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Poetry Is Dope

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Poetry is a drug that I won't never quit and Poetry is my addiction and I am a addictive

I am looking for the best creative poem about being an dope addictive about poetry and how poetry make you feel and how passionate you are about this way of art

Fire of Insight
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Slipping knot poetry

Un careful placed tongues    
Slipping knot poetry †  
To be sure † †  
To swing † † †
And unable to hit † †  
† † †
Like a falling dream † † †
A dream where you fall † †
Brace for it.. † †
But you wake in the middle † † †
The bottom † †  
It stays in the distance † †
† †  
No bottom of it † †  
Of words † † †
Sliding out from under you † †  
Slipping from desperate grasp † †  
† † †
White knuckles curl the syllables † †  
The meaning of them † †  
Clenched in its palm † † †
Full of the map † †  
The born in tree † †  
†† † †
Knowledge † † †
Intuitive like † †  
† † †
But wrapped tightly † † †
By the struggle † †  
By pride † †  
By counterintuitive impulse † †  
The likes of it † †  
Unholy † † †
† † †
(To most) †  
† †
Few would condone it † †  
Many would do it † †  
† † †
I often feel like saying it † †  
Often it enters my body like blasphemy † † †
† † †
And it rock shocks † †  
Grabs warm places † †  
Digs and I buck †  
And then †  
And then... †
† † †
I want to fuck † † †
Like a kicking mule † † †
And a gone bad woman † †  
† † †
On the edge † † †
Sitting pink on the verge † † †
Of clamped tight † † †
Spasm † †  
And its lie awake at night † † †
........ rocket † †  
† † †
Rocket † †  
† † †
† † †
I breathe heavy † †  
Like a time lapse photo † †  
Of an obscure † † †
Underwater creature † † †
Whose movements jerk † †  
In reds † † †
And shocking † † †
Bright † † †
Neon blue † †  
† † †
Pulse † †....
..... ..  
† † †
And ads plenty † † †
To dark depths † † †
Of uncharted territories † † †
The Mariana Trench † † †
And ungodly bottomless holes † † †
Found right smack † † †
In the middle † † †
Of a desert † †  
† † †
Right smack in the middle † †  
Like a † † †
........rocket † †  
† † †
Written by Calamityofgin
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Tyrant of Words
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You must know

   † †
You must know there are times
I will not choose you over the poem;  
nor your email, text or pouting silence
over the verse;  
Bulging zippers will not sway me  
nor swollen suitcases by the entrance.  
If you want to be first in someoneís life    
you must know, it can never be mine.    
I'll never be the faithful wife  
skinning vegetables at the sink;
a gimlet eyeíd grandmother supervising,
starched apron and recipe splayed
submissively across the counter -  
contents spooned carefully;
the roast, flayed, awaiting its wake -
attendees of potatoes and carrots
following into the heated pyre.    
I'll never be the faithful mistress  
in a nťgligťe holding a drowning olive  
after a cocktail party --
alarm at attention so we donít oversleep
alerting your wife to your late absence.  
I'll be in the tub with the poem instead;
gluttonous ink splashing imagery  
over its porcelain skin with each spit  
of candle and stroke of pen.    
You must know, in bed I'll fantasize  
about the poem, how it carried me    
shielding my isolated survival
from extinction, while hunted
by laundered mindsets
firm in sects of belief.  
You must know the poem  
is 'One Hundred Years of Solitude',  
a plantation abandoned by death;  
itís 'All the archived Names'  
without Ariadneís Thread;
the Life that Pi actually dreamt    
'The Shipping News' reporting anthologies
modern American beats underground;  
itís 'Water for Chocolate' torched  
by match heads; it's 'Midnight  
in the Garden of Good and Evil';
it's Romeo; it's Juliette.    
You must know, that if betrayed  
by lies or entrapment I will escape    
elope, even commit suicide  
before captured alive;    
weíll die together, deeply inhaling afterlife  
as Plath Ė taping your sleeping existence
away from us, towels caulking the frame;    
and you, you must know  
you'll wake lonelier than youíve ever been.    
Written by Ahavati
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Prose Fiend

