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poet Anonymous

Noctis Necrophilia

In to the abyss of the night
I crave for mortal wickedness
Winter moon high in the sky
Cold wind blows from north

Her rotting aurora encircle me
I dug her and caressed her body
Her coldness pierced my skin
Iím obsessed with my Necrophilia

In this darkness, I walk alone
My thoughts hung in cruel ways
Coz My life withered ages ago
No escape from this misery

poet Anonymous

The plastic bag

Four floors up my morning routine pauses,
I keep watch in that quiet moment,
leaning on the window-sill, fogging the glass,
I slip away and wait, watch the street
even if he makes me late.
ďHeís hereĒ I say out loud,
loud enough to clang the jailer's key
but thereís only me inside.
Outside the day blows all things east
everyone has to walk at an angle.
He marches in polished shoes,
pressed trousers needle
through a forced open raincoat,
the button straining as much as his face,
he never sees me,
whatever the weather.
I would normally watch all his steps
but today the wind has filled a plastic bag,
it moves like a Chinese dragon
towards my window,
breathing fire into my face.
Then itís gone and I chase its tail
back towards the pavement.
He has been watching the same
spiraled dance.
His gaze puts a hand inside me,
pressing my boiled up blood,
it pushes me from the window
then pulls me back,
forced to look again,
He's still there
smiling up at me,
I tremble as I wave.
poet Anonymous

How we Danced

I remember last summer  
Holding hands, holding thoughts
Whispering secrets †
Falling deeply in love †

I remember that night †
How we danced †
How you spun me around †
High into the atmosphere †

I remember that weekend†
Lips on lips †
And for the first time  
Your tongue met mine †

How I wonder now †
How I worry about †
This love we share †
If it's truly there †

Did that I kiss I gave †
Leave a stain on your heart?  
Or is it made of sand?  
My tracks eroding with the wind...  
If this love will pass
Give me one more chance
To hold you once more
And remember how we danced  
poet Anonymous

Helichrysum bracteatum

We were two parts of one

We were alone together

We were everything

We were.

Now we are nothing

We are dust blown away by the wind

We are alone

We are nothing

To the first and the last na zawsze,
poet Anonymous

Give It All to You

I would have given my last dying breath to you
If it means you and our love can last infinitely.
I wish the world could see it as something more
Than naÔve or foolish. As the sky goes from blue
To black, I would give you the stars as the intimacy
Between us flows so easily. As you open the door
To your heart I would do anything to ease the pain
And fear I see etched there in your soul. Like a strike
Of lightning, our love is like fate standing eye to eye.
I would stand in the middle of the street as the rain
Comes pouring down if that means I can kiss you like
We read about in books and see in movies. Baby, I
Already know love does not come easily for you, but
I see it in your eyes and words. I see it in the way
You hold my hand in yours. I see it in how you trust
Me despite the fact you have been hurt and in a rut
Before. Love should never keep one shaky or swaying
Side to side. People say love might be chemistry or lust
That comes bubbling to the surface, but love should
Keep us steady and ready to take the jump despite
The fear of the murky. Love stronger than any steel.  

Love that holds us as we float like pieces of wood.
Love should steer us towards the hope and light
Shining from the heavens. Love that we can feel.
poet Anonymous

The Mystery of Love

If someone had foretold that you would hold me so close to your heart,
I would have laughed and said, ďThat is not going to happen to me.Ē
Even if my mind had told me that I would win the love of a goddess,
I would have regarded it as a dream that could not possibly come true.
My darling, I could not conceive of a woman with such sweet love,
Neither could I envision the beauty and rare charm that you possess.
If you were not standing right in front of me with that pretty smile,
I would not believe that you really love me with your whole heart.
And if I did not kiss your lips, the mystery of love would still baffle me.

