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Hype Ya Self Up

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 1st July 2014
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Poetry Contest

Make a rhyme that hypes yourself up
Make the best rap that hypes yourself up.
So basically boast yourself up in the best way possible

- One Entry only
- No rap battles just talk about yourself
- Can be as long as you want
- It doesnít need a title
- Just have fun

poet Anonymous


Alibo Terna Timothy
Twisted Dreamer
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Roars of dawn gave me a funny chill
knowing there's no beacon of an easy drill
- still same stony hill
That I pray "Oh Lord, please give ears to my plea"
Trust the process- as I connect the dot!
No drift, just shift till I lit that spot
A hundred dream' a march still got a stream of light
I will keep marking green, steady wheel- hungry for that eagle height.
Then, the world will be my ostrich
and I will ride her to a greater reach
Written by gifteth (Alibo Terna Timothy)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Damn These Bars

Freeze! Please donít light that match or Iíll call dispatch
These bars may catch ire fire and there is no escape hatch
Watch out for the flames when I aim to tame then proclaim -
Itís my turn to burn because I yearn to play this rapping game

My vocabulary can be very hairy so be wary of how I spill
Still my quill is chill with a thrill when I dig and run this drill
Is just that the word stirs and spurs running like herds grazing
But writing rhymes is like fighting crimes with all guns blazing

Donít blink because this ink will sync in with the pounding beat
I bleed it right because I need it tight so I can read, write and repeat
Itís just enough to snuff out the diamonds in the rough and make Ďem shine
This time Iíll rhyme with extra spice and thyme then serve so you can dine

Take a bite -
This might just have the right kick youíll lick your lips and ask whatís this?
Itís got all kinds of mind bending flavors designed to refine your wits
If you like
This is the hype so bright and ripe penned to send the reader churning
Iím just a little cray at bay to play with verses and yet Iím still learning

Treat it and tweet it
Post it or toast it but donít ghost or delete it
Feed it some creed when you heed the lyrics even if you don't believe it
Clean it then preen it
The scene is a scream like a dream when I screen it
Itís just that I love to drop mics like all types of strikes because I mean it
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th Aug 2016
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The Thinker

I'm the King on the scene looking so fresh and so clean  
Shining bright as the Sun with an ultralight beam
Flipping nicks to dimes with these rhymes from my mind
With a dollar and a dream coming to fruition in time†
I'm the creme de la creme and there's none better than him  
Enlightening minds with these rhymes like I'm a lyrical STEM
Class is in session so get these lessons while they're hot
Without knowledge of self they'll shelf you like a THOT
The block is hot so I pop off the top like a racist cop
Can't stop and won't stop causing these bodies to drop  
Better stop, drop and roll cause I control the heater  
Don't get burned as I churn thoughts like a thinker
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 5th Sep 2018
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The Calling Of Twilight

Green pasture as thy comfort a French Creole Angelís sceptre of me
Devine wings of seduction, yes, as you can see   †
And will come to believe † † †
Earthbound divinity of perfection † † †
The laws of an unbalanced life always follows rejection † † †
In my arms your earthly protection † † †
This is the story of my relegation † † †
Leaps and Bounds to earth to research the sinful flesh behind such wicked dedications † † †
Wings to human a sensual transformation † † †
†† †  
Stranded never forsaken † † †
Please do not twist my mission or get it mistaken † † †
Here to earthly awaken † † †
Earthbound divinity to covet aspirations, your silent affirmations † † †
Respecting your private self-meditations † † †
Administering a dose of erotic medication for animalistic stimulations † † †
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down † † †
Clear sweeten elixir, swallowed from my sugary crown † † †
Warmth with a touch of bodily supplications † † †
Whispered words of participation † † †
A wish list of specifications † † †
Overseeing the vast male population † † †
Ladies, youíre on your own † † †
You will have to seek your own Kingdom come † † †
As you roam this jungle of life to find your King Kong † † †
†† †  
Compassion † † †
Yes, while our bodies are in harmony as weíre thrashing † † †
Worshipped words of love as pleasure foretold of its rehashing † † †
Never mistake me as an earthly being to be what, you want † † †
Truthfully, whatís the point † † †
My fervent words will continue to bestow † †  
Iím not your average Angel this you will know † † †
As you come, the essence of life steadily flows †
†† † †
I spread my wings to combat the lonely beings who longs to be free † † †
This is life, you want a soulful intervention, taste of sweet interactions, then close you eyes for me to appease †
Then gently kneel and pay homage to me as you please † † †
I will fulfill youíre fantasies, grant your every need, wishes within the celestial powers to be †  
Do I ever get fatigue of carnal pleasure †
Is a Red Cardinal a beautiful bird, the distance she flies you can never measure † † †
Lyrics of emotional sentiments are always a grand illusion of the mind † † †
The harmony of heartbeats escalates while caressing me, as youíre sipping on a glass of wine † † †
Iím in your bed, in your head, you cum again, from what I just said † † †
Jezebel, sorry, not this story to try and sell, an Angel stands, as water is received from a wishing well † † †
Aberrant and clandestine affairs of the mind, theatrical plays of the body, whoever really tells † † †
Your concept as such, as they say, the devil is always in the wicked details † † †
Thank God, yes, my Heavenly Creator, has protected my existence to keep me from sinkage to hell † † †
†† †  
As one must say, Iíll leave the grand tales to the snakes who commit to falsehood with lies † † †
Never can tell you the real reasons behind their fabricated whys † † †
Disappearing act, and then return with venom of bad Karmaís surprise † † †
† †
The truth † † †
UmmÖjust an enchanted earthbound Angel with a passionate gift basket just for you † † †
To give the morality of men their earthly just due † † †
And thatís just a grand fact † † †
Rather weíre rocking in a chair, standing up, golden legs wrapped around your back † † †
Steamy interludes as youíre sailing on a mission to seek, detonate, as you physically attack † † †
Mm, be gentle now, this Angel is used to soft pinkish licks, as I emotionally hack † † †
You are definitely the one straw who will most likely break this soft winged Angelís back † † †
Welcome to the comfort of my wings † † †
As an Earthbound Angel passionately whispers when she sings † † †
†† †  
†† †  
† †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Wrapped up in m`self

