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I know the Face of Falsehood and Her Tongue

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LilDragonFly said:

Thanks for reestablishing a modicum of decorum to the situation ... ... looking forward to the next competition ... I wrote a paper on Gwendoline Brooks for my American American Lit course ... my challenge will be choosing a poem to respond to ...

It's already under way --- good luck!

Ahavati said:You're very welcome, nomoth. It was a very deserving win, and we are thrilled that you discovered a new poet to love! You are right in that all entries were Millay Worthy and deserved the recognition they received.

August's competitions are now live, and we hope to see you all there:

Gwendolyn Brooks

Ocean Vuong

We hope to see many of you honoring these two amazing poets from the classical and modern realms of the written word.

Also, please vote in this month's poll for next month's featured poets!


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