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Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Deepest regrets only

200 word max
Any style (prose, acrostic, whatever)

Express your most honest, deepest regret(s)

Whether that be that one time you fucked your mate over to get some pussy, or you didn't show up to a family event, let it out here. Consider this your religious confession.

All sincere entries will be evaluated by the Lord, and will count towards the cleansing of your eternal soul. Get cleaning folks

Dangerous Mind
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Patchwork Quilt

The night was chilled against your pale skin
of midnight calling feeling your breath
a deeper shade of lust in my veins
as my fingers slipped between your folds

The moon was yellow like an old cur dog
as rime ice hung on the pumpkins
of vines all in a row like ducks
with a widow's veil of winter's frost

Feeling your breath like tentacles caressing
conjuring promises of promiscuity
atop the patchwork calico
and your thighs recently parting

As the lust from your azure blue eyes
open wide in the shadows of your abyss
as my fingers slipped between the folds
oh promise me you will never grow old

Now alone with myself in dreams
a darker feat in the depths of our sins †
until you are warm again at sunrise
of midnight calling feeling your breath
Written by adagio
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Dangerous Mind
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If I knew

birthday phone call
always mom
put you on
caught up
crude joke
laughs howl
just for now....
final words
~heartbreaking cries~

Written by Bluevelvete
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Chanel 5

( a femme fatale )

I only wanted to be of
pleasurable service in the world,
wafting through the spas, and
bedrooms of movie stars, lovers
and international intrigue.

But the pandemic,
in its flush of counting bodies
and taking names, brought
circumstance down to the
lowest common denominator.

Iím a sociable mindset that
brought light to haunt depths
both day and night, no matter
how close or corrupt.

A slender silhouette of scent
moving sly among the crowd
without precaution between
my arched look of menace,

and COVID 19ís indifference
what you donít believe will kill you.
Yet Iím still the more fatal
of the two after cabin fever.

When the next spike hits,
and it will, no matter
distancing on the beach,
or the yacht strung with lights
a mile out from the marina,
where the party has already
begun below deck.

I regret I wonít be attending,
but that wonít stop you.
I regret that as well.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Kaden Malis
Fire of Insight
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Well regrets, I've had a few
But then again... Wait a minute
I've had more than a few
But the greatest has to be my time
And how I spent it

Spent most of kids childhood
Killing off my brain cells
Lost most of those precious memories
While I was lost in a living hell

First steps, first words,
First days of school
Lost because I was wasted
Acting like a fool

Now when I'm asked, remember when?
The answers usually no
And then there's the birthdays
When I was too "sick" to show

If I could go back
And change it, I would
But I can start from scratch
And be the Dad I should
Written by Kaden_Malis (Kaden Malis)
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Tyrant of Words
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I drove into the city to visit my son,
Those visits had become precious and few,
And all day long I had it in the back of my mindÖ
I wanted to tell him, letís go visit grandpa too.
As the day wore on driving around town,
The hours just seemed to fly by,
I could have picked up the phone,
Even it if it was just say hi.
Looking back at that Saturday,
I could have made the effort to see my father,
It had been months since I saw him,
And for some reason I didnít even botherÖ
I donít know why I didnít try,
Iím sure how I could have been so careless,
I knew he was sick all that time,
Still drinking I knew he was helpless.
Five days later when my phone rang,
I knew it in my heart before I heard the news,
In hindsight, I should have known better,
Now I carry a guilt Iíve been trying to reduce.
I should have listened to my instinct,  
Itís the gut feeling Iíll never forget,
I should have had a better intuition,
Not making that call is the thing Iíll always regret.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Lamentation Lane

With the  
in spirit
felt after
shock has
worn away,
I shouldíve left.
The very minute we  
hung up from our  
love frenzied
Caught the  
next flight  
to London.
His voice,  
Calling me, no!  
Luring me  
with the  
Of his voice-  
a baritone
My heart!
Beating so wildly
about my  
like a  
Busily gathering  
my passport,  
cosmetic case  
credit card~
the only necessities.  
He wanted me.
Called to me.
Go to him...
Kept me clutching
my belongings  
long past the  
departure of
my flight.
Prevented me from
pursuing a life  
and love now
Written by Honoria
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Thought Provoker
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Testify Karma's a freaky bitch

