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Freak Of Nature

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Bring Your A Game Who Can Make Fireworks In The Bedroom
July 4 is almost here and im seeing who can make sparks in the bedrooms make fireworks
Judge on your title of your poem
How freaky can you get

Fire of Insight
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There once was a lass named Marita
Who was faster than a cheetah
The guys thought it was great  
That she’d fuck on the first date
They all wanted a chance to meet her
All day and all night her phone rang
Guys calling from Perth to Pyongyang
She sent a bulk SMS
Texting them her address
And they all came ‘round for the gang bang
There must’ve been five hundred guys there
Pounding her plump derriere
On Instagram she posted
Pics of her getting spit-roasted
By a rather unsavoury pair
Her mother was in the next room
Sweeping the floor with a broom
But little did her girl know
That her mum used to be a ho
Who was faster than a sonic boom
In her day she rode many famous bones
Like Ringo Starr, Sting and Tom Jones
She got banged in a stall  
By both Oates and Hall
And sucked off all the Rolling Stones  

Written by RexDurkin
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Fire of Insight
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I find it convenient to score
With the pizza delivery whore!
If I tip her enough,
She will strip to the buff
And deliver right through the back door!

I'm in love that cute señorita,
For she brings me hot sex and warm pizza!
But sometimes it grows cold
While my balls get cajoled
By the tongue of that cock-sucking diva!

As a treat, every Fourth of July
I must order a score of her pies
But they won't lose their warmth
As we fuck on the porch
In the heat so intense from her thighs!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
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Symphony of Moans

It’s always the wet Wednesday  
glasses of tequilas by the balcony
reminiscing moments of play by play
games adults play when they’re horny
such excitement comes with words
playful retracing of the leather cords
actionable act of lightening the moods
an intimacy with a lover that broods
with the face hiding glittering mask
the alluring calloused red fingertips
tracing the black straps was a task
smooth contrasting sighs below the hips
soft skin ruffled by the rough hand
the gentleness of a pair was bland
knowing well that I longed for the moment with two pairs
and it happens, the thrill of electric shocks reverberates my fine hairs
the tracing of my silhouette, ohh that’s excitement
the peppered bodily kisses, god damn.. that’s an intoxication
the tightening of the straps, holy.. that a leather’s statement  
marks on my pink tenderness, oh dear I’m having a double action!
They navigate my rounded hips
with familiar fascination?
Inhaling whispers of longing, has it been my inspiration?  
this moment of experience wasn’t without anticipation!
consenting adults working out the high intensity perspiration!  
how am I to say, the moment of pleasure is to treasure
gentlemen’s gentleness seen when pleasure was at its leisure  
its time for once I’m serenaded with a double cunnilingus  
then the fellatios of a curious cat playing with two throbbing rods with its fingers
Ah yes! a moment to let them catch their breaths  
umm.. while their fingers tenderly orchestrate
damn... momentum gathers as their throbbing love are in their sheaths
hey boys! tonight’s my night and dears, make it count when you bloody penetrate!
now it’s a day of songs to be sung by bards on a merry, every Thursday night
about a brunette goddess on a bed fight with two middle eastern knights
a romp that was worthy for scene in the epic Game of Thrones
on the night that had ended with an fucking exalted symphony of moans!
Written by XiaoLong
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Dangerous Mind
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In-fectious Love

i've been in-fected by your words  
in-fatuated with your ideas  

madly in-love with your  
con-voluted cerebral mass your acid-wit sharp-satire  
i yearn to meet you in-person  
but it would be folly-a danger-to-society  
we would be wild-beasts on-the-loose  
taunting teasing and daring  
we would surely be jailed for in-telligent l(n-appropriate) language  
lewd lustful lascivious behavior  
buzz-killer in-carcerated  
im-prisoned in-different cells together  
(but worth it)  
are you free next friday?  
© 2020
Written by Kinkpoet
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Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
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4th of July: Doggie Style

July 4 2020 is coming
Lovers pouncing because
they feel the fireworks
inside them because
they are trying every position
from the Kama Sutra
They are enjoying
Wild Sexual Congress
pouncing on each other
the animals are
coming out to play
Ending up on all fours
Going at it
Doggie Style
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Invading Tender Flesh

0ffer yourself to me
Bare your body
Your heart
Your soul to me
Give me your lips

The fire of your breath
Let me lick you from hips to throat
Sending such blissful sensations
A tongue meant for you

Designed to bring pleasure
A devil in disguise
A serpents tongue
Invading tender flesh

Thighs parted
Quivering shakes rising
Deep from within
Ripping up your spine

Sweat forming on hot skin
Completely submit to me
Open your passion
Let me in

When I'm done
You will never forget
Dripping wet
With orgasm after orgssm

My lips on your lips
Swallowing your gasps
Your orgasmic screams
While my fingers penetrate
Crawl inside of you

You are mine
Divine beauty owned this night
Taken to the depths of fire
Given release

So much release
Never ending
Tremors of pleasure

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
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My Little Bombette

It’s that time of year and the fourth of July is here
I just hope my girl can handle my hot Roman candle
But I already see her eyeing my pistil ready to whistle
She better give me a salute or it’s going to be a scandal!

She’s going to love my snake, the way it snaps and shakes
She’ll be seeing stars and quaking with a crackle effect
She’ll want to ride my rocket but I’ll tell her to watch it
Because my missile is ready to launch and it’s already erect

She’s getting wet with sweat looking at the crossette
Picking some good ones because she loves the glitter
She likes the Saturn Shell the way I like to see a tail
But I can tell she’s open minded enough to try the flitter

My little Bombette will love to see my big comet
Leaving a trail of sparks as it flies through the air
Banging loud as it amazes the crowd with some cakes
She’ll be a screamer when the colors and streamers blare

I hope she won’t be afraid of a long lasting brocade
As long as the booms fill her mouth with oohs and ahhs
My ardor is harder as she trembles hearing an order of mortars
Until her heart is filled with thrill then gives a joyous applause
Written by wallyroo92
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