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Poem Title Challenge Part Three Using A Picture

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Poetry Contest

Paint a picture with your words I am going to post a picture you draw inspiration and through your poem it will tell story through your words

You Will Be Judged on the title of your poem so be creative
Your wordplay
Your imagery

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"Where deepness lives"                      
                                                           As I see you as more than a woman who has been used and abused I see through your eyes, the sadness of your heart and the aches that runs deeper than deep, as it has been broken into tiny little bits and pieces of shatter broken glass of dreams. For it is through those transcending moments, you felt lost and afraid and abandon as everything you ever though you had in a lover was gone, only to be left more alone with your silent tears as your nocturnal comfort. Along with the broken promises of an everlasting love, that you've always have dreamed about ever since you were a little girl making plans for your future. Yet as the mere tears flow from your eyes followed by the hurt and pain and suffering, I see a woman of intelligence and strength and courage. For let not your tears drown you in shame and blame as it was not your fault  for let your silent tears, be your endurance and determination to overcome this love as it wasn't love. That was never yours to take nor hold or love or cherish or even grow with in growth as your own. For you are a woman worthy of being treated with respect and love and honor and devotion and self value and self worth, as a rare and real breed of a woman so sensual in mysterious ways silently awakening, the inner senses of a real and rare kind of man willing and able to love you as a WOMAN.

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Wise Woman Born To Intercede

Wise woman strong,  
born to intercede
Preparing  the soil,
as seeds scattered
In silence, she prayed
Prostrate before the
 Lord her God, she
 cries out, 
"Abba Father, King  
of Kings you are
 the Author and  
the Finisher of
 our Faith."
I petition you
 in prayer 
Glossalaliac utterance spilled from her
 mouth, trembling,  
her praise continued,
spiritual warfare had begun. 
Interpretation, and discernment mixed  
with exhaltation to  
the All Consuming Fire  The Bright
 and Morningstar,  
The  Elohim.
Laughter, Holy laughter poured out,  an inner awareness was heightened
 transforming lives,  
the victim now victorious, crooked paths were
 made straight.  
A  sweet anointing was ushered in  settling  on those slain in the spirit who danced like David danced 
A tear, from the wise woman watered the seed she watched as the Fruit of the Spirit grew  filling  every willing space 
Love, Joy, Peace , followed by Patience, Kindness and Goodness Gentleness Faithfulness and finally Self Control 
Wise woman, born
 to intercede.
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Dhyana)
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To the Mothers

As apparent
As a parent
I cannot imagine the pain
Or the agony and despair a woman feels
I cannot think of the torment
A mother experiences
When her child is suddenly taken away
This is for those who have loved
From conception to birth
From early years into adolescence
Shaping and molding a young mind
A mother makes so many sacrifices
Raising her children
All the while society can be cruel
The world may portray an adult
As something else
But through the eyes of a mother -  
A mother sees her child through memories
As a newborn
  cooing in her arms
As a toddler
     holding out their arms
     sleepless nights when the temperature was too high
     laughter and giggles
     kisses and embraces
     eyes that lift-up the spirit
     smiles that still warms the heart
But their senseless deaths rip the soul apart
This is for those mothers
Who have had their loves taken away
Who bear a pain no other mother should suffer
Who raise their voices and cry out, NO MORE!
Written by wallyroo92
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A Moment I Felt Would Never Come

It’s like once having known a
chronic alcoholic, which I never had,
at close quarters, which I also
never had. No more calculating
minutes, soft-boiled to hard.
Waiting till he finds the butter knife
is not with its dish, oh my God.
A ceramic coffee mug stained
with its last watermark, good Lord.

Like mix-match napkins set carefully there,
I stood in place on each black and white square
on the stage of our chess board
to which I’d record  
all of the years I thought I could fix,  
and spent waiting for our Apocalypse.    
An echo resounding, taken aback,    
off a rook and a knight carved and shellac’d.    
It was then at the time, matter and mind.    
both plotting revenge, if only for some,    
for a moment I felt would never come.          
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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The winner of this competition and any runners up were decided by public vote.

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I'm honored to take the trophy. Thank you very much to everyone who voted and to our host, MalcolmJThePoet for holding this competition.
Hope everybody is staying safe and healthy.

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I recommend reading the short story "Girl". This story has poetic elements of personifications and hyperbole. White is a symbolism that helps to create the image of the whole novel. The symbolism of mother and daughter helps us find biblical images.

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