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case28 (Alexander Case)
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RUNNERS-UP: TrueLover and Fiftysevenhours


All Souls Night

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem for Halloween/Samhain

The October show is coming up folks, and we would like to again offer up the hallowed end spot of the show to feature your poetry on the podcast. The podcast goes out on multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so itís great exposure.

Edit: Unfortunatly with the podcast unexpectedly coming to an end we can no longer offer a spot on the show. However the trophy is still up for grabs on this one.

If you've not heard the podcast yet you can listen to past episodes here: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/podcasts/

October is the month of Samhain/Halloween, so we have decided to ask you  to write a poem whether you're celebrating the night of all saints and all souls or just out celebrating Halloween with friends and family.

Need help with creating a video? Head on over to The Loud-Speaker poetry group for help and advice on your audio / video submissions: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/groups/loud-speaker-poetry/discussion/


*You have two weeks
* New poems only
* Audio / video / songs accepted
* Up to 2 entries per human being
* No extreme content / extreme erotica / a little swearing is fine.
* Unfortunately with the podcast ending unexpectedly, we can no longer offer a reading on the show. However the trophy is still up for grabs.
* No word count, just don't go mad
* Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Good luck!


Fire of Insight
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Kaden Malis
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Buried face down

Buried face down
Great monolith placed
On top of the cold hard ground

They can't keep me down
They won't keep me bound
I'll rise up on the first blood moon
Feast and devour this town

Hide in your homes
Keep your loved ones close
It doesn't matter
You'll still see my ghost
Written by Kaden_Malis (Kaden Malis)
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Tyrant of Words
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Between Worlds

I reflect and reminisce on the year passed,
Looking at what I wanted to spearhead,
Then I make annotations in my journals,
So I can strategize for the days ahead.
The night is dark, and the air is still,
Itís incredibly quiet to say the least,
As I light candles by the windowsill,
Then I celebrate and prepare a feast.
So I dress in orange, brown and black,
As I look out and see the world in pain,
When souls arenít allowed to turn back,
The soft glow will guide them to their plane.
Whether you believe on All Hallows Eve or not,
† † †  †  You can tell there is a difference in the wind,
†† † † † † † †  †Whether you are in the broom closet or not,
†† † † † † † † † † † † † The boundaries between worlds is thinned.
Written by wallyroo92
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The leaves have turned from green to ginger
autumns creeps with its cold fingers  
the equinox past and natures hand  
inexorable, looking for a place to camp
Bring the first dew to the gravestones
freshly carved and hardly cold  
through the yew trees, an east wind moaned
the spirits day, be arriving as foretold
Druids clad in robes a flowing
chanting as they praised the runes
brought the wood and laid the kindling
invoke the power of the moon  
On the the date that greets the cusp
the stocking net tween them and us
gathered in that waiting room
and rise to mingle, the entombed
Death's jailer grinned ,rattling his ring of keys
forever that would be your normal tenure
but just a few might be reprieved
to escape the chain of your debenture
you capital is mine to keep
Rise to join the living and the quick
as spooky bat or spiders spit
as hollow laugh to cause a fit
spectre in flourescent green outfit
the holocaust rise from the blitz
Take the coin, unwrap the sweet
try to hold the warm last threads
pale history pop-ups for us to greet
break the seal, the grave embeds
Lay the table, feed the fire
in finery , dancing free now hear the woops
holding on to those retired
for we are walking in their shoes
Samhain; October's gala for those passed on
dark masquerade before November comes
Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
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I have grown pedestrian claws
And dip to roam the sidewalks
As if....
the concrete squares below my stealthy
Red shoed curling feet
Were ushering me in
To the gateway
Of the badlands

My mind set:
Bring on the terror dome
This night takes kindly;

More than one ornery hillbilly
Has nurtured those abilities
Psychological warfare ...
Matured my finesse with it
Far beyond egg yolk
And TP
The thought;
An assault on my sensibilities
A loose grip on my country grammar

My vowels slide
As I pass the state line south
Through the mouths of swine

Halloween runs wicked in
Blue blood hillbilly mafia veins

My claws are fully extended
My eyes narrowed and set
Red barn double doorway ...
Come hell

I am fully prepared
To be slick as shit;
Or wind up in a jail cell
Written by Calamityofgin
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Thought Provoker
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Our masks

