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Sgt. Pepperís Hunky Dory Yellow Brick Road

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Write a 5 line poem for every track on your favourite album.

Hereís a musical challenge:

Take your favourite album. Write a five line poem based on each of the tracks on the album. See where the inspiration of the song takes you.

So for example if your favourite album has 12 tracks, write 12 x 5 line poems inspired by each of the songs, each separated by either numbers or roman numerals. The title of your poem should be the title of the album.


ē Please title your poem with the name of the album.

ē New writes only

ē Up to 2 entries per human being.

ē Visual / Audio / video poems accepted

ē A poem must be written to represent every track on the album. Each poem should be only 5 lines in length. No more, no less.

ē 3 weeks

Fire of Insight
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Ooooh! Fun!

Fire of Insight
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Leonard Cohen... Songs of the Road

Lover, Lover,Lover

Iím trapped in this body that drips with shame.
My pleas for help go unanswered.
I search my heart and hear the sounds
of ďyou can do it and go for itĒ. I resolve
to do and go, but I donít know what or where.

Bird on the Wire

I wander the alleys and doorways
looking for a place of comfort.
Iíve tried the real world, been rejected
so often that I no longer belong. So I sit
and observe, pno longer an eager participant.

Chelsea Hotel

There was sex and success and that
led to love or what we thought was love.
But we grew apart, our paths seldom crossed,
and what we thought was love faded
with the beauty of our youth. Adios...

Heart with no Compassion

For the heart thatís broken and bleeds regret,
for all whoíve lost, whoíve missed or cried,
my heart aches and sobs along with you.
Some ignore your pleas for help, so self absorbed!
 I hear you, but, i to am lost and canít help.

That donít make it Junk

I live inside a bottle, and reality is a blur.
I drink to see more clearly but nothing becomes clear.
Iím just a drunk who sold all that he holds dear.
That donít mean that I donít care.
I just canít play the role you wrote for me.

Waiting for the Miracle

Time keeps on passing, Iím waiting just for you.
Life is strange with problems old and new.
I hope you will hear my cries of love for us.
Iím not sure how I can go on alone..
I need that miracle of togetherness.


Iím buried with life and can no longer breath.
I need to be rescued from this feeling of loss.
I need to be saved from the passion of my mind.
Canít someone see my crisis and lend a helping hand?
Iíll slip below the surface and be gone forever.


You draw me in like a moth to the flame.
Your glow lights my day and fills my soul.
What you offer transcends the gifts of this world.
Iím taken to a different place when Iím with you.
Cover me with your aura and peace will come to me.

The Partisan

Iím in search of freedom and I am not alone.
We have surrendered everything to achieve our goal.
People have died in the winds of change but
we will prevail. Our efforts are not in vain.
Much to do before lying down to sleep in peace,

Famous Blue Raincoat

I live my life with just a souvenir of you.
My lady has your aura and feeds me every day.
Will you ever find peace? Will you ever fix the rips?
Where you live is desert but I wonder what kind.
I hope the oasis is what you are looking for.

Hallelujah ( one of the 3 top compositions ever written)

I feel the need, Iím drawn to truth but do you
have enough to share with me? Songs of old
to praise the Lord were not enough for him.
Iíve done my best to keep the faith, to give
the praise that creation and song demand.

Closing Time

Donít think of this place as home, itís a bar.
Last call isnít about one last whiskey.
Who will take you home? Where will you go?
There are many like you who will wander.
Did you find any answers in the bottom of that bottle?
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Related submission no longer exists.

