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ValerieCD92 (Valerie Seedy)
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Erotic Poetry Slam

Fire of Insight
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Joined 13th May 2018
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                     If you want to be my lover,
                        there are rules which you must keep:
                        You must not obey another,
                        worship only my physique.

                                                Goddess, you are beautiful!
                                                I beg you! Take command of me!
                                                I promise to be dutiful;
                                                but, I’m no prize, as you can see.

                        Sweet words from your slavish mouth
                        won’t earn you easy, low-cost favor.
                        Offer something further south,
                        something salty I can savor.

                                                With open eyes, I give to you
                                                my manhood for you to exploit,
                                                all control I will eschew,
                                                to dominance, pure and adroit.

                        There is no question, you will learn
                        the skills you need to please your mistress;
                        else, I’ll make your body burn
                        with punishments, cruel and lascivious!


                                                Forgive me, if I did offend,
                                                Your lust, fulfilled, is paramount!
                                                It’s hard for me to comprehend
                                                submissive fucking, all spread out.

                        It’s true, you lack experience,
                        but I’ll soon whip you into shape;
                        You will learn obedience--
                        Starting Now! With strap-on rape!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 19th Aug 2012
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Naked Sex

When both of us are naked
The feeling of skin to skin
Makes our emotions elated
We want to smile and grin

The freedom from clothing
Enables us to explore
The parts worth disclosing
And should not ignore

Starting with our genitals
With such an exploration
Finding features individual
For later exploitation

Her hand around my cock
Makes it rise and swell
I seek the place for it to dock
And caress it well

We bend and kiss these places
Making us both feel randy
Their juice is on our faces
We lick them like candy

When we are worked up
Ready for penetration
Our genital get close up
Engendering great elation

We stay together entwined
For as long as we are able
Body and souls combined
Our relationship quite stable

The calm is often disrupted
With faster oscillations
Continuing until we have erupted
With huge mutual orgasms

Continuing far into the night
Eventually we need to rest
We cuddle to wait first light
Our skin together pressed
Written by gardenlover
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 19th Aug 2012
Forum Posts: 612

Sexual Ride

Her naked body with legs apart
Lay on the bed for him to start
He gave her labia a wet kiss
Then slipped his cock in to her abyss
Her vaginal passage with warm ,wet walls
His rampant cock in to the balls,
She let out a squeel with pleasure
His cock was in full measure
Her G-spot began to glow
His oscillations long and slow
In and out, speed increasing
The first of her orgasms releasing
Wetter still; her cunt wants more
Orgasms to increase her score,
He pumps away, she counts to seven
And she thinks she's in heaven.
As he rests from this exertion
Applies to her clit a fast vibration
She aims to come with her clit
Whilst he gently does his bit
G-spot and clit both come together
An achievement she cannot better
She gets him to come inside  
To conclude their sexual ride
Written by gardenlover
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th Aug 2016
Forum Posts: 88

Cunnilingus Genius

I've got one hundred thirty eight ways to make you slow grind
In case you didn't catch that that's two times sixty nine
I'm trying to take you home and make your spirit moan
I know exactly what to do to make you put down your phone

The tone of your moans will keep your neighbors up at night
As a cunnilingus genius I know how to do your body right
It'd be my delight to take you to heights untraveled before
Just be aware that the cops may come banging on your door

Before I'm done Ms. Yoni will look like she's auditioning for Soul Glo
Don't worry if you drench the bed cause we can take it to the floor for more
Are you sure that you're hydrated cause I'm elated about what I've got in store
Gonna go deep sea diving as I'm desiring to reach down all the way to your core

Making archaeological advances as you search for answers on how I'm doing this
I'm a sharpshooter with a Ruger and when I target you I'm guaranteed not to miss
You'll love my kiss as your lips won't be able to resist telling me your secrets
As a vagina whisperer I listen to her about exactly how she likes to be treated

You need this and I'm offering it with no strings attached
In fact, I'm confident that you'll come back to my love shack
I'm not a new Jack so I know how this game is supposed to be played
So will you allow me to put her on a pedestal and pop the champagne?
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th Aug 2016
Forum Posts: 88

Whose Is It

You're going to fill your mouth with my name
As I provide you with euphoric pleasure & pain
Draining your sexy body of it's cream filled nectar
Better than an Energizer battery powered vibrator

I can easily tame her no matter how wild your cat is
Making you cum so hard that it'll bring you to tears
Meow will be what I'll hear instead of a mighty roar
Causing you to curl up & purr, begging me for more

Moaning encore after my exhilarating performance
You've never experienced one better before this
I don't miss my target so you'll climax everytime
And when I ask, "whose is it", you'll say it's mine

