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Grace (IDryad)
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Dear Mama

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem conveying your love for your mother or mothers in general.

Dangerous Mind
United States 12awards
Joined 11th Aug 2016
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A Mother's World

Birthers of nations; creators of the universe
World is in your hands; a spare in your purse
We dispersed out of your nourishing wombs
Relying on you to choose how we're groomed

Pruned by the gentleness of your loving touch
Consumed milk of your bosom for our crutch
So much indebtedness is owed to each of you
For your divine job never seems to be through

You have no clue how much you are cherished
Without you we'd be irreparably impoverished
Unpolished gems tossed away like unsung hymns
Void of life like the bikes inside of quarantined gyms

We swim with confidence 'cause you're our lifeguards
Knowing that we have you makes life seem less hard
Cards, flowers, candy and poetry just won't do
None can express the depth of our love or our deepest gratitude
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Lost Thinker
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She gave me life
A chance to see the world
She gave me light
A guide to the right path
She's more than just our mother
A super hero that we had
Rest beautifully in peace
Dont worry about us
The wound will mend
But forever you'll stay
Here in our hearts
Written by potatofreak (Mynameiswhat)
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Dangerous Mind
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Dear Mother

Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
You were the lone survivor as you've been through trials and tribulations,
Through your doubts and frustrations I was here for you.
However, I'll never forget the things you've done good or bad.
A strong woman, you never tolerated foolishness,
A strict disciplinarian, you'd never let me act up,
An independent woman, you didn't need a man to support you.
You kept father in check and as a result you've been together forever.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
You have your flaws just like everybody else,
You've said hurtful things and you've done things in spite, but despite the things you said and done you are still number one.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
I know it's not easy to see your daughter grow up,
I'm sorry if I was ever difficult,
I know better now because you've taught me right from wrong.
I was the baby of our family as you'd smother me with your over protectiveness, but now I know why you did it in the first place.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
Tough and strong, you were the protector,
A provider,
A fighter you could knock someone out with one punch,
Was never taken a sucker,
Never let your true emotions show,
You were detached, but you knew how to love.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
You taught me to be strong,
You taught me to not depend on anyone, but myself,
You showed me what was wrong,
You showed me what was right,
You told me its ok to fight for what I believe in, and you made sure I was ok.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
Mother, thanks to you I didn't end up like the others,
Because of you I knew the difference between stupidity and sensibility,
My mother, I love her and know her story too well.
She can be crazy, she can be nice when she wants to be, but she has the capability of doing almost anything.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
Caring yet aloof,
Intimidating yet soft,
Loving yet a little controlling, you are original in your own way.
But, I must say thank you for raising me.
Mother, you know you're not like any other
Mother, you were the better woman
Mother, you're forever
Mother, I'll never stop loving you.
Written by MsRockyJackson
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Tyrant of Words
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Superwoman of the Paddy Fields

She wipes her brow
she ties her hair
long upon her shoulder
she dares the sun
to turn her brown
as she works the land
for her sons
five in all
and their education

she tends the field
caresses cold soil
coaxes the rice plant to grow
praying for good harvest
hoping for surplus
so she could sell
to buy them schooling
so her boys will have
a better future

the dusk of day
she shepherds her boys
to the creek to bath
and home where sky
peeks through the roof
soil looks up from below
dinner she serves with love
handful of rice for each
a piece of fish on empty plates

at night she softly sings
a lullaby to make them sleep
her beloved boys
off spring of love
from a man now gone
to glory where no bullet flies
from terrorists’ guns
no hatred from vigilantes
no tears of hunger

dawn greets her with brightness
never tire she set fish traps
pound the rice for her boys
wash their tattered clothes
repair the roof of the house
set the buffalo off to graze
harvest the paddy from the field
at night her beloved boys
listen to her lullaby.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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To Thank Her (no matter who hears)

