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Tyrant of Words
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now i need to ponder my existence and ask myself if i'm truly real

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Dangerous Mind
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Love Sans The ~Ness, is this [Love Absolute]~  A De(g/c)ree~ Less Bird Of Liberation Rewrites Self in Love Eternal


here, hear now pretty pettisome self:
enough is enough is enough is enough..

shall you cobble & cement up your
weighing down sagginess flesh folds
in fattening lumpiness- the emotionless
 infestation of the serial~ killer slaughter
machinist,  your wolverine brainy greys

unto the ever~ expansible core- yes this
your very own core of
 -a splendid infinity, this

& wait,  
what nerdy netting in treacherous ‘-ness’
did you mean in your daily sermoning monotony
of opportunistic optionals of the floored multiple
entendre, that’s really a self~destructional
sabotage... in materialistic~ meaningless
actualities, to say so

of your pathetic fate
& state of dooming affairs with your wheeling
in senseless stern face off juggernaut of fascistic
holocaust rollouts of your own
delicate organic cellular?

it’s a
degree’less’    ‘-less'~ness

that's a revolutionary irony-  not in itself
-but in the interactional bonds.. towards
an integral bonding.. of its cosmic conceptional
seed absolute enwrapped in a writhing wraith
sheath of differentially hueing skindepths
you diffract the partitioning colours of
a cheaply ”divide & rule” policy
in your eccentric body
carriage – that still

holds in stillness this egoless essence
refined unto each atomic~ hiving combs

shall this
heavy crowned hypocrite~ pothead existence
of this so~ fittest survival, a savage hunting game
of the sapiens

still be devoid
of the dramatic polity as blood~ sucking satirical
leeches laughing inner with wagging taily smiley
dispositions that broods & hungers for a brutally
unimaginable backstabbing vendetta... with bitter~
bubbling green vengeance the expression of the Core divine..
‘fallen' in Love – the heavenly palanquin
afloat yet fallen in Love- that’s in the sacred
messengers' elevational upliftment- of  
resurrectional rebirths each now

burn burn burn now… the
selfless~ s(t)unning burns to
feathery~ swimming stardust-

an undeconstrucionable
dimensionless dimension beyond the
known~ unknown limitless

of your narrowly comprehensions & fraudulent
corporatisms.. of your stinking whirpool of garbage
existentialism sewage you stir in shamelessly in a
dangerous showcase of this ongoing webgame, this

that you will
forever never ever know?!..  at least feel
its holistic holiness,  LOVE...  even

if this quintessential need
is in unnatural suppression by your ticking suicidal
bombs in the self~ glorifyingly set monstrous curriencies
of your synthetic~ sensex day  running all over your
hermetic obsidian of a hedonistic terroristic
egoistic (be)head

shall this raging expression
be the averting write~ right of no more amoebic impressioning
anonymities in the name of poetry...  cos  mere scribbled pages
arent poetry ..but the living in each breath is itself
an embodiment

of Poetry.  even its silences...

shall never love anymore..
cos this self is the LOVE:  from the warring in inner conflicts,
is the self~ harmonious rise as one ~heartmindbodysoul entity
defeating the each caging in cunning   "i" s, a bird emerges now
in core~ dedications...  & sacrificing the previous~ self under
finicky fanaticisms

arise~ awake ~ stop not
until unto LOVE ETERNAL

Written by summultima (uma)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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A violet taper molten pooled
the long soft sigh of autumn wind
sweet wild berries staining my tongue
an infinity between drops from the sky
smelling your earthy brown alpaca sweater
rolling and reveling
in a collage of you
Written by LilDragonFly
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Thought Provoker
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To NewBeginings

Lovely hands they feel me,  
a sensual feeling
hips pressed against mine,
a sexual healing  
Lover’s passion lighting fires,  
under the sheets, she’s sleeping  
a beauty beneath the silky crimson  
50 shades of red, a tough decision  
laying bare on bed, invade my vision  
hypnotic pose an unknown mission  
an unknown moment, feel its swelling  
an unknown reaction, sharing is caring  
an unknown voice, moaning and screaming  
an unknown feeling, the pressure is overwhelming  
Al l I want to do, Is make wild love  
Not on paper, spilled ink over above  
hour glass beauty, like a white dove  
passion shapes, wild hearts do rove  
Time to make love, look in the mirror  
A whole lotta of love, it’s flows like the river  
this soul beside me, I will want forever  
crystal clear silken sheet, you, I’ll remember!  
The crimson silken sheets, cast upon your supple breasts,  
laying next to you just to feel a heart of gold within your chest,  
dark girth and lengthy, you know I possess the perfect key  
beauty in the shades of red, time to open that precious heart to me!  
It’s simply time for NewBeginings
Written by XiaoLong
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Do You Still Love Me?

