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Poetry Contest

Tell a Story in Poetry Form
No collaborations, title your poem.  Two entries per person max. No commenting or chatting about the entries. Those who wish to comment are welcomed to do so in the respective poets home page. Thank You.

jade tiger
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Wrist Bones

( prose poetry )

I can still recall people in a family
of previous generations, but who
had lived beyond the usual sum of
years as was always shown from
statistics in encyclopedias seen in
everyone’s home, bought from
door-to-door salesmen, and paid
for on a monthly installment plan.

I was born towards the end of life
for many of the story-tellers in the
family enriching my imagination
since the first memories: of sitting
on a large, oval rug hand-braided
by monks in the local monastery.

During the gatherings for holidays,
showers, baptisms and wakes, and
starting before I could read or write
or nearly walk, I would sit wedged
between my father’s shoes to listen,
enrapt, while his father regaled us.

Some sitting nodding their heads
and mouthing ‘oh yes, I remember’
while others would sit with ankles
crossed, eating walnut bundt cake.

As the stories of crossing the Great
Plains, and of the Great Depression
a half-century later rang out, and
we leaned closer so as not to miss
a word or spill a single drop of tea
(my little cup from my tea set from
Christmas - had milk with Ovaltine),

A few of the women, including my
mother, had paused in preparing
food in the large kitchen, to look
out and watch while drying hands
on their checkered cotton aprons.

The aroma of roast beef from the
juices sizzling, and rhubarb pies
baking, was like perfume had they
been wearing any. And I could see
into the dining room where, on the
long table with fine heirloom lace
linen decorated with old Dresden,
pewter, porcelain and poinsettias.

And so it was on this one occasion
after my grandfather had finished,
and shown to his place of honor to a
begonia-festooned wing chair, the
time had come for a truly special
honor as my great-grandmother
rose almost regally from the other
matching wing chair. Wide-eyed,
I could see that her ruffled frock
was like the chair of flowers.

This was only my third time that I
could remember having seen her.
But even then I knew there couldn’t
be many other families, no matter
where, with anyone like her.

A surviving twin, in those days,
she played the piano and spoke
French. She did watercolors, wrote
children’s verse for books she also
illustrated. Became a teacher and
taught Latin, English and Music.
I would not be surprised if I found
out tomorrow she had also walked
atop the Great Wall of China.

So there she stood, all four feet ten
inches of her which on that day was
statuesque to me. Family and guests
extended a warm applause with
genuine smiles for the elder who
was an icon to all in the clan.

Still between Father’s shoes, I bang
my little hands together and chirp
like a bird, “Mi-mi, Mi-mi!” I could
never manage to say ‘grandmother’,
so that became her name forever,
even after she had passed before the
next Christmas arrived. Even if you
never met, she’d always be our Mimi.

She gave a little bow to all in the
main room, and the kitchen, as
oven timers went off, one by one.
It sounded like a flock of pigeons
as we tittered with polite laughter.

Before continuing,
she put a red and green drawstring
bag at the foot of our holiday family
tree among the other gifts that were
given in the exchange that evening.

From a vast repertoire she regaled,
of travels through a long life. Her
words remain in my own mental
scrapbook, the last Christmas she
spent with us.  And before we all
rose up to go into the formal dining
room to tuck into a holiday feast,
Mimi recited a poem as her eyes
welled up with love and emotion:

When you were little racing thru’ the grass
While playing with a simple rock and sling,
You only knew that day would never pass,
For only children know a simple thing.

To stay the way you are like Peter Pan
Is everything you wish for when you’re big.
Eat lollipops and gumdrops all you can
Till there’s no room for apple suckling pig.

I know to be a child seems lots of fun,
But trust me, it gets sweeter later on.
A springtime ends before it has begun,
For youth won’t last forever ‘till it’s gone.

Let’s all hold hands it’s time to say a prayer
In thanks for all the blessings of the year.
The bounty given us which now we share,
Our hearts go out that we are gathered here.

After dinner, during the exchange
of presents, Mom put me in my PJs
with the bunny feet - it was getting
late for every baby bunny like me.