I got the cutest kind 'o kisser
I'm the best an't no one better
I am the stamp upon the letter
Thats me the; Top influencer

 Am the bow around the cake
hard icing with the sweetest taste
of my candy lots partake
charm burns bright, the candle flame

I am the present none send back
the creme la crŤme, the druggies smack
the diamond's bling that others lack
my own fix the kight of crack

I turn head's and hear the wow
 polished jewel upon the crown
that pedestal with no step down
the spotlight where I stand so proud

Superman, with much greater "pow"
I can't count the Hi's and chow's
I never walk beneath a cloud
none ever said, that foolish clown

High end that's my cup of tea
platinum the card for me
none catch my Porche as I speed
red carpets soft beneath my feet

Mohamed Ali or Cassius Clay
the greatest they all had their day
but next to me they pale into grey
all Oscar's mine for my self inflate

In that bubble lives my self belief
the gravy thick poured upon the meat
for in the finish I'm my best treat
what can I say; I am the elite's elite

Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Note to Myself

I can never forget where I came from,
Fresh from the womb and 28 years later
I am no longer a tiny or singular crumb
On the horizon. I can never be a traitor

To my parents who gave me life, nor can
I betray my heart that never gave up on
Me. I can never be dependent on a man
To give me happiness or love and gone

Are days of darkness as the light streams
In. People think they can be the ones to
Steer me away from the dreary dreams
Keeping me up late, but I constantly grew

Tired of people thinking they know me
Better than I know myself. I grow restless
Thinking that people could watch and see
My endless quiet tears, but do helpless

Things to ease the pain I feel multiplying
Within my core. Nobody can ever replace
The skin I was born with and I am trying
To always be comfortable in the place

We all call home. So I choose myself in
A world that is always at war every day.
I tell myself to smile and to tilt my chin
With pride because I have yet to turn grey.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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This is my prologue titled I AM
I am
A man with a dream
A page and ink
Tools fulfill my dream
A shark in the sea
Grinding with my teeth
I'm riding solo
But I still give thanks to my team.

A lion in the jungle
Fighting for survival
A hustler on the street
A lover and a thief
A peasant and king
A leader of the ring
A devil but I still give thanks to my god

I am
A winner not a loser
A soldier and a fighter
A pacer and a runner
A nail and an hammer
A knight with a armour
Lightning and thunder
You could swear I was made out of still

A ghost of the future
An instrument of torture
A nightmare filled with horror
A brain full of cancer
A learner and a tutor
Out for a kill
Ridding on a beat of a chž

A man with a plan
Tailored for success
No time for regrets
There's no looking back
My bold first step
To being one of the best
Carefully heed my words this is my testament

I am
A K and A
A B to an E
L to an O
Still looking strong
Still standing bold
Haters time to atone
And give praise to your new god

Thought Provoker
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The flower

I was Staring out the window at the leaves hanging from the trees,

Watching as they flutter in the lightest breeze.