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Anvinvil & MadameLavender ó thank you for your great entries and for kicking this off! 😊

Tyrant of Words
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Rumors ... Fleetwood Mac

(I) "Second Hand News"
 † †
Never ever thought this † †
that I would become † †
so dumb yet numb ... † †
being retold, re-rolled † †
over and over † †
† †  
(II) "Dreams" † †
† †  
I heard raw thunder † †
the other grey day † †
and I must now say † †
wasn't any rain † †
to wash myself clean † †
† †  
(III) "Never Going Back Again" † †
† †  
Keep telling myself that † †
like it is a concrete fact † †
set in lyrical stone † †
written down in a poem † †
† †  
till the next heartbeat † †
† †  
(IV) "Don't Stop" † †
† †  
Hard to think about such things † †
when my heart has leaden wings † †
my hands chained to the wheel † †
fingers unable to feel † †
† †  
to turn this melancholic page † †
† †  
(V) "Go Your Own Way" † †
† †  
You sure did come in † †
that way † †
with not much to say † †
sweeping me off my feet † †
before beating a sweet retreat † †
† †  
(VI) "Songbird" † †
† †  
I really do wonder † †
if it was a blunder † †
to write this quilled song † †
let Christine play it for so long ... † †
without even asking the chickadee † †
† †  
(VII) "The Chain" † †
† †  
You will always have me † †
dangling that brass key † †
from my collar † †  
just as long as † †
† †  
you don't love me now † †
† †  
(VIII) "You Make Loving Fun" † †
† †  
Always a game with you † †
with all that you do † †
a fun one I must say † †
making we want to play † †
† †  
especially when it hurts † †
† †  
(IX) "I Don't Want to Know" † †
† †  
You know I am such † †
a terrible liar † †
even when on fire † †
burnt sulphur in the air † †
complaining about my hair † †
† †  
(X) "Oh Daddy" † †
† †  
Screw the pony † †
just screw me † †
make me finally see † †
why I am so good † †
when I am oh so bad † †
† †  
(XI) "Gold Dust Woman" † †
† †  
It is quite a glittering snort † †
always unable to abort † †
the gilded little flakes † †
the feeling that it makes † †
fourteen carat tingles † †
† †  
(XII) "Silver Springs" † †
† †  
I used to live there † †
barely had a care † †
eating lots of blue crabs † †
dusted in Old Bay † †
every single Memorial day † †
† †  
† †  
† †  
Written by LilDragonFly
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Dangerous Mind
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Days of the New (self-titled; aka The Yellow Album)


-I- Shelf in the Room  

That tiny box housed the brown †
corduroy couch, busted air conditioner,  
stained, brown carpet covered †
haphazardly by the flower rug. It was dodgy. †
it was mine, and I was free there. †

-II- Touch, Peel and Stand  

The notes  
blister my brain; The crisp *ping*  
of the string, the depth of bass.  
Itís drawing pictures of its own; ears are †
open to see. †

-III- Face of the Earth  

An iron boot suffocates even  
the most godless of men.  
Satan whispers his edicts †
into the wind and they willingly  
eat the lies. †  

-IV- Solitude  

I set the teacup in the  
chipped saucer, spoon stained  
napkin pressed against my lips †
in a bid to stop the flood that †
threatened to explode my chest.  

-V- The Down Town  

Iím surprised that I fell †
from the twinkle in your eye.  
You were a country boy, †
she was a down town girl, and †
your dad knew where she came from. †

-VI- Whatís Left for Me

Fucked around and lost out on  
what could have been the best †
of us. Your lips were stained and  
I was a child. I walked across the snow, †
tears freezing, to retrieve the velvet box. †

-VII- Freak  

Somewhere in my mind  
is a cave where you can find  
an absolute jaw dropping side  
that I will always try to hide  
from someone of your kind. †

-VIII- Now  

When will you step into your skin?  
The zipper is open and the form  
is your own. Too much longer and    
it starts to wrinkle; †
what will you be left with then?  

-IX- Whimsical  

Dusk had me around the neck,  
squeezing me until the darkness †
settled in. Now, I see it as a †
glorious prelude to the hour of †
my inner most awakening. †

-X- Where I Stand  

We are specks of dust, brilliant  
in a multi-dimensional way, some  
destined to leave, some obliged †
to stay. Which to be? †
Only you hold the key. †

-XI- How do You Know You?  

