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Alicia Young
Thought Provoker
United States
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Tonight, will be a twist
Something of
There will be no love making
At its best
Nibble on my lips until you have me
Screaming in pain
And I will do the same
Move to my nipples
So, we both can bring the pain
Taking turns biting making our orbs
Now let me use my
Pumps to
Smash the heel
Between your legs
Applying pain
To your
And your
Until you wince and yell out in pain
While my legs are positioned
Over your mouth
Giving you access
To my
Pussy lips
You begin to bite on my
As you move to my
Pussy lips
Biting bringing
Tears to my eyes
We then positioned our bodies
So, your mouth was at my
My mouth was at your
And licking
Turning the pain that was inflicted
Moving up each otherís
Until you came to my sore erect nipples
And I come to yours
And licking
Until our sore
Nipples were replaced with pleasure
Only to move to our lips
And licking
Until our tongues
Found its way inside of our
Tongue fucking each other
Until your
Grew hard
As your precum
Danced around your
Dicks head
And the precum in
My pussy
Starts to drip
For you to insert your
Dick inside of
Fucking me so
Letting my
Pussy feel the pain that your
Dick and balls felt under
My Red Bottom Pumps Heel
As you begin
Me harder
Until your pleasure built up inside
And the pain that you were inflicting became
As we both
Erupted into a
Orgasmic Relief
The two
Of us
Written by micki49 (Alicia Young)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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When itís Ripe

Iím not ready to give it up yet  
The season hasnít started  
But when we smell that sweet love  
Thickening the air around us  
Iíll know itís time  
When itís ripe, Iíll let you pick  
And hold my body in each hand
You can finger every bit thatís there  
When itís ripe, everything seems to taste good  
Even the pit  
When itís ripe, weíll each take turns  
Sucking the fruit that took so long to grow  
Honey and lemon dancing on our tongue  
Watering a garden never felt so fun  
Juicy and tender under the sun  
Youíve consumed my fruit
And Iíve lapped the sugar out of you  
Falling into a summer coma  
Letís start planting  
For next years harvest
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Thank you micki!!!  ❤️

And thank you too fairy! ❤️

Fire of Insight
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At the Beach on Holiday

My crooked dick is short and thick
It doesnít matter anyway
A homely hick is no girlís pick
While at the beach on holiday

I took my cock out for a walk
And offered girls a ride thereon
While most would balk and none would talk
But then Fat Betty jumped right on!

Her surging rump so round and plump
Banged up and down my stumpy pole
Love handles thumped with every hump
As she clenched down her virgin hole

The sound she made as I got laid
From giggled mirth to opera song
Her joy conveyed by loud display
Attracted quite a bawdy throng

To hoops and cheers she grabbed my ears
And smothered me with pondírous tits
Now squeezed to tears, I persevered
And gave them each a hardy kiss

My horny lass of ample mass
Dismounted me and turned around
I had no choice, but bang her assó
With no escape, she slammed back down!

That randy maid just bobbed and swayed
And bellowed out her lusty cries
My face betrayed how much she weighed
From blue to purple, bulging eyes

I never guessed Iíd find success
And fuck a chick so brash and bold
With no regrets beneath her press
While voyeurs cheered, I passed out cold!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Every Trace Of You

Every trace of you is on me
Your essence
Your aura
Your touch
Your scent
They all leave their own footprint
Every one visible
With its own special mark
They have shaped my soul
Opened my heart
Because of you
I feel passion
I feel love
I feel this hunger
This addiction
You come from every angle
Just like the sun
I am immersed in you
My being soaked in the light
Reaching to be touched
To be held
To be loved
You send sparks through me
Bringing the storm
That shakes my foundations
Your beauty stuns me
In awe of the impact on my eyes
My senses crave you
The simple need
The natural urge
To be kissed into oblivion
Never to return from your paradise
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Tease Me Softly

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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Double up

Just like looking in the mirror
two nipples hard in cold midwinter
the bare room no match their stature
naked as forgotten virtue

Blond locks cascade on peach soft skin
how sinuous the curve as they slowly turn
 profiles of promises from painted lips
the black mascaraed eye that winks

Thin curtain of her negligee
translucent, catch the suns last dying ray
posed, as like a classic nymph
she stood. I saw her bulging clit

From her shaven mound protrude
my face, in that passion was consumed
I unzipped my fly, she unfurled my cock
 a staggered gasp said OMG

She stroked the edifice till it was stiff
kissed its length and licked its tip
her green eyes glowing with desire
the troubadour that plays the lyre

The music in my fingers soft caress
a vagina flowered for that vast ingress
no fantasy with black dildo to enthral
boast stallion with enormous balls

