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Broken Hearts

Austin Flank
Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 29th May 2020
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Poetry Contest

Poems about break ups, heartbreak, and unrequited love
Two poems max

Austin Flank
Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 29th May 2020
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A Brave Wind Blowing In

Things are going to change for me
  I can feel it
The phoneís going to ring
Winter into Spring

Things are looking up for me
  I can feel it
 My thoughts were once unkind
Perhaps sheíll change her mind

Echo, little echo
Reminds me that Iím not alone

Can you see on my face
Is it clear to you
That I miss someone
Written by Austin_Flank (Austin Flank)
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Austin Flank
Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 29th May 2020
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Garden of Disease

Dolls and ballet dancers
Childrenís songs and primary colors
Everything under the sun
In the garden of disease

Once roses grew here
But leaves wilt
And fall to the Earth
Sullen, alone
Like me

The thorn in my planterís thumb
She was the only one
For me
Candice, my Candice
Come home please
Written by Austin_Flank (Austin Flank)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Glued Mess Underneath

These scars
Criss cross my heart
A target it seems
Sonething to aim at
Break apart

I only show my outer skin
The old tattoo
Gruff exterior
To keep at bay
Those that want a closee look

There's been a few heartaches
On this road taken
Some songs on the radio
Bring back the echoes
Sometimes a grimace

Like broken glass
My life shattered
Far too many pieces
To really put back together
Just a glued mess underneath

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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I see you in a different light,  
Looking back at the road after these years,  
I donít know if I should stay and fight,  
Especially because I see all your tears.  
Youíre crying a river about to go over the  
   † † † † † † l  
†† † † †r  
†† †t † † †a † † †s  
†† † †e  
††a † † † † † l  
†† † † † f †  
But I just donít know what to think,  
I'd prepared for the worst and now itís my callÖ  
And yet Iím more afraid to take to drink.  
I know what I feel for you is still real,  
Iím really hurt, disappointed and jaded,  
Iím too fucking old this kind of ordeal,  
In a way I feel sorry too but mostly degraded.  
Thereís no sense in wailing - whatís the use?  
Itís just that my heart now is in a different place,  
All my poetry is hung up on a tree in a noose,  
Tainted forever whenever I see your face.
Written by wallyroo92
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Guardian of Shadows
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Broken Heart

Face down screaming words no one hear
mouthing names alien to other ears
sobbing tears that seep into the sheets
broken by death stamped on by destiny

damning his soul to the pits of hell
as he curses the gods he once revered
drunks are results of his creation
and He visited them on his beloved

he will no longer know rest
nor will he know loving smiles
and gentle loving at midnight
he wishes he can cut his throat

He knows he will always seek the scents
of the mother of his children
who held them both as the car
crashes into the swerving truck

He will always listen for their laughter,
his beautiful twin pair
it will be a long haul to where
they are, but he will journey on

His tears seep into the white sheet
as his broken heart bleeds on
God is merciful to him after all
and he enters the blazing portal.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Broken Strings

its was way before
hopelessness reigned
a sighing resignation
never diving in
the pool of hope
more dangling on invisible threads

then the whispers of promises came
giving good tidings
o but there must be a sunray
from the darkness of the tunnel
running to grab the offering

what was there on offer
simple really, in recollection
just to be alive, smelling the coffee
smiling at silly jokes
the companionship

the music was played
individual orchestra from pulsing hearts
then the guitar string broke
slashing into hopeful retinas
the songs of hope went silent

an old song repeated
an old path well trodden
there would be stairs in the end
but the room at the top
might not echo the beating heart.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 12th July 2017
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blonde, petite, happy
all of those things
wholly me
one who ran with your hand
intertwined, together
one soul taking flight
you saw me
completely free

ocean beyond
dare I say, enchanting
heart was thumping
as the waves crashed relentlessly
on jagged rocks
over my naked body
washing it all
in a quick, little blink
and it pulled you away
while I stood in the sands
what have I done?
what am I watching?

we were a pair to be chased
we were woven together
by the hand of our Father
with the needle of love
ripping the stitches was easy
until you saw me
tangled in seaweed
left with silence
and an unconvincing story
malformed, but me

i wondered after
the noise had settled
and the gulls flew elsewhere
if my heart could pull you back to shore
even with clothes on
it wouldnít matter
it canít get any colder
it canít get any calmer
unclothed and lost
still... me

it wasnít a dream
it was the present reality
and I let it slide through my pride and ignorance
what we had
a spark
one never to be found again
stomped and coated in grains of our own depravity
iím sorry
why did you let me?