Iím a prose fiend
  Itís my dopamine
I inject it with a pencil  
†† † With the potential it will give me a high better than any amphetamine
Then my brain reigns supreme
†† † Hiding a larger scheme
The stencil is essential
†† † With a beast mode better than the average if you know what I mean
Iím a poem addict
†† † Itís a vicious habit
I insert it with a pen
†† †When I make the time to do a line and rhyme to redesign my wildest dreams
Itís bulging in my genes
†† † Splitting at the seams
Wanting a good bump
†† † Then jump at the chance of indulging in composing like a writing machine
Iím a verse junkie
†† † †Like a banana to a monkey
It has a certainÖappeal
†† † But itís a real obsession no one questions because they havenít intervened
And so it seems
†† † I can slip by unseen
Iím the type of hype
†† † Who puts it in a pipe and quotes it in smoke signals since Iíve been quarantined
Iím a rhyme user
†† † A compulsive abuser
Iím doing it now with puns
†† † Iím so spun on having a ton of fun because in the long run I might never be clean † †  
Sorry I caused a scene
†† † Just look at your screen
But I feel write as rain
†† † †When the ink courses through my veins unrestrained because Iím a prose fiend
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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I'm attracted to Poets...

Iím attracted to poets; I feel you should know this

Your very much like me, but so different completely
Itís like you get me, like you know how to get to me
How you pull words apart, and place back together
To mend my broken heart, time and time again

Our inside jokes, the way you say without saying,
So beautiful the game on words that youíre playing

As if your words were a tender kiss on my neck, your aim so direct
Thatís one of my spots and you know how I getÖ

I admire your techniques and skills, your delivery sends chills
You know Iím a sucka for literary thrills

You know how my nature feels, how my sexual aggression builds
And when I try to run you suck me dry, leave me high, relieved and paralyzed

You know my joy and my pain; you know my pillow tear stains
You pour into my veins, your words lock into my brain
Totally confined by your vocabulary chains

I love your honesty; at times itís too much for me
But itís always what I need; at least you never lie to me

As if you think my thoughts, bleed my blood, and breathe my air
So much like me, canít escape the similarity
Iím attracted to poets now that you know this
Weíll always have poetry but there is never enough chemistryÖ
Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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Tyrant of Words
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My Heroin(e)

A junky for funky words,
I overdose on prose
In the garden of my mindís desire.

Playing with poetic fireó
Roach smokiní in the ash tray.
Led astray by broken verbs
And softly spoken word.

My poetic depictionó
A distinguished
Cunning linguist
With a great ad(diction).

Seeking poetic thrills,
Like sleeping pills
To ease my mind.

Snorting lines
Of the finest rhymes,
To pass the time.

A penny for your thoughts,
I'm a nuisance;
Giving my two cents
For mere nickels and dimes.

Here to pave the way,
With words, I take a stand.
The hero saves the day,
With his heroin(e) at hand.
Written by NewBeginnings
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Fire of Insight
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A friend called me a poet-aholic...    

They arenít wrong † †
you wonít find any denial here †  
Just call me an addict † †
and no need to keep it anonymous † †
† †
I drink up peopleís organized words † †
like theyíre on tap †  
sitting on my favorite bar stool †  
eagerly waiting † †
for my beloved †poetic barkeep † †
to poor me another round † †
† †
Shot after shot †  
until my head is spinning with imagery † †
and my liver is drowning in metaphors † †
Stumbling all over myself † †
yet somehow seeing a clearer picture † †
and an illuminated path through darkness † †
† †
Sometimes they come in a tall glass † †
allowing me to take my time, and savor † †
the flavors in my mind † †
Other times, I snort short lines † †
of crystallized truisms † †
chasing the dragon of a creative surge † †
† †
I canít get enough of this intoxicating ink † †
I want to mainline it into my veins † †
Embracing the high, feeling the rush † †
of emotional conjurations followed by † †
feelings released † †
Providing escape from my realities and †  
temporary sedation of pain †  
Finding validation in shared experiences † †
and gaining insight from fresh perspectives † †
† †
Itching and scratching for more † †
the come down is real, my friends † †
needing another quick fix † †
I am at the mercy of my benevolent †dealers †  
† †
So many poets sharing their musings † †
serving up wisdom from tattered schematics and broken dreams † †
exposing their vulnerabilities for me to behold † †
Allowing me the the privilege to lurk † †
Respectfully, curiously peering † †
Into their hearts †  
becoming acquainted with fragments † †
of their soul † †
Some allowing our demons to entangle, providing a much needed social reprieve † †
† †
Iím a junky for poetic truths † †
that hit close to home † †
for the moments you feel connected † †
to a random soul † †
who is able to articulate what you feel † †
better than you † †
For those brief moments youíre reminded † †
you are not alone in the vastness † †
For the poetic lifelines that keep me from drowning in seas of misery † †
† †
And the moments that shine light †  
into my darkened soul † †
providing me hope † †
and courage to fight on † †
giving me the extra bump † †
needed to press on † †
while the sands of time quickly pass †  
† †
Itís an addiction that indeed messes † †
with your mind † †
But instead of taking life it gives animation †
to words and ideas † †
The goal is to spread beauty through both † †
the light and the dark † †
the poet is not here to boast or kill itís host † †
And unlike the hard stuff † †
that eats away at your soul over time † †
† †
poetry feeds mine  
CHEERS! May we never come down...
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
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Fire of Insight
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The dealers rap