Years later, when I was old enough
to own such things, I was given two
beautiful matching bracelets that
Mimi wanted me to have after she
was gone. The family gave them to
me on my 15th birthday. They are    
precious and delicate.  I call them
Mimi’s wrist bones.

Photo of the matching bracelets by Jade Pandora
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thank you so much Jade for kick starting the competition.

buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
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Summer In Memphis

I was leaving the beer line  
When she bumped into me    
Had one in each hand  
Spilling Bud Light on her Def Leppard tee      
I said excuse me ma'am      
Can I buy you a beer      
She said that would be nice      
But that's not why I'm here      
As she grabbed me by the hand
I was chillin' in a beach chair      
As the sun came out      
Smoke filled the air      
While she danced in that Memphis mud      
The band played their last song      
I smiled and said, how about that beer      
She said that would be nice      
But that's not why I'm here        
As she grabbed me by the hand
We were sitting by the fountain        
As those ducks came in        
I could see it in her eye        
So I said goodbye        
She leaned in and whispered        
That's not why I'm here        
She let go of my hand, gave me that Georgia smile        
She said don’t worry, I’ll be back next year        
As I watched her walk away...        
All I could think about...      
How she...      
She blew me away        
Like a Memphis storm in May        
We danced in the rain        
While the band played on        
We slipped in the mud        
Sat there for awhile        
Then I brushed her hair back        
She kissed me with that Georgia smile
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Guardian of Shadows
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buddydog thank you for your entry.

Dangerous Mind
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The History of Me!

I got fall-down, blackout
Drunk again on  
I went to the closing
Of a friend’s bar in
Downtown LA
After swearing I  
Wouldn’t drink hard
Liquor in public  
Anymore, I swiftly
Downed a Balvenie my
Friend ordered me followed
By a Glenfiddich on ice and
Some other whiskey on
Ice the bartender suggested  
From their dwindling
Then I was talking to  
Another friend’s immigration
Lawyer about how I  
Didn’t find Joker  
All that impressive and
Then he said, let me know
When you wanna smoke
Some weed, but then I  
Also swore I wouldn’t  
Mix weed and alcohol in
Public anymore
After listening to another
Friend tell me about the
Chick he failed to fuck
When they were both  
In bootcamp because
He was dehydrated for the  
Fifth time since I’d met
Him, I asked the  
Lawyer if he still
Wanted to smoke, he
Said, I already did,
I went back and  
Ordered my army  
friend another
Mezcal and a whiskey on
The rocks for myself
Then my bar owner friend ordered
Me another cheeseburger  
After I’d already gorged
Myself with fries dipped
In ranch, half a grilled
Cheese sandwich, and a
Plate of buffalo wings with
Blue cheese
I thought I’d have to  
Drop a deuce right
There at the bar, but
I was able to stave
It off  
Wrong night to wear
My skinniest pair of
Jeans, though  
Now I’m sitting at
The bar and this
Chick comes up  
On my left and
Orders some
I engage her
In conversation and
She says she’s there
With her boyfriend, but
It turns out we grew
Up in nearby towns
Her graduating high
School ten years
After I did  
So she leaves and comes
Back a few minutes
Later and says, you  
Seem cool, then she
Goes on to tell me about
A business she’s  
Starting and would I  
Like to get in on it
We exchange #s and my
Army friend says, yo, you’re
Going to bone that chick, but
I know what’s really going
To happen
I meet this woke bro and
We’re shooting the shit at
Our booth and he tells me
About how his son is gay and
He hasn’t seen Joker because
He didn’t like the director’s
Politics and his stance on the
#MeToo movement and I’m  
just agreeing because I  
Don’t believe in
Then my bar owner
Friend grabs my arm and
Starts imploring me to call
His fiancée, an old work  
Friend of mine that I  
Actually knew first, to
Hang out more, and it’s
Not an issue of money and
She knows you’ll be there
When you’re needed, but
You’ve got to put forth
An effort
I just tell him I don’t
Reach out to anyone, it’s
Just a problem I have, but
I will try to put forth
An effort, knowing that
Things will remain the

