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Pick ‘n Mix Poetry

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Poetry Contest

Write a pick n’ mix poem

Sadly due to Covid-19, all pick n’ mix stands will probably be closed for the foreseeable future. However just as well because they’re 90% child boogers and adult sneeze hands.


This is the pick n’ mix poetry challenge. It’s simple — pick an animal from set A, an object from set B and an abstract noun from set c and weave these into a poem.

Set A - An Animal


Set B - An object

Walking stick

Set C - Abstract Nouns



• One word from each of the 3 sets must be used in the poem, using them in the title doesn’t count.

• New writes only

• Up to 300 words in length

• Up to 3 entries per human being allowed

• Audio / video / visual accepted

• Please post your poem and link your poem to the comp so the date can be checked.

• Two weeks

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 11th July 2012
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Mike the Owl

Who’s that on the mic?  
Ooh! It’s Mike the Owl!  
And if you ask what’s he like –
I’d say with a growl that fowl is foul!  
He doesn’t speak much but on the microphone his beak can spit a sick beat,  
Many times he has shown his rhythm and rhymes are a hoot and an absolute treat,  
I’m talon you he’s like a beast released in the wild the way he feasts on emcees who’ve tried,  
Because with one fell swoop he’ll whoop some ass then you too will be left wide eyed.  
Mike the owl will look at you with a scowl and straight up ask if you want to rap battle,  
It’d be better now to throw in the towel or else you’ll howl when you begin to feel death’s rattle,  
He’s a wise old bird because his words will get the ladies in the audience roused up and stirred,  
And if you don’t hear him coming it’s because his stealth wings are meant to be unheard.  
He’s a savage killer, like a guerilla, but man he can drop a mad bass in your face like a bad villain,  
He’s a deadly hunter of the night who can assassinate one minute and the next be straight chillin’,  
His bars are fire, like two hundred seventy degrees of hot rounds sure to make you perspire,  
Mike is usually on the prowl but on the mic he’s an owl you’ll come to love and admire.
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 10th May 2020
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The Lizard and the Walking Stick

See the lizard with the walking stick
An absurd rhythm    
It applies to a scurried gate
For fashion it would suit him  
Only if he were made  
A hat band    
For my houndstooth fedora  
The green flash  
And a blue feather  
Would bring out my eye  
I eye him    
With a curiosity
And enough desire now  
To make his skinny neck gulp  
A new bejiggity    
Gitter up and go  
Now see him drop the stick  
He fast approaches frantic  
And also drops his tail  
The fine neon stripe    
Of tail had done him much less damage    
Than the stick  
Both attempts at vanity  
Utter failures in the end  
I pick them up both  
Twirling one on my left finger  
One on my right  
See the stick  
She matches my fine shoes  
See the neon flash of tail  
Now curling from my pocket?    
Don’t his tail make the perfect    
Company for the green in my eye?
Written by Calamityofgin
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 9th May 2020
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Ostrich Guitar Clarity

Ostrich Guitar Clarity
I got that Ostrich Guitar Clarity
When she standing there in front of me
And I’m playing her this song

Shark tornado gravity
Something about disparity
Seems fair to me
A rarity
I fucked her with a tooth

Ostrich got that long ass neck
Like a guitar and in retrospect
I should have picked a different animal
When I wrote this here poem

Cause I don’t know much about Ostriches
Or guitars for that matter either
But I wrote this poem special
For the lady who made this contest
Cause she looking fine
And she challenges me
Which I like

And suddenly, it came to me
Such clarity
I’m in love
With a special someone

Didn’t take much
Just a riddle of sorts
Make these words work
And you know I did just that
For the glory of love

I’ll Peter Cetera you all night long
If you’d just say you’ll be
My soft rock queen

This is for you
My Ostrich
My Guitar
My Clarity
Written by Jermainesplain
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th Aug 2016
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Jake The Snake (Her Last Mistake)

A slithering snake named Jake persuaded her to grab the microphone
She couldn't bear to stay there in wait of the fate of a broken home
Inside her dome were lofty aspirations of singing rhythm & blues
Hopping to it like a rabbit without a walking stick or even a clue

Choosing to run with someone that was a shark disguised as a guy
No wise owl was around to give sound advice from its third eye
Desires to be fly in the latest fashion omitted subtraction from the equation
Caused her to focus on the hocus pocus of the money and fame addition

Her perception lacked clarity about the fallacies of the music biz
Without an umbrella to protect her she easily became a prey of his
For years he took advantage of her distorted vantage points
Telescope of hope doped by stars and laced marijuana joints

Music began to disappoint to the point of becoming a failure
Instead of being an ostrich by sticking his neck out to console her
He put her career to sleep and creeped away with everything
Her cup no longer runneth over with blessings
when she sings

The green of a lizard no longer resided inside her account
Now sandwiched 'tween a rock and debt of large amount
She'd count with wrist tiger stripes as calm became horror
A knife ended her life 'cause, like a guitar, he played her
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 29th Mar 2017
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Two Examples of Letting the Word "Fine" Dissolve a Relationship

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 29th Mar 2017
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Loving The Great Bear

I needed someone to
hold me like they knew.
Knew what it was to
put broken pieces
back together.

But you might as well be
The Great Bear
and the closest I can get to you
is to view your cold stars
through this sometimes
dysfunctional telescope.

I needed to be held like
you were afraid of losing me.
Like I was the only thing in this life
you treasured.
Even if it was just for a moment.
Even if it was a lie.

But all that doesn’t matter.

