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Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Fire of Insight
United States
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Thank you for your submissions, Paperstains and Blackwolf!

I’m loving all the entries! Just remember that you need to include a link to your inspiration song for the entry to be valid!

Fire of Insight
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The chain

Got a whiff of strange perfume  
and don't do the things we used to  
gone passion's glow beneath the sheets  
lacked coupling's starch leaves copulation incomplete  
"don't break the chain"  
always a good line to repeat  

As we were bonded in that fetter
the steel we had and O's the letter  
commitments weight mean nothing now  
fall slack or taught the anchor from the bow  
"and if you don't love me now"  
" you will never love me again"  
the base guitar stamp that mainstay  
For in the temper of each link  
God sanctified a union, now it's on the brink  
and encompass ties of rapture  
when all I hear are the lies of rupture  
and partings tomorrow never better than today  
as Mick Fleetwood beat the skins on the drums array  
Familiarity that breeds contempt  
just sliding fingers on the guitars neck  
when all the cracks that join are so complex  
the whining discord, being left upon the shelf  
"damn the darkness, damn the light" the tremolo that's spent  
put my heart upon my sleeve  
"hiding in the shadows" as you leave  
the bands of iron, wrought in hope  
flaked with rust and crying's bleed  
and find the weakest link  
a selfish wish to not break free  
"Listen to the darkness down comes the night"  
 a Jezebel, that quiet wish gains energy  
in life not death we must comply or flee  
 cuffs of love all shackled, hold us tight  
the fracture we  could not rehearse  
just an empty stage is the missing verse  
 The Chain <>  
"----" contain the original words  
Written by slipalong
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Twisted Dreamer
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Breaking Graves With Word Waves

Dear unruly reader
Let me invite you to a fiction barbeque
Grilled verbs,  
Cremated chapter & verse:
Draw your hearse alongside me
Pour a franklin font &
Watch how the colours run.

The fahrenheit is frightening.
Seeking refuge in the kitchen,
Talking post-war Polish prose
With a blushing boy from Ukraine.
A girl from Oxford city
Showing her latest tattoo:
Over an elbowed Elvis, all shook up.
We walked as pall bearers
In deep sea diving suits,
Breeze birthed ocean smell
Swollen Gods anoint the tidal toil.
Gloating sun waters
Streets supine white.
The gates face communities of brick
Grey slate quarried by ploughed hands.  
Yew trees, as Victorian ladies
Pain(t)ed verdure green,
Back boned, strait laced, hollow bark
Branched abacus counts the stoned skulls
They belong to the seasons now:
With the loves and hates
And passions just like mine.

Fraught shadow seals
The west side,
Story upon soil storey
Of expired breaths.
Here lies William John McGraw (died 1768).
His tale never to be told
Held by the breeze weaving
Threads thru’ cobwebs
Upon his grave.
On a marble bench
Next to a flask armed
Old lady eating sandwiches,
Tattooed girl shares
Her note booked poetry.
Swings shoe laces to lasso beat
Jumps into pages as Ophelia on ecstasy,
Cracks the rhyme of ‘bliss’ and ‘abyss’
Whips ‘Jesus’ and ‘double decker bus.’
“Here are some lines I wrote on
Morning of Lady Di’s funeral.”
We knew they had been stolen  
From some dizzy whore, 1804.
The old lady fed bread to pigeons.
From Hollywood to Hiroshima
Holocaust to Hate crime,
We are a people of ruin
Let the rain fall as rubble.
I promise,
When there is
Nothing left to
Care for anymore,
The door will close behind me.
We’ll meet at the cemetery gates
And speak the words we left unwritten.
Breathing farewell in our arms.
Song. Cemetry Gates (deliberate misspelling). The Smiths.
Pic. Morrissey at Oscar Wilde’s tomb, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris
Words from song = italicised
Written by Strangeways_Rob
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Thank you for your entries slipalong and Strangeways_Rob! I appreciate them.

We're a week out from finishing this comp! Get those entries in.

And remember, you have to include a link to your inspiration song (either here in the forum or somewhere on your page) for your entry to count.

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