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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Submit a poem that best describes how you feel about the civil unrest that has swept across the world in the wake of George Floyd's murder. world in the wake of George

Living in St. Paul, the twin city of Minneapolis, I’ve been living in the middle of the George Floyd protests and riots. Since his death, between the sound of gunfire and sirens, along the smell of buildings burning down, I’ve had many sleepless nights.  Barry McGuire’s "Eve of Destruction" protest song recorded in mid-1964 keeps playing over in my mind. I’ve come to wonder if humanity is on the brink of destruction. A YouTube link is provided below for those of you who may not be familiar with the song.  Please submit a poem that describes your view of the civil unrest that has swept across the world in the wake of Mr. Floyd’s death.  As fellow poets, what I seek are intellectual works rather than visceral reactions.  Of course, please be respectful of all contributions.


Living only a block away from the Minnesota Governor’s Mansion, I couldn’t help but wonder if we are on the Eve of Destruction when I witnessed a heavily armed military vehicle drive past my home.  This is one of the more disturbing events in my life.  Needless to add, the video of Mr. Floyd’s murder is shocking.  So, I post this competition with a great sincerity.

Guardian of Shadows
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There's Them

It's not always us
it's also about them
lingeringly pushing
themselves into denial

Hatred, a glare a look a smirk
scares me white
she whispers venom
smiling like a Madonna

I sit behind pearly curtains
occasionally peeping out
to watch harshness unfold
judgementialism rearing up

colours don't matter
hatred is coloured white
love is coloured red
black makes me look slimmer

I'm far from madding crowds
living as lonely as a cloud
catching occasional smiles
from Occidental skies

eggs on nests
kittens on flower beds
man living breathing
all life matters.

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Fire of Insight
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The Charmers of Hupomeno

Mankind and his ambition  
Might have thought  
To take slowly from the pile
But he seems to heave and throw
Eager to watch it burn
Eyeing the cinder
The ember his eye
Puff and pride swelling his chest
What destruction  
And brought tempest
The storm placed  
And mankind grins  
Believing it echoed a rain dance
Barking snake oil  
To crowds huddled  
Shaking hands  
To chuck the bottle
They lick their lips of its placebo
And stoke the fire  
With sticks of ivory
Boned charcoal  
And remnants of nature  
And its source
The tapping of singed fingers
Plays a tune  
To impromptu a soft shoe  
Buffaloes time step
And the cake walk shows white teeth
Bared and dinged
And shuf shuf shuffles off
Mankind and his cane
To beat the rock  
With the bones of holy ancestry
They drink  
But cannot further the tribe  
Dancing does nothing for distance
Endurance withers  
In the heat furnaced and fueled  
Mankind procreated
Whip in hand and behind her like a dog
He has raised a son
And named him Meribah
The Great Entertainer
Watch him twirl the torches
Gasp as they burn
The soul at siege  
Will rush the plank  
Will caress the sky from falling
Will scald his flesh  
To prevent the stage on fire
But dismantle it piece by piece
And find a fortress in his stronghold
The temple of man
Made of skin
And three rings announce a master of ceremonies  
He is loathe to crack the lions
But had intended them lambs
Written by Calamityofgin
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Guardian of Shadows
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Fire Wife

You already said goodnight/ i love you
but he mentioned its busy
be safe
no answer
Its late
youre wide awake
He hasent responded yet
You know hes tired
they are all tired
theyve been busy
They all need sleep
so you in turn feel guilty for being tired
you sneak a peak at your high school age kids
because come on, seeing them safe helps
you look in the mirror
you look tired
you look worried
you lay back down
its only been 14.3 minutes
you arent asleep
you text him again
you turn on the news
you see chaos
what the fuck
you google said area heart pumping
you arent sure if hes there
youre knees are sore from praying
please God let him be ok
please God let him sleep
please God let them all be safe
please God let him return home safe
to the family that deeply loves him
Hes a good man
the best
you notice its so late
you triple check the house alarm
you think hear the kids
they ask if dads ok
you try to hide your fear and say yes
hes fine go back to bed
you look at the clock
normal people are sleeping right now
our lives are not normal
you have get up for work soon
you know youll wear your famous smile
hiding the pain of sleepless night(s)
masking the multitude of thoughts that you have
when hes at work and cant answer
your phone blips
you run from the kitchen with a bag of chips in your hand
to your bedroom cuz thats where you left your phone
you hit your pinky toe
fuck that hurt
its only an ad
fuck that ad
you mental note to never buy from them again
you go back to bed
you close your eyes and turn off the tv
then you hear it
that sound
is it really the garage door opening?
no way hes home already
you start to cry
you stop
you listen
wow its that time already!
you hide your tears
you run down the hall before he hits the house door
you thank God once again
you hug and kiss each other
hes tired
he goes to bed
you are getting ready for work
he checks the kids before bed
you go and tell him again you love him and that youll see him later
he hugs you tight says the same and then you leave
hes home
hes home
press play
repeat for the next day he leaves for work
the life of this fire wife
Written by mysteriouslady
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Submit a poem that best describes how you feel about the civil unrest that has swept across the world in the wake of George Floyd's murder. world in the wake of George

This is how I feel....all. the. time.

