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Dreamscapes and Nightmares

Guardian of Shadows
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Kinkpoet, thank you for your entry.

Guardian of Shadows
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Dreams of Faeries

she sang of tomorrow
on the lonely glade
surrounded by pale light
from sun clouded over

with flecks of dusts
from yesterdays tears
the last of them
the conquered clan

I dreamed of her
soulful with dark
yellow hair
green gossamer dress

songs lilting over glen
lost in swishing wind
from the land
named after a Goddess

Waking up to eastern sun
far far away
wondering at the sounds
of shaman's chant.

Not an Entry

Fire of Insight
United States
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Nightmare On I-95

Followed by an unmarked car, in the dark, flashing red & blue lights  
Causing a heightened sympathetic response of fight or flight  
Wondering if tonight'll be the night that I take my last breath  
Will a misconception of my phone being a weapon cause my death?
Will he tell me to step out of my car and get on the pavement?
Will a cell phone recording serve as my last testament?
Will the government abstain from conviction like times before?
As these thoughts circle my brain, I push my pedal to the floor  
Choosing to ignore this entity following me down I-95  
Only thought on my mind is how can I stay alive  
Drying my eyes while I try to communicate with my daughter  
Calling to tell her that Daddy loves her before I get slaughtered  
Asking GOD to comfort her in the event of my untimely demise  
Telling her to not believe the thieves and their false media lies  
To recognize the guise supplied in the form of propaganda  
Then my eyes opened wide before she could answer  
This torture was just a bad dream that seemed all too real
Epigenetics implanted it into my psyche in order to reveal  
How it feels and how it felt to those that were dealt a bad hand  
Encouraging me to use poetry as testimony on life's witness stand
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Fire of Insight
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Sometimes our problems even invade our dreams
Bringing to fruition an addition to our suffering
Causing a decrease in nights of peaceful sleep
Making it harder and harder to count them sheep

Deep within our psyche residing in our subconsciousness
Are alien thoughts from the dark side of our consciousness
Trying to resist our attempts of moving on from our storms
Partying like it's the ninety's and they're in their college dorms

As all of the noise rings on inside of our heads
It causes us to toss and turn nightly in our beds
It's said that if you control the mind the body will follow
So, some of the physical ills that we feel are results of our sorrow
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Guardian of Shadows
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da_poetic-edifier, thank you for your entries.

Dangerous Mind
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Roses and Rosaries (1993 Redux)

The dream is just as vivid,
As if it were just like yesterday,
Walking through the colorful gardens,
Through prayers,
Roses and Rosaries,
Through a funeral home,
Full of death and decay.

The bright white halls and corridors,
Lead to rooms of coffins and caskets,
Some filled with grieving mourners,
While other rooms were empty and desolate.
As I walked through the funeral parlor,
The further I walked the more decrepit it got,
There was a foul smell, like an odor from hell,
That to this day I still cannot forget.
And what was a peaceful serene dream,
Turned into a horrible nightmare,
When the eerie tone seemed to go silent,
When the stench of decomposition filled the air.
My mother told me to go even further,
To mourn for those that everyone forgot,
But now the rooms were dark like caves,
As the poor were only covered in rags.
I stood there, nearly speechless and frozen,
A black dog with eyes like diamonds stared back,
Smiling, panting with jagged, serrated teeth,
As I fell into a darkness that was pitch black.
Written by wallyroo92
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Guardian of Shadows
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wallyroo92, thank you for your entry.

Fire of Insight
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Interconnect The I

Faculty Of Three  

See The Movement, Of Harmony

Grasp Reality, Halves Untied  

I Am I, †The Higher I, Yet,  
I Am He  

Know, † Think, † Visualize,  

Left Path Y Right Path

Eros, Logos, †Thumos, †  

Interconnect, The I†
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Valeriya)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Valeriyabeyond, thank you for your entry.

Thought Provoker
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Livin' On A Prayer

A zillion shining stars, it was a clear night
A sense the dampness, like in an old fortress
the rain has kept it cool, the breeze then got light
having some juicy fruits, I waited for my seductress

the ambient was becoming cold, it felt like Iím on a mountain
the soothing scent the breath of air was intoxicating that night
calming sounds of water, beautifully played by the fountain
a peaceful night, it was perfect for an insane carnal delight

resting on my bed, filled with desire, I waited in all anticipation
she was my enchanting mistress, a beauty of wild imagination
have I been such a folly, drinking too much old par brandy?
thinking of Mistress Jolly, whipping up many cans of shandy

It was surreal! as the eye lashes slowly meets, she appears
i couldn't contain my excitement, a voluptuous beauty was here
a domineering sensation, like Ms. Buffy the sexy vampires slayer
for all my desire, oh god! sheís ignited my heart and set it on fire!

