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Tyrant of Words
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the soughing of these bones

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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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MY All

It was as moon cast shadows, flee  
and held me in that sense of wonderment  
behold pure spirit, a mind of no impropriety
a table of such perfect elements  

Hair swept on golden sandy shores  
not baited hook that wears designer clothes  
the prefect pebble and claim it as yours  
pull down the moon, my need a baying wolf  
Turbulence of eyes that meet  
demure the questions and not blink  
 ask with hidden lust, inflection indiscreet  
 dream of nakedness beneath the mink  
She carries the corsetry of unfettered flesh  
erection carried high on stilted heel  
jealous women, eye her pert firm breast's  
peach youth upon her buttock's keel  
Intellect  in abundance  
a lexicon no word could describe  
not arm candy revealed with each inane utterance  
for we two starting our own tribe  
a KING with this Queen by my side
Written by slipalong
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 16th Feb 2020
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assault of images,
wonder of dreams,
break with reality.

drifting haze
obscure shapes
uncertainty reigns

heart that’s broken
heavy with loss
bleeding from hurt

soul that searches
questions it’s question
infinity is certain

world in chaos
is it catching
am I a victim

death is final
but not the end
faith says no

what’s beyond
imaginations door
afraid to open
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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A Shell

Take this heart of mine and ravage it in savagery.
Take it and consume the love it once held, the hope it once had...  
Cause it will never fell the joy from another.
Cage it off from the love it once lost, Tossing it aside before another love crosses its path.  
Let these emotions that that weighs heavy on this heart, crumb to dust.
Since I can no longer trust these feelings that warped itself to stone,
Choosing to forever be alone.
Let them drift with the wind,to carry the happiness that was once there...
The tears that were once shed...
The pain that was once felt.  
And leave me to be an empty shell.
Written by ManorMyth (Man_Or_Myth)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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The bemused conclusion of a rose

In the limelight of once covenant
Feel and touch
Drops cling to the curling of my rose
(She darkens there, in the light of you)
I recoil in the gloaming
The shine shimmies
And bursts

To the floor
Of scattered leaves
And dried red petals
The moisture will not plumpen them
Or shout any good fragrance onto the breeze

You gaslight my blue abrasions
Creating phantasm on my skin
A silhouette of features I know well
Mouth and hummmm
Low vibratory calling
A song that sings
Eons into my existence

But I await
In crouch and ready pose
(My curl has not devastated my posture she may unbend herself)
To spring forth
Out of these blue black strikes
You have laid on my courage

My keeper has become
A tree that bears fruit
I will pluck from it
And willingly be put out

My flowering held in hand
Full bodied in the wildest
Temptation met with choice
And it darkens only the red of my lip

What is left erect
For your perversions grow only
When pressed inside my shadowy illusion
(So keep it to stroke some lonely afternoon)

My eye will grow to no longer notice
Any contusion
I shed my skin and walk out of apparition

Grace and beauty shown only
In a strong light
To those who might keep their shadows for themselves

Written by Calamityofgin
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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how many times have I uttered the words
I love with all my being
but do you truly understand
what that means?

the tender sighs
and sweet caresses
all the gentleness that's expected
they have their time and place within me
but there's so much more
that can't be seen
they share it
with my other less obvious facets

with the passion
that relentlessly burns
white hot
and barely contained
a wildfire carefully restrained
recognition that untethered ignition
can create a reckless blaze
fierce enough
to eat us both alive
I love you with that energy too

with the fury and rage
at all I've endured
though thankfully brief in its release
it will still insist
on speaking its piece
manifesting itself in protectiveness
a mighty shield
around all those I cherish
I love you with that shelter too

with the patience
and every lesson learned
through my hard-won
inch-by-inch survival
in climbing my personal mountain
one claw-hold at a time
under siege
but never beaten
I love you with that strength too

I've looked hard
at who I am
at where I've been
and all I've done
stared in acceptance
and forgiveness
at the girl in the mirror
determined to grow
taking exploration even further
knowing no one is perfect
and with those same honest eyes
I gaze lovingly at you

I love with all my being
I'm always moving and expanding
it's a lot to handle
and every breath you capture
comes fully imbued
like an ocean
rolling inward and receding
I give you my stillness
and my tempests
a force of nature unrivaled
always seeking balance

when I tell you I love you
with all my being
now do you understand?
Written by FromTheAsh
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 24th Sep 2013
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I Love You in a Hi-Chew

I love you; I gave you a Hi-chew
I never denied you  
And never tried to hide you
When I was lost I would always find you
You were my lil short girl, only a little over 5”2
Days with you were always sky blue
Now the road is mine and I’ve nowhere to ride to
Now I only see you from my side view
And there’s an ache when I pass by you
Did you even find the Hi-Chew?
It wasn’t grape but I hope the taste will guide you  
Don’t let this space between us divide you
Don’t let another’s mask disguise you  
I said I love you in that Hi-Chew
So much more than a simple haiku  
The way things ended, I really want to despise you  
But I couldn’t even if I tried to  
Just know I said I love you in that Hi-Chew
Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Gray Ghost

