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Narrative Poem

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Flitter Bug

So I’m invited to a
housewarming party out
in Hyde Park

the old work friend has
just finished having her
place remodeled and
wants to show it off

I’d just given up booze for
Lent, so I’m able to drive
straight over there from

6pm to 9pm the
invitation said

I get there, and there’s
two old guys eating
ribs and cold pizza at
the new counter

One is a palm reader and
astrologist who is planning
to set up his table and
start reading palms as
soon as people start

The other is an old
friend from Santa

There are two elderly
women sitting in the
enclosed patio

One of them is also
observing Lent, but
it’s not clear to
me what she’s
given up

I stuff myself with the
ribs, cold pizza, and
sodas from the

More people arrive, men,
women, and children - her

The palm reader quickly makes
his exit without reading a
single palm

the army friend shows
up and now we’re
talking about how
I ditched him in
LA while I
was totally

now I’m talking to
this tall blonde skinny
guy from Idaho who
recently purchased a
house on the

he’s a PA and
yoga instructor

and he gets along
with everyone at
the party, but
for some
he’s not
my cup
of tea and I think
he feels the same
about me

or maybe I’m just
jittery from the

I already want to
get out of there

my work friend is
just kind of flitting
about here and
there talking to
this person and

which is something she
always does in these
social situations

and I’m just wondering
what the hell I’m
doing here

I know she means well and
the place looks

but she always does
that thing where she
has to be everything to

and that’s okay, but
I’m stuck talking to
this drunk guy I don’t
know about that
time he rode his
motorcycle drunk through

now I’m talking to this
drunk lady whose
asking me if I’ve been
here before because I
look familiar

and now we’re
singing happy
birthday to
her fiancé’s

good guy, I almost
hired him myself one
time, but he was just
too thorough

and then I’m
talking to
my army
friend and
this other elderly
lady about
how we don’t
like my old
work friend’s
because it’s
prone to
people on
the street

my work friend walks
by en route to
feed her dogs that
have been
outside and I
crack a
joke about
how nobody
likes her

and she just
stares daggers at
me and somehow, I
know our
isn’t the same

because I’m
different, not

at around 9pm,
I decide it’s
time for me to
head home and
drip some
fifty/fifty tincture under
my tongue, pop
a melatonin
tablet, and try to
get some

but I know it
won’t come and
things will
never be the

and thank
all the pariahs that
died just so all
you little
darlings could
feel safe,


Written by Taurek
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Ol’ Smoky Broken Hearted Psychopathic Blues

we all know that courtin’s a pleasure and partin’s a grief
and a false hearted lover is worse than a thief
and that’s especially true when your lyin’
cheatin’ exgirl’s new husband builds a fancy little cottage
in a clearing at the edge of his parents’ sprawling property
nestled amid plush oak and maple and massive sycamores
and featuring a little pond with ducks and a sturdy old row boat
pulled up on the grassy shore

you know for a fact they’ve made love in that boat
which seems like it would be uncomfortable
but then those weren’t the sounds of discomfort you heard
coming from the middle of that pond
no sir
and all this when their secluded honeymoon palace
is not too far from your own sandy little quarter acre
of stunted pine and scrub oak

and if you leave your trailer
and walk barely two and a half miles
move delicately through that thicket of thorned black berries
repel down what they call Rattle Snake Hill
and wade across Miller’s Creek
you can slip between the strands of that damned barbed wire fence,
peek through the brush
and see them blatantly flaunting their conjugal bliss
as though you never even existed
Written by javalini
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Guardian of Shadows
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Taurek and Javalini, thank you again for your respective entry.

Thought Provoker
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Nobody cares whether he lives or dies,
So he loses his reasons for living
The girl he loves doesn’t love him
She turned down his advances
No woman has ever returned his love
He feels as if he doesn’t fit in with others
And sadness is his only friend

He’s ignorant of the sting of death,
But he doesn’t want to continue living this way
Life without love means nothing to him,
So today he’s going to kill himself
He’s standing on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper
A gusty wind is blowing from the north
He’s trembling and his heart is beating fast

Gravity will quickly take him to the grave
And his sorrow will no longer exist
He doesn’t have anyone to tell goodbye,
So he won’t leave a suicide note
Everyone has turned their backs on him
He’s ready to jump to his death,
But he looks across the roof and sees a woman
She’s sitting on the edge of the roof

He had never seen such a weeping beauty
She writes something on a piece of paper
Then she puts the paper in her bag
He knows that she’s about to commit suicide
She gets up to jump off the roof,
Not knowing that someone else is there.
She spreads her arms as an eagle spreads its wings,
And then she closes her eyes

