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poet Anonymous

The Light of Trees

Somber lessons too few learned
Blossoms live within the hurt.
Lonesome sighs upon the breeze
Down amongst the falling leaves
So it goes from tip to root
Devil takes his daily due
Darkness rend thy soul to bleed
Sunlight still comes crashing through
poet Anonymous

Gag me with a spoon

I mean....like...rhyming?                          
...... To the max.....                              
How do I even wanna?                              
Did it totally start with Madonna?                          
Omg, tubular...                              
As if?!                              
Like, Totally?!?                              
Moon Unit Zappa was a muse        
Gen x delights follow,          
as my memory ensues        
We watched,                              
our mouths were ajar....                              
Video Killed The Radio Star        
The neighbors showed off                              
their brand new car                              
Fancy DeLorean                              
Marty McFly,                              
such a "historian"                              
9 to 5                              
laughed through tears                              
Iran hostages,                              
and all those fears                              
Strawberry Shortcake,                              
more than a treat                              
Ronald Reagan,                              
at the head seat                              
Valley girls,                              
gag me with a spoon                              
Raiders of the Lost Ark,                              
I surely swoon                              
Riding my bike                              
without a care or worry                              
No curfew, no cell                              
just play and get dirty                              
Unnatural obsession                            
with Magnum P.I.                            
(sent a fan letter in the 2nd grade)          
loved that 'stache' not the guy          
The making of "Thriller"                            
when it aired made me cry      
Neon clothes, jelly shoes,    
Atari's Frogger,                            
I never loose                            
Sleepover's, prank calls,                            
toilet paper in the trees                            
Smart and clever                            
I hid such "expertise"                            
Return Of The Jedi,                            
Chewbacca's my guy                            
Pound puppies                            
Care Bears                            
My Little Pony,                            
Such a spoiled brat,                            
I had to have all three                            
Space Shuttle travel,                            
blew our minds                            
'Must Have' Xmas gift                            
Cabbage Patch Kids                            
–you'll never find                            
"We Are The World",                            
nonstop play                            
New Coke sits on the shelves          
where it stays                            
E. T., The Breakfast Club                            
or The Color Purple                            
eclectic movie taste is eternal          
Phil Collins wanted 'One More Night'  
first crush didn't check the ☑ 'yes'  
box right  
Braces made me ugly and nerdy  
Alex P Keaton thinks he's thirty  
Duran Duran made me so very randy  
Nick Rhode's came, in so so handy  
Oprah Winfrey could do no wrong          
Iran - contra hearings always on          
Tween to teen,        
nightmare, SUPREME          
Metal was my choice of refuge          
Metallica at 11,         
I was sure to deluge          
Angst and anger, attitude aplenty          
goth girl writing poems-          
so very many          
New President          
didn't last long,            
Clinton replaces,            
90's going strong          
Flannel replaces all the          
with brand new songs                            
Seems Reality Bites,            
wasn't so wrong          
My generation          
was the last of it's kind          
Parental fears...... etc          
Infiltrated societal minds          
While thumbing through the past...  
growing up no constraints nor confined
morals Ingrained, successful shine  
conservative notions  
the majority of the decade,  
parents instilled a sense of self
one that never will degrade  
independent, built with meddle
all life's strife we'll surely settle

poet Anonymous

The Man in the Foyer.

How long has that house been burning?  
The one with the man who sits in the foyer?

There he is.  
There he sits.  

With wide eyes he stares straight through an open door.  

All of the curtains are almost gone now.  
The scorched fabric reveals the bare bones of sofas and love seats.
The roof a smoldering landscape.  

Some odd solidarity crackles in my ears.

Smoke is carried on feverish winds that find me.  
A fiery incense of plastic and wood heaves me out of a dream.  

I plummet out oceans through waves and wind.  
Finding myself with knees stained by damply lush grass.  
Staring into an open door of a house engulfed in flames.  

Looking at the wide eyed man.  

My arm reaching out with an open palm.  
Balanced under heavily hanging shoulders.
Here I sit.  
Here I will stay.  

Waiting at the doorway of a burning house.  
For the man in the foyer to take my hand.
poet Anonymous

What’s the price of an unborn life.

