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First Love

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write a poem about the first person you love (or loved)
We all have experienced that first love at some point in our lives. I want you to write about it and it does not have to necessarily  have to be romantic (but I will leave that part up to you).

Here are the rules:
* 1 month
* 2 pieces/poems per writer
* minimum of 10 lines
* no limit on length
* and lastly have fun

Please PM me for questions, comments or concerns.

FYI - This will be decided by a public vote (since I always have a hard time deciding on the winner)

I will start things off.

Someone I Loved (And Still Love)
You were once someone who I fully loved
As those moments we shared turned into
Distant and far away memories. I shoved
Everything aside, hoping I can forget you

And the way you made me feel. You are
Not here to help me get through all those
Lonely and empty nights. The bright star
You helped me find is there, but the rose

Along with our love died during the middle
Of spring. I had to learn to love the sound
Of walking away as I played second fiddle
To your very first priority. The word around

The street is that I moved on and maybe
You have too, but we both pulled the rug.
We both gave up when it was hard to see
The light at the end of the tunnel. I tugged

Myself out of all those flashbacks in which
I really wanted everything back to how it
Was before; easy and would never switch
Up on each other, but we can no longer fit

Together. All we can do is wish each other
The best and hope that we both can find
Love we search for. Love that can smother
And does not hurt. Love that is both kind

And patient. Love that does not keep us
Second-guessing. Love that is never little
Or too big. On the merry go round and bus
Of life we only keep going until the brittle

Edges of our hearts were breaking. This
Taught me the love never goes away even
When I wanted to hate someone. The bliss
That we had is all I craved and believed in.

Our story and chapter comes to an end,
But in them lays a person I loved. Scratch
That... a person I still love today. I blend
In hoping that you do not knows I catch

Or carry feelings for you. I wear your shirt
In the hopes that I will not forget you and
How it still brings me comfort. We skirt,
Dodge and avoid the past pain. I handed

You parts of me and pretend to be content
Even when my heart is still missing the old
You. It is your familiar touch and scent
That I long for. The ďcome hereĒ as cold

Days and nights became way warmer with
Your rich voice. All I longed for was to love
You infinitely but love like that is a myth
And fable. Something we can only think of

As the world keeps turning and it always
Comes down to the fact that I have to live
A better life so when we meet again days
Or years later, we will be ready to give

Love a chance that it really deserves. But
For now I think about the what ifs. What if
We just kept trying? What if I tried to shut
Off insecurities we carried? Pour me a stiff

Drink and letís drink to forget about life.
Letís drink to forget about love seeping
Through our veins. I wanted to be a wife
Or partner through it all, regularly keeping

You safe and protected from the world
Tossing its leftovers at your feet. I wanted
To be the reason for your smiles, curled.
I cannot let the bad things that haunted

Us to be a mistake as our biggest mistake
Was screaming ďI love youĒ and we were
Too way too late. We were too late to take
The biggest risk of all, having tears blur

Our vision, but we were still willing to fall
Again. I felt like a soldier ready to fight
Because that is all I wanted, but the wall
Went back up again and we lost the light.

So no, I will never be forgetting your love,
Even if I was starting to love someone else
As you are my first love, wearing a glove
To protect something gentle and complex.

poet Anonymous

L. A. (just a memory)

Somewhere between the Ocmulgee and Tallapoosa
My mind slips away back beyond yesterday
A dew with some jack
A tee top chevy a Skynyrd eight track
Play it pretty for Atlanta always takes me back
I still feel the sun shining on your face
Making memories that time can't erase
We drove that chevy into the night
Passing through jukin city  
like on an airplane flight
Still drink my dew with some jack
With every sip it takes me back
Time drifted us apart  
now my grandkids fill my heart  
So many years have passed by
but you still fall from my eye
You lost my last name  
a bird I couldn't change
free bird you'll always be....... to me
Playing tracks 2 and 3 over and over  
for what seemed like an eternity
Your simple man was all I ever wanted to be
Time gave me a life without you  
it been simple and true but somehow I always knew
Like with the wind Tuesday gone  
all that left is a memory and this song.  
Still drink my dew with some jack
With every sip it takes me back
Time drifted us apart  
now my grandkids fill my heart  
So many years have passed  
by but you still fall from my eye
You lost my last name  
a bird I couldn't change
free bird you'll always be....... to me
Free bird you'll always be
poet Anonymous

