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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Memories by candle light

All I see are candles lined up in a row,
Just to show, families with tears in their eyes.  
Crying because someone they loved and cherished has just died.  

Peeking through their souls, † †
I see the mermories they once did hold. † †
Of the mothers,fathers, sisters, and brother, † †
And a thought of how they wish they could once again hold one another. †  

Flames growing so high and bright, † †
As if it could pierce the skies at night. † †
The cries of families turn to laughter, † †
When the happy mermories return of the love they were after.  

To those who loss someone, shine a candle light. † †
To pierce through to the heavens of the dark skies at night.
Written by ManorMyth (Man_Or_Myth)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Smart Phone

Hey pops
Yesterday was Fatherís Day and I thought about you a lot
My fam got me smart phone as a gift
And as I transferred all the numbers, yours came up

For the past year many folks told me use your phone
Save myself some money and Iíd have an instant upgrade
But I couldnít be swayed, your phone means something
I keep it in a drawer in my nightstand like itís childís play

I know the number is disconnected now but I imagine
That maybe if I send you a text and tell you I miss you
Iíll get a text back from you saying ďI love you, I love you sonĒ
Or Iíll get a message and once again Iíll hear your voice

I turn it on and read your messages and see your videos
And think fuck! you had a great birthday in April without us
But goddamn it, all the drinking made you even sicker
By the time you realized it, it was too late to come home

I keep wanting to say Iím sorry or that I shouldíve known
But itís no use going over it again and again in my head
I just dwell in the early memories and the good times
And maybe you thought about them in your last moments

I gave up drinking in fear of your and grandpaís addiction
Itís been two years since Iíve had a beer or had any liquor
Itís a motherfucker but I really want to exercise self-control
Because I want to be an example for my three sons

Dad, I miss our conversations, our jokes, our time together
Sometimes I miss going to you as a grown man for advice
Iím afraid I wonít succeed or that I may repeat our history
And somehow Iíll hear your voice saying, itís going to be alright.

Iíll keep your number on my new smart phone just in case
I ever get the urge to text you and ask if youíre alright
And maybe you will come and talk to me in my dreams
Giving me the advice I need to be a better father and son
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Abandoned by Spring

Losing you feels like:
Shriveled leaves in unrelenting heat  
A thousand hungry thorns between my feet  
Like a dying rose that lives through everything  
I was a perennial
You were my spring  
Without you exists nothing
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Shakespeare in Love

Thinking I would suffocate from heat, or dehydrate
into a shriveled leaf, I wanted to crawl under a rock
as those little animals in the desert, content
to watch the world turn when I felt you cross over.

When rain came I was wanton to drown Ė
allow mud to rise over my shoulders, blocking
sound to sleep so I could join you Ė rolling
through light as milkweed until we were home.

Yet, just as heat is abated by rain, thus is rain by
heat, always in time to push the clock forward
another minute. How easily my hands could navigate
my fate as effortlessly as the natural order of things. . .

but Ė

I keep thinking of Romeo; had he only waited
a few more seconds before swallowing that vial;
is this how Shakespeare felt while penning his grief Ė
too much of a coward to surrender to his own death? †  
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Your Loss

It is like a huge part of me left when you were
On your way out the door. I know I could have
Asked you to stay just for one more second, but

It would have been selfish. My hazy and blurry
Vision prevented me from fixing the main valve
Heading right to my heart. I would always shut

Off in the hopes of letting my big heart fully heal.
I thought I was really ready for your sudden loss,
But my head and heart were not fully prepared

For your quick departure. What I wanted to feel
Was different than all the sunshine and the gloss
After the pain disappeared completely. I bared

All my soulís deepest secrets, wishing I could be
More cold and distant from the fond memories,
But I was not quite ready to be saying goodbye to

The person I loved forever and who I would see
In my future life. We all get lost in the remedies
To ease the emptiness, but as we go through

Even the darkest of nights, the only remedy I
Might need is to let all the tears become dry.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Blood Sweat And Tears

Cool morning

Push mower shearing grass tops
Rhythmic motion mindless meditative work

Temperature rising air and body warming
Salty sweat beginning to flow

Clipper trimming stray branches
Inch-long thorns scratch and puncture unprotected arms

Blood mixing with sweat

Rake lifting leaves and twigs
From green carpet scent of mown grass

Fatigue setting in
rest In cool shade


A young boy and his dad planting a garden
Work and play intertwined

Big boy and little man
Sweating and dirty tired and happy

Mourning loss of a son

Pondering what it is like to be Eternally Nineteen
Memories scratch and puncture unprotected heart