i like the ocean
not because it robbed me of you
but because it told me
that love is very temporary
unlike the sting
listen to the water
robby, hear it sing
my silhouette still standing

that isnít me
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of Jermaine

For a brief time, I wrote erotica fan fiction
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Lord Of The Rings
Before becoming the premier Christian Erotica poet I am today
Sometimes, I come across old fans who recognize my name and remember my work

One such fan was a horny Trekkie I ran into at a Comic Con
I donít really know why I went to Comic Con that year
I was probably fucking some Harley Quinn clone or some shit
Anyways, this skinny bitch named Loretta comes up to me with these thunderous tits and starts telling me about how my Trek story about Worf getting railed by Dataís mechanical cock really got her off and how wet she was and asked if I was into Adult Cosplay

I didnít even know what that shit was but I was eager to slide my manhood right in between those huge titties of hers and give her the ole Abe Lincoln, so I ditched Harley Quinn and went with Loretta

I wrapped a sock around my eyes and said I was Geordi LaForge. She said she was Counselor Troi. We played an intense game of Marco Polo. Her house was immense. I kept bumping into walls. Finally I found her lying face down on the couch. I tore her pants down and stuck myself inside her forcefully. I heard a yelp. Turns out what I thought was her was actually her roommate Brenda. I tried to explain the misunderstanding but she started screaming about how I raped her and was inconsolable. She told me to leave, which pissed me off because I still hadnít fucked Loretta but it was all too much and I just ended up leaving.

I wish I could have beamed back in there and titty fucked Loretta but the real world ainít at all like a Star Trek episode
Written by Jermainesplain
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Deep Dick Pizza

This one time, me and some pals ordered a few pies from the local pizzeria. The delivery man was a 28 year old Samoan gentleman named Brent, who looked like a smaller version of The Rock.    
ďThatíll be 27.95,Ē he said
ďHow bout you come in for a few beers?Ē I asked †
I slipped him a 50 and he complied. After 16 shots of tequila, he was bent over the kitchen table and we were taking turns exploring his cavernous bottom and all the joys within. †
ďYou like that donít you, you little Samoan fuck?Ē †
ďYes, Captain Jermaine, please prod me deeperĒ †
I drilled him long and hard. I hate fucked a total stranger. I wrapped my grandmotherís rosary beads around his neck and choked him while I tore open his anus. †
After it was all over, we turned to the pizza. We had worked up an appetite. Brent asked for a slice. I told him to get the fuck out of my house. Somehow the pizza was still warm. Itís why I lose my shit when fuckers deliver cold pizza. †  
I expect my deliveries hot
Written by Jermainesplain
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buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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Broken Soul

Standing here, as the rain washes my tears away
Holding on to your promise of a sunny day
Itís more than the wind that chills my soul
Your memory is easier than you were to hold
We had some good times down here by these tracks
I guess you and I both know they ainít coming back †
I still sit here and listen to that lonesome whistle blow
Itís times like these your memory is so hard to let go
If I could go back in time and have you forever to hold
Iíd make a deal with the Devil and sell my broken soul
Iíd Hope and pray God would see things my way
Cause without you I canít live another day
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I Say No To Retrieve

Does it ever return?
Only in a good somber mood.
All that has to be done is remember your awful attitude.
Thank you for opening my eyes and mind to everything Iíve since attained.
Youíre a teacher who would have thought.
Put to good use this time has been amazing.
Free to explore and go roaming.
Living through experiences I only recall to help others .
Smiles of mine burns with passion for what is coming.
I think I see her.
Written by ClearmindedVillain
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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Heartbreak Like No Other

A heart breaks like something made of glass
And shatters all over the floor that I worked
Hard to clean, but no one is noticing the mass
Or clumps forming in my bloodstream. I perked

Up at the idea of love despite the heartbreak I
Anticipated from many miles down the road
And for you I was willing to come eye to eye
With the fear of falling deep in love. I showed

You my hand time and time again, despite not
Knowing where we were heading. I was riding
Along with the true heartbreak, despite the knot
In my aching chest and it became a deciding

Factor I could not catch my breath. I knew in
My heart that this could never last forever like
I saw with my parents or in the movies. Skin
And bones broke. Fate had us together. A strike

Of lightning drove us apart. The very foundation
In which we built our love from scratch was tearing
Apart as we stood at opposite sides of the train station
Platform. I just wanted to escape as I was steering

Away from the place I did not want to go, complete
Chaos and destruction, but part of me was used to
It as my heart was left behind. What would be sweet
Revenge turned into regret as I do not want to hurt you

Both but I did because I was letting you touch me when
I was really thinking of him the entire time and maybe
I was not over him as much as I wanted to. Once again,
As the bitter tears ran down my face, I felt like a baby