There are not enough ways to    
thank her, as my sisters and I    
lost our mother,    
though it is not she who is lost.    
It has been ten days ago    
as of this morning, very early,    
just as the rain    
showed its cold monotone.    
It comes, grieving, freeing me    
to rise up,    
to celebrate our mother.    
To shower the firmament    
ev’rywhere she saw & walk’d;    
I now can say    
no matter who might hear:    
Bless my soul, Mother,    
have you taken a moment to    
gaze upon yourself    
in your new raiments of    
restoration, in preparation    
for the journey    
that has awaited you?    
How does it feel at last    
to shuck off heavy burdens,    
layer upon layer?    
The pall of dementia    
coveting o’er, like barnacles,    
of everything    
you were about & loved for.    
You were being trapped    
in a mollusk husk; you’d say:    
”If I ever get that way,    
just shoot me!”
She was a nurse  
with a particular calling in  
the hospital nurse’ries.  
Mom was a blessing to  
babies she helped bring into  
the world, and loved the  
babies she herself had had.  
Mother, I thank you, for,  
despite your many busy rolls,  
all of them were never easy.  
You put your growing family’s  
welfare above all else.  
As a mom, you were a queen.  
We are the jewels in our  
mother’s crown;  
named after precious stones.  
Always referring to us,  
to anyone she’d meet, as  
“My three girls”;  
creating us, one at a time.  
Looking down upon each,  
swaddled in the  
warmth of her life-giving flesh,  
our fresh faces, cleaned of  
filmy birth, of each feature,  
fold and quivering curve.  
She smiled at each  
uniqueness of her feat, and  
by the tug for her milk,  
first one then another,  
till Lord, if she wasn’t  
well pleased!  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
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Mist of Mothers Day
She is gold-spun love
with blue-eye smiles
wealth within home
an ethos for in awe

'O' Carnation
Pink, white and temperate red
sung from beach combs
ponds to woodland kisses
they belong to You
swung up in hearty chuckle

A day, such today
it is surely one I pray
settling astride to wrap
arms about neck, pecks
to loving forehead
and yet...
just too far away

yet here...
in the land of
weep and willow
another son
and we close
whatever distance
this time has chose
to embrace as always
Love, respect, Honour
and cherish

Absolute In Beauty
My Golden Sunshine
Mother Of Fair


Written by souladareatease
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Tyrant of Words
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When I was five years old my mother left me…
With my grandmother so she could come to the land of opportunity,
And though some would think this was abandonment,
It was really a sacrifice she made to obtain a better life for me.
In those formative years when I was raised by my grandmother,
Who was small in size but larger than life with her personality,
Grandma taught me the meaning of respect and the ways of the Lord,
I called her my mother too out of sheer love and propriety.
And for four years my mother worked her fingers to the bone,
Thousands of miles away she provided for me,
And though I didn’t know it back then,
She suffered a loneliness that a mother suffers when away from her family.
When I was nine years old I reunited with my mother,
And I swear it was one of the few times I saw tears in her eyes,
It was like a new relationship after some years,
Still I didn’t know about her sacrifice.
And though my mother didn’t have much of a formal education,
She taught me about hard work, savings and finance,
She taught me about faith, ethics and morals,
She was always strong, resilient and leaving nothing to chance.
When I was eighteen years old and I moved into my college dorm,
I swear there were tears in my mother’s eyes,
And though I didn’t understand it back then,
She was proud of me, but I think it was because of that old sacrifice.
When I was nearly thirty years old and I moved back in with mom,
When my relationship had failed and I was a single father,
She took me in with open arms and unconditional love,
Comforting and counseling now that she was a grandmother.
And as I grew older learning to be a responsible parent myself,
I began to understand more of the sacrifices my mother had made,
I appreciated what grandma and mom had done for me,
As I see the same in my sisters and the choices they make.
When my daughters left home I saw my wife cry,
The cycle comes full circle for all women at a certain time,
When all children spread their swings and fly away,
Then I wondered about all the times I never saw my mother cry.
Now that I’m older, I understand her sacrifice.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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Dreams And Fallen Leaves

I sauntered in the old place
Looking about for that familiar
Thrice I had screamed


wind whistled through the old windows
Dust despair
filling this old soul
Drops from the cherry tree
pound the roof
Echoes of Her
 living proof

"Whatchya doing buddy,write anything new?"
"Sure did Mum,something for You"

Silent those strings
no songs heard here
Just my shuffle and the flowing tear
the images
Remembering lineage
I am the ghost in the hall
Watching leaves
Their color
Her color
the hue
Spirit of love
the one giving me
Where was She
this house
these rooms
Cannot stay
Turning around to make escape
I stopped
knowing exactly what She'd say

"with you always,this you know"
"You are of my skin,carry my glow"
"Magic stays even with You"
"Footsteps,in snow"
"your colors within"
"Touches ,the visiting kin"
"The amble of your carry"
"To loves that are very"
"The way You go on"
"The perpetual Mothers son"

Knowing that and making my leave
I walk out the door spoke to trees
I am that
Waking, being
living and dream
Written by souladareatease
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Tyrant of Words
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Freely Loved (for DUP mothers)

No one should  
a mother’s prisoner  
or fellow inmate
As a mother to my
kids I say

I could live happily
as a mother
knowing it was
your choice to be
at home
with me
for all the mothers
stuck at home
with ingrates
much love
and sympathy  
Written by EdibleWords
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Fire of Insight
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Thanks Mom: Part II