Bitch let me testify to my crimes
murdering stifling bitches gasping  
this isn't sexy deep in fucking  
this isn't meant to be loving
what you did to me
I'm sitting in your ex's kitchen  
draped in all black as venom leaks through
seeping from my skin murder is my intention
you both in the bedroom discussing your business
I'm sitting in the kitchen with this bottle of Gin
bitch I love you but if you only moan or scream
somebody's gonna get it
honestly I'm there for your protection
lining up all the kitchen knives on the floor
you don't even know I'm outside
you ran out and meet me sitting there
cutting myself tears dripping from my eyes
he came onto you and I watched you give in
you fucked him but I loved you still
you begged me no to, the veins in my neck stand
blood red eyes, like a vessel burst inside
I plunged my fist into his face over and over again
blood painted the kitchen
as you continued to beg for his forgiveness
You have no idea how badly I wanna rip you to shreds
I resurrected all my inner legion's  
I wasn't gonna do it  
but you've been playing me for quite some time bitch
you to old for this, knowing that I am that I am
you try to hurt me like this, it was just a discussion huh?
I gave her a knife from the kitchen floor
as she looked at me like what the fuck for
I kissed her as she got down on her knees
she seemed to like the dark side of me
kill me or suck my dick bitch
slammed into the fridge
up against the wall as I get it in
penetrate deep with all this rage
she screamed and cum for me
squirts and screams as I went in balls deep
he laid there and watched me as he bleed
watching as he saw what rough looks like for real
big black stiff demon slamming into her innocence flower  
watch how my wife likes the pain as she cum again
tears fell from his face as his daughter just came in
curious as she just returned from work  
you fucked your ex  my wife  
it's about time I testify your daughter's payback, kinda
as you feel like death's waiting outside
I approach her as she willingly decide
watch me take her virginity dad
bend over and spread your legs like this
she willingly gave in without question as she wanted this dick
the sweet tender innocence
shit happens when you start to catch feelings  
but daam you can keep my ex
your daughter's been eyeing me  
and you treat her like garbage  
what a way for me to meet both your parents
yeah I liked milf's I thought you left him
I been trying to behave
but now I love your daughter  
as you both sit there feeling sick as I should have been
I love that Karma's a freaky bitch
I already treated he good now she's finally loving the sex
Look how Karma's a bitch.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Leave a Trace

tongues carve  
my mind's
worst intentions
into your  
with words  
that bite,
poisoning you
and leaving traces  
of pain
for years to
Written by solanaceae
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Dangerous Mind
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Released Regrets

I am sorry that I had you stay for too long
Because the truth is that you really belong
To someone else. I was hanging onto our
Love for eternity and as the midnight hour
Came in the light I could not keep clinging
On for dear life anymore as it kept raining.

Whatever sunlight and happiness we once
Faded away. The days turning into months
And the months turning into years meant
Nothing if the love we had was totally bent
Out of shape or empty. I am sorry for all of
The times I could have been able to love

Sometime else. I am sorry for making you
And me feel like we really had a chance to
Make everything work. I am sorry for all
The hope or wishful thinking. As the wall
Kept crumbling and falling I am sorry for
Fixing it instead of having the next door

Open and walking through it. I am sorry
For wanting to rebuild the clear and starry
Sky instead of me realizing that it was not
Meant to be repaired in the end. I forgot
That love does not come to everyone just
As easily. The easiness of love and trust

Was fully gone as I kept dragging our love
Through the cold dirt and muck instead of
Letting it grow and blossom like it should
Have done from the start. Where I stood
Then is different than where I stand now.
I should have let you take your last bow

And make your final exit, but you lingered
Still. Let me lift my finger off the trigger
As the regrets swarm and cloud my head.
I have laid my regrets and made my bed.
Let me feel all the peace flow in my veins
Free me from all these heavy bloodstains.
Written by eswaller
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