Then this pretty little
Thing sidles up to the
Bar next to me, smiles
At me, I smile back, and
She orders a drink, then
My army friend says, yo,
You’re going to bone that
Chick, and I appreciate  
The optimism
Now I’m at the bar
hanging out with my
work friend, talking  
about I don’t know  
what the hell about,
when the immigration
lawyer comes through and
announces he and his
wife are leaving, and as
we say our goodbyes, he
pulls out a tin, opens it, pulls
out two joints, and puts
them in my hand. My own
personal reserve, he says.
I thank him profusely and
he and his wife walk off. A
true hero if there ever
was one.
Now I’m back at the table watching
my army friend scarf down buffalo
chicken wings and sliders as he
tells me how he could fuck this
chick in the next booth over if
she heard some of his poetry. Then
he starts reciting it to me! And I don’t
know what the hell he’s talking
about so I just nod and laugh and
say, that’s dope, man.
Then my army friend and
I are suddenly at this other
downtown LA club/bar and
I’m on the dark patio, lighting
up one of the joints and  
passing it to this Asian  
chick sitting at one of
the booths, her smile
worth a thousand  
Beanie Babies, and  
it’s the last thing I  
remember before I’m…  
…violently falling  
down two flights of  
concrete stairs en route
to the bathroom of a  
European lounge on  
West 7th Street, and
then I’m…  
…waking up on my  
couch at 9:26am to  
a flurry of missed  
calls and texts from
my army friend, talking
about how I ditched  
him and if I’m okay, do
I have any concussive
headaches from that
fall I took?
And I text back all  
apologetic for dipping
out on him, but I blacked
out and didn’t even
know how I got  
home until I checked
my Uber receipts, and
no, I don’t have a  
concussion, but the
whole left side of my
body is all banged up and
it’s kind of painful moving
around, but otherwise  
I’m okay, man.  
“Hey!  great meeting you the  
other day! What’s your  
schedule like this week for us  
to talk for a few?”  
“Yeah, you too. What did you  
want to talk about again? My  
memory is a little fuzzy.”
“No worries! I was telling you I  
launched a cash back app and  
looking for people to help it go  
viral and if you were interested  
in making some extra money.”  
“Huh, that sounds interesting.  
What is the app called?”
“It’s called life super app.  I’ll  
send ya a quick video we just  
launched about it. If ur  
interested let me know”  
Written by Taurek
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Taurek thank you for your entry.

Tyrant of Words
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Super Man's Last Flight

The B-24s, the Liberators,  
The Second World War’s incinerators,
They dropped bombs all over the Pacific,
They were key to winning the war,
Legendary amid the corps,
They created a hell on earth that was horrific.
But the service men called them “flying coffins”,
Odds of surviving these missions weren’t too great,
And of all the glories of the men who told their stories,
This is the account of Super Man’s crew and their fate…
Phil and Cuppernell piloted the plane,
Lambert in the tail, Nelson along for the ride,
Brooks and Douglas were the waist gunners,
Exposed on the plane’s sides.
Glassman in the belly, Mitchell in the nose,
Pillsbury was the top turret gunner,
And Louie was the bombardier,  
(He had been in the Olympics as a runner.)
Twenty three B-24s took off before dawn that April morning,
Deployed to destroy the enemy’s supplies,
Super Man led the way with the others on the wing,
On a mission sure to bring the adversary’s demise.
It was right after the bombing over the island of Nauru,
As the planes turned around heading back to base,
Japanese fighters converged on the bombers,
A vicious dogfight was about to take place.
The gunners fired away with all their fury,
The Zeros fired back and the tracers flew by,
Many bullets penetrated Super Man,
It was hell under a beautiful sky.
The plane rocked and twisted under heavy fire,
A cannon round struck Super Man in the tail,
Shrapnel tore into Lambert’s hip and leg,
They were unsure if they could prevail.  
In the belly Glassman had been hit,
Two hunks of shrapnel penetrated his back,
Adrenalized the gunner didn’t feel a thing,
But Nelson had been hit during the attack.
Then a shell blew a hole near the top turret,
Metal debris and blood was everywhere,
But yet somehow the top turret gunner carried on,
Pillsbury’s foot and knee were torn to shreds.
Louie went to help Brooks who was bleeding,
Lying on the catwalk over the open bomb bay,
As he dangled Louie pulled him back to safety,
But Brooks was hurt badly in the fray.
Douglas and Pillsbury still manned the guns,
While the other bombers encountered flak,
The two gunners kept their eyes open,
As two more Zeros moved in on the aircraft.
Pillsbury still wounded, his foot dangling,  
Had a furious look on his face as he scanned,
He spotted the Zero coming toward them,
Thinking, I have to kill this man.
The Zero pilot drawing near hesitated,
That’s when Pillsbury shot heavy rounds,
The tracers penetrated the cockpit,
And took the Zero down.
A second later Douglas at the waist,
Shot down the last of the Zeros,
And if the plane made it back,
The crew would be hailed as heroes.
Still it was a five hour flight back to base,
Running out of fuel and with no landing gear,
Half the crew was injured and the plane was shot to hell
But crashing in the ocean was the biggest fear.
Louie bandaged and took care of the men,
While the pilots managed to fly the plane,
Most of them bleeding, one of them dying,
None of them would ever be the same.
Phil and Cuppernell made a hard landing,
The plane stopped at the runway’s end,
And all twenty-three B-24s made it back,
Though none were shot up as bad as them.
Medics took care of the wounded,
But the crew lost Brooks in the end,
With five hundred ninety four bullet holes,
Super Man would never fly again.
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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The Hitchhiker

