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Fire of Insight
United States
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To all the Men who have Claimed to Love Me:


I pass a funeral home,
every morning, on my way to work.
Most days I drive
and see nothing -
no activity,
no death.
It seems just another
house on the Main Street
of my every day.

Today there were three stretchers
lined up outside the side entrance.

I have no idea who
lost their life.
Who will no longer
open eyes to blue skies;
any kind of sky for that matter.

I just know three people
are dead.

But this is not a murder poem.

I have no intentions of
wishing death,
or even suffering, on you.

I see your wives and
your babies and
your god damn lives.
I wonít lie;
I play the what if game

But I donít want you
or anything you have.

Even if you took pieces of me
that left me less
than whole.

Because I know
Iíll never be whole
and Iíve stopped trying.

So today I imagine
in three body bags
lined up outside
a funeral home side entrance
awaiting a furnace.

And I allow the funeral director
a chance to wash you away,
every trace of you

This isnít a reborn poem either.

This is a truth poem.

I tried purging you
from every corner of
my splintering rib cage.
Tried scrubbing you from
the laugh lines and crows feet.

But it never works.

So today,
I put to death
the me
I was
with you.

Hereís hoping
she stays
Written by DaisyGrace
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I am nothing but a piece of cork, bobbing up and down in a sea of darkness
There is absolutely nothing to grab on to and remind me what started this
Unexpected solar winds often sets my mind adrift
I reach for the only line that I cared to know praying for another lift

Just like a boulder falling into still waters there's a splash followed by waves
Each ripple that tosses me about is a denial to me being saved
Farther and farther I'm being moved away from my center, your loving force
And me an abandoned ship at sea continually being blown off course

Without you as a reference point, how can I be anything but lost
But bobbing up and down, side to side, disoriented is only part of the cost
There is no right or left, up or down, without you, they're serving as my center
The space that you purchased within my heart, I didn't realize that you were a renter

But to give credit where credit is due, my pain wasn't simply caused by you
I feinted innocence here bobbing in the darkness like I don't have a clue
But my mind is the broken line that keeps me from catching my Boo
Once each rippling wave was an echo of her saying my name, guiding me through

My beacon in times like these with waves of love insulating me against the pain
Now floating in an ocean of darkness becoming at one with a blackened rain
A piece of cork not even allowed to drown in it all, as a way out
All of a sudden where are the whirlpools and or the water sprouts

Anything that will provide some form of relief at this point
A better line, a better hook, and another chance is what I really want
But I know that there is nothing more dangerous than trying to save a drowning man
And so this is why you cut the line, watching me go under while reaching for your hand

  † † † † † †
Written by I_IS_ME
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Chaotic Compass

I fall in love with you more, and I fall in love with you less
Is this a test or a problem that needs to be addressed?
Who truly makes my heart beat outta my chest
I look to the North, South, East and West
Traveling the miles only doubles the stress
My mind a maze confused and insecure,
 Highway congested Iím in need of a detour
To be sure, to ensure the balance of my mental temple
it could all be so simple, at least thatís how it sounds,
 as my doubt gains the pounds, made me the joker of all clowns
I can see IT! Through bloody balloons no butterflies here only lowly cocoons
Iím so lost I need some direction, I need mind protection,
 Survival of the fittest its natural selection
Pull out my compass, North, South, East, and West
Through the trails and the tests, of my cerebral conquest
Should I be through with you? Or keep it new with you?
Shrugging my shoulders, shaking head
Tossing and turning while I lay in bed
Hope I figure this out before weíre all dead
Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Lost Butterfly

Bringing forth the grateful dead
casting off a masquerade of life
with a dark crucible of night
to fold around the shadows
a mighty cudgel to smite
of quarreling poetic tuning forks
fueled by the fire in my belly
eating my soul from inside
a lost butterfly am I.
Written by adagio
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persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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Who wants to share with me my thoughts of death?
They soon will be gone.
I visualize my body on the carpet..the broken mirror pieces are reflecting my blood color...
Dull, dark red with an odor of a lost war.
Lessons of self-love that are totally disoriented.
A demolition of my delusion in my frame of mind
It's devastating and heart cremating, this annihilation's savor chocks me
I've been again hiding, strongly denying, I pretend I'm fine
Grief's at my door, I'm on the floor, talking to me
My inside is empty and the echo is loud
Sometimes it hates me, others it just sobs
Its acid tears are pouring down on my soul like an unexpected storm
Longing for sunshine, I gaze the greenish horizon
It seems like a poisonous gas, there is no oxygen.  
The insuperable mountains are my hopes
What will happen to me?
I lash out to my reality with a cry of rage
The radiant facets of my earthly body seem quite unwrought
A hermetic hasp keeps them under my oblivion's guard
And to my dismay, this is what my unrequited love is reveling in
Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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they never tell you
that to have passion,
is subsequently,
to accept pain

and to be close to someone,
is actually,
a form of mutual

that love is,
by all means,
mostly a battle
with yourself

yet, the deepest scars
are more often than not,
pointed out by another

and when
the fight is over,
(it's really never over)


but, I am grateful
for this love
although, it proves
a struggle

for at the day's end,
our polar souls
exist to guide each other
Written by solanaceae
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Guardian of Shadows
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Dinner at his parents   (between the cracks)