Do you still love me
When I am not there
When I cannot hold you close to my heart
Do you still love me

Do you still love me from your heart
Can you still love me when everything is falling apart
When our backs are against the walls
No money for the rent
When all of our money is spent
Do you still love me

When everybody want something from you
Because your lifestyle reflect a lot of money
Laugh in my face and talk behind my back
But can't say to my front
I am tired of being the victim of abuse
So mistreated and use
Nobody faithful anymore
When love is gone out that door
Do you still love me
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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This is Love

In another world I would be lost without
His voice and touch, but in the big world  
I am perfectly happy as I wipe away my
Own tears. There would be no doubts
As I look at his smile. I feel his body curled  
Next to me, but did he see the tears I cry?
So quiet that he does not hear one drop.
There are parts of me he still did not quite
Understand. He got the happy parts of
Me, but did not get the sadness or stop
To understand what is gone too. The fight
I used to have is no longer there. The love
I felt with my entire soul has disappeared.
Does he still love me or all the fragments  
Of who I used to be? Love would make me
Cautious and guarded, but I reappeared
From the darkness, ready for segments
To become linear and whole. Did he see
Me for who I really am? A girl and woman
Right on the edge, but trusting the fall to
The bottom. Someone who is willing and
Ready to trust love. He would take a bullet
For me and he would paint the sky blue
To see me happy, but to truly understand
Or know me, he has to get more than skin
Deep. He has to travel to my heart in order
To get why I am so afraid. He realizes I am
Not any girl, but someone who gets lost in
My head and I am willing to cross border
Lines for love. My heart gets in a big jam
And in a tanged web when it comes down
To loving someone else, but for him I was
Inclined to try. He knows there are days
In which I did not want to wear my crown
Made of jewels and gold. It is love as cars
Break down and he is willing to see a way
To walk through the clouds and stormy
Skies. This love is far from being thorny.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Emily Among The Willows

How long has it been
me waiting here    
for poems so dear    
beautiful rhyme just in time    
Gathering up your words    
stealing straight away    
under the willow for the day    
whispering each luscious line    
Tracing my lone finger      
across the inked page    
in order to touch    
all that touched you    
Imagining you there    
scented candle in the air    
as it lights your barren page    
your heart swelled with me    
Why is it so      
I love you even though      
I have never felt your caress    
still my soul does remember    
Written by LilDragonFly
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Kiss you

Those nights I'll always remember  
We confused the lights in the city  
for angels after midnight  
Radio waves crashing into you and me
That’s when I knew right there and then  
I wanted to kiss you  
The days they're stuck in my head
Now Stations only play dead air  
ID try to recreate them memories
With someone new But  
why try when I only want you  
Your a dream
that’s where you stay
after I left you at your front door  
Without a kiss  
Couldn’t breathe Nervous atmosphere  
you came back in my dreams  
If I ever see you again
First thing I’m going to do  
Is kiss you
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 13th Nov 2019
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Love Laid Bare

Uncovers feelings that once did not exist    
Deep, as oceans are wide  
Wounds quick as lightening  
Empowers to reach untouchable peaks    

Harmonious as a singing bird    
Reveals subsurface beliefs    
A complicated labyrinth    
A complex couples dance    
Intense as a storm approaching    
Hits harder than a bullet    
Ever changing
Jealousy suffocates like oil on water    
Intricate tiers of connection    
Soaring highs, lowest lows    
Hold tight to love bestowed.
Written by JOY (Joybell)
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Dangerous Mind
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Commanders in Cheese - in the What House West-Wing

Happening hip-hop  
is a KWest for the first
Real political  
talking head-shop  

should be better than  
Raz at Chop-Chaz-
Butt... I will give u  
or anyone the vote  
and wear a damn mask  
actually multiple....  
If you will  
show mercy to the  
Abolish abortion  
rights for all stages  
of black life
Written by EdibleWords
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