The atmosphere was heavy †  
every time. You always brought the †
ideas. There needed to be somewhere †
for you to dump it, so you opened †
me up to receive it. It made my spirit weird. †

-XII- Cling  

You talk like you know what  
trauma is. We both know you †
donít though, and that eats me  
inside, because I do, and itís no †
easy hurdle to face it and break it.

Written by Eerie
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Fire of Insight
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When you say 5 lines, do you mean 5 lines of text or can there be blank lines in there.

What Iím trying to say
is: can I


a poem
like this?

Or is that considered 7 lines?

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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DaisyGrace said:When you say 5 lines, do you mean 5 lines of text or can there be blank lines in there.

What Iím trying to say
is: can I


a poem
like this?

Or is that considered 7 lines?

Hello as long as there is only five lines of actual text. Spacing doesnít count :)

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Thank you all for your entries so far, theyíve been wonderful Keep Ďem coming!

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Outlive (poem inspired by one of Demon Hunter's albums)


In the face of this fight I contend
For faith in miracles and the thought of the end
When love is a promise worth a life of dying for
Eternal hope in the providence of something more
Every heartbreak is a cry for war


You are a timeless call
You are a new way to be
You are joy in the midst of sorrow
The establishment of identity
You are the life and the death of me


Following the way of rebellion and pride
A sinner externalized is the same as inside
This flesh that craves wrath
Traded to the grave for penance sake
Every war cry is heartbreak


Waking up to the First Love
We are the last hope
I'm done with carelessness
I quit breathing for a moment
But I caught my breath and opened my eyes


Raise me from the dead weight of yesterday
When I think of the nature and the fate of man
In arrogance their gavel falls with the ax
My neck is on the line again
Death cut short by hopes reborn


Victim and prey, interchangeable lust
Both the taken and taker of this dust
We are both of us pearls and the swine we are cast before
Your love is a vacant promise
What does that make me, but empty all the more


Chasing my hopes, soliciting desire
I'm caught up in the fixation of my ruin
And after all has gone my way
I'm still unsatisfied and afraid to lose it
Eye to eye with blindsides


Caught up in my own world
When my paradise is someone else's storm
Indifferent, out of sight and unaware
I'm living for nothing I can't afford to lose
To seek and save that which is lost


Giving myself to the eyes of a thousand onlookers
I speak my heart in my attempt to steal your attention
I dive in deeper than most are willing to go
All I have are my own battles and my pain is for me to know
I translate your scars through the lens of my own


Every sin the heist of our hearts
In defiance I make a weapon of what I profess
In the aftermath of the fallout
I sanction my life from this curse as I confess
My every breath will be the death of death


Eyes pried open won't see if they are blind
What does that make me when I've got the truth that I can't find
Enslaved to the comfort of my twisted frame of mind
Conflict is hardly worth calling a bond
For the affairs of this lust, I pray we are not too far gone

Have I the longevity to endure?
When the message in my longing is a blur
I speak to weigh out the cost and probability of the end
Interrogating my reflection, am I a devil or God send?
Every breath and moment made of who I am


Caught on the chain of perspective
I sink with my desire
It's all I've ever known
When I'm playing with fire
My every fear companion to my enemy


I play the role of peace
My eyes brim with an ongoing war story
My smile won't lie for me
But every tear tells true
Tragedy is the promise of loss for every "I love you..."
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Fire of Insight
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The Firebird Suite

i. Introduction
I wonder if it was dark when you  
thought of me that first time as  
than a clever mind to cherish  
and enchant.  
ii. The Firebird and Its Dance
I can often be found preening and
considering myself  
but here I am, suddenly,  
in arms I do not fear.

iii. Variation of the Firebird

The air in the room refashioned itself  
into weightlessness - I appreciate your  

And I, ever the errant spark turned wildfire,  
placed this priceless piece into your patient palms.
iv. The Princesses' Round
Watching the sun mark the sky, I see you shimmering  
above me; whispering what you know I need
into no longer bereft places.
Can this be real?
v. Infernal Dance of King Kaschei
Maybe Iím not brave enough...
unfailing patience in the midst of constant  
steadies these struggling wings trying  
desperately to fly.
vi. Lullaby
As if in a dream -  
silver feathers adorned my flesh,  
me, and called me from ash  
into life.

viii. Finale

And I found the warm air to  
keep me soaring into heights  
no longer afraid of coming night for I am  
fire and eternal starlight.
Written by DaisyGrace
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Fire of Insight
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Maybe your best work D.  Iím gonna try the same approach on Ravels ďBoleroĒ.

