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Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Say it Backwards

Wise Conscious
Fire of Insight
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Most Valuable Poet

Yo my flow goes like  
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
I can Pimp you the same way
I Pimp my Pro's
As soon as I step in the ring
"DING" I'm strong arming you
To the next century with one swing….  
I'm a conscious daughter bringing
the verdicts law and order  
I'm gonna lyrically assassinate  
all the toxic waste you should have saw the sign like Ace of Base  
smudging sage to cleanse  
a sacred space when I meditate
I already told you this ain't up for debate
You crybabies give me a headache viciously... Mentally I spit subconsciously why y'all speaking fictitiously  
so clumsy with you words they  
become slippery all you missing
is a little synchronicity and me
I would help you out ,but wait ,all your going to do is just pout!
I know you think you see intricacy complex levels of my entity there's no stopping me while I am teaching my philosophy I'm only doing this cause I know that you don't like me instead you really love me and you place no one above me you never paid attention to what's simple you just a  
past participle sucking on your
mammie nipple  
Got me shaking my head and nodding  
now you're forgotten...
I got some of you dudes mad cause the Ladies y'all tried to talk to I've already had  
You see it's just some fun facts  
about me intelligence is key  
I got 4-D reality  
This how I evolve saving myself  
daily in solitary I'll stamp your forehead  
as a notary and be honored to  
read your eulogy
After I've written your obituary...
Here Lies a Pigeon in his hole..
I don't smoke I don't drink alcohol I don't fap at all it lowers the vibrates and throws the chakras off I stay away from parasitic energy cut off homies because I realized they were the enemy
I tried to tell them that jealousy dissolves their frequencies and you just reminded me we cannot be friends because  
you're lightweight and too weak  
I'm the Champ and MVP…..
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
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poet Anonymous

Can all unconscious poets read the rules. 🙃

Thought Provoker
United States
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Silence Is A Deadly  Weapon

Silence is deadly especially when used as a weapon,
Won't you feel better if you just put the issues out in the open?
Don't hold on to them or they could cause major damage,
Have you in your head or on a dangerous rampage.
Put your weapon down,
Let your anger and pride drown,
In our waves of emotions.
Being careful to ride the tides with caution.
Silence can be deadly when used as a weapon,
So let's work on the issues and use them as lessons.
Written by Poems4me
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Capitalism Baby

This year I’m going to vote Republican
So I can bring my family closer
That party has so many kind values
Not like those other posers

Who needs scientific facts?
I can trust my cult preacher
And fearless leader is so very, very, very, smart
It’s beautiful
He’s a good public speecher

Sure they’ll take many benefits away
But hey! It’s capitalism baby
We’ll figure a way out of this pandemic
I’m sure we’ll survive…maybe
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Tyrant of Words
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Corporatism’s Baby, Authoritarian-Collectivism

Democratic acrostic starts with


 - because nothing cleanses
like distance from
other lesser
equal people

Endogenous truth...
SCIENCE of baptism by
United Nation Counsel

...required after

Morality has strict grammar!

Oh! virtue signals!
Charisma is only cult
if not blessed
by Bernie Sanders

Religious fervor
..and tithe cometh
from old-money friends

Antiquated con-artistry
toppling everything
and everybody
they see

Trash novels
for history
are the media

...this group keeps
feeding us

Search online -
an autopsy
in the cursory
Written by EdibleWords
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DU Webmistress
Mistress of the Underground
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you voters and participants! Great entries! I enjoyed the competition entries from you all! Congrats Jade!

Tyrant of Words
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And last but not least, thank you, Admin! It’s a service to all that we can congregate here and share!💎🕊💎🕊

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