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Poem of the month: September

poet Anonymous


( After Alice Fulton )        
I once had reason to fear        
humans in general—          
people are people, individual        
as their unpredictable demeanor          
regardless of upbringing          
I've experienced them        
in farmhouse pigsties        
to Buckingham Palace—        
often unable to tell a difference        
aside from clothes or conduct.            
I once observed various groups        
in a museum:          
The elite, social ladies        
with diamonds and emeralds          
capturing the light from paintings;          
shining status symbols, sailing        
in an ocean of titanium white teeth—        
ornately framed islands of color          
drowning in dirty martinis        
and stoles of long-dead mink.          
The middle-class, parents        
their children in tow, controlled        
mannerisms dictated by rules—        
deep furrows across their brow:          
college tuition, savings, glasses, braces—        
societal expectations outweighing relaxation.          
The elderly, taking their time        
sipping beauty as though holy water        
offered during a drought          
from a golden goblet—        
threadbare raiment veiling skin        
cracked by elements; their faces          
angelic in appreciation: Michelangelo        
Matisse, Chagall, Van Gogh.       
The lonely, solo navigators          
circling some dreamy landscape          
of harvested wheat, or starry night          
over a provincial café          
Forlorn eyes having dissolved        
into brush strokes of cobalt blue        
yellow ochre, resurrected cadmium hues—        
memories of unrequited love        
relived over and over in a heart        
unwilling to let go.           
Then, her—        
there, red coat over sensible shoes;          
a second-hand bag, draped          
across an upright shoulder, simple        
updo complimenting  high cheekbones          
lightly touched with rouge. Her eyes          
shimmering greater than emeralds          
off-set by diamonds, having survived          
loneliness alone, she now eschews        
the in-crowd with a polite nod, drifting          
chin up—a compassionate zephyr          
gliding about the gallery as fresh air          
for those who couldn't breathe.          
I innately knew, at age eight        
she was exactly who I wanted to emulate—        
and I, shy and insecure, smiled regardless        
when she playfully navigated about me          
and winked.          
Written by Ahavati
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poet Anonymous

Thought Provoker
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Image for the poem A POOL OF TEARS
If I ask you would you take the necessary time and effort to understand wholeheartedly, were my hurt and pain comes from within me as a woman. Who sometimes be finding myself as a woman stumbling through, the mist of the confusion that seems to surround my heart and soul. For even as the whispers within my ears softly massages, my ears whispering your name to me from an far off distance, as it becomes an distractions for me to even think clearly. Yet it doesn't stop my tears from falling from my eyes into a pool of hurt and pain, along with the process of the suffering as it slowly begins to fade as it is flowing, through the stairways of my soul unveiling the true depth of my heart. For didn't we have an understanding of the heart and soul and mind, for didn't we promise one another that things would be different than before between us. So why do I feel like you misunderstood what time spent meant to me, mentally and emotionally and physically even spiritually. For why now I have to feel alone and afraid and abandon as though, I am living within a different dimension of time as I reminiscent about you and I. For even as my silent tears flow from the hurt and pain, I still can't believe you would have betrayed me with dishonesty and distrust and disloyalty, leaving me drowning within the very salt of my own tears. Just gripping at the very breaking point of invading my dreams, that I thought we would be sharing together as one woman to one man. But behind the promises it was all nothing more than lies, for there has been many days and nights that seems like eternity. Since you held me deep within your arms close to the warmth of your heart, as you comfort me in an blanket of warmth. But yet all I am that which seems to remain is the tears stains upon my face, where a smile use to show the love that I had for you and laid deep, within the subconsciousness of my mind touching and pulling at the mere fabric of my heart as it belonged to only you in honesty and truth and trust.
Stoney223Written by Stoney223
Published 7th Aug 2020

Tyrant of Words
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I caught him once
To the man I whispered, 'Father'
Staring into the abyss
Frail remnants-
of a strength I once knew.

A glimpse of his years
Fighting amongst the crowds
This monolith of a man.
Inequatable statue
The faintest echo of regret

For a second, within a lifetime
I felt the pain of his years
And the sorrows of his loss
This mythical figure of mine
More human than ever before.

This power who caused me fear,
and love and fortune,
Whom I elevated so high
How could I never see that
In front of me sat, just a man.

