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Alibo Terna Timothy
Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Express love your own way. No rules, no censor, because love got none except fairness.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Ever So Softly

She circkes ever so softly
Around my heart
A beautiful spark

In the mists of time
She dances
She cries
With all her soul
Connecting me

In the well of her eyes
Lies the tears of love
Only for me
Lips thst sweetly form
Words of divine sound

She ripples gently
Over my senses
Her aura surrounds
Like an etheral being
Creating feelings

That will never die
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Twisted Dreamer
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I Open My Heart

I open my heart
and soul to you

At the risk of injury and pain

regardless of outcome

Love or loneliness
Either a growing experience

That is life
Written by Kinkpoet
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Tyrant of Words
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Recherché  Almirahs

Your stars,
galaxies of radiant Beauty  
cause me to remember  
how I drowned when I fell  
into You……..  
the sparkling wells
embedded in Your eyes  
Struggling to breathe  
reaching for comet tails  
flailing about achingly  
stretching to capture  
the rings  
any golden rings  
of any planet nearby  
I ceded my all  
my wealth of twinkling  
diamonds and pearls  
adding to Your  
armoire universe  
and the dross from  
our searing coronas  
sealed a love  
to last until our rebirth  
or the death of a  
Trying, failing  
beginning again  
Living, learning  
knowing no end  
bound to You  
we are free to  
share the celestial  
gems to all  
with the heart  
to understand
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Do You Love

do you love
do you embrace
the strength
of his wants
inhale the scent
of his desires
kiss with love lust

do you love well
holding the length
of his soul
within the fold
of your heart
does he move with you
in love's life rhythm

She says "with the gentle brush
of my beloved's hands
his love in flower folds
ecstasy in truth foretold."
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Beautiful Kind Of Trouble

He strolls into my mind as smooth as can be      
Debonair, yet wicked desires his tongue coats, deifying all logic of me          
Charming, enticing, soft whispers upon uttering my ancient given name          
Reality in his smile, his eyes, his foreign dialect, virtual in his touch, hitherto, rendering me defenseless all the same
Blurred lines of veracity, as I lay, spreading my thighs for him          
Two fingers embedded inside my slit, the farthest he’s got then most men          
That’s how he likes me, wet, self-pleasing myself, the rituals of our nightly sins          
Come closer as he peaks inside the depth of my soul          
Drawing me deeper and deeper, losing my sense of purpose, up my body my dewy fingers slowly patrol          
Licking my sweeten essence off the abyss of my moistened south          
His eyes, darting to my dildo on the bed, lifting it, now darting in and out the opening of my mouth          
“Now squeeze a breast, pinch a tit.”          
Mm… sliding, with one hand, my toy pass my lips          
He’s aroused, from glimpsing the hardness of his towering dick          
His pre-cum coating the tip          
Demanding I get down on all fours... and crawl up to my enlarged screen          
An act of submission, I conclude, advertising his smile as his pearly teeth they gleam          
Each approval heard behind his hissing          
Up and down, stroking his manhood…., the mushroom dome glistening          
Laying on my back, legs in the air          
Yeah… just like that, his eyes perusing over my pussy’s fine downy hairs          
A beautiful man with the lustful desires of a reigning King          
His dancing nympho, his spread eagle Queen          
Arousing him with my moans of pleasure as he watches the in and out insertion of my dildo, until it makes me cream          
Mm… back arching, hips slowly gyrating          
My dildo inside me, farther migrating          
Smearing the glossed residue all over my chest, over my lips... tasting the wetness of my pussy melt          
Then embedding it back inside my soaking nest, a feeling best experienced when felt          
Closing my eyes, climaxing, body shaking          
His eyes glued to the act of my love making          
Withdrawing my toy with an ease, my pussy still pulsating          
Turning over for the dipping eye appease          
Mm… oh yes… scooting to the edge of his chair... the fascination he has when I use my anal beads          
His groans echoing with each pulling out tease          
Asking him, ‘you like that, baby… after the last one escaping          
His reply, 'make this dick cum and no more waiting'          
In and out my dildo  inserts... my ass wiggling, jiggling with each twerk          
Playing with the tip of my toy, up and down the inner crevice it glides over the fissure of my ass          
The wolfish sounds unbeknown echoing, his throaty  grunts… his release seeping, then pumping the base fast          
His pearly flow spilling out on full blast          
Pivoting my head backwards... his stomach coated with a river of carnal pleasure from my freaky task          
Shh... I won’t tell anyone... your persona protecting that enraging fire… is my handsome sire        
It's a beautiful kind of trouble when its Kingdom cums with molten flames of desires        
Mesmerizing … addictive,  sending me as my climax becomes undone like a Moth drawn to its fire
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Thought Provoker
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In the break of dawn, you lie awake    
Never shy of awkwardness, just love to laze    
a light grunt and growl, no bed to break    
only troubled by the morning mist mixed with haze    
depth of your droopy eyes, the window into your soul      
locked steadily at me, I feel a bond taking hold    
it has been really long yet I’m happy not to be in control      
a feeling so unconditional, stories that aren’t just told    
I run my fingers through your soft little ears,      
I straighten your curly golden locks, your shyness appears,      
upon the sky I gaze,  I realize that it has been so many years    
a happiness that I have forgotten, the warmth had me in tears    
your musky odor, getting faint as you get closer    
straight at my face, your cheeky little demeanor      
I could react any faster, I guess the years made me older    
age isn’t a barrier, and love isn’t only for a dreamer      
little pearly whites and the smile on your face, it never ceases to amaze    
the innocence of your age, looking like Tommy Page, sweet illusions from your gaze    
the light of dawn reflecting off your face, shines brightly into my mortal life      
splurging raw passion in abundance, this bond between us is worth the strife      
no words was spoken, your murmurs a melodious perfection      
no words have been spoken, ours is an emotional connection      
no words should be spoken, as we just arrived at cloud seven    
no words need to be spoken, we are on the journey to the seventh heaven    
I am flying, I am floating, I’m am signing up for this new experience      
cloud seven to the seventh heaven, there’s no way I’m going to miss all the excitements    
two love struck souls serenading each other in an unexpected predicament      
mutual desire to out live each other, fate has yet to write a love story of enlightenment      
as the time goes, stronger is the daylight      
looking ahead it’s up to us to do what is right
then it’s time for the moon to light up the night    
shining my way with love, for this light is bright!
Written by XiaoLong
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Dangerous Mind
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She is sweetness untasted
by the likes of the deserving
though for some
love is merely a mistake of judgement  
until something better comes along
to subtly replace a misplaced heart.
She is forgiveness unfelt
a bleeding heart of amore
so they drink
and play and fall
until choice is lost
yielding to fatal attraction.
She is kindness unseen
not wounded love could defeat
from the bounty of the wasted
we count
moments until she turns sour
but she never does.
She is sanguine addiction
of words that melt stone
with a fire that breathes
from her will
burning in virtue
that makes me sing.
Written by 13
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Fire of Insight
United States
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The Seasons of Love

