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Poem of the month: September

poet Anonymous

Forever Winter

ďNo one ever told me that grief felt so like fearĒ - C.S. Lewis

Letís keep our rooms cold
Inside this house of old
I donít want to clean up
Let the candles do the work
And my journal take the hurt instead

Letís keep the front door locked
Nobody knock
Thereís nothing left inside
But four walls of rotting wood
Unswept floors and tangled curtains
Dirty dishes
And a scent buried in perfume

Autumn foliage takes hold
Outside this house of mold
This skull of mine aching
From the stench thatís baking
The wicks are dimming
Forever winter is coming

So let the season do the work

Cover first, with leaves
Keep her cold with maple breeze
Paint her skin the shade of snow
But keep her lips cranberry

And never tell spring.
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Fire of Insight
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Thank you for all the amazing nominations.. please vote!

October will be up soon

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The winner of this competition and any runners up were decided by public vote.

Thank you to the following members for voting:

Frustrated_prole, WillyWallace, AspergerPoet56, nutbuster, Phantom2426, SweetOblivion, Bluevelvete, brokentitanium, Marks, Blackdove, PurpuraBuho, Insiderew, lepperochan, Jade-Pandora, eroseternal, DaisyGrace, badmalthus, Honoria, runaway-mindtrain

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Fuck me !!!! sorry for the expletive but there was no way in hell i thought i would win with a senyru. yje funny thing is i set myself a challenge last month of writing 10 a day eventually wrote 500 of them of which this was my first one. just shows sometimes the real world is stranger than fiction.

buddhakitty congrats and sorry that my meagre 3 lines somehow captured weird people's votes

to those that voted get it right next time , these kind of accidents cannot continue

oh and Tallen thank for the nomination

Tyrant of Words
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Well done, AP!
It was a beautiful senryķ!
Well worthy of a WIN. 🥇 👏🏻 👏🏻
Also a warm congratulations to buddahkitty , too
Both entries blew my socks 🧦 off...
Thank you for your creativity and truly beautiful writing.
You both (as do all the entries) are some of the reasons that make DU so enjoyable, thought provoking, fun and interesting.
I know that I'm affected DAILY by your spills.
I count myself lucky to be surrounded by such talent. I soak it in as much as possible!
Thank you both and all who were nominated
for inspiration in a time of craziness outside
these poetic walls.
🙏 🌹 💜 🙏

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