What’s the price of an unborn life, you see one night a man visited me, his suit black and white. Said his name was Azreal. A confused look on my face, had to make sure I heard him right. He told me “you’re under arrest”, glance around not a cop in sight no red or blue lights. Soon had chains on my wrists I dropped to a dark abyss. The man threw me down, with a knife in hand slid the blade down my neck until he reached my chest and sliced my heart out. He then threw it in a box equipped with an eternal lock. Sent it down the river of shame filled with tears of remorse and pain as my soul burst to flames. Hear my alarm ring tears run down my face like tropical rain. See, I sold my son. The devil sent an invoice that read “you can hide but you can’t run, for the deal is done”. It’s clear for the devil had won claiming the prize of my heart, soul, and my son...... What is the price of an unborn life.—- Jared Kull
poet Anonymous

Closed Eyes

It's late. On the bed's edge,
I've found my place.
The night's fallen through the glass,
to signal how the time has past.
She turns the bathroom light
off, just leaving us tonight,
to lay beside me and sleep
and slip into forever deep.

Dreams call, we live these lives
created behind closed eyes,
and somehow, even worlds away,
by sleep, I still see her face.
She smiles, eyes are auburn rings,
accepting me for everything.
And when I wake, arms around,
hold me as I come back down.
poet Anonymous


my dreams hover like
chesterfield smoke clouds
in my grandmother's
inherited City Golf, but,
at every stop sign
I realize, maybe,
I'm the reason
you're still singing
life with me
and for a glimpse moment ...
hope has a longer
expiration date
poet Anonymous


I was once reborn
and called chaos,
but have since

Once a story
abandoned mid-sentence,
unfinished images left
within sepia dust,
only to be forgotten forever
like those childhood stories
of fairytales-

those lies we were taught
and led to believe
as children.

While permanent changes
began to unfold,
mistrust blooming
like an origami flower,
all within the blink of an eye.

Those stories once penned,
from blood onto parchment,
became etched within stone,
shaped to everyone else's idea
of perfection,

becoming lost within
the toxic cloud
right before eruption.
poet Anonymous

The taste.

i do not know, the face above
but i know, this is my place,
kneeling, waiting, for the love,
of eternal grace.
poet Anonymous

The truth of I's

 I glow  
basking in your colors  
of grandeur  
I sail  
through the seas  
of your sweetest whispers  
I beckon  
to fate or destiny  
they answered in favor,    
when you finally  
and saw me  
I revel  
in the beauty  
of each exquisitely woven  
written word  
I stand  
ready to collect  
shared promises so bold  
I touch  
the starry sky  
as whispers of your name  
slip from lips  
soaked in dreams  
and hopeful believes  
I see  
all of our intricacies  
and know it's our possibilities  
that will undoubtedly outshine  
I climb  
into your mind  
with purest lovers heart's intentions  
of all our shared indulgent passions  
I smell  
nothing sweeter  
than you  
your scent floating mid air  
as I pressed myself  
with care  
so tightly against your chest  
-sense memory in all it's best  
I resign  
all fear and trepidation  
that holds me back  
from any path  
that leads me to you  
I yearn  
for you  
just you.    
poet Anonymous

Scattered Leaves

A thoughts just not enough
I need more of a taste
That's how I've found myself here in the first place
In the deep pockets of poetry
Is it my thoughts of a spoken mind
A conversation piece otherwise confined
Entewined just to come back together
Bonded from fragmented ideas that just pour out of me like a molten metal
That settle into form this volcanic art
Is it still a thought if the words are spoken?
Is it still a treasure if it's tarnished and broken?
What exactly is lifes purpose?
Inspirations of places unexplored
Now float to the surface  
Featherlike serrations and word imitations
A tongue that wags without limitations
This is spontaneous combustion
My heart foundation is breaching it's walls
I love to watch these letters fall
And brand themselves onto these pages
The bars bend on these primordial cages
So I'm able to slide... and write on through
And reach into you
These lines in your mind will find their home
Hidden spaces largely unknown
They break free
The sages blow through these crooked tree's  
And I believe in the scattered leaves
poet Anonymous


There is a deer here
.....veers from the head lamps
And shoots his sweltering skin
He slows
And feels alive
His chest heaves
The onslaught of branches
A rocking chair

he is swaddled by the darkness

.....has shed the light
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