a story, in verse


While driving my convertible out through the countryside
I came across a stunning beauty thumbing for a ride

She wore the tightest denim cut-offs I had ever seen
So short that I could tell she kept her hoo-hoo shaven clean!

Just like a thong, it rode up high to cleave her buttocks, bare
And topless! but her breasts were covered by her long red hair!

As my car approached her, she was bouncing on her toes
And waving at me, anxiously, in quite a sexy pose

I couldn’t help but stop for such a lovely country girl
She hopped right in, with nipples peeping through her long red curls

In her seat, she flipped her hair back, grinned, and winked at me
Her pert and firm young womanhood, a stunning sight to see

“Thanky, Mister, what’s yer name, and how far, you be goin’?”
She asked without a hint of shame, with all her assets showing

“I don’t care, I’m out of here! My daddy’s drunk and mean!
Will you help me disappear? I swear that I’m nineteen!”

She leaned across the console with her hand upon my thigh
Imploringly she bit her lip with yearning in her eyes

Her freckled face was lovely as the body which it graced
Her eyes, intense and blue, just cut through all my self-restraint

I sat there speechless, watching, as she bat her eyes at me
And I admit, her buxom tits convinced me to agree


As I drove, she leaned far back, her feet up on the dash
Her shapely legs distracted me—I worried I might crash!

She said, “It’s hot, let’s take a swim. I know a private place.
Turn right here! Right down this lane, you’ll find a hidden lake.”

A city boy, I was concerned, the road, a gravel path
My shiny new convertible might need a thorough bath!

The redhead quickly cured my frown—her shorts, she was unzipping!
Then pushed her cut-offs way, way down, prepared for skinny dipping!

Her lady parts were pink and lush, and freckled like her face
Her sweet scent gave me such a rush, that I picked up the pace

As we arrived, she stood to climb out my side of the car
She slipped one foot between my thighs, toes tickling my balls!

As she stood there over me, she paused for full effect—
Pudenda right in front of me, I kissed her freckled sex!

She sighed and swung one leg up high behind my head, to catch
My face between her shapely thighs, my tongue in freckled snatch!

As I kissed her pussy lips, she gripped ahold my hair
And gasped in sync with every lick, toes tickling my pair

Our awkward tryst could not persist, her standing in my lap
And I sure wished to bonk that Miss, and bang her freckled ass!

Her foot could feel my manhood, hard, and willing to partake
So then she jumped out of the car, and ran down to the lake!


Clumsily I followed her, disrobing as I went
Obsessed to fill her hallowed hole, still coated with her scent

She stopped and waited at the side, then dived before I caught her
I 'cannonballed' while full astride and, somehow, overshot her

We reached a sunny sandbar near the middle of the lake
And fucked like naked savages as long as I could take!

Oral, anal, 69’s, and many lewd positions
That redhead was insatiable, and had no inhibitions!

