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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Danse Apache

En privé comme ils dansent l’Apache
             [In private as they dance the Apache]
Mistress, in violent lust awash
She slaps his face so hard, he swears
He yanks her to him, by her hair
She fails to rake him with her claws
En privé comme ils dansent l’Apache
Just like a pimp slaps ‘round his whore
He teaches her how to perform
As her scent drips from her pores
They drop, he pins her to the floor
En privé comme ils dansent l’Apache
They lick and suck each other’s crotch
My Mistress sucks him ceaselessly
While I just wait obediently
Her cuckold, I must sit and watch
En privé comme ils dansent l’Apache

The Apache Dance (danse ah-POSH) is a French dance from over a century ago, relating a disagreement between a pimp and his whore. The dance is typically very violent and requires much dexterity and athleticism to perform. A fine, but somewhat tame, example is at
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Author's Note
The Apache Dance (danse ah-POSH) is a French dance from over a century ago, relating a disagreement between a pimp and his whore. The dance is typically very violent and requires much dexterity and athleticism to perform. A fine, but somewhat tame, example may be found at

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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On My Face

Why hold back  
When you love  
What my tongue can do  
How I can make you throw your head back
Make you moan
Have you bite your lips
To stop in mid breath that oh my god
But still it escapes
Still in your mind the sensations are there
Building up to that climax  
As you reach out with your hands
Grasping,  pulling my head into you
Trying to get me deeper inside
Urging me to carry on
Begging pleading never to stop
Your lust filled eyes rolling
Inciting your body to shake  
Quiver at every lick  
Every probe of my tongue
Gripping and grasping to whatever is close
As this fire inside urgently builds
Building this flood of essence  
You can feel it coming
Your hips bucking
As you want to explode in my mouth
My worship of you  
Coming to completion  
As you respond so erotically  
To my warm moist tongue
You are in heaven  
Or it feels that way  
As your dripping wetness
Just floods upon my tongue  
Upon my face  
Written by AspergerPoet56
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Rock The Lazy Boy

She sits across from me her white
robe parted showing thighs and no panties
She had a great smile
She stands up to freshen her drink
 her robe falls to the floor she picks
 it up hangs it on the back of her chair and goes on

Nice rack, big breasts just the color
 I like they hang there like beautiful
ornaments her nipples getting aroused
Nice curves with a small rounded belly
her hips high great shape as they sweep
down to her tiny ass
Daylight for days between those legs
 hers, lips were seen hanging down a bit.
Skinny ass legs with muscles around
the calves
Yes, she was a treat

Returning to her chair she stops off
 at my chair-throwing her legs over
my lap and mounting me face first
She lifts her titty and suckles it herself
licking in circles before going to the other one
Her arms around my neck my face in
 her tits she moves like honey on my
crotch pushing harder on my dick,
 now swollen and throbbing.
 She is smooth her hips dancing slow
 on their own, beautiful.
her foot between my legs on the chair showing me what she has offered before turning around bending over and jiggling her
 ass in my face

She invites me over to the lazy boy rocker and asks me "
would you fuck me please, I mean
 really fuck me?"
On her knees on the rocker, her pussy looks beautifully wet as I dip my fingers in
"No wait, she tells me, I want your cock to invade me first see it's been so long since I've been dicked I want to feel it stretch"

Plenty wet, this mama was in for it
I spit on my dick just in case and entered her hole gentle and slow she wasn't having it as she reaches behind grabs my thighs,  her head planted deep in the chair

She's pulling on me as the chair rocks Banging and banging her needy box was so fucking tight I had to spit on my dick again
With each hard stroke the rhythm of the rocker fucked me back she knew what she was doing
Perfect unison with the chair faster
and harder I terrorized her pussy as the chair fucked back harder and faster she was in it for the ride

Damn beautiful rhythm interrupted
by screams of her first nut a good one
 as I see cream creaming on my dick
She turns around smiling and thanking me
for such a good pounding
On  her back, her ass hanging off the chair
she wants more this  bitch is too  low for me
Lifting her legs up high she grabs them putting

 her feet behind her head fuckin nice

Her pussy high and tight her cream spilling out,
 that big clit still was swollen
"Give it to me,"  she says with that dirty
look in her  in

 Stroking her sloppy box with the head of
my dick slapping it just right
 The chair starts rocking again her pussy
 with a mind of its own grabs my cock
and squeezed hard
Slamming her pussy as the chair fucks
me back harder-rocking that lazy boy as she
 screams cumming harder 10 strokes this mama
was begging  spilling cream onto the floor
"don't stop"  she's screaming she was
an animal rocking and pounding slamming
 and sucking damn this was some good shit

Tightening down again she had  some fuckin
muscles like to break my dick she squeezed
 hard as I pull out  my head in her vice grip
pussy this was it I was going to jizz all over
this bitch  "squeeze it again mama"
she does that's all it took as I pull out
and my dick erupts all over her pussy
 quivering and twitching
Twitching and quivering
Written by soara (BloodRayne)
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Magic Wand

tickling her cervix
with his fleshy magic wand
energetic bliss
Written by Kinkpoet
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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I Asked The Creator For A King

I asked the Creator for a King
he sent me his best handsome Knight
The presence of his persona, his love, his devotion  
for his quiet touch, I will brave the mighty ocean
He keeps this Queen satisfied throughout the calling of night
Robust hands caressing the curvaceous of my supple body  
On my back I lay
Kisses up the back of my legs, the intake of breath, the sinking in the tease of his seductive play
Eyes closed to the wonderous feeling of a forgotten time
Oh, sweet mercy, he pursues my mind  
makes love to the cortex of my intellect
Erudite parables he infuses as I bow unto his Kingdom come
Within the nine muses, he has found harmony, comfort in this one
Enlightening me in the cadence of his warmth, shadowing me, like the eclipse of the sun
Intoxicating knowledge, his dailect I adore, our names inscribed in the chamsm of destiny, amore  
He famishly tastes the sweeten fruit of my cup, his loins I sup
Worshipping me from my head down to the steps I take
The depth of his love I will never give chase
Soft whispers felt  
Closing my eyes, his breath to my neck, mmm… one word spoken, I tenderly melt
I am his, he is mine
souls merging, breathless, asunder, our hearts rest on the bed of cloud nine
Once touched, the aftermna of the surrndering, his gentle endering
I still can feel the remnants of him between my thighs, the essnce of his dying heat
inhaling the pillow, his scent engrained in my silken sheets
The balloon ride, my office carpet picnic, the impatient, the longing of the sweetest greet  
I asked the Creator for a King
he sent me his best handsome Knight
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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tuck your self-pity, you pussy arsed cunt

{my apologies in advance, i'm usually super nice until someone presses the cunt button
and then I'm a thundering twatosaurus
I'm so angry, you could boil a fucking egg in my arse}

my father loved me too much, it is known
{GOT fans, need to echo that like a dothraki, please
or my being clever is just lost}
mother didn't love me enough to open her eyes, it is known
& so...
... i grew the fuck up and became a functioning human being
who owns up to her shit because excuses
for perpetuating the cycle only go so far

focus'd on my designer vagina
because that bitch is tight
{&} irreverence keeps me from
in the same shit you seem to
paint yourself in after the facts,
a coat ov "woe is my excuse,
my past abuse gives me free reign
to ride roughshod
over whoever does not pity the fool
who cannot find a silver lining"

i threw up into my silicone valley
just a little
as you stood there, all plausible deniability personifi'd,
like a molester with his pants down
& his cock out
masturbating a tired excuse
Written by _shadoe_ (katyusha)
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just wanna point out that this is not erotica

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