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Broken Hearts

poet Anonymous

From the Ground Up

As I gaze into your dull lifeless eyes
I can't help but smile through the tears I cry
For surely now you are in a better place
Then you were at the start of these horrid days
And even though you are so far away
Let's pretend the stars are ours for today
For when the morning comes and dawn awakes
I'll be alone with the rain's chorus on my windowpane.
But falling was never something that I grew up with
Through courage kept my head above those myths
That someday we would fade to nothing
If life was ever gracious enough to be trusting
Reminders how there can be no silhouette
For those fleeting spirits of the dead
They said down was all I ever grew
Maybe I'll start up with the absence of you.
poet Anonymous


I'm a mess
A complex and troubled soul -  
Not to be dramatic,
Not to be theatric
But life has taken its toll
Complications of the heart
Temptations of the flesh
I'm not one to share
Even less, one to confess,
Yet I live a life of contradiction -  
My Yin and Yang have conspired against me
For I have myself shackled
Yet, all I want to do is be free
I'm a mess
Too many wants
Too many haunts
The question in my head doesn't end,
"Can a broken heart ever mend?"
poet Anonymous


i almost wrote You into my journal
professing eternal love    
putting on alert my heart
Gratitude universe above †
i almost penned You into my journal
adopting lyrical You
from the start
side-steppin' all trepidation
my eyes no longer blue
i almost etched You into my journal †
a muse who I love (no kiss & telling) †
reciprocal syllables of the same †
carved our aortal flames †
into our Tree of Life †
@ our trysting place †
i almost spilled myself into You †
(& into my daily journal) †
Last night on an astral plane †
we consummated our ink †
a pledge to one another †
eternal spiritual everything †
i almost wrote us into my journal
poet Anonymous

Unrequited †Quiet

Your forgiveness is now what I pray,
For in telling You to take it slow
I may have led You on to pine away,
Hoping for the day I would know
What Youíre heart tells You today.

But my heart tells me a different thing
And my dreams dream not of You.
No matter how long the bell rings
No knockout will follow-through.

Iím going now to focus on my craft
And learn more from the Trees;
In empathic solitude Iíll laugh
Communing with zen mysteries.

In closing,
Iíd still love to be Your friend
And grow and build this bond
But if itís too much to wend
And interact perhaps we should
Move along.
poet Anonymous


ďDefine Blue HaikuĒ
Remember the day when you
Broke my heart in two?
poet Anonymous

All Alone

My lonely

My empty

Silence rules
My home

Like a

Still I hope
For love
poet Anonymous

Tea Over Koffee

A peculiar event
To be spilling tea over a cup of coffee
About someone I genuinely thought loved me †
Waking up to nicotine and echoing vacancy †
Exhaling my mind to reveal your twisted ride †
Sticking around during your highest tide  
Disregarding your flaws and seeing to your core †
Passion, spark, and fire †
The sweetest and saddest crier †
Turning out to only be there to keep me warm †
I thought decency was uniform  
Winter is crippling and lonely †
My heart and I were over feeling numb †
My fingertips on your skin after conversation and too much rum †
Then the sun peaked and made me run for shelter  
I did everything in my power to make you feel better  
Asking the cards and still playing the fool †
Time is a concept that doesnít cost money but change is meant to be spent †
So they say, fate is for the things that are meant †
Giving so much, being your window and your pain †
I know I donít smoke, I can explain †
Once Iím clenching another boge †
My glass is running low but I canít bare another substance †
To your well that I kept pouring †
Wishing you well in your darkness and mourning  
Iíll consider this closure for now darling †
Life without love is defeating  
But, love without life is depleting †
Another thing on the list to start grieving  
I hope you donít ruin another care sitter  
I canít tell whose drink is tasting more bitter
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