I caught him once
Contemplating life.
His many failures and hopes.
And as I smiled inwards
I slowly realised,

With swelling pride:

Here is my Dad.
Written by TheFutureEmbrace
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poet Anonymous


your wide mind~ bird
from a dead-end (he)art..
skyrockets high..

seeds barren earth-

afloat a sunken bubble
in your lumpy vacuum

that day, he  brimmed life...
yet knew..    'feels
around Yama's Rope'

how he nods to last goatish blink-

for Love...

kills me infinite

dusts i rise,  disintegrous..

clubbing back to One
humming Zygote

back to dusts. and, so on..  

death is a myth-

ageless soul

Written by summultima (uma)
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Dangerous Mind
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In the Dark, Before Coffee

never slowly,      
just suddenly aware;      
Pain greets me      
with a rough kiss,    
missing my mouth      
brushing my neck, instead;    
Morning rolls over,      
incensed at the intrusion,      
huffing under her breath;    
I sigh to the shadows,    
why must it always be this way    
between us?
arguing with 5 am is useless    
but I do it anyway -    
Sleep hates the conflict,    
slipping away to hide;    
I won’t see him again today      
although I know he will lurk    
quietly around every corner,    
he’s an old jealous lover    
who doesn’t really want me,    
he just doesn’t want anyone else    
to have me    
funny, the way my mind      
always wants to paint love    
or hate into every picture;    
makes me wonder    
if the human condition    
is really just a constant state      
of wanting the things      
we can’t seem to find,    
of grieving for things    
that were never ours      
my thoughts race ahead of me,    
a continuous asphalt track      
running in congested circles,    
greyhounds chasing fake rabbits -    
exhausting themselves      
not knowing they’ll never    
catch the damn thing they’re after -    
the game’s always been rigged,    
but anything (everything) looks      
close enough to the real deal    
when you’re never allowed      
to get quite close enough    
to tell the difference,    
when you’ve been trained      
to take off at breakneck speed    
at the pop of anything      
that sounds like gunfire    
I digress, and for that    
I must apologize;    
I am rarely in control    
of my meandering mind,    
but even less so      
in the dark, before coffee    
doesn’t seem to matter      
how close the race,    
your face is always    
the top contender,    
edging forward      
with fierce determination,    
like sunlight beaming      
its warmth      
to the forest floor,    
encouraging dead stumps    
to bring forth life;    
every long-gone thing    
will tell you it’s hard to grow    
in the shadows of those    
who’ve already tried it      
and never succeeded    
in reaching the canopy,    
but I cling to the hope I find    
buried deep in words read    
before my eyes were      
fully open,    
compelling me to turn    
the soil, just a bit    
to see if we can’t get      
something green to appear    
once again    
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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back from the dead

Never before has anything
So magnificently shaken and terrified me
Straight down to my core.

There's a new wave of life coming.
Sometimes it looks like a quiet moonlit night
Walking amongst the trees and the mysterious sounds.
Others its me running screaming,
Head swinging wildly to look back
At horridly beautiful things that haunt and chase me.

I can't help but fondly remember the happy times,
And my heart weeps for the girl I used to be.
Some nights I'm still that girl.
Others I revert back to a younger, more distant self...
Carrying all the catastrophes and voices back in time.
I sit on my Mama's back steps in my dreams
Just to cry and wish for someone to pick up my pieces
Put me back together in all my selfish, guarded ways.

I want to love again,
But my hands are shaky and weak
From trying to heal and love others
In a desperate fit of tunnel vision to happiness.
I still ache for all I've ever loved,
And the tears they cried in my arms
Linger faintly on my skin.

Forgive me for my absent mind
And distant eyes...
I can't help but mourn the hearts I broke
In a mindless attempt to guard my own.
Because in the middle of push and pull, love and war, madness and ecstasy,
I've completely shattered myself into dust
Scattered on back roads and in worn out trailers.
I'm tired, love...
But I'll love you with every broken piece I have.
Written by KittyFromHell
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Fire of Insight
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Awesome guys! Thank you...

poet Anonymous


She ~
bench pressed me
into obsession,
lifting me  
too high.
Evidently ~
i was too HEAVY;
the weight of our lust
crushed us,
smothered us, both. . .
when she let go
of the apparatus  
that held our vested years
only a nonsensical equation:
1 x 1 = zero
became our divided remainder
& common denominator
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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poet Anonymous

Temporal Embrace

We come together in moments
as our worlds tangle
into a sphere wholly ours
slipping in time
making memories
of things we won't do
in places we won't go
embraced in the intangible us
that ignores oceans and impossibility

There is a lifetime in your words
freedom in the warmth of your whisper
abandon soars on the breath of your sighs

The river of you rushes through my veins
and the beating of my heart
belongs to you
in these fleeting ripples
that rearrange our reality

Then we exhale the truth
our moment returned to time
so we don't say things we dare not say
that linger quietly in pleasant conversation
or exclaim in breathless silence

Written by paperstains
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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The Truth, Unmasked

This growing cult of ignorance,
is becoming difficult to ignore;
with an attitude of indifference,
always ready to start a war.
When science goes out the window,
and compassion is out the door;
we’re left somewhere in limbo,
where rationale is nevermore.
Since climate change is a “hoax,”
instead of acting in great imminence;
they laugh like it’s a joke,
steady clapping at their insolence.
In the midst of a pandemic—
When everything is a conspiracy,
rather than listen to the academics,
they downplay its severity.
It’s all about control, you see!
Just a part of the liberal agenda;
Next, they'll put a chip in me,
that they'll track with a little antenna.
I’ve only one thing left to say,
and let it be the last…
Is it really too much to ask,
For you to wear a fucking mask?
Written by NewBeginnings
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