Fishnet tights, holes of your complex  
Times crosswords on the commuter train
the points that rattle through your brain
that mother fucker
that cock sucker
the healing weed you grow  
with each unwrap and feel the glow  
Each incest , temptations scribe
that high riding skirt that pulls your eyes
the cocaine up the tube it goes  
the hook and line of witty pros
and smack your soul, smack your muse
Shelf stealer, will plagiarism feed your habit
LSD the elephant sized pink rabbit
pure Columbian 100 %
the fairy dust of poets read
magic mushrooms be that line interpreted  
A tourniquet of rhymes  
systolic pressure begs the phrases to beguile
come the puncture and the rush
staunch the needs  
the inky incandescence  
Verses drafted, needs golden sonnet
hermit in the creche of each new sentence
dependency; You want It
a silver spoon with pain and tonic
addiction that is not plutonic
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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Poetic Plunge

as surely as trees fall
hewed by loggers axe

i crash to earth
sundered by poetís verse
Written by Kinkpoet
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Dangerous Mind
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Understanding Me Through Poetry

I want to fall in love with a poet someday
As he is the only one who could come to
Understand everything from the pain and
Heartbreak to the sadness and happiness

I feel in my heart. He understands my ray
Of sunshine may not be coming with blue
Skies and megawatt smiles. As my hand
Is held gently in his, it is the tenderness

In his words or actions that are displayed
Front of a world that is filled with empty
Words and actions. He knows words are
Easier to come by on paper as he scibbles

His thoughts. He has consistently prayed
For someone like me and who has plenty
Of room in her heart. We all have a star
To guide us home and he knows quibbles

Would get us nowhere. He writes eloquent
Poetry, making love to my soul as a lover
Who knows my body and heart like no one
Else. We are observers of this vast world

Although we are all so small and delicate
Like ants. He understands I want to cover
My scars because as I am filled with sun
I have some darkness and as he is curled

Around me, keeping me safe like a shield
Or blanket, he knows others have cowered
Away from me, but I can see it in his eyes
That he is not afraid. He understands me

Through poetry and he knows that I wield
My pen like a warrior with a high-powered
Sword. It is poetry that never truly dies,
Carrying us to a place where we are free.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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This is poetry

This poem is not for the faint hearted nor the brave
It's not a poem about revolutions
Nor about heroes and heroines..

This poem is not about man are trash
Not about what you and me can do to save the world.
You won't hear names like Mandela, Luther King, Biko, nor Rossa
It's not about Black or White,
You won't change literature with this poem
Soon it'll be forgotten in a long list of poems...

This poem is about nothing but something
It's just words,
Words flowing from a poet
For those who love poetry
For those who live for it
It's not about me
It's about every writer
It's about deep underground
About those on a corner of the street trying to put on some words
It's about those with scars turn into poetry.
For those who came before us,
For those who will come after us.

It's about the art,
The love, the life of poetry.

This is poetry..
Written by poetOftragedy
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Fire of Insight
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I just saw that I won this! Thatís crazy! Thank you!! I am honored. Congratulations to everyone else. Some great pieces of writing were in this competition. Clearly we are all passionate about poetry.

Twisted Dreamer
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Lazy Dead it was very hard for me to choose because yall came with that fire and compelling wordplay and passion great job cannot wait for the next competition continue to bring your A game

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