I felt that true love was just a fictional story before I saw it in your eyes.
If you did not convince me of your sincerity and the trueness of your love,
My heart would not be bubbling over with excitement at this time.
I have prayed earnestly for an ideal lover and you appeared out of the blue.
If you had rejected my advances when I greeted you on the road,
I would have walked away feeling very discouraged and downhearted.
I never thought I would feel the bliss of falling in love with someone,
But now I know the secret of the shooting star, the moon, and the rainbow.
My darling, the answer to the mystery of love is right here in my arms.
poet Anonymous

You're My Beautiful Rose

Darling, youíre my beautiful rose,
Iím so proud to walk around with you.
Youíre the most gorgeous flower of nature,
God created you especially for me.
Youíve enamoured me with your charm,
Iíve found good fortune in your touch.
Your beauty decorates my dwelling house,
And your love is a treasure to my heart.
Let me sing a Latin love song for you,
Mesmerise you with my euphonious voice.
Your amiability brings me happiness.
The woman in you excites the man in me.
I get so emotional when I talk about you.
Youíve accepted me in your life,
Now I can show everyone my beautiful rose.
And Iíll love you until death, my beloved.
Darling, I canít evaluate your love,
For itís worth more than all the jewels.
They say diamonds are forever,
But your love is more durable than diamonds.
Come to the balcony immediately;
Bring me your irresistible love once more.
Stay here in my arms and thrill me,
Please donít defy your heartís command.
The moon is showing us its glory.
I see the starlight reflecting from your eyes.
Sleep well tonight my little miss,
In the morning Iíll wake you with a tender kiss.
I want to spend limitless time with you,
Not just a few erotic moments.
Promise me your faithful love,
Say youíll always be my beautiful rose.
poet Anonymous

Desert Flight

Azure sky
Dry mountains

Creek bed
Hint of green vegetation
Promise of cool water
In canyon below

Desiccating wind
(Kite flying weather)

Eyes closed
Lips touch tentatively
Tongues dancing
Faintly sweet
Taste of prickly pear

Supported in the breeze

Fingers and hands

Scent intoxicating
Sensual tension


Freed from gravity
Soaring together.
poet Anonymous

From My Heart to My Mind

This road I always travel, I travel so well
Sometimes its a trip to heaven
Sometimes its a return from hell
Iím lost at the crossroads, Itís a cross I bear
To my left thereís a band of gold
To my right thereís someone else to hold

From my heart to my mind
No peace, just fear I find
My compass is spinning out of control
You say itís okay, You say Iíll find my way
But itís masquerade we all play

You left me here on a shelf, oh so alone
You take me down we play for awhile
Just a temporary loan
What do the both of you know anyways
Its all in the name of Love
Left like a refugee in a jealous storm
Can you save me Iím so torn

From my heart to my mind
No peace, just fear I find
My compass is spinning out of control
You say itís okay, You say Iíll find my way
From my heart to my mind
No peace, just fear I find
My compass is spinning out of control
You say itís okay, You say Iíll find my way
But I donít know...
I donít know

They say my future lies beyond
They say my future lies beyond
They say my future lies beyond this yellow brick road

From my heart to my mind
No peace, just fear I find
My compass is spinning out of control
You say itís okay, You say Iíll find my way
From my heart to my mind
No peace, just fear I find
My compass is spinning out of control
You say itís okay, You say Iíll find my way
I donít know

This road between my heart and mind
No peace, just you and you I find
You say itís okay
You say Iíll find my way
I donít know
poet Anonymous

Under Irish Sky

To lie in barley under Irish sky
As Herb Moon shone upon your naked form
My heart was captured by your Irish eyes
In peace before our passionís gathering storm
That night, my love, we quietly embraced
And cultivated tenderness of touch
A lifetimeís magic in that time and place
Against which all loves since must not be judged!
My wish, to see that moon again with you
Without the cares that life has since imposed
In hindsight all my future Iíd eschew
And stay with you forever, unopposed
A fool I was, to ever say goodbye
To you, in barley, under Irish sky!

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