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Romance Your Man Or Woman With Words

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Who can win the heart of there man crush or woman crush through there words of poetry made the best man or woman win this challenge
You will be judge on your title of your poem
Your passion
Your wordplay
Your creative juices

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Love Me, One Time

May i
Touch you
To know
You are real

Feel your
Ever racing pulse
feel the thunder
Of your heart

Cover you
With my skin
As goosebumps
Tingles spread

Holding you
As if a delicate rose
In the morning dew

Kiss your soul
As lips impart
Their soft
Palpable connection

May i be lover
In the physical sense
For spiritual
Is not enough

The flame
Burning ache
Inside of me

Wants more
Than a thought
Needs more
Than a dream

Your flawed beauty
Is like a breath
I require
To exist

If i were
To die
Without regret
Hold me

Love me
One time
Like i was the light
That filled your darkness

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Tambourines Of A Winter's Song

The night was chilled as frost stuck to the pane
like crystals of diamonds in your blue eyes
the moon was pale as you hung about the window
a shadow whispering a cold December rain

As night fell under the orange pale moon
with a rustling of leaves from the trees
deep lays the snow about the willows
like a cold wind banging tambourines

Gazing upon your beauty with fascination
fire of embers illuminating your sensuality
holding my hunger, in your eyes gallows
awakening my desire and imagination

Drawing words from a well for my diary
another long spell stuck on you
somewhere in the night in between
your breath on the cold winter's night

Blowing the winds of angels we have prayed
now ghosts of winter inheriting our pinions
raining down hail as the lords pay our bail
casting out expelling the evil

Poetically immersed in blood of the gods
of nectar's ambrosia for mortals with sins† †
from the fields of Gotham and fane †
a shadow, whispering a cold December rain
Written by adagio
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Fire of Insight
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Thought Provoker
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Love; A Poetic Exercise of Abstract Reduction

I love you so much,
I dedicate to you this poem.
Written by fiveamtuesday
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Thought Provoker
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Sing a song of Taj Mahal

Sing a song of Tajmahal    
a fine nazm or a ghazal  
Of this landmark for lovers  
Ah, a lover's edifice †  
Complete with medieval bowers †  
It's a Mecca for tourists! †  
Tis sensational, tis exceptional †  
tis truly a touristy place. †  
Watch the shimmer of its magnificent marbled dome †  
Moonlight or sunlight, it glimmers of imperial chrome †  
It's ironical then †  
that though Indian-Arabian I am †  
I haven't yet been to this touristy place †  
It is truly as they must say, a lover's shrine †  
a place where hearts duly incline †  
They find it steamy †  
I find it dreamy †  
Oh, I've got to see for myself this touristy place. †  
Each of the marbled minarets †  
conceal such romantic secrets †  
for lovers to silently explore †  
to admire and to adore †  
A place human lovebirds couldn't ignore. †  
Ah you've got to visit this touristy place! †  
Two famed lovers lie in the legendary vault below †  
and the stream too it has a romantic flow †  
It's a lovers haven and paradise on earth †  
Even dead passions there undergo a rebirth †  
Ah, rekindle my love for you in this touristy place! †  
Extol I may this awesome imposing edifice †  
A greed for pure love is perhaps better than avarice †  
LŲng live the legend of Shah jahan and Mumtaz mahal †  
Long live love and love like a Moghul †  
so forever we have this monumental grace! †  
Yeah take me my luv to this touristy place! †  
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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Thought Provoker
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DaisyGrace said:

Damn, my kind of poetic expression.  Deep in the colors of seduction and a consuming raging fire, flames aghast for oxygen to bare itself as an offering to the fire starter.

Love it.

Strange Creature
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How could I breathe knowing all I gave
was in vain? My heart is crushed
a million pieces of my sanity and heartfelt intent

Am truly as worthless as I feel? As alone as am?
You left me by the riverbed alone
Licking my wounds and mending my heart

Only for it to be crushed again and again..
Love.. I fuckin hate it. I wish I didn't feel at all
Ready to kill, eliminate the competition.

Claim you a top the fallen resurrect the
insurrected, incept the thoughts I desire for you
these thoughts of black magic escape me.

This isn't me, it can't be. Let me go and don't
come back, don't stay.. you are
toxic in your agenda.. a poisonous kiss of death.

Void Dweller
Lost Thinker
United States
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Darkened soul and a body like a flame
Your passion burns deep within me
On wintry nights when the air is chilled
Your love rages inside of me like a wildfire
The touch of your hand searing my skin
Your essence filling me like the air inside my lungs
My heart skipping beats as you wash over me in waves
Your perfection quells me like the quiet before the storm
My blood surges with desire as I feel my body tremble
A passionate release within this rapture
Welcoming the storm as it flows over me
Slowly it subsides and I am left in it's wake
Staring deep into your soul and finding myself a place
A place to call my own and a safe place to hide
My body becomes yours as sleep drifts over me
Calming my every nerve and easing the pain inside
At least while we're together...
Written by Miss_Anthrope (Void Dweller)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Sugar Skull Kisses