Itís almost Halloween again and the world is so backwards. Wearing masks used to be a fun way to be anything we wanted to be as a child or an adult, but now itís our way of life. An everyday struggle to catch our breath. A way to attempt to prevent the spread of this disease. What if there is a cure? What if the people with power over us keep us in these mask to control us like prisoners in a cell?
Written by TrueLover (Meganne)
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Guardian of Shadows
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A Glitch in Time

and there he stood
with his low hood
the grey figure in sight
commanding fright
his scythe shines
for unholy harvests

the child was birthed
at the strike of twelve
he smiled eyes closed
there...so much love

Scytheman stood awhile
his face broke in unfamiliar smile
for a while he remembered sunshine
and then he brought the baby
to Glory.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Love means never having to leave

he loved her
so much
he couldn't breathe
without her presence

he loved her
to bits
he wanted
to be part of her

he adored her
and wanted to with her
in her
around her
forever and ever

he looked lovingly
at his jars of pickles
swore he saw her eyes
looking at him with so much love

he sighed, contented
she would always be there
for him
how he loved her!
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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💀Boney Cage ~True Loves Decay

††† †
confined within †
their boney cage †
True Love's †
hearts †
slowly rage; †
betrothed †
and curse'd †
ravaged †
'till undead, †
lovers †
caught †
in time's †
own crawl †
forever †
lost, †  
a dark cabal; †
slowly wilting †  
decrepit †
skin †
firstly slips, †
unspoken moans †
sans †  
boney †
lips, †  
rotting †
slowly †
bones †
remaining, †  
pain filled †
flesh †
never †
retaining, †  
lasting †
horror †
through †
love's †
pure sorrow, †  
these two †
will †
forever †
wallow; †
Eve of Hallows †
one †
day †
only †
admission †
24 hours †  
of †
boney †
loves †
contrition †  
† †
Written by Bluevelvete
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Twisted Dreamer
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Magic of our living

Fiftysevenhours (.Quercus.)
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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Samhain, Then & Now

Josh (Joshua Bond)
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Samhain, Then & Now

Bit like a Bank Holiday really ó
those whoíd died in the previous twelve months
headed for the Underworld Ö and all on the same day.
Kinda party time it was
free food, bonfires, lots of dancing around each other
wearing scary masks. I call it
traditional co-operation between the living and the dead.

Not now. Compulsory App reads the obligatory chip
in your shoulder to confirm youíre officially dead
before giving you the green light to walk on down.
If only. Those damn algorithms are always getting it wrong;
they declare the living dead, stop their benefits
freeze bank accounts and remove people out of their homes.
And they declare the dead as living, order them back to work
fine them if they donít; no support ó youíre on your todd.
Jesus, what a mess! Bloody authoritarian technologies
intervening in the natural processes of life and death.

Mind you though, itís always been a fine line.

Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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Harvest Moon

Adel was the sacred bloom,    
Uber lush and audacious. † †  
O her eloquent voice lied. † †  
†† †  
This is the realm of falsehood, † †  
A utopian world order † †  
burdened by the everlasting. † †  
† † †
She was the elite youth; † †  
Pure breed immortal. † †  
† † †
I spotted her † †  
Retreating through the cradle of Rhine, † †  
En route back to her motherland. † †  
† † †
Three days from deliverance, † †  
I joined her on the harvest moon. † †  
We picked and sucked on ancient herbs; † †  
Oden earth cures weak ageing cells. † †  
† † †
Two days from deliverance, † †  
On the border of the dark forest, † †  
Beyond mist, charred bone and black steel, † †  
The river lulled a spell for freedom. † †  
† † †
Adel stared through towers of trees, † †  
Tears rolled down virgin skin; † †  
A prize animal trapped inside a giant's cage. † †  
† † †
One day from deliverance, † †  
The sacred youth awoke in my embrace † †  
Seduced by tragic stories from the dead. † †  
† † †
The stem of the everblooming was broken. † †  
† † †
O blind terror fiddles with death, † †  
Icky little fingers fathom † †  
The unmendable hole in its neck. † †  
† † †
Life beget suffering, † †  
Suffering beget death, † †  
Death beget meaning. † †  
† † †
A meaningful life is the way to deliverance. † †  
† † †
I released Adel into the river Rhine, † †  
Tomorrow she will arrive home.
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
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