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ValerieCD92 (Valerie Seedy)
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Erotic Poetry Slam

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Give us yo sexiest, most erotic poems about doin’ the deed! Adult Content Preferred! I wants them deets
8=======D {()}

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 9th May 2020
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Journey to the Center of Her Clit

I wrap my cycloptic astronaut  
In his protective helmet
As he penetrates these cavern walls
In search of this thing
Scientists call “the clit”
It is a perilous mission
Wrought with many dangers
We are beset by crabs  
And thoughts about my mom
But we stand up straight
And plunge ever forward
In search of this thing
The scholars call “the clit”
In years past
I thought I found it  
But was informed later I had not
That’s not it
That’s my ass
Etc etc  
But I will have to trust my instincts  
As I cannot confirm it
One way or another  
For this a secret mission
An archaeologist of love
I’ve become
While she gently slumbers  
If I do not find the clit
She will be angry, and rightfully so
But if I discover that rare jewel
She will immediately be transported
To pleasure town
I haven’t much time, dear friends
Wish me luck
The clit is elusive
And mysterious  
As Love itself
Written by Jermainesplain
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Valerie Seedy
Lost Thinker
United States
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Ladies Night

I met a nice guy at NA tonight. He took me to the diner and bought me pancakes. He told me I looked pretty and I reminded him of his younger sister. He held my hand in public- something my last boyfriend hated to do. He paid for my food and told me again how pretty I looked. My mom thinks I'm ugly. He had a nice car but it smelled like black & milds. I hate that smell. He drove us to his friends apartment and introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend. I felt special. For the first time I could silence my mothers voice in my head.
We went out two more times before he tried to have sex with me. He took me to get my nails done and afterwards had sex with me in the parking lot. Pretty soon he wanted me to have sex with his friend. He said it was ok because he wanted to brag to him. He wanted his friend to know how lucky he was to have me. He said I was the perfect girlfriend. He also said if I did this for him just one time, he wouldn't have to pay him back the money he owed him. My boyfriend liked to bet on sports. I had sex with his friend. He placed a new bet on a game that night.    
Pretty soon I was having sex with all of his friends. He kept telling me I was special and I was pretty. He told me everyday how lucky he was to have me as his girlfriend. What kind of man lets his girlfriend have sex with other men? Slowly, I started to see him differently.    
One night while I was having sex with his friend, Marcus, I asked him if he thought something was wrong with my boyfriend? Marcus said, "Yes, he's a little bitch. Let's turn him out."    
We came up with a foolproof plan. We took him to bars in the shitty part of town, near where my mom lives. I'd buy him vodka and get him wasted. Once in a while I'd have to put something in his drink. But only sometimes. Only sometimes. Then Marcus and I would spill our drinks or some ketchup on my boyfriend so he would want to go home to change. Marcus would say to him, "We're staying out! It's ladies night!"    
My job was to get him drunk and make sure I had a dry outfit in the car for him. "Put this on" Marcus would say. My boyfriend was always so drunk he didn't mind that we had given him women's clothes. He looked great in shoulder pads. Then I'd kiss him and get my lipstick all over his face. I made him look so pretty.    
Marcus and I would drop him off on a corner and wait for the secrets to drive up. Marcus told my boyfriend if he did this for us, we'd pay his phone bill. If this didn't work Marcus would beat the shit out of him. Either way, we were getting paid. He must have had a good mouth because my new boyfriend bought a paid of Jordan 11's the first week. I spent all my money on cocaine.    
That was a fun summer!
Written by ValerieCD92 (Valerie Seedy)
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Thought Provoker
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Only Words

All I want to do
Is make wild love
Is it just on paper,
spilled ink all over?
Or the qwerty layout,  
Of an hour glass shape?

my mind is frenzy
such is my fantasy
your phone is buzzing,
is master tweeting?
the servant's forgiven  
your body is pure heaven
I will caress your body  
It’s my hour glass beauty  
With words and phrases  
Making your nipple erect  
your pussy supple and moist  
with the speed of my keystrokes  
With words I kiss up and down  
your thighs, hips and I dine at Y
Resonating Passionate strokes
a wet tongue and a hard cock
It’s that desirous innocence  
makes a sensual body tremble  
I bite the neck, lick them ears
Pull your hair and spank that ass
between the lines, wetness is mine
the wild flames of kink burns  
With moans, screams so orgasmic
Not with this hard cock but only words!
Written by XiaoLong
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Thought Provoker
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Joined 25th Jan 2019
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Oh God! Oh God!