He calls out to her concernedly
She looks around with hope in her eyes
And he begins to walk towards her
She changes her mind at the last minute,
But the worst thing happens
She starts to lose her balance
He runs breathlessly to grab her limb,
But unfortunately, he’s too late

He freezes as he watches her fall to the ground
Imagine the thoughts going through his mind
She could’ve been the love of his life,
But the beautiful woman is gone
This adds to his reasons for wanting to die
He lets go of the parapet and falls like his tears
And he flies without wings to join her in death
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Thought Provoker
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The Love of a Hebrew Maiden

I took her to the rebels near the bank of the Euphrates River.
She was a fearless and heroic Hebrew maiden,
The daughter of a chieftain of the twelve tribes of Israel,
A slave in a strange land full of sorcery and idolatry,
The prettiest woman among the captives in Babylon.
A Jewess in ragged clothes conspired against the oppressors.
The fetters of the heathens could not break her.
Her name was Gavriella, which means “God is my strength.”
She had borne more pain than any woman has ever felt,
But her unflinching faith in Jehovah kept her alive.
I was a valorous liberator and she fell in love with me,
And I gave her my word that I would help her to escape.
I knew that I would be executed if they captured me,
But I was ready to risk my life for the love of a Hebrew maiden.
The chains of bondage did not affect her charm.
I touched the wounds that she had received from the torture;
And the scars from her chastisement grieved my heart.
Suffering and homesickness strengthened her determination,
And the hope of freedom was evident in her smile.
She reckoned that someday she would break away
And return to her homeland and be a free woman again.
Even though she was young, she had no fear of death.
I looked at her for a while with uncertainty,
And then she reassured me with the kiss of bravery.
She fought courageously at my side for liberty;
It was a fight that we were confident we could win.
We sang songs of Zion the night we left Babylon,
And the Hebrew maiden and I walked hand in hand in the dark.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Guardian of Shadows
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PittinixDesignsthank, you for your entries.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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A Terrible Time For An Erection

We all gathered there
To say our goodbyes  
Father Lewis said you were with Jesus now
There were sniffles and red eyes and the sound of people full on ugly crying
You were so loved
You’d be so missed
As I approached your casket
I reached in to touch your icy face
So cold to the touch
I imagined the stillness of your perfect body
The state of rest you mastered
The flower dress that in life was your favorite
And your winter nipples poking through  
Cutting through my heart’s brick wall
I imagined climbing inside with you
Spooning and feeling you up
Cupping your tits as I slid inside you
I was startled when Dad grabbed me
My hard on was on display for everyone to see
He pulled me out of the service
I thought he’d chastise me
Or beat me
But instead. he whispered...
“There’s no wrong way to process your emotions, son”
I miss you mom.
Written by Jermainesplain
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Jermainesplain thank you for your entry.

Twisted Dreamer
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Makeshift Abortion In A McDonald’s Bathroom

Her name was June
We were young
I had yet to discover
My self
I was experimenting around
With Penises in my mouth
When suddenly it hit me
I swing both ways
And mostly towards cock

But she rang me on the telephone and said
“Jermaine, you’re gonna be a daddy”
I said I didn’t want that kind of responsibility
That kids are too expensive
And they smell bad
Because they constantly shitting
And can’t clean up after themselves

After a few weeks, I wore her down
She agreed to have an abortion if I would pay for half
But I was young and had recently been fired
For jacking off into a fried shrimp platter
At a fancy ass restaurant

I didn’t have more than 20 bucks to my name
We agreed to meet and figure shit out

The local McDonalds was a nice central location
Words were exchanged
Tears were dabbed off each other’s faces
Until finally she said “fuck this”
Got up to go to the bathroom
And took care of it herself
She brought an extra pair of pants and everything
I couldn’t believe it

I bought us lunch
I figured if I didn’t have to save up for the operation
It was the least I could do
She said she wasn’t hungry, which I guess was understandable
But I love me some nuggets and so I ate hers too
I made a joke about how I was eating for two and she slapped me and stormed
off leaving a blood stain on the chair

As I sat there finishing my chicken nuggets with a side of Barbecue sauce I stared out the window
Thinking on what it must be like to be a father
I never saw June again
And not a day goes by that I don’t regret
Eating her nuggets
Written by Jermainesplain
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Valerie Seedy
Lost Thinker
United States
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Be Prepared (The motto of The Boy Scouts of America)

