppose the Orange Color Revolution

Because Black Lives Matter
We should protect American Identity

Dangerous Mind
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Purge the Imbecile

The yellow pea
of promiscuity

As heritable as
the green one
they call criminality.

Perhaps their
immutable design 

Could be remade
into morally pure 
perfect little peas 

Several generations
of bleached bones 

Should purge the Imbecile
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Valeriya)
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Dangerous Mind
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Tubal Ligation Do Your Part

Tubal Ligation
Help Make America Healthy

Broadcast over
 black and white
 console television
Fred Hogue speaks

"After having rid ourselves of yellow fever,  On our way,  to wiping
malaria off, the map 
we can now begin
to focus on the people.
Together we can 
Make this World Healthy"  

Lock me away,
hide my momentary departure from normal

They call us unfit,
our integrity is in
They probe deep,
 into our lives for that
feebleminded identity
they say,  lies dormant within my womb

Slicing away with
needles and scalpels. 
Brothers and sisters, 
white, brown and black 
cry out, into  vain darkness.   

Their voices drown, 
beneath the loud
speaker, set on stereo

"It's for your health 
And the health of 
the country
Be smart
Do your part 
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Valeriya)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Plague of Bigotry...

Life once precious to all is now
judged by a society that decides
life based on perceived benefits
to itself and the world.

Life is about potential and impact.
The potential for a new born is unlimited
whether benefiting society or enriching
the lives of those around him/her.

Life is now judged on the basis
of convenience where once it was
a matter of commitment. If it can’t
function “normally”, it has no value.

Bigotry is a plague the sickens a society
and it’s outlook resulting in the death
of potential growth, both in societal
and interpersonal relationships.

We judge the physical limits of the
unborn but how can we predict its
potential in life? It’s judged by
convenience against the background of plague.

If the plague of bigotry and it’s
application of convenience is allowed
to continue we’ll have a society of smart
functional clones of what we used to be.
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Because black lives matter no more than the rest
Stopping all abortion is the thing that is best
Abortion is ruthless and now so is the court
There will be no more cheering for death like a sport
Death will come to roe vs wade
And life will be given to babies we've made
Some will treat this race less poem like a joke
But only those racist and woke
Written by chump
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buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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Greater Height

All lives matter was coined
By the blood he shed
Unlike the human skin
Our destiny is written in red

We all share the same in desire
Race and culture we defend
Not with love scribed by a pen
With the sword of a political tend

Our children are our future
Their creation shouldn’t be temporary
If they never see the light of day
Our existence will surely miscarry

We’re all special within a voice of a dream
Red, Yellow, Brown, Black and White
To persevere the unborn heartbeat
With stone from mountain... we can achieve a greater height
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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A genetic armlock

Bruised and bleeding, "demons" she cried without a voice
abandoned, lost, with no support
dark clouds they painted; all the medics  
working to a hidden agenda
unfairness and abandoned ethics  
You could have so many choices
just manage it, and cease its pulse
an embryo  cant cry for help
the womb its harbour  
as it cant defend itself
in indecision, thinking what's the point
Black femininity sold, down in back street alleys
screams ignored in abortions darkroom
blank out the scan and fetal beat
the charm of tiny hands and feet
right or wrong, the consciences malaise
Nursing regret and forever scarred
no going back in that white heat
to take a life; a step to far
for all, arrived on earth complete
that nature never should be barred

Raped and never need a cradle
all colours are the mothers metaphor of needs
the unborn palette no rights or labels
imprison them and throw away the key
take a life so deserve a curse so fatal
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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A sensitive word, never to be blown out of proportion  
With all the decisions, the mental choices  
One person facing and hearing mass demonstrations of voices  
This poem came to me  
For all the silent regrets, or a result of a delivered victory  
If this was you, I ask this in general, just what would you do  