I will place this calm mask
over my eyes and pretend.
Pretend that I am not broken.
Pretend that I actually am
the woman everyone sees.

Like I always do.
Written by DaisyGrace
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Rain drops scattered on the roof

Rain drops scattered on the roof
Remind me to close the western facing windows
After a sigh of relief I stop and admire all the green  
With a deep breath in, I see
A small rabbit in the yard.
The clever wildling stays unaware of me
Calm and eating grass under a strong and sprawling tree
I keep my eyes on the little one, and my ears on the rain
And soon a gentle melody is splashed across my brain
I am in my childhood bedroom being softly sung to sleep
My father strums his guitar to the rain's organic beat

©Tanzen Lilly July 2020
Written by TCLilly (Odette)
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Wise Conscious
Fire of Insight
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Joined 3rd June 2020
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Bear With Strings Attached

Bear be my nickname  
Because I am as  
as soft cotton when I  
play my guitar I spoil my  
girl rotten she like it when  
I say me and you and you  
and me and me and you oooh
through the mesh of the microphone
She got the eyes of a
Tiger that's why I took
her home and  
Tuned up my strings  
got her hypnotized
Now she's under the
spell of my rhythm
Perfectly synchronized
Doing a slow dance
moving her body like
a snake got me plucking  
the strings and thinking  
about taking advantage
while she moved to the beat  
Plus she a night owl  
so ain't nobody going
to sleep shes deep in  
a trance waving her hands
In the air stretching high like  
a ostrich neck  
She's stealing all my energy
But giving me mental clarity  
Keep grinding on me  
and I will hop on it like
a rabbit lick her like a  
lizard bite down  
on it like an old fashion  
sandwich she's going to
need an umbrella  
Cause we going to make
scattered showers
I'm on the prowl like a shark
ready to devour
I bring the horror to room
But all she gotta to do is
keep calm while being
caught up in my love storm
She may get a little weak  
in the knees so I let her borrow  
a walking stick to lean on
And babe please don't  
worry about your failure
I will catch you
My nosy neighbors are  
watching us through  
A telescope so I shake my  
Knife out of  the window
and threatened to poke
After the song finished  
We were still caught up in  
the vibe and just warming  
up I put on the tea kettle
and filled her cup then  
I offer her to some pick n' mix  
and she said she had enough...
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 29th July 2018
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A Journey of Self-Expression

{The Snake}    
The snake must learn to    
telescope the core self,    
otherwise, heavy hands    
would fashion its destiny.    
Shimmering scales slink    
through the molten landscape,    
burnt by every fiery    
fathom of discourse.    
Yet, despite this ravage    
of hot tongues fanning    
the flame, there    
is still a tiny, white light,
burning heat of its own.    
Dawn creeps    
over the horizon and    
from the chaos, healing    
is born.    
{The Rabbit}      
The rabbit bathes in    
sunlight, an    
umbrella of joy and    
perfect consonance.    
A tide of rebirth has    
swept across the pock-marked    
heart, soothing the    
char of vacuous language.    
Here is where    
transformation takes place;    
a resurrection of soul,    
dancing in the light.    
Rhythm is formed by    
easy hands molding      
clay, creating pockets of    
wisdom and beauty.    
{The Owl}    
The owl has achieved    
clarity of purpose, a    
softened heart and keen    
eyes to see truth.    
Walking stick always at the    
ready, the journey is near    
complete; heart mended    
and wrongs forgiven.    
Setting out on a path    
of love and good intentions,    
there is no room for regret    
or the worry of death.    
Wisdom is a sacred    
rite, honed by those who    
seek, with conviction,    
experiential knowledge.
Written by Eerie
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 29th Aug 2018
Forum Posts: 51

Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
United States
22awards   profile   poems   message
Joined 29th Aug 2018
Forum Posts: 51

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 1st Jan 2018
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A flight of fancy

Once upon a time
in a land where sleep is banned  
I would sit upon the telling chair  
 entrance you with a tale  
pin back your ears whilst I regale  
In that Noslumberland  
don't rub your eyes  
my precious child  
there lived a bird that could not fly  
gawky ostrich long and lanky  
and his name was Fancy  
for he was mute and could not squawk  
 he employed an umbrella  
so he could point  
and strut around with dignity  
to find the things he might require  
perhaps some training for a glider  
a deposit for a Turkish Carpet  
to levitate, on a rug that has no cockpit  
try to find some credibility  
soar aloft like ancestors could  
not just paddle in the sticky mud  
and walk around on bony stilts  
a puppet, hear the crowd  
all  laugh out loud  
for he was trapped within his cage  
he fumed and glowered with great outrage  
that man could fly and he was trapped  
so a cunning plan he hatched  
just to flutter like a partridge  
the lead shot blown from the cartridge  
now do not yawn and close your eyes  
for this tale holds a surprise  
self belief high as an eagles aerie  
just to escape that life so dreary  
tunnel underneath the wire netting  
escape that park of paradise  
a chance to find a brand new setting  
for next door was big top circus  
a brave idea to reach the heights  
under cover of the darkness  
the brolly underneath a wing  
the hook, the end for extra purchase  
escape the bonds of trapped despair  
brave intentions clarity  
to seek the need for parity  
 to become the feathered cannon  
climb in the bore with gay abandon  
and come the time to test the fuse  
be discharged into the blue  
once airborne spread ones wings and glide  
now the chance to soar  
terra firma always clamping thee  
and each deserve; a flight of fancy  
not tire in that pursuit of legacy  
just one more verse before you sleep  
float down on his open umbrella  
 say the day had been quite stellar
Written by slipalong
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