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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Old war poetry

I feel like warmongering is happening

Here is a chance to resurect an old war poem if you have it in your bag of thoughts.

Older the better
one per person

Public Vote

Only poetry that fits please

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Wooden soldiers

In that box red soldiers lie in a jumble
Hush now dry your tears my little one
Sometimes angry nations fight
See the candle hold it tight
They march on sticks in shadows fall and stumble
People that we knew and loved, walked a path
We called it fate  
And played a game, cannon fodder just live bait
And some stand up and some lay down
Some went away never to return
Rode your bike in the craters risen deep
Say no words of angry prayers, was a lost yesterday
No tantrum shame and memories to disgrace
The sweets you hold share them with  
A smiling face
And cherish each piece that action took away
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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From Beyond the Blue

(Letters WWII) Part 1
By Grace and Soul

My Dearest, I hope this letter reaches You safely
I captive, heart missing you enforced to march
I drink from wallow of the buffalo seeing heads roll
as samurai swords take out weakened or slow.
Do you know Dearest O how much dirt has passed
in a trek sweat all the bloody way to Balanga?
My tears pour as we surrendered have no honour
beasts of burden, crawling in dashed hope of home again
where You my eyes may sparkle in a midnight dance
the only good war of who's on top, finger tips the only

John the night draws nigh
Here I am writing to you again
No letters, no pen, no sighs of love
Nor affirmations from you
The candles flickers in the wind
As my tears roll down my chin
Are you inhaling my breath?
As I call your name in this dark night…
My cousin Will came home today
Wan beneath his tan, he lost his legs

O Jane bring me home again
can you feel my thoughts on you
tell it true, San Fernando
corralled to car sick and starved
my baby...so far so far
who thought heat could feel so cold
blue, aches in my hazed hearing
whisper kisses lost curling
stings your name, singe my skin
Sweet Darln' keep me the trains a rollin'

I dreamt of you last night
You spoke my name
Your smile was sweet yet sad
God forbid, you be taken by them
the people of the rising sun
persevere my love and return
defy them, puny people they are
I hate them now even my friend
Sizuka…our neighbour Suzy
The war, has torn us asunder

My will spills limp
drudging along this boxcar cramp
feted trail morose load
led out to a stop called Capas
Jane...they say we must walk again
muscle knots punch barely stepping left leg
drift in miss my Janie’s hair
wear down brothers cling
lean push one another
I still remember her scent like roses

Mrs Miller and Mrs Smith
got news today
Jimmy dead in Borneo
In Malaya, Gerry a prisoner of war
Fuels for my fears and tears
Constant now within my heart
let death not be your fate
its not for you
I breath thus you shall too
Our fate lies within your smiles

Dripping rice of O'Donnell
harsh hasty handful ballyhoo
keeps our linger over
ghosts in constant head roll
out back in a deep hole dug
fell Doug while burying brothers
covered still breathing alive between others
they turned off our water, infractions again
said we were loud so many cry out
Will any of us see freedoms reach embracing

No news, my love, no letters?
Where are you, my own?
Baby kicks against this womb
Shall he know not you, John?
More news for grieving mothers
Sons dead on railway labours
Husbands flung in foreign land
Buried unmarked on strange soils
Burning on air in bursting glory
Glory to freedom...yet dusts in our eyes?

Everyday more men coming in
everyday thinning crowd taken out
as I breathe shallow breath
rot reeks filling air
Billy says the islands folded up
no way to save her 'cept in prayer
but now I bow only
to the Jap holding power
where blade and his gun
reduced us, one by one.

*The atrocities of war and its effect on individuals has been a topic spoken about and discussed for a long time. We can only imagine how it was for those who suffered. Reading, creative writing and imagination helped us through this collab. Thank you for reading.*
Written by souladareatease
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Hush now don't you cry

Hush now don't you cry
Causalties are a thing of war  
Side by side we'll fight  
Our enemies stand strong across the line
Both parties believe they're right
Wiseman send young man do fight their fights
This is war
Hush now don't you cry  
You and I we'll die  
Causalties are a thing of war  
Spare your tears they bare no help  
Think only of your gun, yourself and nothing else
Save your prayers they won't save you from your death  
Black roses and hail maries are on their way  
Sweet Sounds of machine guns will swiftly sweep you away  
You and I will only rest when we're six feet deep  
Death is a payment of all sin  
Hush now don't you cry  
You and I will die  
Casualties are a thing of war
In a split moment heaven feels so far away  
It seems like warrior Angels aren't on their way  
It's you and I who have to die to keep the enemy away  
Leave everything on the battlefield and take as many on your way  
And if death doesn't find you now it'll visit you someday  
A simple debt we all have to pay  
This is war
Hush now don't you cry  
You and I we'll die  
Casualties are a thing of war
Written by poetOftragedy
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Reflections of a Civil War

