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Dreamscapes and Nightmares

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Dreams and nightmares, omens or foreshadows
No collaborations. Old or new writes. Two poems max per person. Be creative. No extreme contents please.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Red Cum

Red Cum
On the butt cheeks of the savior
Lying on the rocks
Weeping softly
Sobbing gentle as the forest brook
Station after station
He fell and he rose
Now heís lying there
With anal woes

Who done this to Jesus
Son of the true God
Who hath forsaken the Christ child
On this unholy Monday
Jesus reads my thoughts
With his holy telepathy
Like Charles Xavier with hair
Who fucked your savior?
Shall I tell thee little lamb?!?
He slipped me a note
And vanished in smoke

I woke up in bed
With a crumpled up piece of paper in my hand
From a yellow legal pad
Written in red crayon
There was but one word to read
Written by Jermainesplain
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Guardian of Shadows
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Jermainesplain thank you for kick starting the competition.

Guardian of Shadows
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A Vivid Dream

Flow the water from the rocks
Bubbling fresh crystal clear
heard whispers from up above
drink the water no turning back

Putting cupped hands forward
it filled up with pearls
spilling down to the ground
bursting into purple blooms

pearls and riches
the voice whispers
they are all yours
accompanied by tears

I saw my beloved
walking across the stream
the forest behind him on fire
I woke with dawn light in my eyes

I knew then...he will bring tears
with his laughter
and hurts with his love
and so he did.

This is not an entry

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Blood And Tears

If you look in these eyes
You may feel a little sick
Sarcasm fuels abuse
Never ending nightmares begin
Remember to hide under covers

Little monsters on playground roundabouts
Nothing so innocent in their taunts
Sometimes thereís a reason
Not to give the power of speech
When tongues are as lethal as spears

No use running like hell
Those little demons know the shortcuts
Always there to push you over
Dancing with such glee
At the sight of tears and blood

Inside a bunker waiting for morning to come
Where the fear wakes up
Outside is only pain
Rivers of hurt
For you to tread in
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Lost Thinker
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Within Sleep


caught in the ebb
and flow of a moment
I clutched the isolation
of your kindness

thinking of the ways
the Universe shrinks
to a whisper of deeds
in fathomless ether

watching history
be puzzled by her sun
shining from petals
of daisy shaped hearts

life is such
a casual dream.
Written by AoifeAuburn
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Guardian of Shadows
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AspergerPoet56 and AoifeAuburn, thank you for your participation.

buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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Darkside of light

I walk along the shore at midnight
Where the tide meets the sand
I feel you, holding my hand
An angel from the darkside of light
Come with me, she whispered softly
My wings will set your soul free
Come with me, to find eternity
Dark angel, I'm lost in your mystery †
She was born with the devil's scorn †
Her passion fueled by my desire
She took me to a place where angels never fly
I burned to ashes and never felt the fire
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Dolphin Friendly

I dream of dolphins trapped in nets.
I hear the echoes of beached whales,
driven ashore in confused sonar delirium
I feel the warming of the earth,
and I shed a tear inside.
I see the indifference,
the ignorance and the opportunism,
I see the Eco credentials of Companies and Parties
exploited for capital gain and cynical votes.
Green is the colour of today's collective consciousness,
an admirable cause, to save our sacred planet.
Mother nature has been raped and beaten,
our garden of Eden has been slashed and burned!
And for what?
Cheap fuel for our polluting machines?
Cars to take us the walking distance to our consumer palaces?
Planes to fly us on our cheap rate package holidays?
Desperately scrambling to "see the world" ... while we still can.
Filth and fumes, sulphur and smoke,
a toxic cocktail of fire and brimstone in our very own "Hell on Earth."
Each plastic generation has spewed their poison onto this world.
Consumer excess and hamburgers for the masses have left us paranoid and afraid,
desperately clinging to the forlorn hope that we can stall and reverse the disaster we have sown.
For future plastic generations?
Be warned!
This disaster is not the planets concern.
The planet is old and wise, in its Billions of years it has seen this calamity before.
It has lost its parasites, it has brushed off its weak and insignificant species'
like fleas scratched from a dog.
Yet, are we so deluded to think we can survive, even outlive our green home?
The planet does not need saving, we are trying to save ourselves.
Earth will cleanse itself of its human curse.
Once again it's glaciers and rivers will sculpt divine beauty,
its seas will ferment new life and its soils and sands will form mountains,
tempered and fired from its molten heart.
But in this moment of my fleeting human life,
I am still haunted by beached whales
and dreams of dolphins trapped in nets.
Written by Fidofood
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Fire of Insight
United States
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An Insatiable Hunger