We glance into each’s other eyes as we lay  
No time for initial foreplay  
It’s my first time  
Two souls blending together beyond the call to change their minds  
Sperm greets egg, how do you do  
Ecstasy of gyration flowing between me and you  
Life conceived through explicit moans through and through  
Man tucks his tail between his legs and run  
Now I must look out for me, number one  
I cannot believe he just up and gone  
Left behind, feeling down, and now alone  
The once beautiful melody of my heart has turned to stone  
Weeks later  
Positive home pregnancy test, no need for a calendar translator  
No time machine to go back in time, or a Last Month Menstrual calculator  

Unexpected results  
Created within the bed of two consenting adults  
An internal secret now hushed  
A heavy decision falls on me to have this being, or time must be rushed  
No one to hold my hand  
Should I take a stand  
Or call him and demand him to be a man  
Calls unreturned, hang-ups on the other end  
Wow, I just found out he’s now got a new girlfriend  
He’s moved on  
Or melody is now another’s song  
An unwed mother will certainly be shunned upon  
Sense of responsibility reached out with no respond  
Day into weeks  
Refusing to meet  
No voicemails on my cell phone  
This is all so very wrong  
Eyes closed in shame for your brewing unethical thoughts  
Catholic religious belief from birth I’ve been taught  
Thy should not kill  
However, does this decision fit the bill  
For me to swallow this hard pill  
A bitter taste to reckon, as a heart stands still  
Of all the nights I surrendered unto him on my own free will  
Life inside patiently awaits  
As you decide its ultimate fate  
Prolife or Prochoice lingering debates  
Does anyone remember Roe versus Wade  
Still the center of a woman’s marching crusade  
Whoever knew  
Dire consequences follows the fool  
Time easing into the future for me to decide  
No more mental free rides  
This is your decision, and yours alone  
Nothing in life is ever set in stone  
Will halt this poem in the middle of the fork road here  
For choices and decisions of a personal nature, which sheds a human tear  
On certain issues, I will always turn my deaf ear  
I must give privacy as well as respect  
For that one person this poem has, or anyone this poem, will ever come to affect  
As a writer, I will never try to blanket my opinions on anyone; it’s not my creed  
But what I can tell you, I do believe  
Forgiveness to think about, let alone, do,  
Is granted from the Heavenly father; which I will never try to fill His shoes  
Whichever road you have taken it is always your silent decision to choose  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Dangerous Mind
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Generations of Optional Children

How loved are you
because you  
were born of
Even keeping you  
around after birth
was optional
Imagine if
you were so
strangers fought
to make sure
it wasn’t  
or merely  
or because you  
fit narrow desires

for you to be  
carried or raised
but because  
you were  
the foundation
of all they valued?
Written by EdibleWords
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Not an entry; just part of the flow

Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Hide now dear unborn
They are coming for you
They'll crucify you
And burn you at the stake...

Die now mojaki
An abomination carried into this world
You are not our kind,
I'll never be labelled a traitor to my kind.

You can never be black enough
Be accepted in my world,
In this world it's your kind against mine
Bringing you into this world is nothing but treason of the highest kind.

Mojaki your father is white
My family never accepted him
How do you expect them to accept you?
His family never wanted me
How can they ever love you?.

Mojaki, it's only love if it's two common people
Your is nothing more than just an obscene disgrace,
A bugbear of a curse.
You'll be the black sheep of the family.

Which ancestor will you pray to?
The one that killed my ancestors
Or the one who was a slave to yours?

Mojaki I'm eating this abortion pill
Not to kill you,
But to preserve our ways to preserve life itself
Mojaki, not all five fingers are equal
Yours is the lesser one.
Written by poetOftragedy
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Thought Provoker
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The Child That You Are Carrying

The child that you are carrying is not a plaything.
It is a human being like you and me.
And life is very precious to the Creator.
The marvels of conception are beyond our comprehension.
God is extremely great and wonderful.
The development of an embryo to a baby is a miracle.

Cherish and adore the child that is growing inside you.
You must not abort the gem of your womb.
Every child definitely has the right to live.
The shedding of innocent blood demands retribution.
Abortion is wrong; it is a murderous act.
There is no difference between abortion and filicide.