Who was losing everyone I wanted, needed and
Loved. I already knew there was no hope or love.
I came into this world with an open heart and hand,
But I was quickly beginning to lose that kind of

Faith too. I was starting to feel like no amount
Of anything saved me as I was down in the count.
Written by eswaller
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Thought Provoker
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Her Love Was Too Good To Be True

For Stacy-Ann
I told her that my love for her would never end.
She knew that I meant every word and I would prove it.
I promised her that I would stay by her side,  
And I tried earnestly to fulfil my promise.
I felt that our relationship could go on without consequences,
And she believed that we could stay together for a lifetime.
We imagined that life in fairyland was possible,
But we were only fooling ourselves.
We had a peculiar love for each other,
And this was the only thing that mattered to us.
Life was not worth living without the love for each other.
She wanted to marry me in spite of knowing my wife.
Even though she was not sure things would work out favourably,
She occasionally encouraged me to do it.
There was a feeling of uncertainty about the outlook,
But I was too deep in love with her to back away.
Her love was too good to be true.
We ignored the principles of love and continued the affair.
She did everything I asked her to do for me,
And I did everything she wanted me to do for her.
Once she stood right in front of me,
Then she pressed her soft body against mine.
I touched her velvety face and she smiled,
I gently stroked her long black hair,
And I trembled as I held her slender waist.
She quickly put her arms around my neck;
I grabbed the hem of her mini dress and pulled it above her hip.
My hands slowly moved down towards her anatomy,
And she did not resist or frown.
Suddenly she kissed me on the mouth,
And she weakened me with her seductiveness.
It felt more real than anything I had felt before.
Her love was too good to be true.
I thought I was in heaven for the few years that I was seeing her.
Consequently, I lost every trace of reality.
And I forgot that even good things come to an end.
While I loved her, I had to leave her.
One slip ruined my future with the woman who loved me.
And she did not understand the reason.
She certainly had an amative heart,
Yet she found it so hard to forgive me.
Even now I still do not know what happened.
It might have been a divine intervention.
I would love her over again if she just says the words.
And I would not change anything except the situation that I lost her.
I could not prevent myself from loving her.
The love I felt for her was blinding me,
But she was the only woman I wanted to see.
It is no wonder I am still hanging on to the love of yesteryear.
Her love was too good to be true.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Thought Provoker
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Make Me Stop Loving Her

For Stacy-Ann

The woman I love was seated at the ground floor of the North Stand.
I underwent three years of depression after our affair went wrong.
My heart was throbbing and I was burning to go and tell her Iím sorry.
She briefly spoke to my partner so she definitely knew I was there.
I concealed my misery when I learned that she did not ask after me.

She was amid the crowd just a few meters from the playing field.
Even though she was out of sight, I felt her energy in the atmosphere.
I cannot articulate how much I wanted to see her at that moment;
Nevertheless I knew I was not going to show up abruptly at her seat.
I had a feeling that she would not greet me with wide open arms.

Considering what happened between us, I did not know how she felt;
Neither did I have the slightest thought that she still loved me.
I seriously felt that I would never stop loving her regardless of the futility.
It took everything I had within me not to go over there and see her,
And my decision to avoid her plunged me back into deep depression.

She has been harbouring resentment towards me since we broke up.
And I feared she might get angry and humiliate me in front of the crowd.
It was a very difficult situation and the distress was too much for me,
So I hung my head in shame and left the facility without seeing her.
I regretted that I did not go to her and I cried inside on my way home.

Every day I reflect on the sinful but fervent love that we used to share.
My greatest wish came true when I met her in the small classroom.
I said I should love her endlessly the first time she smiled at me.
The touch from her inexperienced hands filled me with emotion.
I appreciated her love and I treasured her more than any other woman.

Even though she was a shy virgin and it was her first relationship,
She loved me the best way a virtuous woman could love a man.
I loved her excessively then, and now I still have that same love for her.
The passion brought tears of joy to my eyes when she kissed me,
But I have shed only tears of grief since the day fate separated us.

I was so careless that I lost her unique love and it destroyed me;
Nevertheless the thoughts of her continue to obsess my mind.
Why am I unable to forget the love and the happiness she brought me?
She is the object of my affection, the woman I desire most of all.
It seems that nothing on earth can make me stop thinking about her.

I am falling apart and I cannot live with this sadness anymore.
O Lord, take away my life if my arms will never embrace her again.
Please take this painful instinct of love from my broken heart,
Do not let me be constantly in love with someone I cannot have.
Make the woman I love come back to me or make me stop loving her.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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