In no time she was by my bed, I felt her tight skin all leathery
shining like a princess in armour, Iím confused why its all rubbery
the soft roughness of a strawberry and lightness of mulberry
she leans towards me, staring deep into me, oh a kiss so peachy

like a million kisses under the mistletoe, lipís on my forehead
like a molten candlestick, an insane heat is on my other head!
the passion that she imprints on me explodes like a warhead
holy cow! what is happening? Is it my old blooming head?
Or is tonight the night, I paint this cold mountain town red?

she is just getting started, the buzzing sensation is madness
itís so overwhelming, i am surrendering to her as my holiness!
little that i had expected, itís my first encounter and seamless
god damn Mistress Jolly is simply an unbelievable enchantress
she pulling me close to her chest, rubbing my face in the mattress
latex glazed bosoms, the pleasure was doubled, what a craziness!

Oh god! I waited for this moment, my sexual drought, itís just been oh so many many days!
I have dreamed for the moment, clasping that smooth length of the slender body between my legs
I have wanted to press down hard and force my throbbing self through in so many unimaginable ways
I have to confess all my desires, as I tear across the rubbery cheeks, I hear that when she sexily begs

ďoh Sire! oh Sire! youíre my sexual desire!Ē a strange voice whispering in my wet ear
frantically licking, lobe to lobe as I hear the music.. it sounds like Bon Joviís Liviní On A Prayer
the surreal mountain disappears, its a black leather bolster between my legs as it appears
oh no, no no! What have I been kissing, what have I been drinking, what have I been listening, all these years?
Written by XiaoLong
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Guardian of Shadows
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XiaoLong thank you for your entry.

Mirey Mirfaq
Lost Thinker
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Nightmares In Vague ( Band: Abysmal Oceans)

The moon is covered from murky clouds,
Shadows of obscurity, wrap me in silence

Arcanum grounds twirls with the falling darkness
I hear the funeral bells far away beyond the dark
A mysterious power follows in to this ancient dream
I see the fog emerging from the graves

I condemn this asphyxiating sense in dismay

There is no shelter in this nocturnal past
Buried by the time I endure the haze of dusk
Spirits of the ancient deceased roam the gloomy forest
The stench of the swamps whistle like the smell of decayed crypts

The moon is enclosed from your lustful desires,
Shadows of obscurity wrap me in silence

I hear a macabre symphony far away in the horizon
Itís the call for the unholy passion for blood and lust
Blood and lust
Blood and lust

The obscurity denounce it all for the dominance of evil
Like a prophecy for the supreme pleasure of agony and death
Through the dismal journey of ancient omen and cursed age
I see the courtesan in her castle of purgatory lighting the candles around the altar
Praying to her majesty, the heart of the ancient legion
I was drawn back from vermont horrors of the nightmares in vague

Written by UnholyCurse (Mirey Mirfaq)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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~Night of Terror, Night of Sin.~

~Night of Terror, Night of Sin.~

For you, a tale of haunted rhymes
But first, these words are due--
Beware, for evil hibernates,
Within both me and you.
It's now, I must confess my sin
Though please do understand
Demons often trick the minds
Of those at their command.

I chose two boys that I abhorred
And sunk them both in fears
Each frantic plea to spare their lives
Never reached my ears.

(Their father beat me in my youth,
Most times I'd often bleed.
I swore I'd rectify my wounds
With vicious vengeful deeds).

"Destroy them now," a voice enticed,
Within my morbid mind.
Revenge is sweet when blood is spilled
And nothing's left behind.

They flopped about like captured fish
But little did I mourn.
I heard them gurgle once or twice
As both their throats were torn.

The madness of my ruthless spell
Could finally be displayed.
The omnipotent strength I sought
Dripped slowly from my blade.
The vision of their lifeless forms
Confirmed I was deranged
Aims they may have had in life
Would never be arranged.
I stowed away their dead remains,
But where, I can't recall.
I fled on foot without a sound
Through tall trees by some wall.
But soon, I started feeling grim
Detecting Satan's game.
Those vile thoughts I held before
Were now a source of shame.

I felt removed from all I'd done
And all that was before.
I knew my former evil self
Would reappear no more.
Within my mind, the truth fell blind,
Misleading what I'd see.
Distortions crept into my eyes
Cajoling death as glee.
It crushed my soul like broken glass,
My state of mind grew thin.
The grizzly truth could now be owed
To schizophrenic sin.
A devil's spell or dark mirage?
The curse remains unknown.
But God in heaven, worse yet still,
The dead boys were my own!
Written by Timagination543
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Whisk me away to lalaland,  
Where I shall awake in my neverland
Where dreams are reality and reality was just a dream
That was pulling at the seams
Where time moves slowly and the clock rewinds, back to a life that was only real in my mind
Of countless days full of joy...filled with love...that somehow skipped me when I was just a boy
Here life still has mystery and wonder, but there everything makes you wonder
How this place could exist or how did things end up like this
So Iíll stay forever in my slumber
So I donít have to ponder
On a life that was never
And just dream forever
Written by ManorMyth (Man_Or_Myth)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Timagination543, ManorMyth and UnholyCurse, thank you for your participation.

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