I Love You for Always

kisses and wishes  
prayers and promises  
young hearts  
beating together  
to a world with golden hues  
clouds pink-tinted  
you and I  
holding hands, eyes for each other  
no one existed but us  
breathing each other's heart beat  
echoing each other's desire  
to be together entwined  
pinky-promised of love  
as eternal as eternity  
a little over the twelfth of never  
to seek each other  
in dreams  
and in life and living  
we gazed at the setting sun  
our world multi-hued  
as the blazing orb over the ocean  
we watched the sunrise  
our eyes feasting on the loviness  
of a new dawn  
and you and I we loved well  
our nights of soft giving  
our days filled with our breathing  
we inhaled and exhaled our love  
ribbon tied with a golden circle  
and they lit the nights

But at last, the dance was over
your eyes strayed to her
your indifference doused the fire
still mine flickers sometimes
when I remember you
through a song.
poet Anonymous

Her smile was dead, her laughter u never heard, a walking shell was said, and to never be restored.
Jokes on them, some they didn't want to see, u made me grin, and it has yet to leave.
Been looking for a way to heal, from all the scares I've been blessed with, a way I could just feel, ur kiss was just it.
Thanks for breaking thru, I was so angry inside, but that u already knew.
U seen all that I was trying to hide, and felt some of my emotions,  got inside my mind, set me back in motion.
I'm ready for happy days, and cuddles at night, for memories that I'm proud to tell, afternoon pillow fights.
So when ur ready to open that door, I already opened mine, let's take this thing forward, and leave the past far far behind.

poet Anonymous

A Letter From Me To You

With my heart crushed from the realization that the one I longed for and the one that has my heart is someone I can't have nor can never be with, leaves me in remorse for all the time spent together. As if I am waking from a dream to find out the life we shared, the stories we told and the dreams we planned for one another, were just figments of my imagination and that time and distance was my reality, that kept a love that felt so strong and so right from progressing towards a happy ending, instead of this sad beginning of life without you to brighten my day with your soothing voice filling my ears. But, even though I understand what you are going through and I know I can't change what happened or what's going to happen, I'm writing this letter from me to you just to say one last time that  
" I love you".
poet Anonymous

Baltimore Paramour

Iím a gay man
I reckon Iíve always been one, even when I didnít allow myself to recognize that fact
As I watched Saved By The Bell and was turned on by Mario Lopez
I told myself it was Lark Vorhees that cranked my wheel
Then she put out that weird book of hers
And there was no denying how I feel

The third time I made love to a man was in Baltimore
It was at an EDM show
The man who put it on was an awkward ass ginger
Who fancied himself a Buddha of the underground
We hit it off, took some molly
Talked about injustice, danced Ďtil dawn

He came back to my crib
I showed him some of my most personal poems.
The molly was coming on hard
He put his hand on my inner thigh
I got so thick I thought my cock would take his eye out
And make him a pirate of the EDM scene
Michael the pirate

We embraced, I tore at his JNCO jeans. I got them off. I bent him over and tried to get myself inside his pasty ass. I couldnít fit. His shit was too tight and he moaned like a child.

He suggested he give me a go. I was nervous, up until then I had always been the pitcher. I said, fuck it... desperate to get off.

He was having trouble getting hard so I put his junk on my tongue. Homeboy wasnít large but he was determined. I appreciate that.

He turned me around and slid it in. It was over before I knew it. I thought it would always be so quick and easy. With other men, Iíd learn the truth.

Men that never bothered asking my how I felt. Men that treated me like hamburger helper. Large, tough men- who didnít give a fuck about me. Who were always big spoon. Who never cried to me. Who showed me nothing, who illuminated nothing. Michael Morstein, wherever you are, Iíve never forgotten you. And I never will.
poet Anonymous

First Love II

My first love I hold so dear
stuck in my mind ever so clear
face cupped with yesteryears hands
frozen lsunshine on photographs
magically present in long time past
Love was crystal clear
never to even smear
your love with lust desire
Just passion to live for you
kneel at your feet in adoration
held your hands with trembling fingers
clung to you even as you faded away
more my voice like angelís bells
soothe your beloved soul
kisses wishes turned to dusts
I think of you forevermore
Till waves knows no more shore
stars fall off the velvet night
lovers and gamblers sigh no more
I will hold your memories within me
come to you I might not dare
crossing the river Ďs not mine to say
I long not for scythe manís glare
but I know that someday I may
come to you beyond the mist.
poet Anonymous