On May 4th, 1996 I got my period. I was at my brothers Eagle Scout ceremony. I didn't want to be there. Big deal you can tie a knot and keep a secret. My mother made me go.    
The scout master, Mr. Button, asked my mom not to come to the meetings anymore. He said meetings were for the boys only. She hung around outside in the bushes and talked to the other parents coming and going about her atrophic vaginitis. Mr. Button filed a restraining order but the court allowed her to attend this special event.        
I was sitting in the middle seat of a middle row thinking about the positive effects of sensory deprivation when I got my period. I was wearing a yellow dress. I thought I would feel something but I only knew it happened because my mom leaned over and said, "Do you have to make everything about you?" Then she pointed to the floor and winked.        
I was so high on Dextromethorphan that I found the whole situation hilarious. It wasn't until years later my therapist told me this was a problem. An example of invisible scars. He told me this after we fucked on his desk the first time.        
I went to the bathroom and took off my dress. My vision was starting to blur but I think one of the other boy scouts followed me in. Who knows what's real at anytime anyway. I hate to admit this but I was horny as hell. My pubes, the blood and my cum made it look like a Caprese salad was in between my legs. What to do? What to do?        
I did the only sensible thing I cold think of. I put my dress back on and walked back to the ceremony room. There was a table in the back of the room that had donuts and little debbie cakes. I climbed onto it and yelled, "I need help! Has anyone here earned their wilderness survival merit badge?!"        
My mom was not thrilled. At that point I started to get really dizzy and teetered right off the table. When I woke up I was in Byberry. That was the day my brother became an Eagle Scout and I got my Arrow of Light.
Written by ValerieCD92 (Valerie Seedy)
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Guardian of Shadows
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ValerieCD92, thank you for your entry

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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The ‘60s postmark rots away
and I’m left in the latter day
so many years distant from you.

The pain of love was one I didn’t feel
before I turned thirty,
and happened to be walking home
from office work one day.

I wrote sports and you drove cars
outside the town’s hotspot.
Deemed too ugly for anyone’s girl
to be swept off her feet -
missing teeth, a bulbous brow,
and gaze forever glum -
the studs all felt secure,
pulling up beside
the valet in his cheap red coat.

But even if you were handsome
you couldn’t have returned a girl’s
least amorous advance.

I saw that, watching you.
Sometimes we know each other’s pain
without need of the thinking brain,
and also I’d seen you before
lingering outside the door
of a hidden bar.


We shared cigarettes and spoke
the secret language of the freak.
I gave you hotel money and said
to look out from the bar.

Soon enough I heard the knock, like lead
tipping a cowboy’s boot and kicked
against a car.

As quickly as men flee
you’d pushed your way in me
and so I thought I’d been murdered
until that rush of feeling came
and swept me like rich man’s cocaine
towards a bright-lit paradise.

I like to think I taught you, after that,
how urges can be met
with compassion. How men can treat
each other with kindness, and heat
a potent love outside the vaunted norm.

I told you you were beautiful
and that your dreams
were worthy of respect. You cried,
and then laughed when I didn’t laugh
at you, “for crying like a girl.”


It’s now gone fifty years and that old lie, that hate fell down to hell from heaven
back in nineteen sixty-seven,
still leaves me bitter as the lemons
growing on my tree.

What of nineteen sixty-five
when I last saw you, just alive,
attended by two parents who
had seen this day ten years away,
and got my autograph when I
reported that I’d seen you at
the various home games, and that
I’d mention you in my next article...


The 60s postmark rots away
but I can still read what’s inside,
simple and crude and capitalised,
each letter written as
if with flashing red lightbulbs.

Not since nineteen sixty-five
have I seen you or me alive,
nor has there been a perfect day
since I last shared a cigarette
with my ugly, and beautiful valet.
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl
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Guardian of Shadows
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The_Silly_Sibyl thank you for your entry.

Fire of Insight
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Nightmare On I-95

Followed by an unmarked car, in the dark, flashing red & blue lights  
Causing a heightened sympathetic response of fight or flight  
Wondering if tonight'll be the night that I take my last breath  
Will a misconception of my phone being a weapon cause my death?
Will he tell me to step out of my car and get on the pavement?
Will a cell phone recording serve as my last testament?
Will the government abstain from conviction like times before?
As these thoughts circle my brain, I push my pedal to the floor  
Choosing to ignore this entity following me down I-95  
Only thought on my mind is how can I stay alive  
Drying my eyes while I try to communicate with my daughter  
Calling to tell her that Daddy loves her before I get slaughtered  
Asking GOD to comfort her in the event of my untimely demise  
Telling her to not believe the thieves and their false media lies  
To recognize the guise supplied in the form of propaganda  
Then my eyes opened wide before she could answer  
This torture was just a bad dream that seemed all too real
Epigenetics implanted it into my psyche in order to reveal  
How it feels and how it felt to those that were dealt a bad hand  
Encouraging me to use poetry as testimony on life's witness stand
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Guardian of Shadows
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da_poetic-edifier, thank you for your entry.

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