Rain drops softly filling the frames on my window  
in a distance by the mountains behind the meadow  
sun’s shining through, then comes the rainbow  
reflections on her face, that heart emits a glow

I penned this prose for a beauty lovely as a rose  
alluring primrose from a painting by Michelangelo  
thick curvaceous body, god’s eyes surely wasn’t close  
slender where it matters, a wise heart rarely knows  
shadows perfectly shaped off the shining light  
I’ll nurture that body through this dark of night  
smooth silk satin glow, soft skin nice and tight  
sweet serenading love under the dim moonlight  
queen of my flesh, this woman, she's a delight  
kisses and nibbles, taut pink nipples ours to bite    
seducing each other with an embrace felt right  
fresh sensual bondage as the two bodies unite  
my first time kissing a pretty girl who’s just like me  
wild curiosity, wanting to know how this could it be  
sensually true, the moment she’s drops on her knee  
a journey of love and sex like honeys from the sea  
her kisses and licks on my sensitive dark moist lips  
rose scented labia part gently her probing fingertips  
going to town her lovely tongue stings like a whip  
warmth flows on my lips, I quiver like life’s an eclipse  
she moves like a dancer from the seas of Severn  
glimmers in the distance, the time’s almost eleven  
it was just like a prayer, all our sins were forgiven  
by the smooch that’s took us to the seventh heaven  
she looks up to me, “let’s explore!”, she insists  
‘for sure, baby!”, i am in bliss, who am i to resist  
laying me flat, deeper into my lips she persists  
grabs me for a kiss, never such pleasure exists  
two earthly mortals, the love making was truly divine  
their love was a devotion, to the envy of St. Valentine  
the lovers of tonight, their prayers of moaning rhymes  
and they kept saying “Oh God! Oh God!’ oh so many many times!  
Written by XiaoLong
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Lost Thinker
United States
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We seem to perceive
this as a ritual lost to
like ghosts rising  
out of fist shaped
I saw magic  
in the depths of
noir hours
stumbling with you  
down rabbit  

Calvin Klein's  
scrunched up  
in a ball
heavenly hums
through Egyptian
where ancients
buried their
before we  
became this  
Written by AoifeAuburn
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Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Shagging In the car

It’s love I said, as she gently gave head,
On the back seat of my car ... which is Mexico red,
We’ve shagged On the bonnet, the roof and the boot
I’ve done her doggy style, pulled her hair like a brute
It’s only sex, it’s the car that I love!
Shagged lots of girls, below and above
It’s love like I said, I don’t get too fussy
My car is my secret, my magnet for pussy.
So shag in your car, go dogging for fun
Always leather seats, they can cope with the cum....

Written by Fidofood
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Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Out with a Boner

He went out with cock swinging
smokin' hot woman
got the best of him
his heart was a goner
he went with a boner
She was suprised
So Rest In Peace
You lucky SOB!
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Sweet Ass Nectar

Two crazy lovers
Are pouring chocolate syrup
All over their naked bodies
Because they are feeling each other
and want to engage
In Wild Sexual Congress
Until they feel up
Each other cores
With sweet ass nectar
Made from love
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Nectar of the Gods

She’s tipsy and risky but she’s also feeling a little frisky,
She likes her some kink and I think it’s well deserved,
I’m excited because the flame inside of me is ignited,
She’s longing for a tongue lashing and it will be served.

She and I embrace with such a passion like it’s illicit lust,
Our tongues waltz and dance in some forbidden romance,
Our heavy breathing almost synchronized is characterized
By the way our bodies are yearning for one another in trance.

My hand reaches down swiftly and cunningly it’s pretty slyly,
Between her silky panties and creamy skin I find her sex is wet,
My fingers linger for a second and bring her fire a little higher,
Until she begs me to be between her legs because her mind is set.  

I get down on my knees to please this voluptuous goddess,
To ease her aching as her legs are shaking like she’s about to faint,
I remove her knickers quicker than a stock ticker about to crash,
As my hands adore to explore her curves and make her feel quaint.

She falls on the bed with her legs wide open and words unspoken,
As I slither up her body with nothing but a bawdy and naughty intent,
My mouth traces every inch of her skin till she’s stirred and spurred,
I have lured her into my lair to satisfy her until she’s fully spent.

I’m ravenous, thirsty and voracious with a bit of savageness,
I’m ready to eat her out till she climaxes and shouts and crumbles,
I’m an animal, liable for vaginal devouring it’s almost cannibal,
I’m fucking hungry to eat her pussy until she stutters and mumbles.

She lifts her hips and grips the sheets as I caress and kiss her lady bits,
With my fingertips I split the lips and lick her clit till she drips and spritz,
My tongue flicks and dips into her pink then I drink and sip her sweet liquor,
It’s a mix of juice and spit with squirts and spurts to make her cum quicker.

