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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about true love. Write about the bliss of loving someone and how they made you feel. Share your most romantic poem.

Dangerous Mind
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A Rickshaw Smiling

Like a touch of intimacy in our pagoda.
with a cup of Daiginjo, sweet sake.
from the inkwell, a poet's tale.
in dreams from my mind's chrysalis,
beholding your body, my aphrodisiac.
With your lip, as soft as lily pads,
in a pond of golden koi, echoing love,
as reeds of oboes whisper lust,
like Sandpipers soaring,
on wings of gliding kites.
As the autumn moon dance in the shadows,
and you with blossoms in your raven hair,
dressed in a kimono of cashmere, and silk,
as the fireflies wink a golden light.
from the veranda, of a rickshaw smiling.

Feeling the warmth of the hibachi,
in dreams from my mind's chrysalis,
hibernating from the chill,
with a cup of Daiginjo, sweet sake,
beholding your body, my aphrodisiac.
Written by adagio
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Jim Smith
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buddydog H Faulk III
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Are You

Are you a memory of love
Are you my midnight fantasy    
Are you my imaginary lover
I guess the choice is up to me  
I haven’t seen you in forever    
I can still feel your breath upon my skin  
I get so lost sometimes    
Pleasure or heartache, were do I begin  
Are you a Savannah sunrise    
Are you my Georgia-bama sunset    
Are you three fingers of Tennessee whiskey    
But you’re never something I regret  
Here lately I feel so alone    
I wish we could meet somewhere somehow  
We could talk just for a while    
All we have is yesterday and now  
Are you the answer to my prayers  
Are you all my hopes and dreams    
Are you my I can’t live without    
You’re my waterfall at the end of life’s stream  
I can’t say if we will find tomorrow    
But I keep your spirit within mine  
I love you with all my desire    
We’re just divided by space and time    
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Guardian of Shadows
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A Love Letter

A Love Letter
Grace (Idryad)
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jade tiger
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Did I turn off the oven and
dim all the lights, pull down the blinds,
close and lock the door, what for?

Cause it doesn't matter really,
tempered with the fact that
I'm racing down the street

to the bus stop, 'cause I forgot
all about my car; I do have one.
The cat! No wait, I don't have that.

I feel so alive! Where’s my tote?
Oh, on my shoulder, but don’t stop,
keep runnin’, and what’s my name?

But it doesn't matter really.
I prolly forgot my rouge & brush
in love’s flush, and what day it is.

Neither coat, nor change o' clothes,
I can't think about those!
That's not why I'm in a hurry,

reminding myself as tears
crawl into my ears from the wind.
But it doesn't matter really.

I just need to put down steps and
mark the miles behind me till I’m
where he waits, with coffee for him & me.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
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one kiss is all it took
to draw a spark
lips lingering on lips
trembling, trailing
down my neck
inspiring me to
new heights
awakening a desire
in me that
long lay dormant
until now
lips that make
me quiver
lips that are divine
tonight they are
all mine
Written by faithmairee (Faith Elizabeth Brigham)
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Dangerous Mind
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I loved
how I felt
when you
were my

Written by dejure (vick)
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Her Love Was Too Good To Be True

For Stacy-Ann
I told her that my love for her would never end.
She knew that I meant every word and I would prove it.
I promised her that I would stay by her side,  
And I tried earnestly to fulfil my promise.
I felt that our relationship could go on without consequences,
And she believed that we could stay together for a lifetime.
We imagined that life in fairyland was possible,
But we were only fooling ourselves.
We had a peculiar love for each other,
And this was the only thing that mattered to us.
Life was not worth living without the love for each other.
She wanted to marry me in spite of knowing my wife.
Even though she was not sure things would work out favourably,
She occasionally encouraged me to do it.
There was a feeling of uncertainty about the outlook,
But I was too deep in love with her to back away.
Her love was too good to be true.
We ignored the principles of love and continued the affair.
She did everything I asked her to do for me,
And I did everything she wanted me to do for her.
Once she stood right in front of me,
Then she pressed her soft body against mine.
I touched her velvety face and she smiled,
I gently stroked her long black hair,
And I trembled as I held her slender waist.
She quickly put her arms around my neck;
I grabbed the hem of her mini dress and pulled it above her hip.
My hands slowly moved down towards her anatomy,
And she did not resist or frown.
Suddenly she kissed me on the mouth,
And she weakened me with her seductiveness.
It felt more real than anything I had felt before.
Her love was too good to be true.
I thought I was in heaven for the few years that I was seeing her.
Consequently, I lost every trace of reality.
And I forgot that even good things come to an end.
While I loved her, I had to leave her.
One slip ruined my future with the woman who loved me.
And she did not understand the reason.
She certainly had an amative heart,
Yet she found it so hard to forgive me.
Even now I still do not know what happened.
It might have been a divine intervention.
I would love her over again if she just says the words.
And I would not change anything except the situation that I lost her.
I could not prevent myself from loving her.
The love I felt for her was blinding me,
But she was the only woman I wanted to see.
It is no wonder I am still hanging on to the love of yesteryear.
Her love was too good to be true.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Dangerous Mind
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Mirrored On The Sleeve