That country girl sure liked to wrestle, pinned me to the ground
She wouldn’t let me up until I licked her sweaty mound

I sensed she liked to dominate, but held it in reserve
And so, I got to fornicate far more than I deserved!

The sun grew hot, we swam back to the shade upon the shore
I took a nap, still fully nude, beside my country whore


I was harshly wakened by a stiff kick in the nuts
The pain so fierce I rolled and started puking out my guts

I heard a voice distinctly male say, “Where are all your clothes?”
The county sheriff! I turned pale, still naked and exposed

The sheriff cuffed my wrists together, arms behind my back
And offered not a stitch of clothes to hide my naked ass

He asked of me, “What happened, son? Did Redhead bring you here?
You’re not the first fool she has done, and it will cost you dear”

I nodded ‘yes’ and he guffawed, “Damn city boys are fools
She lures ‘em with her naked bod and sucks their horny ‘tools’ ”

“Then she steals their money, cars, whatever else they got
And leaves ‘em naked, sleeping here, ready to get caught!”

“If you try to claim your car, she’ll charge your ass with rape!
That girl you boned is underage, you fell for jail bait!”

“She must have liked you more than most, the last three that she did
She left ‘em gagged and hogtied, then she nutted ‘em like pigs!”

“What say you? Come, I’ll drop you, yonder, at the county line
Then I’ll take those handcuffs off, and you won’t serve no time”

“Walk the other way and never dare to come back here
Next time she might not be so kind, and I won’t interfere!”

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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wallyroo92 and ReggiePoet thank you for participating.

Thought Provoker
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Red Beauty

As the heavens let her shine
A passionate beauty, she’s so fine
I’ve never felt being in such a bind
Mellowed tenderness, yet never blind
Flowing satin red, fine silhouette entwined....

The colour, brightens every fold
The fragrance that makes me bold
Smooth as silk, the frock you hold
Hearing an enchanting story told
Fresh it may be, i’ll never grow old

A thousand rays or more
Fifty shades none any less
She paints at her very best
Yet its the grace of her dress
Make my heart skip the press

Elegance, seeing pace and drift
A flash, you’re unknowingly swift
The winds of change make a shift
Bold and beautiful, are you a gift?
Scarlett, the heart’s stealing thief

The calm waves from the breeze
The flutter of the red lacy fleece
Alluring smile weakens my knees
Once again and let my heart ease
“I am begging, oh darling please”

A Chinese city of Sweet serenity
Lady in red, a charming personality
Shapely brows and slender cheeks
A cheeky smile that naturally speaks
Soft and calm, glamorous and pretty
Dressed in red, oh my, what a beauty!
Written by XiaoLong
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XiaoLong, thank you for your entry.

Thought Provoker
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Your Loving Breasts

tonight’s sunset, went down in flames
dazed and confused, forgot that dame
been so lonely, yet I have been so lame
l’est a shrew, my desire for her to tame

her slender figure, under the moonlight
blurring of time, in the end it’s twilight
tears that rolls begins to blind my sight
let chirping fireflies, be a source of light

pin drop silence, we paddled through
a snaky river, this ain’t the Baby Blue
a flash of light, then a lightning strikes
there’s a dense forest on the river dykes

her figure, reappears by the pier
thinly clad dress, trailing her here
mystique waters, yet i feel no fear
c’est magnifique, a whisper i hear

the days has been lonely and long
whispers in my ears, a lovely song
reach out to her, my will is strong
take her aboard, she comes along

dark skies, all stars in their place
down the river, abundance of space
reflection off her shoulder, its grace
the thin dress, it’s pearly white lace

a natural in beauty, lace at its best
a feeling, can’t keep long in my chest
in the safety of lily cornice they rest
yet flowing perfectly, over her breasts

let these hands roam freely, tonight
dark, musky and strong, it feels right
supplest feelings, those pearly whites
warmth of solitude, with you at night

your excitement, I feel they protrude
soft threads, the lace lets them loose
this will always be a customary attitude
loving your dress and breasts in cruce
Written by XiaoLong
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Fire of Insight
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RexDurkin, thank you for your entry and XiaoLung for your second entry.

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