Love is the strings of my dark verses
sweet the melancholia of romantic wings
soft as a waltz of my warbling gray ghost
breathing in the air of pale blue thunder
and lightning bolts of crimson red anvils
in the fallows of manmade graves
laying my hands on your infinity stone
touching your silhouette, whispering
you are not alone in your resting place
escaping the pain, looking for tranquility
soft as a waltz of my warbling gray ghost
Written by adagio
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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There’s ghosts in the fuel tank, but the wheels never seemed to mind

I don’t have a car
to drive around in  
if I did, I wonder where I’d go  
if I’d stroke those leather seats,  
think of the old Mallet couch  
back when walking around  
wasn’t failure  
we’d rock up on High Street  
full of cigarettes and stars  
because the wheels missed this—  
the glory of it; your streetlight eyes  
making promises that wouldn’t last  
another heathen venture.  
Tonight I am  
Godless & absent  
and I wanna feel as high  
as I did then  
when your smile tasted  
like rough scotch & sunrise  
and I’d think about the future  
under rays of devastating light  
where I wrote on receipts  
to catch an answers breath  
that drained me of sleep  
but one day,  
I promise  
we’ll drive  
pack up our smokes  
and books from the couch—  
fold those words into poems,  
float them into traffic  
and we’ll head out,  
to a place we’ve never been  
because we’ll be going nowhere  
and I’m dead enough by now  
to know home isn’t always  
the place you begin.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Becoming One

                  Go back to the first                                                  time you ever laid  
          eyes on eachother, remember                            the electricity? Did you sense  
       the c o n n e c t i o n that was o n                     another level, did you revel in one  
    another’s presence as hearts beat in                 synchronicity?  But for some of us the  
  emotion then takes on  a  journey,  as i f        traveling beyond the universe. W e begin
 to t h i n k of words to express the feeling,   dealing w i t h the specs o f  these complex  
sentence structures and put it down in verse. We get a nostalgia for things that haven’t  
 happened yet, but we then begin to imagine, it’s an aching that plagues the heart and  
  mind all the time, until the written stanzas make sense of it because then it feels like  
    passion.  Yet t h e words written a r e n ’ t enough and so we dig deeper,  trying to  
     understand t h e unknown,  because their presence triggers a new sensation and  
       an elation, when the spirit wants more and it won’t be assuaged,  just know we  
          can’t l i v e on dreams alone.  Suddenly you find yourself in a whole o t h e r  
             realm, overwhelmed but enthused because somewhere in this heavenly  
                 vision, your inspiration feeds you the words with precision and now  
                     you’ve found your muse.  And it’s h e r e where a poet finds the  
                          definition of love,  i n comprehending t h a t this becomes  
                               the focal point in our lives.  Everything we think and  
                                    feel,  all the things we dream and seek, until it  
                                        comes to us, with open arms and an open  
                                           heart. And so it's done when these two  
                                                     souls become whole because
                                                               the halves have
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 22nd July 2017
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A violet taper molten pooled
the long soft sigh of autumn wind
sweet wild berries staining my tongue
an infinity between drops from the sky
smelling your earthy brown alpaca sweater
rolling and reveling
in a collage of you
Written by LilDragonFly
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 15th Jan 2019
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Verdant Green

Feeling spirits of Shiloh, as I walk the fields of battle
Now verdant green with shadows and a stone
Beneath you lay as the stone grows cold
On the banks of a river as kids, we played

Now God has carried you away but your soul remains
Yet the peace in the valley comes with autumn's frost
Of the love of my life, that I have lost
And the tears that give me pain

As I hear you, six feet below calling my name
So mellow of your alto, with a smile on your lips
As the chariot carries you home
To better a place for your soul to roam

As the antebellum still lingers of the cotton
And cotillions where we made love
But Old Dixie will never be the same
Until God shares his grace, for one and all

Feeling spirits of Shiloh, as I walk the fields of battle
Where ghost have bled no more to tread
As we kiss away all our fears
Now verdant green with shadows and a stone
Written by adagio
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Perfect Love

"If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation."
~ Osho

Love is not a possession,
Or an object of obsession;
It is selfless, never selfish,
Understanding, never jealous.
It is caring, and non-intrusive,
It's not too daring or elusive;
It's forgiving, always giving,
Never hissing, never hitting.
It's an expression of appreciation,
Without aggression or depreciation;
Nor a single expectation—
Love should never be vexatious.
It's feeling so enraptured,
Without feeling like you're captured;
It's so beautiful and free,
In it's sweet serenity.
Love isn't always fun and games,
But it's never void of passion;
It's expressed in many different ways,
And in many different fashions.
Sometimes it's helping with the rent,
When every cent you have is spent.
Or providing a little moral support,
To build a better rapport.
Sometimes love's a shoulder to cry on,
When there's no one to rely on.
It's a listening ear, and an open mind,
It's unconditional and kind.
Lastly, love is like the perfect drug,
Highly contagious, like a bug
Once you're bitten, it is injected
And forever, you're infected!
Written by NewBeginnings
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Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Lost in Love

My mind is lost  
To the woman inside  
I love so much  
They turn me on  
For they got my balls  
Is pleasing me  
My heart is chasing  
What it want and need
For she takes my love:  
Everywhere she goes  
For the key to my heart is hers
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 25th Jan 2020
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Burning Love

My Love for you
is tearing me up
cuz my soul can't
live without your
mind, body, spirit
that every time
the wind passes
I hear your name
and I can't take it
cuz I want you
inside of my:
mind, body, spirit
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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