Ali took another sip of wine
said in a playful voice

was either gonna call me
Ali or Elaine

turned out he'd a thing
for narrow passageways"

Ali laughed
her fiancee sat seething

Strange Creature
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A sad sunrise

They're kind of the same:
Falling in love,  
And being sad.
You know that feeling  
when you know in your heart
that the person in front of you  
is gonna fade away little by little,
until you forget about the time  
you spent watching him sing his heart out
until the sun rose,  
and you watched it together.
Yeah it's sad
being in love
Written by HumaSaiid (Huma)
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Strange Creature
United States
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Damn! Most of us can relate to the pain expressed in your poem. I hope it works out

Strange Creature
United States
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Joined 26th Oct 2017
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So true. Beautifully written.

Thought Provoker
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Broken Nest

I'd like to fly  
Upon your wings  
Each flap, each beat  
Your call that sings  
It lifted my mood  
Changed my heart  

Oh feathered friend  
Where art you now?  
I stand confused  
With scowling brows  
You up and left  
Without goodbye  

And in my mind  
The nest for two  
Lost future wishes  
Made with you  
The nest you tore  
It stands there empty
Written by HoneyLove
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 17th Sep 2020
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His Love's reply.

since all the world and love is one
and truth issues from your glib tounge,   †
and maidens wiles, your life improve, † †
i'll live with you and be your love. † †
†† †
but i'm not sure 'bout those hard rocks † †
so steal some wool from other's flocks † †
and make, from it, a seat to sit † †
for you and i, with sweet comfits. † †
† †  
you need not work on gowns of wool † †
for changing clime make sun, not dull, † †
and woollen clothes, these scepter'd isles, † †
have not been seen for quite a while. † †
† †  
you'll need those buckles, made of gold † †
to pay the swains, so i'm told, † †
for socialists make wages high † †
enough, to make the bosses cry. † †
† †  
those slippers, belts, caps and ivory buds, † †
kirtles, clasps, caps and amber studs, † †
can all be found, in pound shops now, † †
all bought abroad, but God knows how. † †
† †  
but those valleys, groves and†fields, † †
are under concrete roads, and sealed, † †
and as i plight my troth, i'm moved,  
to hie me mort, to be your love.
Written by Insiderew
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 15th Jan 2019
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The Wickiup

A winter's solstice in my mind's withering shade
in the dark's equinox on the mirror's glade
reflecting back the sojourns I have worn
in memories of a wayfarer's amulet
of slothing sins as I kneel at your nave
warding away the evils of my past
as shadows pass over my wickiup †
in the dark's equinox on the mirror's glade. †
Written by adagio
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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 6th Dec 2015
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From now on I will be good,
sow seeds of daisies and daffodils   †
into the bedrock of this war. † †
Nurture vitality from ash. † †  
I will grow love in the pit of my † †  
stomach, in the back of my mouth. † †
When you kiss me, you'll find god. † †
& this glass of whiskey † †
will no longer be half empty or full, † †  
but just a glass
Written by Umm
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Joanna Ryan-McDonald
Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 5th Feb 2020
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Sociopath - Hidden Secrets

"I am the perfect idea of what you desire, I am closer then you'll ever know, I come disguised as everything you've wanted. Months turned years of confused enjoyment, your fears have come to life and when my work here is done you won't ever be the same."

This is ME
MY journey
MY time in the womb
Me plotting your doom

The end, your finale
This will not be easy
Proving I'm first
I'll bring you a curse

I'll prowl the streets in darkness
As a person of many faces
But the part and the lie
Must come out exact same time

To achieve you must win
Through patience , discipline
I'll fill you with doubts
Bring on poison toxic thoughts
And your seeds to follow
Will be life - like yet hollow

I'm not one to reflect long
My success WILL destroy someone
I am hard and empty
Cold... I have no sympathy

Mind's a puzzle missing pieces
I prey on weak and helpless
I am the best you ever had
Get any closer and wish you never did
This life has worked for me
I lust and crave power,control, greed

When we meet do understand
Your life will not be the same again

Joanna Ryan-McDonald
Written by Crazontheinside (Joanna Ryan-McDonald)
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