Tyrant of Words
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What matters

in this moment    
is not a fire someone set    
  engulfing an innocent      
   youth down its throat      
none of us are saints;      
we've all made mistakes—      
hoping a second. . .      
  third, or fourth chance    
   makes an appearance      
   before we become artifacts.  
What matters now—      
 in this moment      
is that George Floyd      
 and all before him      
were robbed of that hope     
through no fault of their own—      
enough is enough;      
let justice be served      
Written by Ahavati
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Tyrant of Words
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Field Of Dreams

multicolored bowling balls
rotting heads of state
sprout flowers instead of lies
viral immunity inadequate protection
from mobs guillotine noose
bloody revolt nourishes landscape
wounds heal meadows rejuvenate
mother earth sings
© 2020
Written by Kinkpoet
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Tyrant of Words
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#Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter demanding voices to be    
I hope as the writer you come to feel me  
And of course, your life matters too  
As an embodied society protect my human rights, give me my just due    
Police brutally has always plagued the humanity of the black race    
From DWB, racial profiling, to the spray of facial Mace    
Illustrating the hushed concept    
Your life is less than mine this will be forgiven, behind my badge American citizens shall soon forget
Your fallacies to judge presence, not upon skin color as a body who stands    
I bleed as you bleed like a God fearing man    
Hands raised, complying, no gun in sight    
He flinched, shots fired, bullets now lain out in hindsight    
Court systems, defending the men in blue    
Witnesses to comfort the family’s integrity now has the forgetful mind flu    
Shooting acquitted, man of blue, justified    
Outraged, the stigma of the family seeking justice, sadly demoralized    
In front of a microphone, tears falling, behind the whys    
My child was a Christian, he was even baptized    
You’ve now taken him away from me in the blink of an eye    
Only God knows the wicked man’s mind seen through the shooter’s lies    
We want justice, screams heard throughout the night    
Marches, riots, demonstrations, heard from the deafening ears of injustice’s cruel fight    
Give us justice or give us peace    
Only a squeaky wheel gets oil, it gets the grease    
Movement or Hatred how did society ever come to this    
I do not even know how this issue ended up on my Nurse’s wish list    
Voices heard, impartiality felt, but remains unseen    
A blue force to reckon, which has labeled Black Lives Matter a total mob scene    
But wait, we all march for our civil rights, correct    
It’s has been our amendment since the beginning of time, but yet    
Skin of a different color, birthed from the womb of a dark-skinned mother    
Rules do not apply since it’s not the other    
We march on Washington for equal pay    
No time for a brother whose body has been bullet ridden and slayed    
We march in the streets to recognize equality of both genders    
No time for a brother who was pulled over for a simple fender bender, killed, his eulogy has now been delivered    
We march for medical reform, I need my health care    
No time for a brother who was running away, unarmed, shot in the back, reasons of such evaporated into thin air    
I could go on and on and on    
However, Black Lives Matter sings this unified song    
My one and only single request that must be met    
Bullets are flying among the African American race like Russian Roulette    
Life in essence, and living the American dream is a hefty bill    
We need to sing together when anyone has been unjustifiable killed    
The voices of hurt rings so much louder from the African American hilltops    
We all remember Rodney King, the wooden batons refused to stop    
Years later, unfortunately things have not changed    
Different geographic, different situations, yet the results are always the same    
Many things we must do to better ourselves as we all move along    
Hear the voices seeking justice, as if it was your own song    
When a shooting has taken lives within schools    
It does not matter what color, we feel the victims’ mothers’ pain, we demand justice, not pity the fool    
Now put that spin on the flip side of your skin    
Then understand this is how Black Lives Matter movement begin    
Continued marches for bullets, which steals an innocent body off the streets, over-and-over again    
However, if you’re guilty as sin    
And weasel your way out with confrontational fists; just remember you will never win    
Think before you act    
Allow the court system to be your justice, a known fact    
Hold it, isn’t this the beginning brought to the end    
Shots fired, killed, he was only driving around the bend    
It wasn’t a gun in his hand, it was his cell phone, let’s all breathe, as we count to ten    
Acquitted, Black Lives Matter, here we go once again  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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All Deaths Matter

Force fed a world I'm having trouble learning to swallow
Regurgitating socially acclimated biases through the filter of your eyes
Searching for the reality of things beneath the picture of a war painting
Fractured hearts are bleeding with the pulp of bitterness on the tongue