Twisted Dreamer
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Hounds of Love

Hounds of love by Kate Bush

Running up that hill

When I see you again,
Will you meet me halfway
It might be true, what you used to say
We are more strangers to our younger selves
Than to who the other is today

Hounds of Love

I often miss the old country house
With that little creek where wild things grow
You used to race me to the swimming hole
But that was forever ago
Oh, how Iíd like to be there now!

The Big Sky

Nothing could ruin my mood today
Looking all around me as I skip and play
I notice little miracles as I jiggle my front tooth
Each tiny ant and leaf drawing circles back
To unanswered questions from my youth

Mother Stands For Comfort

Oh great, here it comes
My least favorite game
20 questions about who I was with
Just where on earth have I been
Yea, I know, I love you too


When my mind wanders from my work
I follow faded pink carpet to my grandparentís house
And the impressions left in my mind
At the ages of 5 and 9
Too young to understand, too old to ever forget

And Dream of Sheep

Faded pink carpet leads up a grand staircase
That Iím not sure ever existed
But if I climb to the top
Suddenly Iím in grandmaís study
I smell cigarettes and tomato juice. But no one is home.

Under Ice

Itís dark and Iím alone and the front door
Is wide open, wind blowing in from the cold night
I know I have to leave, but where to go?
I think of the safest place I know - our church
The boogey man emerges! He chases me out into the street

Waking the Witch

As I reach the church gates
The sun is coming up
The boogey man slows his pace
we stand in place, just staring at each other
At least I think he is staring back. He has no face.

Watching You Without Me

I often wonder what youíd think
If you could see me now
But I take comfort in thinking of how
When someone that you love departs
Theyíre never gone. Theyíre in your heart.

Jig of Life

You are more connected to your ancestors
Than you will ever know
The roots of those before you are buried in your soul
Even now you are a living, breathing testament
To all their joys and sorrows

Hello Earth

Do you remember when the world stood still?
I was 10 living in Brooklyn. My mother drove us home from class.
I came home to my father watching the news in silent terror
When the twin towers fell, heroes from all walks of life rose to the task
But where are those heroes now? Just thought Iíd ask.

Morning Fog

There has been a mass awakening
But some still slumber deep
Take a look around
At the company you keep
Learn. Heal. Repeat.
Written by TCLilly (Odette)
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Dangerous Mind
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dark jazzy keys  
bass rhythms stroll beside congas bells chimes  
cymbals punctuate chords  
howling like jungle creatures  
ethereal fusion  


sensual black magic woman  
got me so blind i canít see  
her magic tricks spells charms  
ecstatic sounds pulsing throbbing  
bewitching gypsy queen  


listen listen listen  
feel the rhythm  
let feet move move move †
just feel it feel it feel it  
flow with it go with it  


soil bathed with haitian sweat  
must offer no sustenance  
napoleanís army met bodies in heaps  
scorched earth vision of hell leading to defeat  
by papa touissantís self-freed slaves  


methedrine cadence  
downhill racer out of control  
headed for danger until  
itís over itís over itís over  
itís over itís over itís over  


what happened to you?  
your mammaís not so bad  
now i got a woman who treats me better  
your stupid games are over  
and youíre left standing in the corner  


a samba for you  
smooth sexy latin groove  
sensual hips swaying  
sound so sweet  
tears fall every time  


eyes fade as mind fills with tears  
waiting for sunshine seeing only glare  
looking outward nothings really there  
hope you feel better †
with diamonds in place of friends  


tribal drums beating  
singers chanting
letís go letís go letís go chepito  
fading parade dancing joyfully toward the beach  

© 2020
Written by Kinkpoet
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