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Simply The Best

Faith Elizabeth Brigham
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Poetry Contest

Submit one poem on any subject (nothing vulgar) that you believe is the best poem you have ever written.

This is your time to shine! Good luck and have fun! You have one week.

Update 8/31/20 : I am thrilled to see how many members have joined this competition. The quality of work being submitted so far is truly amazing!
There is still time left if you haven't entered the competition to do so. Good luck everyone!

Francisco J Vera
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Poetry Goddess

To my poetry goddess
You are out there  
I'm waiting for
Your words of wisdom
ignite the fire of these
words to get back
on track to writing
the words that will  
make your heart  
melt like butter
so that I can be  
my normal romantic  
poet who enjoys
the naughty and
sexual things in Life
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Twisted Dreamer
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Another night, another fight
I'm in my room, I'm full of fright
So much stress, so much pain
I wish it all would go away

Do you even care what you've done?
You hurt your wife, your daughter and son!

Another night, another fight
Kick and scratch, claw and bite
Why did you cheat, why did you lie?
You make me sick, you make me cry

Do you even care what you've done?
You hurt your wife, your daughter and son!

Another night, another fight
He throws a left, he throws a right
A broken nose, a bruise and scar
Is this the night that it goes too far?

This shit's been going on for far too long
It's time for you to pay for what you've done!

Another night, another fight
This is it, it ends tonight
You've gotten on my very last nerve
You're gunna get, what you deserve

Do you even care what you've done?
You hurt your wife, your daughter and son!
We're not taking your shit no more
Tonight you're gunna wind up on the floor!
Written by Adzy
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Tyrant of Words
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I turned 60 this morning—finally
3:33 AM—because I couldn’t wait  
until sunrise to be born
nor calm weather—    
but a storm of magnitude  
beating hospital windows;    
and noisy generators    
restoring power to wards    
I was naturally a second child  
forced into first position  
by the death of a sister    
I never had a hometown  
  nor friends from birth—    
we relocated constantly    
I've done the marriage thing
  followed by divorce, amicably—
continued on my own solitarily  
Now, in the time a leaf hits the ground—      
  that quick! 60 Autumns have passed;    
and, I am blessed, with zero regrets    
That is the power  
  of forgiving yourself for mistakes—
letting go of what you cannot have    
I may pass-over tomorrow;  
  but, I will leave experienced  
having known children—    
  and children's children    
upon these ever-aging knees      
I have accomplished great things  
through protest and advocacy;    
a medical clinic will outlive me—    
  saving lives along the way;    
as will the dental, decades    
  beyond death; skeletal smiles  
testaments to healthy teeth    
historic landmarks will remain—    
their iconic presence solidifying skylines:    
the great Loray and Chronicle cotton mills    
  now family townhomes    
  and festive event halls    
Yet, all of those are just doings  
My greatest achievement  
and legacy is relinquishing control;    
  overcoming insecurity—      
that fear of being Loved    
wholly for yourself—      
  due to feelings of unworthiness    
 dominating reason    
We all know Loving is easy—    
  giving to others natural  
innate as breathing  
But, receiving—opening up—    
trusting another with our truth    
  is difficult to master  
  because it takes trust in our self    
We don’t see it that way  
  because we’re looking out  
toward that person we want  
  amid circumstance we face  
There is nothing I can say    
  that will magically transform    
your heart from a defensive rampart—    
  you can only lower the drawbridge    
through personal experience    
I can, however, sow a seed. . .  
Tell yourself, every day    
  you trust what you feel in your gut—  
balance that with thought;    
  not the reverse  
feeling always comes first—    
 protect your spirit    
 from your mind    
Know you will survive    
  when ( not if ) your heart breaks—    
learn the language of pain  
  it will teach you of red flags:  
    warning, danger, are we having fun  
    repeating our patterns yet. . .
Try again; and, again—    
  try so much you become numb  
until you barely remember    
  red except for lipstick you don;    
  or, matching nail polish;    
until you are moving forward    
  regardless of the pain  
until you’re not choking on rejection;  
but, rejecting instead—    
  regardless who your truth may hurt    
You have an obligation to Love—  
  to be honest above all else    
that you are liberated from fear;    
  air your secrets—forgive missteps    
  trust yourself to survive the worst    
Because you will. . .I know  
I finally turned 60 this morning;  
  and, there is no greater reason to live  
than Loving and being Loved in return    
I wish this for everyone    
Written by Ahavati
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jade tiger
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Dark Love, Sleepless Night

( a double Sonnet )  

I stand before this soul of mourning stars  
That drift within the bound’ries of my heart.  
To ever show the light my open scars,  
And keep desire stilled when we’re apart.  

To separate the nature of my pain  
While even in a crowd I am alone.  
Forbidden tears ignite and fall as rain,  
But never will they see a love that’s flown.  
Determined, the inclusion of my truth,  
The heaven-sent of you is ever near.  
And driven by the beauty of our youth,  
A reckless, hopeful, carefree, happy year!  
I only hope for love, I won’t pretend.  
To have it for a day, to never end.  
 It was the moon that overflowed with milk,  
And kept the atrium of night awake.  
While pouring out my grief in shades of silk,  
You looked on mockingly then turned away.  
A chrysalis, I bled with every sting,  
A deity, the dignity you bore.  
And yet, from pillars of each broken wing,  
I heard you weep across a barren shore.  
A morning rise of oranges from a tree,  
The moon becomes an apple as it sets.  
Below, among the shells of sand’s debris,  
The stillborn tides of day will soon forget.  
When love is dark it blends in with the night,  
So when love cannot sleep the moon is bright.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Jakob the Dragon

