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Are You A Word Killer :  "Other Wordly Spillers"

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Give Me Your Other Wordlyness In Word
Three Weeks :

In the Code I know and teach 21 equals *I Am*

So Who Are You ?

And *what* do you *know* about any Otherworld ?

Lay it down , or get out...rhymin' in timing , gets points...

You in ?

Get down to it

( intuit )

Fire of Insight
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Bars To Reach The Stars

Trying to go hard with these bars and leave scars on your mental
Putting my heart in every part until I start getting sentimental
Psychologically imparting philosophy into poetry habitually
Writing and speaking into reality how I'm feeling spiritually

Esoterically many are understanding my other worldly views
Broadcasting telepathically six degrees of separating news
For those who choose to peruse to consume who I am
Not to be confused with spoof coming through as spam

Cover your cams cause eyes keep spies on both you and I
Add T-Y globally, universally and galactically beyond the sky
So we can fly higher than the drones causing broken homes
Finding our own planet to inhabit then cover it with a dome

Entering it with intuit that we need it to get some peace
Some Sun like blackjack 21 so the division will cease
This is me facing the east praying and trying to compete
It may not be other worldly so now I'm going to take a seat

Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Cairdeas Mor Shaoghal Nan Druidh: Transformation

forest and I        
was all there  
ever was.      
It began in circle            
feminine expulsions            
a seed no less, growth overtures,    
elemental droves cascading inward,        
strange cadences checkered        
and there, an opaline doe            
walking onward, shivering    
a soft-skinned drum            
of ribs beat bare        
in dark longing        
the wait was born;        
purgatory anticipated.            
Solstice crescendos        
over the heel stone;        
watercolour pupils stare            
at the eulogy in my throat        
my voice was a red apple            
wombed in Eve’s hands;
there life was promised       
I clutched my empty body            
made pacts with her masterpiece            
that never again would brushwork            
paint her five toes, five fingers            
on her descent into mulch        
she waited to be, to burst,            
declared by Rowan's roots
she will rise again.        
that compass of blood        
mapped veins of skin—        
onward they spiralled     
craving their shards        
seasons turned     
and I knew their            
vexed language,        
the curve of divinity            
and transformation        
is more key than doorway        
it is portals chained        
to the mouth of the black river,            
ancestral spines curling leaves        
around a Mother’s sigh—        
oh, the howl  
of all that is to die.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you both , Damon and Missy !

Both excellent , yet how different in style and paradigm...

I can already tell this is going to be an interesting comp...;)

Who is next ?

What can you offer as your style and phrase ?

Dangerous Mind
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The Sickness

Upon the great plantation, called America, Lady Liberty oversees
She is lord and master of all that happens within her boundaries
She has placed barrels in different locations here and there
In the hollows, mountains, swamps, and yes the deserts have barrels there

The barrels are filled with residue, a slithering sickness
Those snakes that have a problem with anything unlike them and their wickedness
They slither around in these barrels in and out of each other's slime
Continually feeding off of the feces of Hatred spewed from each of their minds

Generation upon generation with no broadening of their minds or opening of their hearts
They claim a love for the plantation but have seldom taken a part
They refuse to defend it militarily or work and support it through tax financials
They would rather cling to these unwanted sectors grubbing off of anything substantial ,

Their hatred goes so deep they've been known to turn against their very own
Just for raising their heads up out of the barrels and seeing the truth when shown
For slithering out and walking away to a more open existence and mind
Some have even found true love in those totally unlike their former kind

I have watched this scenario so many times before
As the snakes of hatred rotted a nation's apple to it's core
They simply can't or refuse to see the destruction being made
This world is in the hands of mad leaders and the snakes are listening to what is said

Like a charmer with a flute, their leaders blow and they react
The perfect candidates for this is your brain on crack
They would rather destroy everything than give one ounce of equality up
Lady Liberty has put on blinders as the scales of justice tilts admitting everything is corrupt
Written by I_IS_ME
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Dangerous Mind
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Nicely word sculpted , I Is Me !