Speaking for perceptions of ventriloquist monologues
Marionette journalism making puppets of people
Throw your voice and instigate division in the unrest
Everything is a parallel, from mass panic to personal distress
It seems the worst of it all is consuming me and getting the best

Left on the outskirts of silent tensions and unseen walls
Fortified homes divided within
Dysfunction is common place as outside influences make their way in
Bombardments of these lies and feelings provoking
Reducing spiritual fragmentation to the separation of the skin

Fine line double meanings, what is taking place outside
Versus the interpersonal conflicts of the heart
Afflicted minds find reasons to pass the blame and demonize a counterpart
Hostile situations instigation of the hatred broadcast
Public disservice announcements of anxiety rot news feeds
Entertained by the corruption of the way that everyone bleeds

Victimized, you want your name in lights even if it's written in scars
Competing with the marvel of heaven as night extinguishes the stars
Distinguished by the languish, the language of your pain
Forgetting how to dance as you riot in the rain
Picking a fight with the enemy you make me out to be
I can't argue with your fiction that has become your own reality

Trigger frustrations of projected misery contrived of your own dissatisfaction
Discontented by all that you think you lack
Take it out on me in your self-righteous and dignified overreaction
Say what you'll live to regret that you never can take back

Lost in this pendulum I sway from one extreme to another
Trying to prove what matters and not allow the memory to die
News reels steal the thunder of personal tragedy
No matter how much you highlight the sorrow it never satisfies the why

Commemorative gatherings, exploiting one last breath
Sometimes it seems we only have reverence for life in death
All deaths matter, despite the memorial cheapened by its politics
Damage control, it seems you're only worth remembering as long as the media benefits

Instigated rivalry of domestic foe psychology
Fearing the devil you make of a stranger because that's what they tell us to believe
As stats are slanted to favor the stories that we're partial to
For all that anyone may know it amazes me how anyone can be so easily deceived...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Dangerous Mind
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The talking heads come
out whenever there’s
a so-called crisis to
give their canned
responses given to
them by their rich
sponsors to keep
all you idiots
embroiled in a
“race war” when
it’s always been
class warfare and
they sit and watch
the cities burn from
their hilltop estates and
glug Screaming Eagle and
puff Black Dragons and
pharmaceutical grade as
they plunder Instagram
starlets to

The Revolution will be
an orgy in hell performed
atop the carcasses of the
severely misguided

Written by Taurek
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Tyrant of Words
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Let BLM Break Pork Together (catch hypocrites)

Let BLM Break Pork Together (catch hypocrites)

Back in the day
Sunday Privilege knew

How to use mere words
to steer war

No where could
a Muslim or Jew

hide their faith
at pork feasts

So let hypocrite

with bigotry
...of privilege

say humbly
with fist raised

before all

Their wives

“I am black”
Written by EdibleWords
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Dangerous Mind
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America On Its Knees?

His true intention
Was never prevention
Leathal force used
Human right to live abused

Death seen blow by blow
America you reap what you sow
Let institutions breed hatred
Then nothing is sacred

Anger turns up the heat
Protestors take to the streets
Protect and serves is pure sarcasm
The badge and uniform is white fascism

Racial tensions hit new heights
Land of the free takes another bite
 Not so black and white more rich and poor
Forget guns a loaded credit card is the cure

The thin blue line shatters
Cause all life matters
When the national guard starts firing
Is the constitution finally tiring

Just watch it unfold on television
The government vs people collision
Spare a prayer spare a dime
For America is on its knees this time
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
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[ BLM ] The Day The Race Card Was Played

fans started walking away
from the table in a huff, complaining    
the banned Confederate flag
is a symbol of heritage  
not hate ...  
Enough is ENOUGH!    
Exiting stadium doors;  
absolutely refusing!  
to attend any more  
auto racing events  
instead of cheering for  
everyone crossing the finish line  
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Tyrant of Words
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We Can't Breathe

What the fuck is this shit?
How the hell is this still happening nowadays?
To protect and to serve is a joke
When they choke and take a man’s life away  
Is there no humanity?
How much hatred do they have in their hearts?
They’re so fucking blind and bigoted
That they can kill a man in front of cameras!  
Hate hides behind flawed law
With intent to harm and kill then think it’s justified
It’s inhumane and unfeeling
When there is no regard for another human being
I can’t help but feel angry
Furious and outraged at this broken system
It’s appalling that they can do this
Without any sign of regret or remorse
How many more?
How many times?
Where and where?
Who will be next?
Hey world have you heard?
They took yet another man’s dignity
They took his breath
They took his life
They gave him death for no reason
They committed murder  
And now the masses will be his voice
We can’t breathe
Our blood is boiling and it’s spreading like wildfire
Written by wallyroo92
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