Jakob the Dragon
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Fire of Insight
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[ Tolkien ] Eowyn's Song

Running, I sprint          
dashing into war          
not in want to make a name for myself    
Leaving such a fool's misguided folly          
to the unrequited sycophantic          
No opportunity for despair          
fewer moments to spare for melancholy        
Unwavering is the gilded blade          
I wield impossibly in the frantic          
Charging through collapsing lines          
fury of axe upon tin shield          
Flaming volley raining down          
Death everywhere on battlefield          
Dodging poisoned tips of spears          
becoming painfully numb to my fears          
as I watch yet another mother's son          
die within the prime of his years          
A weaving of mist, ash, fume---         
I choke for breath in the woolen air          
before me as if a bloody, swollen wound          
nursed without any tender care          
Too late for any promises to keep          
as I venture deep into the foray          
to find more of my kin          
have come to lay          
dead and broken          
Their fate?        
An eternal sleep          
blanketed by this awful burial shroud          
It takes everything in me to carry on        
lamenting the fallen        
and through tears          
I wail aloud          
Now you shall taste          
the deadly kiss of this blade          
Far from timid lass          
I am no servant maid          
The mold of my destiny          
long ago was cast;          
forged for battle      
I was made          
And if I remain standing          
when darkness has passed          
in fleeting moments of life      
your very last        
if your ego is that demanding          
take it as an insult to your pride             
wear it like a crown          
on this very day    
you will have died          
Under dawning sky          
when morning star comes around          
you may shatter my bones      
but I will not break          
No swinging hammer shall ever    
bring me down        
if any can          
In a lifetime spent unafraid to die          
lived quietly in the shadows of men          
now hear the rage in my voice      
my battle cry      
hear it loud          
suffer me now          
I am no man    
Written by MaryWalker
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Thought Provoker
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[2015] White Noise

I scream;              
larynx tearing at the seam              
Trying to shout;              
only choked warblings come out              
I dream;              
nightmarish world crowding all about              
Will I wake up?              
Unsettling, doubt        
creeps into this ...              
Sad place you call,      
where playground grass        
never is growing;        
an artificial turf untouched        
by children in to-ing and fro-ing              
Quothing, the Raven sings              
crowing his Edgar Allen Poe-ing              
upon entering the Story Space              
and bursts into flame -             
plummeting to the ground---              
charred beak, singed feathers              
landing upon my face                
White Noise;              
deadly radius of superficial static              
while locked away in dusty attic:              
vibration unvocalized into words              
White Noise;            
spiraling down from the sky              
lame magpied fried---            
scorched scores of dying blackbirds              
I fail to scream              
This is where sonnetry goes to die!              
Can't shout              
Where lyricality commits suicide!              
Trapped inside              
youth crying to be let out              
bloodying their crippled fists              
against rusty hinged attic doors              
Through cobwebbed keyholes              
wild eyed blind boys peep              
while the pigeon-toed deaf girls              
White Noise!              
Where the locals can be heard              
discouraging poetry from being              
put forth into word              
broadcast as song              
pretending life is normal              
as if nothing is wrong              
all along            
going about their lives              
White Noise        
Impenetrable is the sound barrier              
White Noise      
Downing any feathered message carrier              
White Noise          
Death to each and every dirty bird              
White Noise          
Drowning out the ugly truths              
desperate to be seen and heard          
White Noise        
Written by PsycoticMastermind
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Fire of Insight
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[ The Muse(s) ] Wisdom And Blessings

For many years I sat      
under a banyan tree      
for the mysteries of the Universe      
to avail themselves to me      
The only wisdom I gained      
from the entire experience was      
it was no mystery that I      
ended up covered in bird shit      
The only blessing I gained      
as a result of sitting there      
with sparrows shitting in my hair      
before flying away?      
came along today      
offering an umbrella      
the pleasure of your company      
and encouragement      
to keep trying      
Written by Magnetron
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Twisted Dreamer
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[2017] Poetry Without Reservations

Things have got to change      
Things have got to change      
Can't take this same shit      
different day banality      
Familiar to strange      
From familiar to strange      
Stepping out into traffic      
Exit the revolving door      
Free my mind      
from this reality designed      
by its control freak Architects      
with their agents of      
imbalanced checks      
To hell with what      
everyone else expects---      
It's not about taking chances      
Its all about      
l i v i n g  in the moment      
free versed      
gone off the grid      
Poetry without reservations      
I'm fucking first      
said Ego to the Id      
Poetry without reservations      
Written by Anarchitect
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Tyrant of Words
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Life’s breath
from deep inside
upward it climbs
by diaphragm propelled
‘cross thrumming chords
tune formulates
dynamics modulate
Melodious missile
through troubadour lips explodes
notes off walls ricochet
penetrating hearts
bombarding souls with rhythm
Aural possession
causing smiles to grow
toes to tap, fingers to snap
crystal tears to flow
happy hands to clap
Storytelling vibrations
propagate messages
of peace, love, pain
sensuality, rebellion
To bind wounds
be continually resurrected
from the misery
the tedious doldrums
of this terrestrial existence
for all this do I sing
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Thought Provoker
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Good Men Still Exist


Greatness in the form of a spiritual being
Outstanding conversation and wonderful company
Opens doors all the time
Dedicated to love and family

Making time for his lady
Exerting confidence and dominance
Never listening to nonsense

Staying focused on his dreams
Thankful for everything that comes his way
Illuminating positive vibes
Leader of the family
Lovable at all times

Extremely protective of who he loves
Independent in every way
Stable enough to make sure all the bills can be paid
Thorough about all decisions made
Written by Poems4me
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