I saw a flower blooming amongst the weeds in the grass,

Something I would normally just pass, by;

But In that moment it caught my eye.

I thought to myself how that beautiful, delicate little thing came to be,

How it was once underneath the ground and broke free.

I envisioned myself as that little flower,

I once was a tiny seed until water gave me power.

The power was just a little strength to grow more each and everyday,

That power made it possible to be the beautiful flower I am today.
Written by TrueLover (Meganne)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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My Dick Is Like A Unicornís Horn

Ejaculates Rainbows

Donít come at me with your goblin cocks
Your pathetic troll schlongs
My Dick Is Like A Unicornís Horn

So when the world gets you down
And you feeling forlorn
My Dick is like a Unicornís Horn

It brings joy to fans of fantasy
Little children
Or anyone young at heart
People who liked the movie Legend
All sorts of people

Cause my Dick is like a unicornís Horn

Whatís your dick like?

Written by Jermainesplain
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Fire of Insight
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I'm Endowed

Iím endowed, so it seems, beyond womankindís dreams!
Quite well-hung for the Godís Bacchanaliaó
I elicit their screams when I unzip my jeans
To reveal massive male genitalia!

With my muscular thighs bared before female eyes
And my abdomen, rock-hard and ripped
There hangs the Grand Prize of remarkable size
All men WISH they were SO well-equipped!

Its length and its girth promise women much mirth
And theyíll find when they ride my erection
Itís the best one on earth and much like giving birth
Except, from the other direction!

The mere sight of my stones makes a ladyís hormones
Start to boil from such passionate lust
That sheíll beg me to ďboneĒ her erogenous zones
Be engulfed in my streams of hot spunk!

With orgasmic screams, sheíll be filled with hot cream
While she claws at my chiseled, tanned pecs
Cutting loose self-esteem, unrestrained and extreme
As she joyfully worships my sex!

With my prostate so vast that, with semen amassed,  
Iíll delight in the orgyís prime choreó
And with blast after blast of my spunk, Iíll outlast
All the other men, limp, on the floor!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
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Take Lexi to Bed

light of dawn creeps thru my blinds  
waves of warmth seeps thru my skin  
rays of sun caressing my soft hinds  
shadow of Lexi roaming in this inn  

tiny little dew drops on the window  
blown by the breeze on the meadow  
Lexi is walking leaving her shadow  
a black hair beauty from the willow  

the rays off her skin gets me dazzled  
the glows off her coat gets me frazzled †
the flows off her hair gets me razzled  
the daze off her eyes gets mysteries unravelled  

towards my window she gazes  
simply staring at me for ages  
her curvaceous body that amazes †
I wish that towards me she rushes †

this moment changes in an instant †
Lexi of the willow is not at a distant †
at my window, god sheís persistent  
her face next to mine, sheís not hesitant †

up she brings her mouth to mine, †
her eyes with a bewitching shine, †
her soft touch sets my blood on fire,  
her arousing kiss, I burn with desire  

passionate moment of wild expanse  
this hard body her bosoms I press  
soft supple breasts behind her dress  
overwhelming sensations I can express  

sheís possessive, ravaging my flesh  
Lexiís aggressive, biting my neck †
subtle dominance, I feel no stress  
blissful ignorance, my breasts are on deck  

it just happened so fast with a stranger innocently  
her lust for love so divine, I react happily †
never imagined her arousing kiss could be so deadly  
Iím now saying, ďtake Lexi to bed and fuck her, passionately!Ē
Written by XiaoLong
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Mirey Mirfaq
Lost Thinker
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The condemned Prisoner

My time is close now, itís my fate
This thought of end as the time fly
Wasted my life I ought to treasure
Never thought this life I had of pleasure
Would rots away in a confided cell

I feel empty, full of regret and shame
Whereas my soul departs and I to be blame
Lonesomeness and fear encloses me
Wishing for a miracle with my clemency
Denial of appeal and there is no stay

 No appetite as the hour draws near
Thinking about my final words of smear
This death house cell reflects of my life
Wish I could end it all with a knife
In misperception priest delivers the last rites

The warden comes and says its time
My walk has begun when the bells chime
Iíve accepted my fate there is no escape
Wished for a last minute but no reprieve
The glimpse of chamber froze my blood

The curtain folds, I see the fiercely gaze
My final statement, my mind at haze
I know I will not be forgiven, I am on the scroll
Oh Lord please have mercy upon my soul
So when my sprite departs, I can rest at last
Written by UnholyCurse (Mirey Mirfaq)
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