I didn’t know about politics or the status quo,
I didn’t understand the right versus the left,
All I knew were images shown on the news
Until the war hit close to home

I had never seen so many burning buses
I had never seen so many men somber
I had never seen so many women crying
I had never seen so much blood like that

I had never heard bullets whiz by like that
I had never felt tanks roll by the boulevard
Shaking the streets and passageways
And deafening blasts that stun the soul

I had never seen men on the streets like that
Brains splattered on the pavement
Entrails displayed for all to see
I had never seen eyes like that

But when you’re only eight years old
The world is difficult to understand
For there is no simple explanation
When innocence slips away just like that
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
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August Moon

He hailed from Dartmoor, near the prison town,
while she was born to poor folk on the moor.
They chanced upon love’s passion, so profound,
and met just months before the start of war!
She knew he was the one, when he first spoke,
although she can’t recall the words he said…
the smoothness of his baritone just broke
whatever inhibitions that she had!
The short time that they had, they spent together,
although they did not know that at the time;
long evenings on the moor and in the heather,
their love affair cut short, before its prime!
By August Moon, the Kaiser conquered Belgium,
and calls went out for men, to fight the war!
This tragic turn of fate, although unwelcome,
his honor made her love him all the more!
Her eyes revealed a trust he could not vex,
he had to rise, and be the man she saw.
He would not disenchant the weaker sex,
he vowed his heart must have the wherewithal!
She watched for his return through all those years,
and no one ever claimed to see her cry.
She promised that she shed her final tears
the last time that they kissed and said goodbye.
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Lost Men

( a double Quatern )    
For some to whom the years have not been kind,  
And beaten into treads of alley cracks.  
Where poison oleander of the mind,  
Grows pink and scarlet all along the tracks.   
Is omnipresent, making all else dim,  
For some to whom the years have not been kind.
The remnants of a battle none to slim,  
To oust the honored few we leave behind.    
The marches in the blinding rain confined,    
The ossify of driftwood’s living dead.  
For some to whom the years have not been kind,
In olive camaflage of jungle red.    
To row a swollen stream without an oar,  
Or bleach upon a dune in dreams to find.  
Did all the lost men fight a godless war,
For some to whom the years have not been kind.    
As if their shadows stay to walk the streets,
The host omnipotent is torpor’s self.
To wander aimlessly, each day repeats,    
With nothing left to show for of itself.    
Existing in oblivion as truth,   
As if their shadows stay to walk the streets.  
The price to pay to sacrifice one’s youth,
Will mean the cost of flags like covered sheets.    
The timpani of echoed solemn beats,  
“When will they ever learn?”, so goes a song.  
As if their shadows stay to walk the streets,
In darker bows in search of what went wrong.    
Like orca, to bring death before the mast,    
Another generation fills more seats.  
The overture, their fate has long been cast,   
As if their shadows stay to walk the streets.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Disarm ... My Warrior Poet

I watch you
from afar  
this burden you carry  
Weighted down by  
blooded armor  
Disciple of Aries  
can you ever break  
from bellicose hauntings  
Allow warm tender hands  
to reach ... touch  
brush away long fought tears  
from nightly rebattles    
Help you unfeather each arrow  
to make you a quill  
lead you soft to shady brook  
in search of blank parchment
Written by LilDragonFly
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Not sure if mine fits the bill ... please let me know ...

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Locked Out

In the hunt for hidden treasures, riches of golden pleasures  
The map compass is sending me on a journey I started early this morning  
Been all over the world, gathering mysteries
Rested my head in third world countries, adopting their histories  
We take so many things for granted we have in our sole possession  
Laborer of hands, cut off for conflict diamonds, mines patrolled and controlled by government given weapons  
Children’s faces of silent tears, village raids hidden from fears  
You ask me why I choose to say, I once nursed unto presence, held hands as I quietly prayed  
The arrival of UNICEF or Red Cross mission, its wondrous assisting salvation  
Rice, beans, cholera murky water, pestilences, daily starvation  

