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Valeriyabeyond (Dhyana)
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The Massage

Tracy The Poet
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Poetry Contest

A very sensual and relaxing massage

A massage is a wonderful experience when it's done with passion and affection!

Tracy The Poet
Strange Creature
United States
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The Massage

The Massage

Just relax now and let me touch you. lay face down and I'll caress you
just take a deep breath and let me soothe you. just close your eyes and feel what I do to you
just relax now, let me rub your shoulders
let me take you in my hands and feel you over and over
I'll make your muscles relax and rub the tension away
as I caress your body, just hear what I say

take a deep breath and then try to hold it for as long as you can
now think about floating while you're feeling my hands
as I move my fingers firmly to the small of your back
and up again to your shoulders, feel your muscles relax

I feel your arms—to your fingers - to your shoulders again
and make the tension leave your body as you start to give in
I move my hands down slowly, I'm massaging your ass
and I can hear you moaning, like you want it to last

I spread my hands and grab you, yes I'm squeezing your ass
and you can tell that I'm enjoying the feel of your ass
now your thighs, I'm caressing, firmly touching and pressing
take another deep breath, while I'm firmly caressing
just let your body go, while I'm touching and pressing
feel the hot oil soaking into your skin
as I turn your body over and start caressing again

take another deep breath as I'm massaging your neck
and feel the moisture from my hands as I'm beginning to sweat
My hands move to your shoulders, now I'm sliding them down
I squeeze the tension from your body, moving my fingers around.
My hands are making circles as I'm feeling your breasts
before I loose my concentration, now I take a deep breath.
As I continue working, touching your thighs again
I'm caressing your legs from the outside, in.

I gently spread them apart and feel your muscles are tight
I move up and down slowly, while enjoying the sight
Your response is telling me that you're enjoying the ride
I go deliberately slow, as I'm touching the inside
I'll caress and press, until the muscles get loose
I feel you really let go, I use that as the proof
let me soothe your tired body, while caressing you deep
take another deep breath, as I'm rubbing your feet
you're feeling totally relaxed and your massage is complete
now close your heavy eyes and have a wonderful sleep.

Tracy Williams
Copyrighted 2020
Written by Tracythepoet (Tracy The Poet)
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Baltimore Paramour

I’m a gay man
I reckon I’ve always been one, even when I didn’t allow myself to recognize that fact
As I watched Saved By The Bell and was turned on by Mario Lopez
I told myself it was Lark Vorhees that cranked my wheel
Then she put out that weird book of hers
And there was no denying how I feel

The third time I made love to a man was in Baltimore
It was at an EDM show
The man who put it on was an awkward ass ginger
Who fancied himself a Buddha of the underground
We hit it off, took some molly
Talked about injustice, danced ‘til dawn

He came back to my crib
I showed him some of my most personal poems.
The molly was coming on hard
He put his hand on my inner thigh
I got so thick I thought my cock would take his eye out
And make him a pirate of the EDM scene
Michael the pirate

We embraced, I tore at his JNCO jeans. I got them off. I bent him over and tried to get myself inside his pasty ass. I couldn’t fit. His shit was too tight and he moaned like a child.

He suggested he give me a go. I was nervous, up until then I had always been the pitcher. I said, fuck it... desperate to get off.

He was having trouble getting hard so I put his junk on my tongue. Homeboy wasn’t large but he was determined. I appreciate that.

He turned me around and slid it in. It was over before I knew it. I thought it would always be so quick and easy. With other men, I’d learn the truth.

Men that never bothered asking my how I felt. Men that treated me like hamburger helper. Large, tough men- who didn’t give a fuck about me. Who were always big spoon. Who never cried to me. Who showed me nothing, who illuminated nothing. Michael Morstein, wherever you are, I’ve never forgotten you. And I never will.
Written by Jermainesplain
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Dangerous Mind
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Warm Stones Hot Oils

Warm Stones Hot Oils
Valeriyabeyond (Dhyana)
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Dangerous Mind
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Scented oils

The ringing stress it pulls and tugs
the mangle of the daily drub
come and bare  
all clothes must fall  
expose all skin whatever form  
for each submit, each piece of armour fall
Chinks of light fall through the cracks
the palmistry as you both relax
hands that sweep in rainbow hues
affection drum on soft tissue
To knead and play, talk just profane
for the fingers speak in words so plain
oil of each touch is truth
the coiled clock the mainspring loose
Evoke whatever love  by dawn's sunset
the wand we hold  
effleurage  the treasure to molest  
time and touch  the warming gold
Morning birdsong in our being  
repair and staunch the inner bleeding
assemble all the fractured pieces  
and melt together in a perfect thesis
and friction bring us that climax
perfect massage, music gods conduct
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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Anatomy of a Sole

Her knee comes up just above the surface of the water
The soft soapsuds slide slowly by the side
Her foot rests on his chest, her toes right by his chin
As he appreciates this whimsical joy ride

The bubbles surround her frame up to her shoulders
Her face is relaxed and wet from the steam
Sitting comfortable in the soaker tub across from him
But being there with her was a daydream

His thumbs caress and press on her arch
From ball to heel and back over and over again
Her foot feels silky smooth as if it soothes him
While his fingers linger relishing in her skin

She’s painted them red again, that vivid crimson
Inviting him to take a nibble or a little peck
She smiles at him like she’s a naughty vixen
As her other foot begins to make the trek

This time she caresses his lips with her toes
As he gives her little kisses underneath
While his fingers apply a little more pressure
With pleasure she winces grinding her teeth

His index finger then makes different patterns
Like tracing a diagram or some kind of chart
“What’s that?” she asks with curiosity
“Right here” he says “is the apex of the heart”

He presses on the ball and says with control
“Here is your shoulder, here is your lung
Over here is your neck and here is your ear”
Then kisses and licks her sole with his tongue
Written by wallyroo92
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poet Anonymous

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