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poet Anonymous

Two Hearts Fuse

Dim lights mark the treacherous waters to shore

An ocean between us
lockdowned and out
If I could only hold you
I would need to commit treason to do so

Believe me, I would.
If it weren't for my cowardice
maybe I could escape these confines
or bide my time until I can spread wings

and fly into your open arms..

Had I known this would be our reality
a virus caught in the matrix
my son, your daughter
our hearts connecting tightly

I can feel your energy eons away
guiding me home.. to your loving embrace
an attraction so undeniable
rendering me helpless to resist

At its core comes a certainty within me..

I would kill for you, and die for you too.
You already knew that though
so if I were to turn to the light and awake
from this slumber, freezing on the shore

Thrown overboard for desertion
loyalty no longer belonging to the entrapment
of a government racistitically robotic
born to kill, raised to kill, and killed I have.

Forgive if I abandon the uniform bloodsoaked?

poet Anonymous


I bask in the warmth
of your smile like the Sun…
peel off the layers
of pain and protection…
I can show my me to you.
You give me comfort;
touch me for no reason  
save you love me.
You will not hurt me.
I can give my me to you.
...in time…
I won't need you anymore…
I won't love you any less...
poet Anonymous

A Terrible Time For An Erection

We all gathered there
To say our goodbyes  
Father Lewis said you were with Jesus now
There were sniffles and red eyes and the sound of people full on ugly crying
You were so loved
You’d be so missed
As I approached your casket
I reached in to touch your icy face
So cold to the touch
I imagined the stillness of your perfect body
The state of rest you mastered
The flower dress that in life was your favorite
And your winter nipples poking through  
Cutting through my heart’s brick wall
I imagined climbing inside with you
Spooning and feeling you up
Cupping your tits as I slid inside you
I was startled when Dad grabbed me
My hard on was on display for everyone to see
He pulled me out of the service
I thought he’d chastise me
Or beat me
But instead. he whispered...
“There’s no wrong way to process your emotions, son”
I miss you mom.
poet Anonymous

My Long Gone Beloved

Another week
  Another Day
      Another Minute
          Another Second
        Without her
     Without You
   No Hope
No Direction

I can’t sleep
I can’t eat
I can’t go on
Pretending like this isn’t
Killing me

Candice, what have you done?
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