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Chess or Death

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
United States
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Chess, a Game or Quest...

I look at the squares and stare at the pieces,
awaiting the hand from the unknown
that guides us all through life like
the pieces on the chess board.

I dream of a game where I, alone, control
all the pieces and the eventual outcomes..
I dream at controlling my own life but also
those that impact me..

Kings, Queens, Knights, Rooks all movement’s
controlled by me. I, alone, control life and death.
I steal control from the unknown and move
all pieces as I see fit, even to termination

The purpose of the game is not victory.
The purpose is control. The need for
certainty in our own lives, the need to
command our own destiny drives every move.

Chess is not a game, it is a quest for infinity.
A journey that starts with the finite but then
absorbs the vastness of space in a specific
objective, the conquest of life’s great mystery.

The endeavor to dominate isn’t about victory,
it’s about survival, the ability to endure,
then endure again, in perpetuity. Life
extended one victory at a time.
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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You put the pieces
on the board on both sides
Thing you want out of
the relationship or person
who you are with
It could be your
desires of fetishes
you have for each other
It's not about winning
game it's about
getting to know the person
you are with
So remember one thing:
Always Respect the Woman
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Chess pieces

Chess pieces
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Moment I Felt Would Never Come

It’s like once having known a
chronic alcoholic, which I never had,
at close quarters, which I also
never had. No more calculating
minutes, soft-boiled to hard.
Waiting till he finds the butter knife
is not with its dish, oh my God.
A ceramic coffee mug stained
with its last watermark, good Lord.

Like mix-match napkins set carefully there,
I stood in place on each black and white square
on the stage of our chess board
to which I’d record  
all of the years I thought I could fix,  
and spent waiting for our Apocalypse.    
An echo resounding, taken aback,    
off a rook and a knight carved and shellac’d.    
It was then at the time, matter and mind.    
both plotting revenge, if only for some,    
for a moment I felt would never come.          
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Checkmate An Old Stale Mate

She used you as a pawn while trying to disarm me
She didn't know that I'm the last of a dying breed
A pedigree of kings who'll keep fighting 'til the end
Capable of capturing queens just by the use of my pen

I pin down knights and fight to win by any means
Moving strategic with logic without spilling the beans
Like in the scene from Juice, I'll reduce her Bishop
Dropping 'em with a rook hook; killing her kinship

There's no friendship in war over a sixty-four squared board
Eight by eight 'til checkmate, so do what you can afford
Cause I'm as Ford tough as an off-road, big bodied truck
Sending head shots that'll pop his top if he doesn't duck

Four hundred bucks being chucked at her old, bitter soul
Guess that wasn't enough cause now she's gotten sole
Stole one more precious than gold so there'll be no en passant
I'm choosing to dismantle and handle it all like a savant

Even Avant's music can't cajole an old, stale mate
December fifth twenty twenty one's the final date
I can't wait and that'll be the day that I'll be free
Now I'll just focus my scope & aim it at a degree
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Chess Is Life?

Not about winning
More about strategy
What you sacrifice
Are willing to lose
To gain self respect

The pieces stand
Or fall
Move counters move
Its a mental dance
But who leads the rhythm

There is structure
Following convention
Yet unconventional chaos
Shows strength of mind
A willingness to see beyond

Subtle traps laid
Really smoke and mirrors
A focused distraction
To lull you in
Before the masterstroke

What you are defending
Attacking for
Is lover, child , yourself
We play chess
from womb to tomb
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Of Strategies and Endgames

Hey player…

I have to address this so I’ll get it off my chest,
Life is a game you really have to think through,
At times you’ll have to make an educated guess,
And it will all depend on your point of view.

It is a long and profound thought process,
A mystery where you have to find the clues,
Just when you think you’ve made progress,
Be sure of each and every move you choose.

Are you mentally ready to analyze and assess?
Prepared to stare at squares for a long time?
Look into your opponent’s eyes and access –
Your perceptive powers to read their mind?

Will your strategy be aggressive and flawless?
What will you sacrifice to reach your goal?
Will you play like a grandmaster or a novice?
Will you be able to have emotional control?

The pieces on the board in the game of chess,
Are symbols and roles we play in life and war,
Tactics must be displayed with great finesse,
While building integrity, character and rapport.

Now take a breath, will you chess or death?
The end game is what you set out to prove,
Your scheme should be adaptive but stealth,
So hey player, what’s your next move?
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The grand master

The white knight on a trusty steed
that can leap and jump with ease
and bow and scrape to kings and queens
the white or black pawns born lesbians
or be gay and not be prude
in that advance be misconstrued
taken down by the dirty rook
trapped and couldn't cock a snook
or bishop that has been defrocked
and left exposed by his own flock
soon castled, a defensive move
threaten, and to be repelled
 blood was spilt as the pieces fell
the war it raged between white and black
 casualties in piles were stacked
sacrificed to gain advantage
the innocent just disenchanted
a game plan, the subliminal conceit
no quarter given or received
segregated squares of equal separation
white or black power seek gratification
grand master moves the pieces
locked in checkmate, deaths elitist
Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
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I wish that life were more like chess—
Then I could make my move
But now, I’m filled with strife and stress
Because of  << post removed >>
I never thought it come to this
The captured queen, withdrawn
The words she wrought we’ll surely miss
Our sky bereft of dawn
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Game of Chess

Make your moves in silence as one does
In a game of chess. Watch out as pawns
Become castles, knights, bishops, queens
And kings. Do not second guess because
In those moments of weakness the swans
Take advantage. Mirrors or smoke screens

Will advert you from the truth as you keep
Your guard up with your knifes sharpened
And ready. Calculate your moves so your
Enemies do not see you slipping or asleep.
To them you are like a decaying carcass,
But little do they know you won the war

And the game they came to play. My dear,
It is already check and checkmate. They
Should just give up the game as you are
The true queen. They should not only fear
You, but also underestimate. You will stay
Useless in their eyes, but you are the star.
Written by eswaller
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