And well said !

All right , who is next ?

Free your Poetry !

Fire of Insight
United States
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Star Talk

When I am thrown back to
Shades of dying  
Through walking breathe Universe
In search of resurrection  
To lighten the tongue softly
With Star talk  
Offering scores of Gods  
The ability
To shine their ego  
In a constant crown
Of constellation  
With extravagant names  
Of ancient Kings
Fierce hunters brandishing weapons pulled and ready to pierce
And women with the intuitive smoke
Of oracles
When I am in this space  
Of mist and vague illusion  
And the ambient effects
Of wine  
Or others that might bend my sky enough  
To see beyond it  
And into others
I come before a Father  
God with sheepish grin  
And barely covered
His arm outstretched  
And finger pointed before it
To pinpoints, brightnesses  
Scattered carefully  
And covering the great map of the infinite  
And I would wander through
The rest of my days
Thinking on his smile
And wondering why it would look that way
Written by Calamityofgin
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Dangerous Mind
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The density of the immensity , clarity of the hilarity !

Well rendered , Calamity...

I must confess , I see the many gods , and the one Goddess !

Fire of Insight
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I nurbled against herple  
purple flecked behind    
in a retro speckled kind  
of closely encounterpled    
third eye grind    
while in subtle slurples  
sheplu never declined    
snurkled on herple    
numerous nurples    
as the tentacled hordes  
of herple cuntulapunta    
did langolingle on my  
well hung bungoldingle    
and it was right then that---    
Oh, derple! Derple! DERPLE!    
Sheplu gorpingly gurpled my surplemen!    
It was the end plurpefect  
to an evening plurpefect    
Written by Magnetron
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Dangerous Mind
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Wonderfully manlegod verse , Sir Magnetron !

This shall definitely be considread in the data bank ,
and perhaps it shall attain the state of divvy end...

Money for honey in the bank , so they say...;)

Tyrant of Words
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Curse of the Pharaohs

Boners, boners, boners  
---wrapped up remnants of their owners;    
expired pharaohs pound their phalluses    
dried with gritty formaldehyde calluses    
Quite the moaners who occasionally shout    
echoing in palaces amidst such ancient cities    
cursed with out a doubt the absolute worst
punishment imaginable in this unforgiving land;    
an eternal afterlife with embalmed members
palmed in hand, rubbing one out    
wishing to fondle Queen Nefertiti's titties    
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Dangerous Mind
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Dem Bones , Dem Bones , Dem Old Bones !

Well Done , Johnny !

Strange Creature
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Thought Provoker
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Freaks Come Out at Night...

I hide in sleep then escape to other worlds
when no one is looking. In the ether I find    
the strange, the weird and the bizarre.  
What I learn from reactions is that I am the  
one who is weird and bizarre. Other entities  
have no bodies, they are spirits whose only    
actions are thoughts. They travel in the astral  
with the speed of light. The have no concept    
of where just anywhere. Time doesn’t exist  
in the OtherWorld, there’s just the infinity    
of existence, the constant “is”.    
I can’t escape the concept of time. Always  
a beginning and an end. We fear death as    
the end but up here there is no death,    
only finality. Stars long extinguished still  
light up what we call the sky. Infinity is  
endless and not knowable to our minds  
that know only the finite. I am out of  
place in this OtherWorld. I am tethered    
to what I know by what I know. I can’t    
escape who I am. I am a reject.    
Soon I will wake up to the mundane.
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Dangerous Mind
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On my Logos - I Am a Big idea

Fractal geometry
Organized dissipative
(digesting entropy
balancing progress
expelling decay)
There is a village

in me  
faces you see

...popping up
like an 8 ball
you drew lots
on my heart
with your own
Aliens are natives
when the universe  
is self-aware
Written by EdibleWords
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