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Twisted Dreamer
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To Love or Not to Love

The thoughful calls and sweet texts
Soon gave way to a flurry
Of coldness and deceit.
Maybe you got tired of waiting
Maybe you found another "special" one...
Why did you leave me in the dark?
To love or not to love to me is
To breathe or not to breathe.
Why am I so weak?
Written by Kingvirky
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Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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† †
† † †
here I am, once again alone in my bed † †  
time-locked at midnight, every minute revolving † †  
turning disappointment † †  
over and over, leaving me † †  
frayed and knotted † †  
within an endless loop of loneliness † †  
† † †
† † †
and without a book † †  
† † †
† † †
I wish I'd borrowed † †  
something light † †  
to read about young love † †  
with smiles in their eyes † †  
where a simple glance
promises nothing more than fresh breath
and a soft kiss to smuggle back to bed † †  
† † †
† † †
secrets held in palms † †  
whispers shared under sheets † †  
losing track of time, caught in conversations † †  
sliding closer and closer † †  
where a well-loved mattress should † †  
hold memory † † †
† † †
† † †
an indent from good times † † †
traps lovers in the middle † †  
wrapped in each otherís arms † †  
† † †
† † †
here I am, accepting my marriage is † †  
broken, possibly broken beyond repair † †  
desperately waiting for † †  
my husband † †  
my friend † †  
to come back to me † †  
to take me in his arms † †  
to find the hurt in my eyes † †  
† † †
† † †
I wish my words could † †  
drift from my heart † †  
fall into his hands † †  
where he could make my sadness write † †  
laid out in our bed † †  
entwined in beautiful poetry † †  
so we can share the pain † †  
and shine † †  
† † †
† † †
out from this loneliness † †  
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Your Love As My Weakness

I cannot keep staying where I do not feel
Welcomed or wanted. I craved you to love
Me like I know I deserved and I prayed for
My entire life, but even that always gave

My life negative energy. You would steal
My heart every single time. Like a dove
I should have kept flying away. You swore
To not lead our love straight to the grave,

But yet you did time and time again. I still
Forgave you, but it was becoming a toxic
Cycle I could not leave until my heart was
Done. I could not let my life come to a skid

As I was constantly searching, trying to fill
The void by replacing you, but all my logic
Was off kilter and after the partyís buzz
Wore off I felt even more alone than I did

Before I met you. I could have tried harder
To move on, but you still had a hold on me
And my heart. Somehow you got into my
Fears and twisted them so I could never

Get over them. I had to let my metal armor
Become stronger not weaker as you see
Right through me and my weaknesses. Try
All you want to say about how you sever

Ties to who you used to be, but I cannot
Forget who you were back in high school.
I cannot forget that I had an impossible
Standard to reach for, but it should have

Been tall enough for you to reach. I caught
Feelings for someone who lost my jewel
And gold. This love became irresponsible,
Reckless, and something that was halved,

Not full or filled with light. You loved me in
So many wrong ways as if our love was a sin.
Written by eswaller
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