Think carefully before you take the life of a helpless being.
You should ask yourself these personal questions:
Do I have the wisdom and power to create life?
If my mother had aborted me, would I be here today?
Lovemaking is for mature, responsible people.
Consider the consequences before you have sex.

A mother does not own the child that she is carrying.
She is just a host for the organism that God made.
The unborn baby needs protection from diseases to stay alive.
So please do your best to help it to survive.
Eat nutritious foods and exercise daily.
Bring forth the infant and let it see the light of the sun.

The child that you are carrying is a loving gift from God.
Love it from the heart even before it is born.
Appreciate your child deeply when it utters its first cry.
Hug your baby gently and shed tears of joy.
Learn from the experience of parturition.
And thank God that He gave you the ability to bear a child.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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We All Ash The Same

elevated self importance
partial morals from a tainted point of view
as if murder is only sin if it takes place against you
every sacrifice tainted and every cry is lost
when race is the only thing that is a measurable cost
no innocent victim for our humanity
oppressed as the mind is full of its own vanity
narratives sell lenses through which to see the garden
and anything that bleeds white is beyond the hope of pardon
we all ash the same when the grave lays claim to take us back to dust
and every life is all for loss when lived to consume upon its own lust
nothing is sin except that it is sin against you
because evil is only evil when it comes against your point of view
battles waged on behalf of the pre-born voice
dignify murder and call it a choice
give good reason to sign a death certificate at a certified birth
and excuse yourself as if you're above the ruin of earth
cry out, who's the greater victim
entitled to bitterness, vengeance renamed self-righteous indignation
no honor left in the sacrifice of a mortgaged nation
paying debts forward to the graves of a wasted generation
blood versus blood
from the battlefield to the womb
herald the hero's and make a whisper of the tomb
when our righteousness is rags and flags flown to highlight the pride
look alive and disregard the fact that we're dead inside
no exclusivity to save when the young are prey to corruption
when every child that is killed is heart abduction
no matter the the race abortion is suicide of the soul
whether of hate, selfishness, or population control...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Skin Wars

Who told you that the color of a soul was skin-deep?
That it had to lose its pigmentation in order to get a spot where you sleep
Who told you that the beauty of a soul had color in the first place?
What reality are we living in where hatred can just shit in our face?
Who told you that we were allowed to see a soul in this way?
Who told you that this was ok?
That it was ok to write your self-appointed and twisted views into the book of man
That you can control and play God under the one true being who created man
Who told you that it was ok to sleep with wickedness?
Let alone have the nerve to have children manifest from this mistress
Who told you that it was ok to play judge and executioner to a color?
To act as if being a different shade was poison to another
Who taught you to just see one color in the rainbow?
When we all flourish under the same covenant that God made glow
Who told you that your skin had a higher value on this rat-race ladder?
That you would prosper in all aspects of life without falling victim to shatter
Who told you that all souls didn’t matter?
That this was the way of making your own pockets fatter
Who told you this ignorance would scatter?
And subject and persecute the lives of so many precious souls in the after matter
Who told you that it was ok to play God?
Who told you that you were God?
Who gave you the power besides yourself to see the color of a soul as money?
Who told you that having orange hair wouldn’t make you look like a dummy?
Who told you that racism was funny?
Who taught you to see the world in only black and white?
Who told you that we would just lie down and not put up a fight?
Who told you that our knuckles don’t bleed the same color your bitch-ass does?
Who told you that we wouldn’t fight without gloves?
Who told you that we were only what you see?
And nothing more than what you conformed us to be
Who told you that we couldn’t love or be loved just the same?
That all we were good for was to rot in prison for playing our hand in life’s game
Who told you that we didn’t have feelings or a state of mind?
That all we knew how to do was kill our own kind
Who told you that we couldn’t bring back the true essence of life?
That we couldn’t raise decent children or have an honorable wife
Who told you that you always had to lock your doors?
And who told you that we could be manipulated into your skin wars?

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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