I'll stay on your mind and will give you night sweats
Causing your vivid daydreams that'll make you wet
I'm a sex vet so expect that to happen frequently
An orgasmic King who can perform magnificently
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 10th Dec 2019
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The Erotic Collection (Chapter One)

Gently whispering
warm breaths bouncing off her skin
Seducing her mind

Body, mind, heart, soul
Gifted to me willingly
Could not ask for more

No hands, No touching
Shivering, wet, quivering
From calm whispered words

Wet kiss to her neck
Exhaled breaths warming her skin
Hands on her shoulders

Fingers tickle skin
Slithering down to her hips
Grabbing, gripping tight

Hands sliding back up
Pushing down on her shoulders
She kneels perfectly

Sitting on her heels
Like an angel on a cloud
Waiting Patiently

Her eyes fixed forward
Fingers gently brush her skin
Enticing her nerves

Lifting her chin up
Looking deep into her eyes
Craving all of her
Written by Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 21st Aug 2013
Forum Posts: 586

Spin Cycle

A Repost From 2013

Looking so sexy
in her little black dress
when he gets home
they’re going downtown
for a candle-lit dinner
and dancing till dawn

They’ve almost achieved
their welcome escape
when life intervenes
a soapy stream rushes
beneath the laundry door
from a broken washing machine

They exchange
candles and fine dining
for a mop and a bucket
rather than gliding
across the dance floor
they tip-toe through
the sudsy wet mess

What can be done
to salvage their evening?
and their unwashed clothing
that rest in a damp pile

she goes to the kitchen
retrieving wine, fruit and cheese
puts all in a basket
and grabs the car keys

They find a secluded corner
in the brightly lit laundromat
he watches her
put the coins in the slot
finally noticing
that she really looks hot

Catching his gaze
she mischievously says
do you want to get dirty
while the clothes get clean?
reaching under her skirt
to slip them off
she tosses him her panties
he inhales deeply their scent
and throws them into the machine

He pulls her close
voraciously they kiss
while swaying to the beat
of the agitator
his throbbing growth
presses her stomach

she lets down her dress
exposing her breasts
she won’t let his suck
linger too long on each

She turns and leans
onto the machine
her nipples stiffen
as they graze the cold lid
lifting her skirt
he thrusts forward
probing her deepest desire

He moves in and out
mimicking the rhythm
of the pulsating machine
they cry out
with orgasmic joy
as the rinse cycle begins

She stops the machine
he asks why when
they hadn’t reached spin
she inserts more coins
oh they need to wash again

This time
you can eat first
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 17th Feb 2020
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Making love

You make me drip hun,
A slight touch of your finger to my belly, a little slide down my undie gets my cookie soaked, and yuss you like it soaked in milk,
You look into my eyes to watch me lose my breath as you trace my love button, rolling your finger around its hood,it spits,
You ogle, i see you bite your lip and you're ready to dig in with your tongue.
My nipples harden, calling out to you, yearning for your tongue too, and you don't know where to start, your hand rubbing my vulva and your tongue tracing my nipples, goosebumps spread across my body.. My gates open unto you, you may enter my love, dig your way into me, I desire to know all of you and feel all of your length. You decide to taste me first, licking all my juices and digging your tongue inside, i grab your meat into mine and as you grind me, my walls tighten and squeeze you harder, i feel my legs get cold and my toes curling, shivers rush down my spine as i hold you tightly wrapping my legs around you. We're a perfect fit.
Written by Yummy101 (BlaQueen)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 1

A Sultry Summer Evening

On a sultry Summer evening
With the twilight growing deep
You lay there in your glory
You had fallen fast asleep

The heat was so oppressive
That you napped there in the nude
The dim light casting shadows
Gave me erotic attitude

Lying on the bed so bare
Not a blanket or a sheet
No tan lines were there showing
From your head down to your feet

Sleeping on your right side
Breasts falling on your arm
I approached you very quietly
Did not want to cause alarm

Slipped from my shoes, took off my shirt
Dropped my jeans down to the floor
My underwear came with them
That was all, was nothing more

Was standing there, my ass was bare
My dick was half erect
I wrapped my hand around it
Held it tight to get effect

I laid against your back to spoon
Placed my dick between your cheeks
Had not seen you for awhile
It had been a couple weeks

I fondled your left nipple
Was the closest one to reach
Your stirred and spread your thighs apart
Giving access to your peach

My cock was hard and rigid
You reached down to have a touch
Guided me to enter
Just the head, which wasn't much

You quivered just a little
Your wet pussy getting hot
“Was that a small orgasm
With me barely in your slot?”

