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Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Brief But Beautiful

Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Conflict addressed and resolved.

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for expecting that some one would at least complain after all.. Because if everyone remains silent to all that is happening or mishappening around us, that is nothing short of being anti-social .. in a social site or community.. where each one is a pristine precious droplet of The One Collective Conscious  Truth..  Thank you for saying out loud your stand & why is that...

My Humble Concern was &  is... Whether You Award Jade Thousand Times or Infinitely.. or award any other poet too-,  any comp. shall be awarding honestly sans the so much Corrupt & Lies abound like  Favouritism, Nepotism, Self-Awarding etc etc, etc, which are arising out of MPAs (Multiple Profiling Anonymities) so much in DU & social sites- Making them & their very purpose turning UTMOST TOXIC.. KILLING THE TRUTH OF LOVE & ART ,,  So until we have foolproof system to stop MPAs , we absolutely don't know  WHO IS WHO in DU or any social platform...  & therefore  the purpose of  the site becomes pointless..
Comps are only one aspect, but MPAs actually eat away & kill the bonding Faith & Love & Art with & within the members of any site...

So thank you Poetic Lady for clearing the airs... & carry on with your poetic journey . But surely,  this lil discussion to & forth had given me a valid point to be raised in the DU Behaviour thread -  Light & Love Ev 🙏

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