autumn, hues of crimson and wine displayed in vivid glory
a season where one falls in love
the heart is tender and young, love is learning to crawl, motherly arms greet her with a smile, a kiss
she is shielded from the cold, she is growing under heavy leaves

winter, a bitter awakening
the heart is greeted with a blizzard
frozen by the weather
stuck in the middle of a wind of uncertainty
love buries herself beneath the ice and snow
she is hibernating, she will not be shaken
the sight of spring sows the seeds of rebirth
cultivated by the lover’s sun
and fed from the well of relentless rain
she is in full bloom
love is in the air, can you smell her?
love is spreading like a wildfire
who would dare tame her?

summer, lost in heat
love is slowing in her cycle
she is thirsty and she hungers
for the breeze of autumn
for the gentle lull of spring
but she is planting herself deeper
roots are secure, love is adapting to its season
love will fade with time
love may sleep away the winter
but love is no annual

she will return in the spring

Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Thought Provoker
United States
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 A rose with petals of titanium  

Her bloody thorns tiny daggers  
ripped my flesh, elevated me  

I kneel, and know she is my love
Written by inechoingsilence
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Candy Love

Woman is like flowing
through river
making my soul shiver
for your love is like
is the smell of lilacs and roses
so sweet that heart  
is  beating for
beautiful smell
to take and hold onto:
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Casey Brock
Lost Thinker
United States
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WordScape (Casey Brock)
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poet Anonymous


In the carcass of my heart
I lay broken
when sad the waves
rolled each tide
gently forwards
in eratic orbit
when sad the sea spoke
your name

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Quintessential Omens

In the night of autumn calm
quiet of the fallen leaves
yet with love in your eyes
with quintessential omens
As the silence is magic
to my ears with a renaissance
in the forest of the oaks
and spawning of the acorns
As your breath touch my lips
with quintessential omens
and flutes of the meadowlark
with golden wings
Like an angel in flight  
a mythical dream so beautiful
in the night of autumn calm
quiet of the fallen leaves
Written by adagio
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