You sparked something in me that marked me forever yours
Imbued in an interlude of fleeting smiles and affectionate gazes
Because in those early phases and stages all I wanted to do
Was take my chances even when the circumstances got in the way

The antics of this hopeless romantic was to let you know how I felt
How Iíd dealt with passions and Iíd melt at the sound of your voice
Iíd lose my poise around you and rejoiced that I had found my paradise
Hypnotized whenever Iíd look into your eyes and held you in my arms

And for the ten years gone all the tears then disappeared into steam
I couldnít dream up a time machine to hop in make up for moments lost
The fates may have crossed us and it cost us some heartache and pain
But it stakes a bigger claim to that flame in my heart that burns forever

Itís undying, flying above the bluest skies and out into the universe
When I immerse myself in each verse of a lasting love and devotion
With the notion that this emotion lasts longer than time and space
When your embrace and sugar skull kisses face and go beyond death
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Look At You

Your beauty exceedingly pleases my acuity
Your aura causes my spirit to feel heavenly
From the soles of your feet to the top of your head
Plus your intellect tells me that you're very well read

When you're wearing red, I get butterflies
Each & everytime cause I can't believe my eyes
I get high off the scent of your Weekend perfume
Invoking thoughts fraught with your body consumed

Exquisitely groomed and I'm in tune with your melody
As I kiss and lick every inch; enjoying such a delicacy
That's my secret fantasy that I'm hoping will grow roots
Some H-town, good loving, body rocking, knocking boots

Baby you are in the spotlight both day and night
You're the champ & I'm the contender in this fight
It's a pure delight having you etched in my thoughts
I'm falling for you and desiring to be caught

Taught to never give my heart to a wombman
But for you I'll break the rules of man's plan
I understand the chance of possible heartache
Yet, for your romance, that's a chance I'll gladly take
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Baltimore Paramour

Iím a gay man
I reckon Iíve always been one, even when I didnít allow myself to recognize that fact
As I watched Saved By The Bell and was turned on by Mario Lopez
I told myself it was Lark Vorhees that cranked my wheel
Then she put out that weird book of hers
And there was no denying how I feel

The third time I made love to a man was in Baltimore
It was at an EDM show
The man who put it on was an awkward ass ginger
Who fancied himself a Buddha of the underground
We hit it off, took some molly
Talked about injustice, danced Ďtil dawn

He came back to my crib
I showed him some of my most personal poems.
The molly was coming on hard
He put his hand on my inner thigh
I got so thick I thought my cock would take his eye out
And make him a pirate of the EDM scene
Michael the pirate

We embraced, I tore at his JNCO jeans. I got them off. I bent him over and tried to get myself inside his pasty ass. I couldnít fit. His shit was too tight and he moaned like a child.

He suggested he give me a go. I was nervous, up until then I had always been the pitcher. I said, fuck it... desperate to get off.

He was having trouble getting hard so I put his junk on my tongue. Homeboy wasnít large but he was determined. I appreciate that.

He turned me around and slid it in. It was over before I knew it. I thought it would always be so quick and easy. With other men, Iíd learn the truth.

Men that never bothered asking my how I felt. Men that treated me like hamburger helper. Large, tough men- who didnít give a fuck about me. Who were always big spoon. Who never cried to me. Who showed me nothing, who illuminated nothing. Michael Morstein, wherever you are, Iíve never forgotten you. And I never will.
Written by Jermainesplain
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Austin Flank
Lost Thinker
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And It Shall Be Done

Love is the greatest of all gifts
The world can offer
I tasted its sweet nectar
Only to be left hungry

Candice, what more could I have done?
Havenít I proven Iíd go to the ends of the Earth for you?
Tell me what more I can do
And it shall be done
Written by Austin_Flank (Austin Flank)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Fantasy Lady

Gonna run my fingers over your skin as a blind man does braille  
Reading all of the secret, sensual fantasies your mouth won't tell  
I'll then fulfill them, one by one, 'til the rising of tomorrow's Sun
Rocking you into a deep sleep then peak to prepare for more fun  
You're the only one that I want to arise to each and every morning  
I'll treat you like a Queen in every scene of romancing that I'm recording  
Promising to never sever or impair my character by being parsimonious  
Trust that roads under our bus will lead us to places harmonious  
Synonymous of love with purity of a dove flying above is my heart  
Going to lock you in there so that it's clear that we won't ever part  
Let's start a family so our legacies continue to breathe via our babies  
Who'll declare their inner love for you like The Spinners did Sadie  
You're an amazing lady who makes my mind hazy from your high  
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder and you've garnered both of mines  
These stanza lines derived from my mind, body and spiritual soul  
Letting you know that, wherever you go, holding your hand is my goal
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Mountainside Of Hidey-Ho

In my mind's extremities touching
reaching for a breath of your pale
that of what you are, my life a shell

Hearing your rushing echoes
over rapids of my mind's well
to grace your lovely halo

Now just a shadow among the shelves
like sand in an hourglass of dreams
of dawn's rising dust clinging

Like vines of memories
reaching for a breath of your pale
on a mountainside of hidey-ho
Written by adagio
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