To understand me,    
You must understand her.  
Two opposing paths, fatefully intertwined.  
For so much of who I am,  
Is based on what she wasn’t.    
Grandpa’s favorite,  
his baby girl.  
What better way to show favor,  
than teach your daughter to  
shoot heroin into her veins, at 13?    
Sign of love in that world, I guess.  
Who am I kidding?    
He sealed both our fates that day.    
Sending her down a dark and dreary path to her own demise.  
Leaving me, navigating life without a mother’s love and guidance...  
Neglect and abandonment.  
Feeling deserted, fostering inadequacy.  
Exposed to ceaseless competition with drugs, accustomed to defeat.    
Nurturing a soul crushing belief that  ‘I am unworthy of love’.  
Morphing into pillars of my identity.    
Yielding a childhood of intangibly chasing perfection, straining to meet impossible expectations, petrified of failure.    
Cultivating crippling insecurity, incessant need of approval, dreading disappointing others.    
People pleasing,  
Self Appointed, toughest critic.    
She fell victim to life’s circumstances, I refused...  
Tenacious determination to forge a different path.    
My adolescent rebellion? Not to be them.    
Countering carelessness with extreme carefulness.  
Avoiding risk, self governed by suffocating rules, obsessively demanding self-control.    
Unable to control the dysfunction around me, retreating inward, avoiding influence from outside forces.  
I remained guarded, finding myself most comfortable in isolation.    
Maintaining physical and and emotional distance, prayerfully seeking invisibility.    
Uncomfortable with affection, attention.    
Pushing others away, diligently avoiding love.    
Despising sympathy, appalled by pity.    
Refusing to accept help, woeful of dependence on others.    
Determined to prove I would rise above,  
through my own volition.    
Mostly driven out of core conviction that everyone leaves, eventually.    
Recognizing my own contrasting dysfunction,    
I sought out on a quest for deeper understanding.    
Acquiring education about addiction and listening to brave warriors sharing stories of battling their own afflictions.    
Understanding paved the path to forgiveness,  
Allowing me to break the bonds of trauma,    
Ultimately, providing freedom from my pain.  
I saw the world through your eyes,    
and it forever changed mine...  
Knowing that, when you looked into my eyes, all you saw    
...was a lifetime of regret.    
Dancing inside were fragments of your pain, glimpses of failures, mistakes made, time missed, and memories lost.    
Having to face that everyday was unbearable,    
no amount of reassurance would ever ease your pain.    
And the beast of addiction wins again.  
Because the worse you felt,    
the more you needed to escape.  
The  drug...  
the only constant in your life,    
your  only source of comfort.    
A hamster wheel you would never escape...  
I owe you more credit than I ever gave you.    
By walking away, being content with playing a minimal role in my life,  
You gave me the ultimate  gift:    
A chance.    
A lifeline out of the dysfunction.    
An opportunity for a better life.    
Something never given to you.  
We both know your motives were selfish and fueled by crippling shame,    
But I choose to believe, a part of you knew,  you would never be free...  
It would have been more selfish,    
to hold on tightly    
and drag me down with you.    
So thank you for giving me life,  
the greatest gift you can ever give...  
not once, but twice!    
Losing you was different,    
You can’t lose something that was never yours to begin with.    
Your belonged to the drug  
And I never knew you sober.  
I had mourned the loss of you my entire life.    
You were my first heartbreak, long before any boy ever had a chance.    
Leaving me with wounds that will invariably, still bleed.    
But your legacy lives on in me.    
You may have lost your battle,    
But I share our story to gives those still struggling, a fighting chance.    
The message?  
Don’t surrender to the addiction.    
Freedom is found through openness to forgiveness and self compassion.    
As long as you have breathe,  
You have a choice.    
Choose love over drugs.    
Choose life.
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
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Dangerous Mind
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for mother...

between the pillars of joy    
her tears flowed, nourishing    
the memories in the banks    
once she left behind  
when she sailed across    
the ocean beyond the horizon    
the working class is a curse    
to those who dream beyond    
but she chased to bring back
a promised dream
but who could    
peel off the    
petals of a    
so delicately    
and patiently    
and reshape it
into a flower?  
no one...!  
but they bloomed    
against the natural order    
into dysfunctional minds
science is logical and    
coherent, built on facts    
the spiritual realm is absurd    
to the rational knowledge    
after three decades,    
the dysfunction started to    
function in the spirit    
joyous laughs sprouted    
from the buried roots    
broken hearts healed    
through prayers    
trust built on will and faith      
her dreams changed    
new promises were given    
she is smiling again    
passing few regrets    
he is not here now    
but we are here    
for her...    
Written by dejure (vick)
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