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Last Day

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

In 24 hours you will die peacefully and painlessly. Write a poem about your last day. The sun is rising, so get started.

New works only please.

Fire of Insight
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I've spent my life looking back
Chasing the ghost of the past,
Of what was and what could have been...

I have little to nothing to show for my attempts.
A Fisherman coming home empty handed.
Yes I've failed to live a life worth remembering...

Yet today I'm done with my past and all my negative energy.
No more looking back,
No regrets,
Death shall find me as a happy man.

For today I celebrate my life,
This life life that no one will remember
Was enough for me..
I now see the little that I had
Was what made me happy,
Made me stronger
What's not to celebrate there?

I have a dream as I close my eyes
Saying to me I wasn't made for the simple
For I'm the light in the distance
A testament for the weak to weakness.
I've found it,
I've found my happiness

As my day sets
Someone's day rise
So this is all that I leave behind.

Dangerous Mind
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When the Sun Sets in the West

Im grateful for the time that was given unto me,
For I know there will be a tomorrow
Im glad others will live more days and continue
Knowing theres no regret or sorrow.
And for this last day that I have left
Id leave letters penned with my deepest thoughts
Not saying goodbye but rather live-
Live it like its your last for what life has brought
Id give out hugs and long embraces
Filling familiar faces with genuine smiles and sighs
But I wouldnt disclose my demise
Id carry the sweet images of joy from their eyes
Id play my favorite tunes softly
While conversations kindle in undying embers
So that when I may be long gone
The connection will be warm when they remember
I wont say so long or goodbye
Somehow leaving bits and traces of me with them
Enjoying everything life offered
When the sun sets in the west I alone will then take to pen
And my last verses would be enigmatic
Filled with secrets I may see before my time is here
Preparing for my journey to the other side
Knowing I tried my best at being honest and sincere
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thanks for breaking the ice. Good luck!🤠

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