In America, we want, comforted by our needs  
Do you ever take the moment to think someone else’s heart bleeds  
It weeps for peace  
Dominated by a strong hold in the Middle East  
It cries out for the land to replenish  
No seeds sown, land cracked and diminished  
Tusks of elephants hunted in jungles as they roam, this heartless concept does hit home  
Poachers aiming no more they stand  
Now considered Smuggled Ivory Contraband  
Safari eyes have seen in the motherland  
Those piano keys  
Blood Ivory Tusks that plays such sweet melodies  
Pictures of the people, the villages, a long-distance heartfelt romance  
Midwives, flies, propaganda lies, riddles the lands  
How could I close my eyes to memories of missionary relief  
Strange occurrences, crooked political system with no guided spiritual beliefs  
I may write as a sexy dame, however, remembrance of Soweto’s villages of tin  
Beautiful names behind smiles of origin  
Nurse duties advised, not to judge, turn a blind eye in time  
Skin pigmentation, not aged like fine wine  
A forgotten country, citizens living among mud, poor educational system, hunger, and flies  
Exploited on television, Haiti allowed me to spread my wings, set me free to be me  
So much work still to do in Africa, not by one’s hands  
Donations among any natural disaster falling short to deliver to woman or man  
Locked out, eyes to heaven as I’ve looked up  
Suburban privileges not sipped from everyone’s cup  
Separatism, it tried  
Multicultural, with still privileged prying eyes  
Albino grief as said, gives wealth, good luck, not sin  
Taken from mother’s arms killed for the color of their skin  
Witch Doctors unethical Healers  
Trafficking body parts like Tanzania organ dealers  
I wish we all could live as one and the same  
The Ten Commandments should have condemned to hell by names  
Who really does no wrong  
On that theory I could go on all night long  
From the preacher to the teacher  
Can’t we all just get along  
Then again, it’s no longer echoed as a world peaceful song  
That concept died by skin tone alone  
This poem came to me  
While praying on my knees  
Asking forgiveness of American’s sins  
Taking the burdens back to its origin as this creation could begin once again  
Replaced now with worldly peace  
Things of importance such as technology will be decreased  
Talking to one another with receptive intentions will be increased  
Locked out  
Beyond a shadow of a doubt  
Locked out of what  
The divine answers uncut  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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poet Anonymous

Moving words brought by all. My favorite so far is poetOftragedy's poem "Hush now don't you cry".
LilDragonFly, If you want to enter your poem I really have no time for strict rules. You are welcome to enter it if you think it is about war. It seemed to be about war to me. Democracy will decide the winner anyhow. Thanks to everyone who entered thus far.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Bad dreams

A teenage boy
Full of blood

(Don’t let them see)

Car bomb
Six or more patients coming
Type and cross
Twenty units

Ambulance arrives
No lights
No siren

Hands, feet, torsos, heads
Delivered in makeshift stretchers
Made from olive drab blankets

No survivors

The job has shifted
From saving lives
To body identification
Knowing one could be Dad

Putting the puzzle together
So that family and friends
Can say goodbye.
Written by Kinkpoet
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Dangerous Mind
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Warmongers End

Windfalls and whispers stir
in these desolate lands.
Torn and ravaged by thieves
and apocalyptic oppressors;
deranged and able with
ready hands to destroy a
place of personal right  
and freedom.
This is a world of
anger and destruction, sewn into
the fabric of our womb.  
The eyes of the people are hollow
and dry, there are no tears
left to fall from them; there is no
blood left to hasten the end.
We rape our lands, our children and
our hope, to watch the rulers  
line pockets of gold.
Now is the time
for justice and revolution!
Written by Eerie
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Bouncing Betty

It’s been forty-years  
plus twenty  
that Bouncing Betty  
kicked her shoes off  
walked barefoot;  
her jungle-rotted toes  
buried in the hot soil  
of Vietnam and Cambodia.  
The landscape  
of her awakening  
escorted many  
into the afterlife.  
Even now  
her explosive temper  
splits survival's aftermath  
when her hibernation  
is innocently disrupted;  
demanding sacrificial blood  
as restitution;  
or at least a limb.  
Most days lack dire circumstance  
for the Vietnamese,  
who go about daily tasks  
set forth by ancestors;  
they follow a narrowly lit road  
between present shadows  
and memory,  
shouldering offerings  
of vegetables and fruit  
upward into the bright  
future of tomorrow:  
Refugees emerging  
from an earthen tunnel;  
the carved catacombs  
of bloody history  
still camped out  
in their jungle reality.  
Photo Credit Man-Kui Wisely
Written by Ahavati
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Fire of Insight
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White flag

Here it is necessary the soul be firm
And fear should not give advice
Only the ego provides orders and commands
I promised that we would come there
Where you will see the shadows languish
The light of reason lost forever

Close your eyes and cry for peace
But there are no neutral waters
The road of torment, broken dreams
Leads to the halls of dark stars
And the only water here is made of tears
Projectiles are visible in the distance
The sound of man made thunderstorms
And the ground shakes under the fury
There is only hatred and anger
And every hour is worse

Where will you be, where will I be
Funeral smoke, walls of fire
A flag proudly flutters in the air
Among the wounded and the dead
There is no place for everyone in the world
And there is no turning back from here
Flames rage, poison splashes
Follow me, follow the trail
Through the seventh circle of hell
Imagine the dawn, where the city still stands
Where a host of angels soar
Forgetting that they fell in battle
On one side or another
But hell fire throws into delirium
This mirage will melt like snow

Only once did a ray of hope arise
Among the flaming clouds,
a white flag appeared ...
But it was to late to stop my plan
And a tired General, fills the city with ashes
And again fear, and torture forever,
pain, as before on repeat
For the outcast souls,
everything is a foregone conclusion
By the order of the General, someone's
home must be destroyed
Written by NBathory (Natalia)
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