As the cold moon filters in, mirrored on my sleeve
gazing deep in the night, reflecting my pulsing heart
with a whiff of the wind, from a tree that stands
in twilight's pond, of echoes and Ogon Sweet Flag  
mirrored on my sleeve, your lip's Chantilly
golden crimson of desire on the water.  
Written by adagio
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Tyrant of Words
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The Haven I Once Longed and Dreamed

I once dreamt a dream and it came to me
It was like witnessing a sunset in paradise
Heaven on earth is better than any fantasy
That’s how it feels when I look in her eyes

She causes a stir that makes my heart react
Her smile and voice are my compulsive addiction
When I’m with her I find myself in complete rapt
Because I find her beautiful beyond description

I fell in love with her since the first time I saw her
It was a powerful emotion I couldn’t control
But in the days of my youth I didn’t have words
To explain how deep she had reached my soul

As we grow old together, I feel more complete
She is the haven I once longed and dreamed
The love and passion we share is just as sweet
As the first day we met when I felt redeemed
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Our Place

Sparkling waters eternally cascading over a fall
With you and me sitting here on this cliff taking in it all
We watch as the spray acts as a prism creating a rainbow
The butterflies chasing each other about adds to the show

You lie your head in my lap just as if we're watching tv
But there is music playing in the background with such a beautiful melody
The roar of the falls wants to control it all, but oh how birds do chirp
In competition with the falls for beauty and the volume of sound works

Their plumage became more beautiful, their chirps so much louder
They strutted along the rocks and branches, nothing could be more prouder
Except maybe the frogs, they were also in full display
They lived along the cliffs and in the lagoon voicing what they had to say

We watched and we listened just as watching the universe unfold on screen
You reached up and touch my face and I know exactly what you mean
We are an eternal energy, not confined by any force
Our cliff could be anywhere's in the universe, we could be attacked by any source

But us and what makes us work goes so far beyond any plan
It' goes so far beyond the birds, the frogs and butterflies, or where the droplets land
My everything is here held in my lap and within my hands
And the way that you look into my eyes and touch my faces says that you've taken a stand

So we sit here and while away our day, watching and listening to a neverending reel
Only to pull back at night to the underbrush, continuing to express how we truly feel
The rhythm of the falls serenades us along with the croaks of the frogs
Basking in loves eternal energy, we cuddle and as usual we sleep like logs
Written by I_IS_ME
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Dangerous Mind
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The truth of I's

 I glow  
basking in your colors  
of grandeur  
I sail  
through the seas  
of your sweetest whispers  
I beckon  
to fate or destiny  
they answered in favor,    
when you finally  
and saw me  
I revel  
in the beauty  
of each exquisitely woven  
written word  
I stand  
ready to collect  
shared promises so bold  
I touch  
the starry sky  
as whispers of your name  
slip from lips  
soaked in dreams  
and hopeful believes  
I see  
all of our intricacies  
and know it's our possibilities  
that will undoubtedly outshine  
I climb  
into your mind  
with purest lovers heart's intentions  
of all our shared indulgent passions  
I smell  
nothing sweeter  
than you  
your scent floating mid air  
as I pressed myself  
with care  
so tightly against your chest  
-sense memory in all it's best  
I resign  
all fear and trepidation  
that holds me back  
from any path  
that leads me to you  
I yearn  
for you  
just you.    
Written by Bluevelvete
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Dangerous Mind
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Real Love

Love permeates the air because I cannot
Get enough of you, but it is not the lust
I feel in my bones and veins. It is the real
Deal as I used to always get so caught
Up in the past, but not anymore as I trust
You and all the love that is strong. I feel

You even when you are not sleeping here
Next to me or walking besides me in this
Journey of life. I asked a million times if
You loved me and you said, “Never fear
My love as it is sturdier than the abyss
We get easily lost in. Let go of the cliff’s

Edge as it will never hold you and support
Your bodyweight and heart like I will. So
Trust me when I say I love you one million
Times. Let us fill our souls and passports
With adventure as I wish to see your glow
Forever. I do love you with perfect vision.”

I wish I could articulate it into words and
Notions that make sense, but nothing will
Say it more than all these words to you, my
Dear as we will soon in the future stand
In front of each other as our love’s thrill
Is still here. Love like this is worth a try.
Written by eswaller
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persona non grata
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the synastry

Sometimes she feels him close
The loneliness astonishes
She used to walk alone
and see him by the roses

A cosmical effect
Their love has pre-existed
and will after they're dead
There have been lives they missed it

A frequency of their own
Mysterious coordination
Two lovers fell for love
and all of its creation

No one can understand
There's no there to talk to
The answers in a code
a rhapsody of manhood

All stars perfectly synced
Their lives run and mirror
The heartbeats miss their twin
and time modes disappear

There's only now..
..how to describe?.....
Her mind seems
to agree with his vibe

Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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