Garden of Disease

Dolls and ballet dancers
Childrenís songs and primary colors
Everything under the sun
In the garden of disease

Once roses grew here
But leaves wilt
And fall to the Earth
Sullen, alone
Like me

The thorn in my planterís thumb
She was the only one
For me
Candice, my Candice
Come home please
poet Anonymous

A Brave Wind Blowing In

Things are going to change for me
  I can feel it
The phoneís going to ring
Winter into Spring

Things are looking up for me
  I can feel it
 My thoughts were once unkind
Perhaps sheíll change her mind

Echo, little echo
Reminds me that Iím not alone

Can you see on my face
Is it clear to you
That I miss someone
poet Anonymous

The Kiss...

My ears hear the sound
but my eyes see only the
motion of her lips.
Her voice is like music
drawing me in like the doomed ships of lore.
We kiss, that great dam of emotion bursts,
a tsunami of passion floods my being.
I am swept out of reality into the moment.
But the moment is fleeting, the passion recedes
yet the music continues
to, once again, draw me to that shore of mystery.
poet Anonymous

Love equals Infinity

When glaciers melt and oceans rise
and people live only on mountain
tops even then will I love you.  
When weíve poisoned all the air
and the planet is gasping and chocking,
with my last breath I will shout I love you.  
When all we know has passed away
and weíre traveling through nothing,
going nowhere, at the very edge of that black hole
my soul will scream, I love you.
The scream is joined, the silence broken,
the dark closes in, the roar splits the darkness,
a sliver of light, love escapes, the person wakes up terrified,
Was this just a dream or does the battle continue?
poet Anonymous

A Rose for all Seasons

I never thought you'd pick the thorniest rose...
But you picked me
Painful to touch
Sweet to smell
With every stroke of your hand
I burst into color
I fully bloom
I'll never wilt away
Because your love is my sun
You beam down in a brilliant way
So hold me until
The thorns begin to fade
I'll be a rose for all seasons
If in my garden you'll stay...

*For my man, who keeps me in full bloom*
poet Anonymous

The Far Unknown

You know the feeling in your stomach
When your heart races a little fast
Your body temperature goes up
Not knowing the emotion is going to last
But what do we know at twelve?
And as the years pass and we grow up
The feeling lingers for a while longer
The heart palpitations signal something
As a friendship grows even stronger
But what do we know at thirteen?
Adolescence cements these relations
Foundations found deep inside the heart
We build a dream with great expectations
But are too scared to have it torn apart
But what do we know at fourteen?
Until one day we find the courage
To declare what we feel is for real
Only to hear that weíll always be friends
But those words are never so ideal
But what do we know at fifteen?
As we grow older and a little smarter
Itís harder to keep in line to those terms
But the sentiment remains in the dark
At the core because sometimes it burns
But what do we know at sixteen?
And as others come into our lives
That friendship becomes a small ember
Still warm and glowing in the shadows
Aching and longing to be remembered
But what do we know at seventeen?
Yet as young adults we make decisions
Itís not an easy being in the friendzone
So we seek our happiness somewhere else
And launch ourselves into the far unknown
But what do we know at eighteen?
And like two sailing ships in the night
Our vessels crossed paths once again
In admiration of what became our lives
But my journey into space was about to begin
But what did I know at twenty-eight?
It was only then I heard the message  
Coming in clear and through
It was too late, Iím in the far unknown
Fate tends to do that to you
Thatís all I know at forty-five
poet Anonymous

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Traveling within your shadowy wind
Cloak abstruse draws inner twilight
Wink on later time's secret holy end
Archaic stream soul serum arc light
Woman proffers one holy waterfall
Allow spirit flow within cryptic blood
Convert soul burn from lifeless rain
An opaque path draws a flash flood
Watery rhyme douse marrow flame
poet Anonymous

*93 million miles*

His warmth takes 8 minutes to reach my face
Not hard to differentiate
Love from lust
Just like the Midas touch
Take my dreams and turn it into reality

93 million miles

When he lays down to rest
The reflection of his divine nature can still be seen from the soft light of the moon
In my room
I sit and reflect

93 million miles

Bringing into existence an understanding that only the two of us can see
The distance may seem so far
But you are always right here with me

93 million milesÖ
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