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Sometimes a wild god

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The Wild God and I

The neon flashing of the risen cross  
grows all the weeds on my veg plot
the bleeding hands pinned by nails
the corona virus that prevails
next to me a Wild God kneels
Does he like me, wobble in belief
angers tides envelop then recede  
and when just raw frustration shouts
someone cuts you up on a roundabout
the Wild God at the wheel
Put a red item, in the white only laundry
leave you limp when she is horny
fire and brimstone of the shaken fist
condone the sin you cant resist
Wild God the blood that wont congeal  
Spell the moral that will shock
make you drink when you detox
set the trap and bait the snare
just theology of despair
Wild God the condemned man's last meal
Burn your heart with a branding iron
lion be the lambs clothed Zion
red mist will always make the grade
in the guise, the Marquis de Sade
Wild God the storm to batter at the keel
The god that snaps the tread
gets you out, the wrong side of the bed
head just like a grumpy bear  
humanity just worn with wear
Wild God's tough love improve your steel
 Bee sting to curb one's hubris
internments plan the grace of Anubis
where the runes will see just shock
faith's Pandora in a box
Wild god be old and the new ideal
Written by slipalong
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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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The following is not to be counted as entry, but shows the original moved me enough to write and write twice!

Never a mad god

We no longer know of magic.
We whose lives are unseasoned;
No longer kith or kin
To salt and pepper
Or grease and fat
Or sugar and caffeine.

We who have cast out all poisons and addictions,
Left with hollow unflavoured lives.
The chicken is no longer roasted
Itís blood is not spilt
and itís bones no longer thrown into soup
Or cast to scry our fates.

All effigies are false affronts
And statues viewed with sanitised hearts
Our circles secular, secluded from superstition and sensing.
The mad god is nothing more
Than an overactive imagination
Birthed from disorders and substance abuse
And masqueraded Ďas an mad godí
From fear of naming it as it truly is.

If there is an effect then there must a originating cause.
Nothing is beyond explanation and clinical dissection.
The answer lies in facts and figures and statistics and charts.

Whatever thoughts and actions there are,
Whatever questions and answers,

It is never a mad god.

Twisted Dreamer
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Thank you Em-ily and Slipalong, for your entries, much appreciated!

Twisted Dreamer
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[quote-492307-Viddax]The following is not to be counted as entry, but shows the original moved me enough to write and write twice.

Thats just wonderful Viddax, to be in the flow of writing!!!

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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My Sleep Is Like A Shimmering Lake

What is this wild god?
Whether pride or the worship of our will
Perhaps the voice that is a call neglected
Or just the god we make of reluctance
When I wake up from an un-lived dream
Profusely I bleed a mix of unnamed desires
What swells within my wounds
But a gnawing creature that claws from inside
Seeking for adventure
And while I sustained the will to breathe
I feel as though at times I wasted every breath
Face to face I give answer to me
For all that I have done that took from what I never achieved
In this self reflection without a mirror
My sleep is like a shimmering lake
As I dream away my dreams and wake up living as though I was dead
When I killed my craving to live for the means to merely survive
All my luxuries sour when the drink is my abduction from sanity
Compromising the terms of my reality on the premise of intoxication
Sobriety feels monotone when highs are the only way you can see color
Have we learned to feel again or just simply mimic a heartbeat?
When we are haunted as we age by all the things we might have done
What god we make of longing, the unrealized potential to create
I drafted mansions in my mind that ended in blueprints
When my imagination feels like a vast waste of dreams I cannot make come true
Who I might have become in another life I might of made of this one
Comes knocking at my door and I dine with him at the table
As we drink together and reminisce on what we never did
When I am caught between apologies to conscience and squandered years
In this moment I forget myself and let my soul take flight again
I fed the stranger that is me and became a stranger to myself
When I embraced me inside the shell of somebody else
Upsetting my routine, he sat a foreigner to my ways
And asked of me to live again before it's too late
Become wild without fragile tendencies
Feed without the cultured mannerisms of a socially acceptable way to do so
Eat the meat of life without the mis-perceived necessity to enhance the flavor
Become rich with adventure rather than impoverished by the material shine of stagnant decor
Drink the potency vast as an ocean and embrace the bitter taste of loss in risk
Rather than waste away diving into a bottomless glass carousing into slumber
Shameful he whispers, discontented for a dream
When he is both the embodiment of my hopes and regrets
He is the wonder that is wander and the lust of all that draws me into what might have been
I suppress his inverted cry
Bringing every kiss to light of untold affection
My lips bask in a moment, writing a recipe to realize desire
What little I have to offer the appetite of longing is in poor supply
My every word is fleeting
Marine life swims in my tears for the sorrow of wanting something more
I have a forked tongue, acquiring tastes for variations of love and death
Speaking both clever lies and deceitful truths
Clear the venom in my words
As I cough to dust off a song laid dormant in me
I waltz with you as me and dance around a question I have few answers for
What is the meaning of it all?
You are the un-dead passion in me
You are my calling to be unleashed from civilization
To be feral as a child and reclaim lost time
You are my dream of freedom
Mocked by the vices of all that is an empty promise to unlock these chains of obligation
I wake from you like a cruel dream that tempts me with what I do not have
Left with desire after intoxication's fruitless lull wanes
I wake up in captivity, like a wolf tamed to nothing more than a house pet
Nurtured against nature beside a bear skin rug
Like the carcass of a hunt I've never been on
Like missing out on the thrill of the sport
Making fashion of death as a reminder I have yet to live...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Thank you Nathaniel, for your entry, much appreciated!

Thought Provoker
United States
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A Soul Co-opted...

My mind is ravaged and fried.
My heart is broken and bleeding.
My soul has been stolen

Where in the cosmos
can one hide from the
constant assault of societies god?

His clock ticks, then stops,
He lights the sun to match
the desire of the moment

Where is certainty? Where is
consistency. Theyíre kept in his bag,
disbursed like candy to a child.

I reach out for hope, a certain truth,
He opens a bottle, pours some
lies to be consumed with moldy cheese.

I try to leave but his stare freezes me
with freaks of control, with dirty needles
and promises of new highs without effort.

He draws me to that sea of abuse,
of excesses that drown your soul and
destroy all opportunity for love.

He holds my fate, sets my course. He
creates the fog obscuring other paths
away from the underbelly of life.

I am condemned, awaiting sentence
for sins committed and sins of omission,
for opportunities gained then squandered.

Iím sentenced to life in the bottle, with all the
lies and schemes, the pain and suffering
as his surrogate to the back alleys of life.
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I posted a poem but it has not appeared in the contest. ďA Soul Co-optedĒ . Was there an issue? Thanks, Anvillan.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Found it! Sorry😩

Thought Provoker
United States
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wake me up
you wild old king
that we might meld
and slip these chains
and take to claw
or fin or wing

blend wild night
with chastened soul
and stifled heart
and set them bold
for time is fleet
and i am gray
and it's wild wine
i crave today

my minutes sold
for silver laid
on comfort's hearth,
a foolish trade --
for i ignored
your moonlit calls
and hid my heart
behind these walls

but your wild heart
in marrow thrives
and by moonlight
is caused to rive
so set this lush night
to unfold
before death takes
my flesh to cold
Written by javalini
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