Competition Ends 19th October 2020 8:08am

IAMX---tribute to Chris Corner

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

write a poem or text

Im a great admirer of  IAMX/ Chris Corner, his vocals, his songs are very special and require a dive into depths. The lyrics can be quite direct and confronting .he has made many styles  of songs from synthpop to acoustic to experimental. Though in my humble oppinion Chris is a torchlight of hope inspiration and insight. He breaks barriers.

The competition

This is NOT ABOUT THE IMAGE you see here
Write a poem or text  maximum 200 words
Who or what is IAMX according to yourself?
Chris has a history of severe depression, use the link for info

use at least two song title in your text
One poem, colabs welcome
So in short its about THE ARTIST, IAMX, CHRIS CORNER
Title your work
any style

The competition isnt about weather or not you agree with the lyrics

You do not have to write a technically great poem or text
This time Its about the poetic flow, creative eye
Please refrain from opinions
No hate or explicit language

Good luck and enjoy

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