She moans in pleasure as she soaks my face with the greatest treasure,
Her cum is the nectar of the gods with which I’m baptized in ritual and rite,
It’s a delight to hear her scream when she creams it’s the wettest dream,
As I lap her inner thighs while she lies quivering in the dark of the night.
Written by wallyroo92
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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R e d

( a quatern )

‘Twas Sir always liked me in red.
His dainty submissive he learned
Was partial to Sir’s tastes in bed,
To dress me in what he preferred.

We both found this out early on;
‘Twas Sir always liked me in red.
So first we would fuck until dawn,
Then left to go shopping instead.

The lingerie went to my head,
The dresses, the accessories.
‘Twas Sir always liked me in red,
His money kept growing on trees.

But lately we’d fuck in the nude,
I shot him last night in the head.
The sight of the blood on my dude,
‘Twas Sir always liked me in red.  

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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One night stand

Went downtown Friday night
see a gig, make a club    
walking high like a kite    
feel the dub    
Felt shaped up tight    
might pull tonight    
scented up with fake cologne      
testosterone cant stand alone    
Scanned the crowd    
to find romance    
my dick needs no second chance  
a quiet smile, in place so loud    
Small talk first and tried to wow    
got the nod
 a bang, so now, so shallow     
but I think shes on    
I make a move    
just a brush    
pressing in without a blush    
She measures me    
with her right thigh    
a knowing look the glinting eye    
The exit sign is shining bright    
the alley dark    
our loins on fire    
Get it out and get it in    
a common cause    
no time to pause    
My stiffness in her    
preceded by lots of finger  
a minge as hot as any ginger    
My throbbing cock its shining strobe  
reaching high, shot its load  
whilst her cataclysm slowly ebbed  
One night stand    
draws to a close    
to a rousing cheer or no applause    
I'll call you soon, was the lie I left 
Written by slipalong
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Sex with you is my drug

Each kiss is warm wet and passionate,
Watching you undress is making me desperate; to rip off your clothes.
Pull you close,
And kiss your skin.  
Your naked body is so sexy laying here in this bed,
So many fantasies running through my head.  
Then you grab my waist pull me close and pull the hair on the back of my head and kiss my neck,  
Bitting just a little bit.  
It’s so good I can’t get enough of it.  
You lay me down and kiss my breasts, swirling your tongue around each nipple, gently nibbling.
You kiss each inch down to my thys,  
Then without warning your spread my legs and slip your tongue inside.
You suck my clit between your lips,  
It’s so good I can’t help my moan.
As you slide your fingers inside of me,  
I scream in pleasure and surprise.  
You continue to lik up every drop of cum,
I beg you to stop.  
You finally do.  
I tell you to stand up,  
So I can get on my knees and taste my cum on your hard cock.  
I lik the tip and take it deep in my throat,
Faster and faster,
Then I stop and only use my tongue making you beg to be inside my mouth.  
So I take you again harder and faster,
Until you beg to fuck my sweet wet pussy.
Written by TrueLover (Meganne)
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Fire of Insight
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A Bit Premature

   Your nipples are sweet, and taut, and firm!
   I worship them every chance I get,
   but you withhold them to make me squirm!
   Enjoy my frustration, you brash coquette?

              I’m testing your worship, or is it just play?
              I see your frustration, acknowledge your rants.
              So far, you present a convincing display,
              but mostly I see just a bulge in your pants!

   You shame me! Please, don’t make me wait any longer,
   Please let me see them! My passion is ripe!
   Are you looking for someone who’s younger and stronger?
   I’m right here beside you, well-hung, and your type!

              Well-hung? That’s debatable! Type? Wait and see!
              Here, I’m exposing "my girls" for your view!
              I will not be rushed, I enjoy repartee!
              Now, let me see if your balls will turn blue!

   Much worse than blue! They are ready to pop!
   The sight of your sirens has set me on fire!
   You’re making them jiggle! Unfair! BUT DON’T STOP!
   If relief doesn’t come, then my heart will expire!

              Now there’s a fun challenge, to make you drop dead!
              Just by some teasing, no touching allowed!
              Just think, I could save you--by giving you head!
              Beg for it, boy! I am sure you’re not proud!

   Just Beg? I am pleading and cowering down,
   with hope to influence your imminent choice!
   I possess such obsession for your lovely mounds!
   Go ahead! Crush my spirit! or make me rejoice!

              Okay, come and get me! Now wasn’t that fun!
              But don’t let my bosom be all that you’ve won…

   We waited too long! Now I don’t need the cure!
   …my manhood erupted, a bit premature!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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