It starts like this...
 † †
Sheís standing in her room, † †
looking at her † †  
reflection † †
in the full length † †
mirror. † †  
Putting herself † †  
together, † †
Making sure everything † †
is just right. †
† †  
In the reflection of the mirror, † †
She sees † †  
you † †  
enter the room. † †
She stands † †
frozen. † †  
The silence, † †  
ear piercing. † †
† †  
Iím watching her, † †  
watch you † †  
through the mirror. † †
Her gaze, precise. † †
unwavering. † †
† †  
Iím watching you † †  
watch her, † †
Slowly approaching, † †
Like a wolf stalks itís prey. † †  
Desire † †  
deep in your eyes, † †
Like you want to † †  
devour † †  
her. † †
† †  
She still hasnít † †  
moved. † †
You slither † †  
behind, † †
Wrapping † †  
your arms around her. † †  
Pulling her † †  
tightly † †  
into you. † †
With firmness, † †  
confidence, † †  
assertiveness, † †
As if you owned her. † †
† †  
Still, she doesnít move. † †  
Her gaze, † †  
piercing. † †  
I wonder if you notice it, † †
The complete † †  
terror † †  
illuminating her eyes. † †
I canít keep my eyes off them. † †  
It has me † †  
trembling. † †  
† †  
You must not, † †  
Because you † †
delicately, † † †
slip her hair off † †  
her shoulder, † †  
to the other side of her neck. † †  
Revealing her † †
soft, sun kissed, † †  
skin. † †
† †  
I watch her † †  
shiver, † †  
the only movement † †  
Iíve witnessed. † †
Still, † †
silence. † †
Gaze, † †  
still laser sharp. † †  
† †  
You begin to † †  
kiss her neck. † †
Slow, † †  
quick pecks † †
Building up to † †
deeper, † †  
intense kisses. † †  
I notice, † †
not once, † †  
do you meet her gaze † †
in the mirror. † †
† †  
In fact, † †  
youíre oblivious to † †  
anything † †  
besides your grip † †
on her body † †  
and your affections † †
on her nape. † †
† †  
You are † †  
wholly consumed † †  
in this exchange. † †
An intense hunger † †  
permeates, † †
Itís uncomfortable † †
watching † †
† †  
I shift my focus back † †
†to her. † †
I canít take my eyes off † †
her piercing gaze. † †
As I watch all † †  
the emotion, † †
dim from her eyes. † †  
Numb, † †  
almost lifeless. † †  
† †  
Finally, † †  
you look up, † †  
meeting her gaze. † †  
She remains frozen, † †  
silent. † †
† †  
Gazes locked, † †
your right hand † †  
slides over her mouth, † †  
gripping tightly. † †
Your left, † †  
rising up, † †
settling † †  
across her throat. † †
† †  
Your hands † †  
look monstrous † †  
on her delicate body. † †
† †  
You grip her † †  
tightly † †  
and begin dragging her † †  
backwards, † †  
towards the bed. † †  
† †  
She falls limp, † †  
eyes wide, † †  
but devoid of emotion. † †  
† †  
Iím horrified. † †
I scream † †  
for her † †  
to fight back, † †
to at least, scream. † †  
Something! † †
Anything! † †  
But, no † †
Nothing. † †
† †  
You gently † †  
lay her on the bed. † †  
Leaning † †  
over her, † †  
your lips † †
press against her forehead. † †
A seemingly endearing † †  
moment, † †  
but Iím perplexed. † †  
† †  
Then † †  
I see it, † †  
the tears † †  
welling up † †  
in her eyes. † †  
But she diligently † †  
holds them back. † †
† †  
You reach † †
†in your back pocket, † †
Pulling out a † †  
knife, † †
Raising it above her, † †  
Fear flashes across her face, † †  
but she dares † †
not to move. † †  
† †  
With one † †
quick, † †  
forceful movement, † †
You thrust † †  
the knife † †  
into her chest, deep. † †
Piercing † †  
her heart. † †
† †  
You meet her gaze † †
Tears † †
cascading down her face. † †
And softly † †  
whisper, † †  
Just so you know, † †  
not a day goes by, that † †  
I donít think about you. † †  
† †  
You pull the knife † †  
out of her chest, † †
tearing † †  
her heart, † †
one last time. † †
And walk towards the door. † †  
Knife falls to your side, † †
Swinging, † †
Leaving † †  
a trail of blood, behind. † †  
An undeniable truth † †  
left to stain the floors. † †  
† †  
And then I wake up... † †
† †  
Panicked † †  
Mortified † †  
Then relieved, youíre not here † †
† †  
My mind left spinning, † †
Unable to settle it. † †  
Thoughts †ruminating... † †
† †  
Angry at you † †
Disappointed in me
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Lazy_Dead, Fidofood and buddydog thank you for your participation.

Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
United States
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My Freaking Dreams

In my dreams a
person who was adopted
comes up to me
told me she was
my daughter which
suprised me because
of her age and her
date of birth then it
made sense to me that
my oldest brother put my name
on the adoption papers
So I blackmailed him for
the freaking truth
I still don't know
What this dream means
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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To Find the Moon Forever Lost

I never thought a day might come,
When everything I felt should last
To never ask where they came from,
So quickly turn into the past.

And not just what was yesterday
In my own little land of thought,
My memories werenít meant to stray
Reminders of what I was taught.

For still I have this wanderlust,
To covet and yet sacrifice.
Why shrinking life to only just
A precious few down to one vice.

What kind of messages to send,
The future beats an empty drum
For those of us who see no end;
The darkest winter yet to come.

Iíll never last without the rain,
To burrow in when comes the frost.
My anxious breath misting the pane
To find the moon forever lost.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Phantom2426 and Jade Pandora thank you for your participation.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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although they have not yet met
he has been sneaking into her dreams at night
lingering and lurking
searching the dark corners
of her subconscious
looking for the clues
to her hidden desires
and unspoken needs
he leaves small
ideas and suggestions
in secret places
when she awakes
she has vague memories
of  his visits
when they meet
it is as if they
have known each other
for a long time
or even that
they have been friends
in a previous life
when they fall in love
it is as if
they can read each othersí minds
as if they have been
lingering and lurking
searching the dark corners
hidden desires
and unspoken needs
although he doesnít know it yet
she has been sneaking into his dreams at night
Written by Kinkpoet
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