You slid down and consumed me
Just as far as you could go
You squeezed around me tightly
Twirked your ass to start the show

It was so good to be home
And to wake you from your nap
Your response was so exiting
That it almost was a wrap

“We must slow down a little,
 I'll be cumming way too soon
The way it's feeling for me,
I could shoot off o'er the moon.”

“Give me a chance to settle down.
Let me eat your ripened peach
I'll lick your clit and all around
Far as my tongue will reach”

You put your thighs around my ears
I looked into your cunt
My lips and tongue went right to work
Giving the oral sex you want

My fingers spread apart the lips
And lifted up the hood
Your clitoris was waiting
 I sucked it where it stood

I licked it like a lollipop
The excitement made me drool
I moved to your vagina
Your tight, and cock consuming, tool

I sealed around it with my lips
And blew some hot air in
Followed by my lapping tongue
Where my hard cock had just been

My nose was up against your clit
My chin against your ass
I tried to reach your “G” spot
On the first or second pass

I felt the heat increasing
In the chasm I was in
Then tasted as you climaxed
Juices dripping off my chin

Hips were bucking pussy
I was holding or for life
Nothing else existed
Gone were all the stress and strife

I heard you screaming out my name
Did not know it changed, or why.
“God, don't stop, I'm cumming”
I heard your screaming voice reply

“Fuck me, while the juice is flowing,
While my pussy's hot and damp.
Put your whole cock in me.
Don't hesitate or get a cramp.”

Unlocked my lips from their enjoyment
Stood and pulled you to the edge
Had a leg in each arm
As I drove you with my sledge

Your vagina, the consumer
Got much tighter with each pound
Although I felt like flying
My feet never left the ground

As my hard cock was withdrawing
I leaned down to kiss each breast
Sucked upon each nipple
Put my stamina to test

Slid my cock along the outside
'Til my balls rubbed on your clit
Then slid my dick back down again
Thought you might have had a fit

You raised up on your elbows
Before my cock could start the drive
You positioned your vagina
For my erection to arrive

You gasped and dug your fingers
In the muscles of my back
I think it was, when George arrived,
At the “G” spot in your crack

I stopped the penetration
Held the ridge against the “G”
Expanded and contracted
As your pussy squeezed on me

Moved in and out a little
“G” in contact with the ridge
You were screaming, “I am cumming!”
As you were crossing o'er the bridge

I drove in ever deeper
As I felt your flow explode
Until I could drive no further,
Had reached the ending of my road

I felt my pecker pulsing
I no longer had control
The load from me escaping
In the bottom of your hole

I then continued stroking
To spread my gism in that place
Unlike it had been other times
When I left it on your face

You raised your pussy to me
At the bottom of each stroke
There was sufficient lubrication
Although I thought I saw some smoke

I left my cock inserted
As I joined you on the bed
Twilight had changed unnoticed
It was darkness now instead
Written by eightmore
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 18th Feb 2018
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Sex with you is my drug

Each kiss is warm wet and passionate,
Watching you undress is making me desperate; to rip off your clothes.
Pull you close,
And kiss your skin.  
Your naked body is so sexy laying here in this bed,
So many fantasies running through my head.  
Then you grab my waist pull me close and pull the hair on the back of my head and kiss my neck,  
Bitting just a little bit.  
It’s so good I can’t get enough of it.  
You lay me down and kiss my breasts, swirling your tongue around each nipple, gently nibbling.
You kiss each inch down to my thys,  
Then without warning your spread my legs and slip your tongue inside.
You suck my clit between your lips,  
It’s so good I can’t help my moan.
As you slide your fingers inside of me,  
I scream in pleasure and surprise.  
You continue to lik up every drop of cum,
I beg you to stop.  
You finally do.  
I tell you to stand up,  
So I can get on my knees and taste my cum on your hard cock.  
I lik the tip and take it deep in my throat,
Faster and faster,
Then I stop and only use my tongue making you beg to be inside my mouth.  
So I take you again harder and faster,
Until you beg to fuck my sweet wet pussy.
Written by TrueLover (Meganne)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 12th July 2017
Forum Posts: 133

I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl

naughty blondie under fleece
c’mon, give me more
i know it’s scary
to be bad
but we know we’re damned
i don’t fucking care
little girly, keep it going
smooth rose tongue covering me
i should put my hair up
before it gets dirty
that’s the place... dancing in the folds
stimulating my body
i’m losing control
okay sweetie, your turn
lay on me, relax
this will feel funny
your chastity is gonna hurt
shut your squealing!
isn’t it lovely?
what we have is real
you taste like innocence
let me change that...
little doll body, porcelain skin
i’m gonna eat you
i hear those giggles
isn’t this fun?
now open up

good girl
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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