Tears blending with other fluids
Written by Kinkpoet
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Thought Provoker
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The darkness provokes me crazed morbidity enters my soul,  
There is nothing that will please thee, till the blood that you seek is in that bowl!
A charming demonís romance, pleasantries of words that you whispered into my ears,
Canít you see, what has it brought to me, nothing to see and nothing feel only pain and tears  
tiny sweats trickling down my temple, the feeling of wrath making me tremble with fear
like a vengeance laid upon me wanting me to stray from whom I truly hold dear!
I see that you want me to suffocate  
planting upon me the seeds of hate
trapping me with the illusions of fate
pretending you are my best mate!
You, who like a dagger ploughed  
Into my heart with deadly thrill
Your will, stronger than a crowd  
Of demons, mad, and dressed to kill
Your bed, your lodging, and your domain, me a dejected soul you  have made
Perfidious poison I have preyed,  
help my cowardice, with gallantry of a sudden blade.  
My hope my prayer my remorse, what more will you try to take?
the sudden blade, I besought and  
I win me for my freedom with none else to trade.  
I am letting you take, for I will forsake  
the lies that you have said and made my heart break  
the sufferings you brought on to me, the anger and misery, whatís there to sooth?
I am cheated, in the end itís by my youth, and thatís the absolute truth!
"You - my inked love-are not fit to be chainedĒ
This treacherous feeling of love has left me drained  
In the city where we celebrate the Festival of Dead
Alack! I will be the mortal with the blade, and I will set it upon your head!
Written by XiaoLong
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Tyrant of Words
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Anarchyís Baby

Sheís a church
a body

Her baby

has been
used up

by bigots
and their
twisted tribes

her baby
refused to
take shelter
with merciful Wisdom

💖Rest in peace, lilí Baby💖
Written by EdibleWords
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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An artificial spirit

Flow hither heart yet is torn asunder
Shaped desires amidst a stygian dark
Vowel-chime proceeding into wonder
An inner ring of timbre draws a mark

Gods below fly in heaven subterrene
Twilight from obscure love grim unlit
Amble mental trickster moonlit reign
Blue lightless soul now broken emits
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Thought Provoker
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As I lay
in this mortal casket
Of sombre yearning
my thorned soul aches
for a blood red heart
Pinetrees hum
pathos of
my pain

Fire of Insight
United States
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I decrease in this winter worship of you
Nights of dark wine
Stain my lip
You had left your blood on my tongue
I tasted it
And had thought to drink more
My desire beyond the fruit  
In the iron  
A skin like  
The nature of my ways
Taken and broken  
The virgin burst  
Dripped to white sheets  
And was counted
I would like to feel like white again
Would dwell in that cerebral cloud
For an eternity  
Would walk  
Bare foot placed with serene forward  
The grace of youth  
The mercy of not having to  
Have any doubt  
About what one touch  
One taste of you again passing  
My connoisseurs lip
Might do to me
The Earth collided and cooled  
In the time it took for you to leave me
Details like hot stones
When held in my hand  
Warm calm and its effects
But the calx
Of anything worthwhile  
Still dries red  
And owns little residual value
By any apothecaries standards  
Worth his salt  
You flake away
Fly into the wind
The scatterings a mess
And leaves only a spirits agent  
To show prophetic map
To nowhere sacred
Well hidden under etched statuary  
Of dark wings
And angelic gaze veiled and obscured
Rounded mound holds the body of my faith  
But the most of me still exists  
Outside of this  
And roams the red droplets  
Eluding to destination  
A map charted on cotton  
So long ago
And far away
That my memory has become a maze
A prized labyrinth  
Of memoria
And nocturnal emissions  
I so often wake from my dreams  
But my virtue does not lay
Within my dreams
She lies at the feet
Of where you once stood
And spread your arms to shadow me

Your arms hover no longer
Your swing does not fly shade
Like swift ghosts
Across my face
While iron lingers on my tongue

I begin to shake with capability
The woman of me slinks back into my soul
And kisses the forehead of my girlhood
Written by Calamityofgin
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Tears Of A Broken Soul

My heart ache as you break me away
You walk out on me
Left without having any words to say

My love had expire
Sour like apples
In my feelings
I felt like i'm going to be sick

Tears falling down my face
My heart is broken
This hate I cannot erase
Without even having any words to be spoken

Tears of a broken soul
This pain doesn't seem to subside
With the true emotions you always try to hide
There is nothing left to do
But die from the tears of a broken soul

I thought love suppose to be true
This was all a lie
I thought this was meant to be
Everytime I look in the mirror I see me
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
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