The fire in the grate was lit
 embers, and each would roast upon the spit
the mounted heads of the hunters prize
their distain, at the moans and cries

I took her on the tiger rug
a basin finds the perfect plug
expectation's iridescence, climbed initial thrusts
my double inches upon her cusp

Her virgin tightness gripped my shaft
took it all, the deepness of her draught
a marathon don't set your watch
 the incessancy to be top notch

When two minds meet and both succumb
 tumblers turn upon the drum
a key to unlock the dormant flame
winged heels in ashes, I think "what's her name"

As we count each purple stroke
her arching back, she must be close
our bodies are like melting clocks
member hard, into the hilt, and tremors rock

The lava comes in hot cascades
for those twin peaks, decent delayed
and prayers of hardness †as she mounts my cock
and start again with her on top

Morning glory, a burgeoning arise
the crack of dawn lift shadows from our eyes
a memorial to the night; a deja vu
for breathless beauty , blood claim and renew

Written by slipalong
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 20th Mar 2020
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The Pussy Assassin

Craving the darkest keepsakes of your seduction
Pouncing on my poundcake
Overnight construction
Pheromones seeping through my pores
got a sista in (a)maze
Magic dick
Butta stick  
Trancesending melody
penetrating deep strokes
moaning my sexual pleas  
Emotional convolution
Shooting stars
Tokyo drifting into my honey jar
Crashing tidal waves
soaking sheets of passion

~The Pussy Assassin~
Written by sincerity_earth
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Fire of Insight
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Savage Cunt


Ensnared within your sultry walls
Enticed by ardent female wiles
You take my phallus as your thrall
A willing servant soon beguiled

My hunterís spear once thrust inside
Ensnared within your sultry walls
Your Lioness now sits astride
Delivering her pleasured mauls

Entrapped by cunning feline claws
Engorging passion through the night
Ensnared within your sultry walls
The Cock is caged for your delight

A teasing clench draws comic grunt
Impaled within predacious jaws
My manhood feeds your Savage Cunt
Ensnared within your sultry walls

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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How wonderful!

In the words of Billy Idol, mo mo mooooooore!

Strange Creature
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Lick it good

Kneel to this beaver that is presented
Negate your fear of being dominated
Enjoy your hair being pulled
Enjoy your head being used
Lick it good until you get liberated
Written by zetolgam
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Fire of Insight
United States
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I close my eyes
and easily visualize
his naked image
his smell
his voice
his touch
all imprinted now
into my mind
and soul.

As I part
my wet lips
I envision the feel
of his hands
against my most

I can actually feel
his hot breath
on the side of
my neck
his command
urging me
to surrender.

Beneath my hand
all is movement
my thighs quiver
my stomach
as every drip of
descends from my

in my own desire
the pressure
Plunging my fingers deep
filling my need
my erect nipple
my back arching
in pleasure.
My toes begin to curl
I let go
and I fall
tumbling into
an exquisite
of orgasm.
Written by Soft_lilac
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Pulsated Thrusts

Velvet of fitted hands
we wear sheer gloves, endearment
twogether we are the ride encompass,
fucking as Your moisture leaks, my cock enthrall

no oaken withers nor winter freeze known
only entries and exits hunger for more
salivating deference as your foot tramples
the weakness within as thy rope ties
french bowline alongside other hitch

O the sweat...

hyper shakes climb with white heat of freeze
a stuttered breath chatters yes it is always yes ...
somewhere in the fetid mind
my gasp expands as breath is controlled
yet so hungry, to exclaim the no

walls ache wrapped in wailing moan
suspensions thrust hung with denial
how crave lusts use of experienced tools
hummingbirds flit and swallow engulfed by sugar

pulsating quivers descend

I in rapture giver and receiver, quake
her mounds elate, procure the perfect bud
pressed firmly to swirl with warmth and given tongue
bitten just under blood those clasps chomping in

tens, these moments buzzed with alchemy
course through produce and slowly it is eventual...
Ohhhh but patience...and yet denial
one works as we both feel the other
bursting seams of liquid jit mopped ravenous

Fire of Insight
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Her tears are real as Master knows full well
Her pleas for pardon murmured honestly
But sheís at risk as only He can tell
To be another masterís property
Experience demands he act at once
To save his Sub from something sheíll regret
He calmly bows to tighten up her cuffs
And whispers, ďYouíre forever my soubrette!Ē
With practiced strength he bends her over knee
Familiar ritual but not banal
Each smack precisely aimed with tempered zeal
The Master and his Sub are both enthralled!
A simple spanking is her recompense
Both quickly have forgotten her offense!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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